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Welcome to the Poland Travel Blog

Poland is a famous European country located in the central European region. The country has a lot of historical significance and the home of more than 38.5 million populations.

Poland enjoys romantic weather throughout the year; therefore, it attracts a huge number of tourists. The country ranks fifth in terms of population in the European region.

Though the country is relatively smaller in size, it enjoys a good economic condition. The country has the largest stock exchange in east-central Europe. Poland is the sixth-largest economy in the EU and captures 10th position in entire Europe.

The mature economy of the country correctly reflects on its infrastructure. The road and bus services in the country are among the best in the world.

In the last few years, the country is rapidly developing its road and rail infrastructure. Polish citizens enjoy a good standard of living and economic freedom. The capital city of Poland is well connected by rail, road, and air with all major cities across Europe.

There should not be any confusion while choosing Poland as the place of your next destination. You are going to enjoy each and every moment of your visit to the wonderful country. A comfortable and enjoyable experience is waiting there for you.

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Important Facts when Traveling to Poland

Capital: Warsaw

Official language(s) and general knowledge of English: Polish. English second most spoken language. More than 30% of the total population can speak English.

Official religion: Roman Catholic Church

Currency: Polish zloty (PLN)

Climate: Temperate Climate, warm winter, and cloud summer.

Power voltage and socket type: 230V, Stand Frequency is 50Hz. Type C and Type E plug adapter

Safety rating: Very safe to travel. The country ranked 17th out of 162 surveyed countries.

Female solo traveler: Poland is completely safe for solo female travelers. Like other European countries, Poland has a very low harassment rate against women.

Do I need a Visa to Travel to Poland?

Fast Track: Get Schengen visa in advance

If you are going to visit the country, it is always advisable to have complete knowledge of visa requirements. As the requirement varies from country to country, you must check your status before the visit.

As Poland is an EU country, people from all across Europe can visit the country without having a visa. EU people can travel to the country for any purpose and stay here, without producing any visa. However, those who need unlimited access in the country are required to register themselves with the local authorities.

People who belong to Australia, the United States, and Canada can visit the country for a maximum period of 90 days without any sort of visa. Poland is also a part of the Schengen system; therefore, visitors from all the associated countries also don’t require a visa to stay in Poland.

Visa Types and Cost- A single-entry Schengen Visa will cost 80 Euros, and the cost for the Russians is only 35 Euro. However, the visa for children below six years, and the family members of European Nationals will cost no amount.

Accommodation in Poland

Accommodation in Poland is not going to be a problem at all. The country offers all sorts of accommodation facilities starting from low-cost dormitories to luxurious hotels. Therefore, you have all the options in the world to choose a facility according to your budget.

Like all developed nations, Poland also offers quality services inside their hotels, irrespective of the cost. If your budget permits, choose an exclusive hotel, where the entire city can be visible.

Budget: If your budget does not permit you to rent a luxurious room, you can easily opt for dormitories, which are a lot more affordable and will cost you significantly less. Most budget hotels are charging around 20 Euros per night. They also offer compulsory breakfast without charging any extra amount. So, the budget should not be a concern if you are planning to travel to Poland. – Check Hostels in Poland here

Mid-range: If you are not a fan of unnecessary spendings, mid-range hotels are the best option for you. You will get all sorts of facilities like TV, fridge, free access to Wi-Fi, locker, gym and pool facility at an affordable price point. To book a mid-range hotel, you need to pay around 100 Euros per night. – Check hotels in Poland here

High-End: If you want to make your stay memorable, you need to choose a high-end hotel. There, you have access to the indoor pool, babysitting, bar, gym, and the list will go on. Though a high-end hotel will cost you more, the additional comfort is worth every penny. High-end hotels will charge around 250 Euros on a nightly basis. – Check rates & reviews here

Besides, if you are a lover of enjoying the scenic beauty, you can take a cottage on the high mountain of Poland. Poland has a number of holiday apartments, exclusively designed for visitors like you. You can get all sorts of exclusive facilities at a relatively lower price point.

Best Time to Visit Poland

As the country does not have an extreme climate, you are free to choose your time for a visit. However, if you want to get the best experience in Poland, it is advisable to visit the country during spring. Poland offers a temperate climate, like other European countries.

Therefore, you can experience as many as six seasons in a year.

Low Season (December- March): The winter, the region suffers from extreme cold. People from the warmer region find it difficult to adjust themselves with the extreme climate. The temperature usually falls to -100C. Therefore, the winter in Poland attracts fewer visitors.

Mid-Season (March-May): The weather is quite pleasant during the spring. All nature lovers like to visit the country during the Spring season. Though the country enjoys pleasant weather conditions, the weather is highly unpredictable. Therefore, it is recommended to check the weather forecast well in advance.

High-Season (June-August): The summers are usually wet and hot, according to the European standard. Most of the visitors like to visit the country at this particular time. Children can visit the museum and the tourist place on a sunny day.

More often than not, you can expect pleasant weather during autumn and spring. You can roam around different places and enjoy each and every city across the country. If you like less-crowded visits, you can consider visiting Poland during September to November.

Transportation in Poland

Poland is renowned for its connectivity, thanks to its strong infrastructure. It has road and rail connectivity with most of the European countries. Therefore, if you are from Europe, you can easily reach Poland in multiple ways.

By Bus: Poland is widely connected with other European countries via the bus route. You can get quality bus services from the German capital on a regular basis. Besides, the international community idolizes Poland for its internal bus services. You can directly get a bus from the airport itself. – Buy tickets here

By Flight: Though Poland is a relatively small country, it has as many as 12 international airports. It has flight communication with almost all major cities. Even if your city is not connected with the country by air, you can directly take a flight to Berlin, and reach the country by the bus service. – Check flight deals here

By Train: Again, the country is well connected to other neighboring European countries like Germany. Therefore, you can take advantage of that to reach Poland. – Buy train tickets in advance here
Food in Poland
Poland is a place of delicious food. The country offers a number of options to choose from. Apart from the local dishes, you can taste special dishes from all across the world. If you like spicy food, things will be a lot easier, as one can find the Indian and Chinese restaurants in every part of the country.

Besides, if you are visiting a new place, it is always recommended to taste the local food items.

You need to taste the local Bigos, which is the national dish of the country, at least for once. The dish is made up of different kinds of meats, which is delicious to taste.

You should also taste Pierogi, as it will offer you one of its kind taste experiences. You can even try the famous Polish bread and beer, which are famous all across the world. I am a particularly big fan of Podlasie cuisine.

Best Things to Do in Poland

Learn about World War 2: If history and historical war fascinate you, Poland is the perfect place to visit.  Poland, as a country, struggled a lot at the time of World War 2. Even today, there are a number of sites present in the country, which showcases the impact of world war 2. Therefore, you can visit places like Riese Complex, Auschwitz Birkenau, to get an insight into World War 2.

Visit the Museums: As you know that Poland is a land of historical events, it is obvious that the country is full of museums. Therefore, you can consider visiting a couple of famous museums near you.

Bungee Jumping: Vacation is boring without adventure activities. If you are visiting Poland, you must try the country’s famous bungee jumping in Krakow. You will feel the experience of zero gravity at the time of free fall, and indeed it is worth every penny. The bungee jumping platform in Krakow is around 300 feet above the ground level, which is enough to convince an adventure lover to make a jump. You can even record the once in a lifetime experience.

Visit Gdansk: The city is a unique blend of Dutch, Polish and German influences. Once considered one of the richest cities in the world, Gdansk will amaze you with its gorgeous architecture and lovely food. The best way to explore the city is by a Gdansk walking tour. On top, you can do plenty of day trips from Gdansk.

Lose yourself in Bialowieza Region: the Bialowieza Region is considered part of the UNESCO Heritage. In the Bialowieza National Forest you’ll find a pristine forest that has been living without human intervention for more than 800 years. On top, there are plenty of things to do near Bialowieza.

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