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Planning a getaway? Look no further than sustainable travel destinations with me, Paulina on the Road!

From an immersive beach escape to lush forests, you can find some magical and responsible places to explore.

Sustainable travel focuses on respecting the environment, local communities, and cultures while still having a great vacation experience.

You’ll enjoy yourself without damaging the ecosystem or interfering with the cultural heritage of your destination.

Here I will take you through my travels around the world where sustainability is top-of-mind so that you too can have an incredible adventure in harmony with our planet.

So pack your bags – it’s time for an unforgettable journey!

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Boat HitchHiking

Ready to embark on an adventure at sea?

Boat Hitchhiking may be just the unique travel experience you’ve been searching for.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or just a free-spirited traveler looking to explore the world in a new way, Boat Hitchhiking can be a fun and affordable way to travel.

After crossing the Atlantic by Boat Hitchhiking, I created some useful guides so you can have an adventure of a lifetime. From there, it’s smooth sailing!