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15 Awesome Escape Rooms in Wisconsin

A guide to the best escape rooms in Wisconsin for friends, families, and thrill-seekers!

Looking for a new challenge to test your problem-solving capabilities to the max?

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to diffuse a bomb, rob a bank, or escape a kidnapper? Can you do all that in under an hour?

If thrills are what you’re after, then these escape rooms in Wisconsin will give you the adrenalin fix you need!

Escape rooms are quickly growing in popularity and the Wisconsin escape rooms are some of the best in the USA, if not the world!

fun and amazing escape rooms in wisconsin, neon sign reading ESCAPE
Do you dare?

In this post, I’ll be talking about 15 of the best Wisconsin escape rooms. These escape rooms have everything from historical re-enactment puzzles to thrilling glimpses into the future.

Want to defeat an evil sorcerer? Just head over to Escape in Time, Madison.

Fancy trying to help the R.M.S. Titanic to avoid giant icebergs? D.O.A. Room Escape, Wisconsin Dells is ready and waiting for you.

There are puzzles and clues all over Wisconsin – let’s go and solve them!

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What is an Escape Room & Why Visit One?

An escape room is a specially prepared environment full of puzzles and clues.

The players are then “locked” inside and have to solve the puzzles provided in order to achieve an objective in a set amount of time.

This could range from just working out the code to unlock the door and “escape”, to finding the location of buried treasure.

Some escape rooms will even have you solving the murder of a fictional character, or breaking into a bank vault. And much, much more!

Escape rooms are also an excellent team-building exercise.

Everyone works together to try and solve all the riddles in the escape room before the time runs out. It’s a team effort!

They’re a great activity for brain training and mental exercise. Plus, it feels great to be the one who works out the solution before everyone else!

Escape rooms are especially great as fun fall activities in Wisconsin and some of the coolest things to do in Wisconsin in the winter as they’re indoors.

Avoid the cold and have fun doing it at one of the best escape rooms in Wisconsin!

1. Escape Room Marshfield

How many rooms: 3
Number of players: 2-8

stone carving with scarab beetle and sun at; escape room Marshfield has an Egyptian themed room
Go back to Ancient Egypt at Escape Room Mashfield, WI

One of the most unique things to do in Central Wisconsin is to bring a team of problem-solving friends to Escape Room Marshfield.

One of the newer Wisconsin escape rooms, this company features three different scenarios:

  • Foiling kidnappers holding you to ransom
  • Being trapped in your cabin aboard the sinking Titanic
  • Ending the deadly curse of the golden scarab in an Egyptian tomb.

If you’re a couple and your idea of a romantic pastime is attempting to solve puzzles, then this might be one of the best escape rooms in the world for you!

Escape Room Marshfield has escape rooms for two with their Titanic and Ransom-themed rooms (though you will need at least four people to stop the curse of the Tomb).

What could be more romantic than freeing yourselves from kidnapping or surviving the doom of the Titanic?

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2. Escape the Room, Milwaukee

How many rooms: 4
Number of players: Up to 12

treasure map with old coins, compass, shovel and other tools; escape the room in Milwaukee has an Indiana Jones themed room
Pretend you’re Indiana Jones at Escape the Room, Milwaukee

Down by the Milwaukee River, you’ll find one of the best escape rooms Wisconsin has to offer and one of the most fun things to do in Milwaukee with kids!

Teams of quick-witted families and friends (and sometimes co-workers looking to do some team-building) are testing their mental capabilities against a variety of challenging escape rooms.

Wisconsin might just have the challenge you’ve been looking for, at Milwaukee’s Escape the Room!

As one of the most unique things to do in Milwaukee, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into the earth in an Indiana Jones style adventure with The Dig.

Or you can try cracking the codes of The Agency in a Mission: Impossible themed adventure.

There’s also The Apartment, but that’s just a regular, unsuspicious apartment with no secrets whatsoever, right?

As escape rooms in Milwaukee go, this is one of the best. Bring the kids, bring your workmates, just make sure you don’t miss out on this thrilling and rewarding experience!

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Milwaukee in winter to avoid the cold, you can’t go wrong with Escape the Room.

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3. Breakout Games, Milwaukee

How many rooms: 6
Number of players: 2-8

casino chips and poker cards; enjoy a casino spy room at one of the best escape rooms in Milwaukee
Catch the spy hiding in the casino at Breakout Games, Milwaukee

Will you solve the mystery of the abandoned mansion? Can you find the missing priceless works of art before time runs out? Will you locate the undercover spy hiding out in the casino?

All these questions and more can be answered at Breakout Games, Milwaukee!

Be the hero and pit your wits against these challenging puzzles.

Each 60-minute five-star experience is guaranteed to test your problem-solving skills in such places as locked motel rooms, desert islands, and dark, sinister alleyways.

One thing that sets Breakout Games apart from the rest is that you also have the option of playing virtually.

Just book online as normal, but instead of being in the room yourself, you get to direct a real live Game master who acts as your physical proxy in the room.

It’s a whole new level of entertainment, and makes Breakout Games one of the most unique escape rooms in Wisconsin!

If you’re looking for fun and unique date ideas in Milwaukee, this is one of the best!

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4. Escape Room Wisconsin, Appleton

How many rooms: 5
Number of players: 2-8

man in jacket with hat hiding his face in shadow; enjoy a film noir puzzle at the Appleton escape room
Solve crimes like a film noir detective at Escape Room Wisconsin, Appleton
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If you’re looking for a challenging escape room, Appleton has got you covered.

Superheroes, Harry Houdini, film noir private eyes, even the evolution of games itself is a subject available at this Wisconsin escape room.

It’s no surprise that these exciting and thought-provoking adventures are one of the best things to do in Appleton, Wisconsin for a fun day out.

This Appleton escape room company ranks its rooms based on escape rate, light level, scare factor, and physicality.

That means you can guarantee the most appropriate (and most fun!) room for each party of people you bring.

For an extra layer of fun, if you’re thinking of choosing Film Noir; The Dark Rose from the rooms available here, it’s entirely decorated in black and white. Just like an old movie!

So if you dress your party in pure black and white as well, it’ll be like you’ve stepped straight into the 1950s.

Appleton is also one of the best day trips from Milwaukee if you happen to be visiting Wisconsin’s largest city and feel like you want a change of scene. Or just want to try out a new escape room!

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5. The Encrypted Escape, Green Bay

How many rooms: 6
Number of players: 4-8

Deerstalker cap with magnifying glass, pipe and Baker Street sign; this escape room in Green Bay has a Sherlock game
Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes at The Encrypted Escape, Green Bay

The Encrypted Escape is one of the coolest things to do in Green Bay, and a must if you’re in the city.

Players can choose from six different themes that cover beloved fantasy themes, Sherlock Holmes crime-solving, and even video games from the 1980s arcades.

Are you a fan of such literary classics as Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan? Do you want to get back to the simpler yet gritty times of the old wild west USA?

If the answer is yes, then The Encrypted Escape could be one of your cool weekend trips in Wisconsin this year!

You won’t need to bring your brawn to this escape room; Green Bay is a place for escape room thinkers, not lifters!

The Encrypted Escape focuses on thinking your way out of problems as opposed to having to move objects or crawl through tight spaces.

Though if your party of friends has members that train their bodies as well as their brains, that can only be a bonus!

The Encrypted Escape is one best escape rooms Green Bay, Wisconsin has to offer!

And it’s one of the best things to do in Door County in October if you’re looking for a fun indoor activity.

Likewise, if you visit Door County in winter and want a break from the cold, this should be top of your list!

If you’re in the region, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing things to do in Door County!

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6. Tactical Escape 101 Escape Rooms, Eau Claire

How many rooms: 5
Number of players: 2-10

open safe with gold coins pouring out; the Eau Claire escape room has a bank vault themed room
Rob a bank at Tactical Escape 101 Escape Rooms, Eau Claire

If you’re looking for some escape rooms in Wisconsin a little off the beaten path, make sure to head out west to Eau Claire to enjoy Tactical Escape 101’s fantastic themed escape rooms.

Everyone can experience all manner of different adventures here, and you’ll find escape rooms for two up to a party of 10 people!

Each room as the Eau Claire escape room has a different level of previous knowledge recommended.

Beginners can start off with the Fresh Prince of Eau Claire, where players have to try and prevent a cyber bug from destroying world order in the late 90s.

But if you’re feeling more confident, try picking The Vault to see just how well you can manage a bank heist!

Or try your luck with Conspiracy Theory where you have to work out why no one ever leaves the spooky Munson Mansion.

This is one of the most fun things to do in Eau Claire, WI, and it’s also one of my favorite places to go with friends during Halloween in Wisconsin.

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7. Escape in Time, Madison

How many rooms: 8
Number of players: 2-8

Pirate hat, compass, knife gems and maps; enjoy a pirate escape room in Madison
Say ‘Ahoy Mateys’ at Escape in Time, Madison

For those looking for a truly unique escape room, Madison’s Escape in Time won’t disappoint!

This Wisconsin escape room prides itself on being not just an escape room company, but by being a full-immersion fantasy.

They don’t just want you to have to find keys to padlocks; they’ve gone the distance to provide you with as much creativity and interactive challenges as possible.

There are props at this Madison escape room that would not be out of place at the Disney World or Universal Studios resorts.

The staff here wear elaborate costumes and are in character throughout your stay, for the most realistic experience possible. These might just be the most realistic escape rooms in Madison!

Wander into the future for claustrophobic intensity in Bunker 57 or Cryosleep, or be drawn back to the past to pan for gold in Gold Rush or outwit pirates in Captain’s Cove.

There are even the fantasy-themed room Wizards of Wormbly, where players can try to beat the evil sorcerer Vesputin and recover the Queen’s amulet.

The variety is amazing, and that’s why it’s one of the best escape rooms in Wisconsin! It’s also one of the best things to do in Madison!

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8. My Escape Mission, Wingra Park, Madison

How many rooms: 3
Number of players: 2-12

man with safety googles and gloves holding out foggy liquid in bottle; get locked up by a mad scientist at one of the Madison escape rooms
Escape the mad scientist at My Escape Mission, Madison

The facilities at My Escape Mission have some serious credentials.

During their development, these escape rooms in Madison, WI were overseen by an escape room expert brought in especially from Belgium.

Not many escape rooms in Wisconsin can make that claim!

This means that, while there are only three rooms to choose from, you can be sure that each one has been optimized to its full potential.

The three available rooms to choose from are:

  • Break into a bank vault before the police arrive
  • Avoid becoming a mad scientist’s latest experiment after he locks you in his lab
  • Desperately search for launch keys to order a military counter-strike

No matter what room you choose, these are some of the best escape rooms Madison has to offer so you won’t be disappointed!

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9. Escape Oshkosh

How many rooms: 4
Number of players: 2-8

crime scene do not pass yellow tape; solve a cold case at the escape room in Oshkosh
Solve a cold case at Escape Oshkosh, WI

If you find yourself near the western shores of Lake Winnebago, make sure you don’t miss out on Escape Oshkosh, one of the top things to do in Oshkosh, WI.

This four scenario experience has a higher level of average difficulty than most escape rooms in Wisconsin.

This makes for a tougher time for those who would attempt it, but much more rewarding if you manage to beat the room!

Don’t worry though – hints can be provided if you find yourself stuck on any particular part of a puzzle.

In SubMerged, players find themselves on the last voyage of the submarine USS Royal, trying to keep it running while on its last voyage before being decommissioned.

If you choose Cold Case 146, you’ll become a team of private investigators, trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the Hall Family daughter three years ago.

Or in The Lost Cabin, you’ll be tasked with trying to find a vast fortune hidden by your recently deceased great-grandfather.

With all four scenarios, each one will be a challenging – but fun! – escape room. Oshkosh wouldn’t be the same without a visit to Escape Oshkosh, so don’t miss out!

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10. Elusive Escape Rooms, Wisconsin Dells

How many rooms: 7
Number of players: 2-14

black and white photo of a cabin in the woods; get locked in a creepy cabin at one of the best escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells
Find clues at the cabin in the woods at Elusive Escape Rooms, Wisconsin Dells

This Wisconsin Dells escape room can accommodate larger groups of players than most escape rooms in Wisconsin.

So if you have a big group of friends and you don’t want to be separated into different rooms, this is the escape room for you!

Or make it one of the most romantic getaways in Wisconsin Dells as you and your partner work together to fight against the clock!

Which room will you choose?

Do you want to try and solve the kidnapping of a movie starlet in the 1950s, or attempt to escape a crazy cat lady’s house?

Maybe up the stakes while you avoid being the next victim of a serial killer nicknamed “The Butcher”, or solve their newest mystery in a remote cabin in the woods.

This mature-themed room is one of the most fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells for adults enjoying a fun weekend getaway.

Elusive Escape Rooms’ largest scenario is the patriotic Olympus Under Siege, where players have to protect the President from terrorists and stop them from achieving world domination.

As escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells go, it doesn’t get much more patriotic than that.

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11. D.O.A. Room Escape, Wisconsin Dells

How many rooms: 4
Number of players: 6-10

newspaper heading reading 'Deadly Twister'; D.O.A. Room Escape, Wisconsin Dells has a fun twister room
Survive the deadly twister at D.O.A. Room Escape, Wisconsin Dells

Will you choose to try and avert the sinking of the Titanic by steering the ship away from the icebergs in time?

Or perhaps you think you’ll be better off dealing with the 1974 Ohio Twister Outbreak? If that’s child’s play to you, do you think you could do it in almost total darkness?

Navigating a twister in the dark is definitely the most unique escape room Wisconsin Dells has to offer!

Realism is the key here. The staff at DOA Room Escape pride themselves on creating challenging escape rooms based on real historical events.

Due to the realism and the basis in history, please exercise caution when visiting, especially with children.

However, if you’re visiting as a family, there is a Circus themed room that is aimed primarily at younger players!

There’s something for everyone at these amazing escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells.

However much of a thrill seeker you are, DOA Room Escape is certainly one of the most fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells!

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12. Booby Trap Escape Rooms, Wisconsin Dells

How many rooms: 4
Number of players: 2-10

steampunk hat with big googles, wheel, padlock and chains; help out a speampunk inventor at this Wisconsin Dells escape room
Help a steampunk inventor at Booby Trap Escape Rooms, Wisconsin Dells

Wandering around town and looking for an escape room? Wisconsin Dells has the answer for you – just head towards the building shaped like a giant padlock!

Booby Trap Escape Rooms have a series of fun and colorful scenarios with plenty of props and a strong thematic flavor.

You and your party can have fun trying to fix your spaceship’s leaking radioactive core in the futuristic Singularity room.

Or head to the delightful steampunk Inventor’s Workshop, where players work to solve puzzles that will lead them to an eccentric inventor’s will before the bank seizes all his inventions.

But if you’re after a touch of the supernatural, make sure to check out Pharaoh’s Revenge!

Players will need to gather clues and solve puzzles before the rest of their team succumb to the mysterious illness that’s befallen your fellow archaeologists.

Can you save them from the ancient curse?

Wisconsin Dells is one of the best Wisconsin fall getaways, and having a great escape room to visit when it’s chilly out is the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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13. Dells Escape Rooms, Wisconsin Dells

How many rooms: 5
Number of players: 2-12

spaceship dashboard with galaxy out window; try to survive onboard a spaceship at the Dells Escape Room, Wisconsin Dells
Make it back to Earth safely at Dells Escape Rooms, Wisconsin Dells

Can you disarm a bomb in a claustrophobic alley? What if you were captured behind enemy lines in the USSR? Will you survive as you begin losing oxygen fast in your spacecraft high above the Earth?

Dells Escape Rooms are high on tension!

Each of the five scenarios is designed to take players on a roller coaster thrill ride as they attempt to solve puzzles and work their way through numerous tricky situations.

In fact, according to their estimations, the best chance you might have of successfully finding your way out of their rooms is only 50%.

And that’s in their easiest room; it gets harder from there!

If you’re looking for a challenging escape room, Wisconsin Dells is the place to be it seems.

The Bomb Squad scenario is especially tense: there are clocks on every wall, but are any of them accurate? And will you be able to ignore the constant countdown?

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14. Northwoods Escape Room LLC, Eagle River

How many rooms: 2
Number of players: 2-8

assortment of hard candies; save your candy shop at Northwoods one of the best Wisconsin escape rooms
Protect your candy shop inheritance at Northwoods Escape Room LLC, Eagle River

The two escape rooms available at Northwoods Escape Room LLC could not be more different from each other.

In the first one, titled Grandpa’s Candy Shop, players are searching for Grandpa’s secret candy recipe so that they might take over the candy shop, pay off the mortgage and save the family business.

The problem is that Grandpa hid before he passed away and no one knows where!

The second escape room is called E+G Taxidermy, and I’ll start this one by saying that no one under 10 is allowed in this one.

After a day of hunting, you and your friends decide to take some of your catches to a taxidermist. But once you’re inside, the strange owner of the taxidermy store locks you in!

You’ve got 1 hour before he comes back with supplies to taxidermy you!

This is definitely one of the darkest escape rooms in Wisconsin, so only enter if you dare!

If you don’t live nearby, October is a great time to visit so that you can attend the Cranberry Fest, one of my favorite fall festivals in Wisconsin.

Alternatively, winter is magical as Eagle River is home to one of the top snowmobile trails in Wisconsin.

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15. Lake Geneva Clue Room

How many rooms: 3
Number of players: 2-10

Top Secret classified documents; go undercover at the Lake Geneva escape room
Locate top secret information at Lake Geneva Clue Room

There are so many clues to find in this Lake Geneva escape room that you’ll be coming back, again and again, to make sure you get them all!

Lake Geneva Clue Room is one of the best things to do in Lake Geneva and offers participants plenty to work with within each of their three main attractions.

These rooms will have you scrambling to locate a stolen list of secret agents before they’re exposed to the world, or you’re trying to find a hidden bottle of bootleg booze that’s been poisoned by Al Capone himself

It’s a race against the clock to make sure you solve everything!

Lake Geneva Clue Room also offers virtual adventures, with 13 different scenarios available, all in the comfort of your own home, via Zoom!

These challenges range from zombie apocalypses, to diamond heists, and even a Cold War crisis!

The Clue Room is fun year-round, but it’s an especially fun thing to do in Lake Geneva in winter to escape the cold for bit!

This is also one of my favorite unique romantic getaways in Lake Geneva.

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I hope you enjoy these amazing escape rooms in Wisconsin! Feel like you’re up to the challenge? Book a slot in an escape room today – whether you make it or not, you’re sure to have a great time!

Before You Go: Top Tips for your Trip 

Short FAQ About Escape Rooms in Wisconsin

1. What are the best escape rooms in Wisconsin for families?

Escape rooms can often have dark themes, so to keep it family-friendly, some of the best options are: Escape the Room in Milwaukee, Escape the Room in Milwaukee and Dells Escape Rooms in Wisconsin Dells.

2. What are the best escape rooms in Wisconsin Dells?

The Wisconsin Dells escape rooms are some of the best in the state, but my personal favorites are D.O.A. Room Escape and Dells Escape Rooms.

3. What are the best escape rooms in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee has the most escape rooms of any city in Wisconsin. So it’s no surprise it also has some of the best escape rooms in Wisconsin. But two fo the best are Escape the Room and Breakout Games.