Fun Things To Do in Wisconsin Dells

A Guide on The Best Things To Do in Wisconsin Dells including Accommodation and Parks

Wisconsin Dells is a touristic city towards the south of Wisconsin. The city is named after the famous scenic glacier along the Wisconsin River; known as the “Dells” of Wisconsin River. The Dells of Wisconsin is a very popular tourist attraction; home to a variety of thrilling water sports, theme parks, and outdoor fun. When looking for fun in the Midwest, Wisconsin Dells is the right place for you.

To get there, head towards the south-central of Wisconsin nearby the city of Lake Delton; which is directly alongside the Wisconsin River. Most locals can direct you with relative ease, and it is also quite easy to find with Google Maps or simple navigation.

Wisconsin Dells is thus one of the best weekend trips in Wisconsin.

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1. Enjoy Watersportsthe best day trips in wisconsin, kettle moraine, forest, bayfield, lake side, lake geneva, milwaukee, madison, weekend getaway, day trip, excursion, national , hiking, outdoor, wisconsin dells


Wisconsin Dells is known for its assortment of watersports. You can head to a waterpark, bask along the massive Wisconsin Dells river, or even try fishing alongside the hottest fishing points. Here is what you should see when searching for things to do in Wisconsin Dells.

Some of the most famous watersports include visiting the Noah’s Ark, the city’s most famous waterpark. With over 50 slides and a variety of water activities, certainly, consider this waterpark for the ultimate watersport experience. It offers the best experience for swimming all day, enjoying water activities, and enjoying the company of your loved ones for a memorable fun experience.

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For some old school, outdoor water fun, the Wisconsin Dells hosts some of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin. Some of these Wisconsin Dells points of interest are located along the Wisconsin River, and nearby the Newport Park. Both areas offer a wide space for you to fish, enjoy the weather, and give you a chance to hunt for your next meal! The Newport Park is serene and a lovely place to enjoy the scenic views from the Wisconsin River.

The fishing is right by the beach, so you can have a chance to relax and to fish freely. The river certainly offers similar scenic views along with a very wide space to catch an assortment of fish, including sea bass and cod among the local favorites.

2. Get active with outdoor sportsthe best day trips in wisconsin, kettle moraine, forest, bayfield, lake side, lake geneva, milwaukee, madison, weekend getaway, day trip, excursion, national , hiking, outdoor, best weekend trips wisconsin, wisconsin dells,


When deciding what to do in Wisconsin Dells, this city is home to riveting outdoor activities including kayak, rock-climbing, and of course- zip-lining! When deciding to visit Wisconsin Dells, zip-lining, in particular, is a must do in Wisconsin Dells.

You can enjoy kayaking alongside the Wisconsin River, where you can rent kayaks and have a memorable trip down the river. The staff is helpful, and willing to guide you on what you need to know. Vertical Illusions also offers similar kayaking experiences, along with some other fun activities in Wisconsin Dells such as rock-climbing! Check out their website for their rates, and plan a day in Wisconsin Dells full of outdoor activities!

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Try Vertical Illusions for a complete zip lining experience. They often have discounted rates, so reach out to them and they will help you with what you need. You have the chance to zip through a wonderful forest, gliding past large trees, and overlooking a lovely scenic environment. You will pass over a massive lake, where you will literally feel like you are flying!

People of all ages will get to enjoy this experience, as it is a very smooth ride and can actually be very relaxing.

The town is home to a variety of outdoor sports and fun things to do in the Dells, and you will have an assortment of options when deciding to spend time in Mother Nature.

3. Have fun at Indoor attractionsticket for indoor activity wisconsin dells

For those looking for some indoor fun, Wisconsin Dells is more than accommodating. Anyone searching online for Wisconsin Dells fun, or Wisconsin Dells indoor attractions will most likely be guided to one of these famous spots.

For some unique indoor fun and a Wisconsin Dells indoor activity, head to Vertical Illusions. You will enjoy a night full of magician imagery, illusions, and awe-driven shows. The hosts are charming, funny, and always keep you on your toes throughout their performance. This is a great place to go with your loved ones, and one of the most fun places to go in Wisconsin Dells.

Otherwise, take the time to visit one of the other places in town via the assortment of wineries located in Wisconsin Dells. Some of the very best spots include the Fawn Creek Winery.

The former is more commercial with delicious wines, while the latter offers a scenic environment with offers of free wine tasting. Each of these spots offer excellent wines at a great price.

It is a must-do on a rainy day, or a lazy Sunday afternoon. That’s why Wisconsin Dells is a great Wisconsin winter getaway too!

4. Visit a Water Park the best day trips in wisconsin, kettle moraine, forest, bayfield, lake side, lake geneva, milwaukee, madison, weekend getaway, day trip, excursion, national , hiking, outdoor, best weekend trips wisconsin, wisconsin dells, theme park, trail, milwaukee,

A water park might be the most energetic and fun family experience in the great outdoors. Luckily, Wisconsin is home to the largest waterpark in the United States: The Noah’s Ark. With over 50 water slides, this award-winning, Wisconsin Dells water park hosts tons of water activities and entertainment. Hop on and off the slides, relax along the rivers, or even try surfing along the waves!

You can even enjoy a variety of water games, shows, and activities with your friends and family. This park is a must-go for those fond of watersports, theme parks, or outdoor fun in hot weather.

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Noah’s Ark offers a variety of food shops to dine and relax, offering typical party foods including pizza, burgers, and ice cream. At the very least, you can grab an ice cold smoothie and bask in the warm sun. Whatever tends to float your boat, you will find it in this waterpark.

For adults, children, and everyone in between- Noah’s Ark is an absolute must-visit for a full day’s worth of excitement and fun. Check out special rates, group specials, and season passes for cheaper rates and never-ending fun!

5. Visit a fun Theme Parkthe best day trips in wisconsin, forest, bayfield, lake side, lake geneva, milwaukee, madison, weekend getaway, day trip, excursion, national , hiking, outdoor, best weekend trips wisconsin, wisconsin dells, theme park, trail, milwaukee, theme park


When thinking about fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells, things to do include visiting top theme parks. The reason is the city is very accommodating to the variety of tourists that flood into the city on a monthly basis. Luckily, Wisconsin Dells offers theme parks for both a hot summer’s day and for a rainy day.

Here are the very best Wisconsin Dell theme parks, amusement parks, and must-see places in Wisconsin Dells.

For outdoor theme parks in Wisconsin Dells besides heading directly to Mt. Olympus? With tons of rides, activities, and outdoor fun- this place should be your priority if you’re looking for outdoor theme parks. The staff is friendly, the rooms are nice for a stay, and the food is great. You can expect a full day’s worth of outdoor fun when you visit Mt. Olympus in one of the best places to see in Wisconsin Dells.

For those looking for fun indoors, Tom Foolery’s Park offers a variety of indoor theme park activities including mini golf, bowling, and a big Ferris wheel. It is truly one of the very best places to bring the family, as it also has fun arcade games and bowling for some of the most fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells at night.

Tom Foolery is an excellent place to have a full day and night worth of fun, and one of the top things to do in Wisconsin Dells.

6. Relax in Wisconsin Dells’ Spaswisconsin dells, spa experience, fun thing to do in wisconsin dells, milwaukee day trip


For a complete resort spa experience, Wisconsin Dells has what you need. There are two excellent spas you should consider: the Rhapsody Spa and Sundara Spa. Both spas offer one of the best things to do: a wellness day.

Rhapsody Spa is a lovely resort that offers a complete package of customer services including deep tissue massage (absolutely lovely!), cleansing facial, pedicures, manicures, and jacuzzi spa. The decor is splendid, allowing you to fully relax in a sweet-smelling atmosphere. Overall, Rhapsody Spa gives you what you need in terms of deep relaxation and comfort.

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Sundara Spa is considered one of the most popular spas in Wisconsin Dells, offering the usual facials and massages. They also offer lovely drinks and food (from snacks to burgers), and a fantastic swim-up pool where you can grab your drinks.

You will also find an indoor jacuzzi, fireplace, and advanced locker rooms. You are paying for an excellent service, and an even more fantastic resort feel.

This is truly the ultimate spa experience.

7. Explore Wisconsin Dells Hiking Trailsbest day trips from Milwaukee, excursions from Milwaukee, wisconsin, getaways, weekend, for families, road trip, lake geneva, chicago, madison, road trip


When wondering what activities to do in Wisconsin Dells and what to see there, try the hiking trails. The hiking trails are one of the main Wisconsin Dells tourist attractions and points of interests. For some outdoor hiking fun, consider heading straight to the Dells of the Wisconsin River.

This scenic gorge is also home to arguably the best hiking trails in the entire state.

Whether you decide to head there in summer or winter, you will be hard-pressed to find a better place to hike. In summer, the trails are easily accessed through the forest. You will want to hold off most activities in Wisconsin Dells to hike through the beautifully formed trails. The trails are always clean, and one of the key areas for Wisconsin Dells tourism.

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For winter, the trails can be accessed easily and you will get a chance to see nature at its unique finest. Luckily, you do not need special snowshoes to hike in these trails; although they might help. The hiking trails are meant to be one of the cheap things to do in Wisconsin Dells, and one of the best things to do in Wisconsin Dells in winter.

For another unique hiking experience, check out Chapel Gorge Trail. This trail is shorter than the one by the Wisconsin River and leads to a cozy beach by the river. The hiking trail is well taken care of, clean, and enjoyable to walk on. The nature is really beautiful, and you will want to enjoy every step before it’s over. It’s very beautiful and also considered a top Wisconsin trip in fall.

Overall, this hiking trail is recommended for those looking for a shorter walk along a beautiful route for things to see in Wisconsin Dells.

8. Enjoy Wisconsin Dells Downtown

When wondering where to go for food, you will have the opportunity to go downtown for some delicious food, shopping, or just some simple walking or touring. Here is what you should consider before heading to Wisconsin Dells Downtown.

Downtown in Wisconsin Dells is checkered with lovely shops, restaurants, and some fun Wisconsin Dells activities. Everything is within reach to keep you entertained, so watch out for these key spots. For some excellent modern food, head to Sundara Spa.

They offer what you can expect a filling American meal to include: such as pasta, steaks, burgers, and more. This place is loads of fun, especially for a family with kids.

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Otherwise, try the Cheesecake Deli on 231 Broadway. Before you wolf down their delicious cheesecakes, make sure to start off with a variety of soups, salads, and wraps. This deli is award-winning, so you can expect excellent food and delicious desserts. For foodies, this is one of the top attractions.

You can find an assortment of shopping centers in Wisconsin Dells, including tons of antique stores and commercial chains. Try the Aloha Hawaiian Shop or 38 Broadway Gifts for the most popular of spots. Otherwise, head to Capone’s Original Old Time Studio for a flashback to some criminal history. Very intriguing, and very exciting!

Lastly, make sure to check out Chalet Lanes and Lounge for a night of fun with your pals. An open lounge, you can enjoy many games of bowling and drinks in one of Wisconsin Dell’s most famous spots.

9. Visit a Winery and a Brewerywhite wine food lover bulgaria


For some of the best things for adults to do in Wisconsin Dells, you can head to some of the best wineries and breweries in the entire state. For some fun wine-drinking experience, time to have fun with your loved ones at some of the very best spots in the city!

One of the very best breweries in the city can be found close the Broadway Road. Port Huron Brewing Company offers excellent service at excellent rates and some good old fashioned American beer. The staff is very friendly, and the place is simply comfortable with a simple layout. Hop in, enjoy great beer, laugh and chat with your friends and family, and enjoy great rates.

Port Huron is also popular among the locals, who genuinely enjoy their own music and are a lot of fun and welcoming. This is what you can expect at Port Huron Brewery Co. for some adult activities in Wisconsin Dells.

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As you may know by now, the town is famous for its wineries. Two popular wineries in Wisconsin Dells are Fawn Creek and Baraboo Winery. Fawn Creek offers wine-drinking experiences in a lovely park county, while Baraboo Winery is famous for its delicious tasting wines. Both spots are popular, fun, and enjoyable with delicious wines. Fawn Creek has a little more natural, while Baraboo Winery offers a slightly larger collection of wines for your taste buds.

For a completely different experience altogether, head to Von Klaus Winery for higher-end wines and excellent service. Expect to be served some delicious wine by the friendly, accommodating staff. The decor is quite nice, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable about their wine selection. Perfect for the intense wine lovers, this place is also a must-go for those looking for things to do in Wisconsin Dells for adults.

10. Go shopping in Wisconsin Dellsshopping in wisconsin dells, boots in a shop, what to do in wisconsin dells

If you are looking for some shopping in Wisconsin Dells, you can either head to Downtown Wisconsin Dells or simply take a turn to the surrounding areas. In Downtown, you will be flooded with wonderful antique shops selling sculptures, gifts, and memorabilia.

You can also pick up modern swimwear, jewelry, perfume, and music among other stuff to do in Wisconsin Dells.

Each store offers its own unique assortment of items, so certainly check them out! Check out Aloha Hawaiian Shop, for some authentic Hawaiian clothing and assortments. Many of the staff are actually from Hawaii, so you really get an inside look at their culture.

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Otherwise, the surrounding area has what you need. Jenny’s “Got-it-All” store is packed with the best souvenirs, gifts, and sweatshirts you can find in Wisconsin Dells! It is a really nice place to shop, and so collect gifts for your loved ones back home. The prices are fair, and the store is located next to some lovely food shops. You can shop until you drop, and then grab a delicious dessert next door.

Alternatively, go shop at the wonderful Lavender & Cherry Farm. You can enjoy the wonderful food and drinks, or buy your own lavender-based products and lotions. That’s right, you can douse yourself in lavender oil and shampoos, or temporarily take a sip of a lavender-based tea. An experience you will never forget, this shop is certainly one of the places to visit.

Ready to have fun? Discover the most fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells. Whether you travel with kids or as adult, there are plenty of things to do in Wisconsin Dells. Explore the best restaurants in Wisconsin Dells, things to do in winter and summer. And of course the most epic water parks. #wisconsin #wisconsindells #waterpark #weekendtrip

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