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Best eSIM for Canada: A User’s Review

As a frequent traveler who loves to explore Canada, reliable cell service is an absolute must for emergencies and daily use. 

However, juggling multiple physical SIM cards across trips always felt inefficient. 

That’s why I was so excited to try out the best eSIM for Canada for my travels this past summer. 

A travel eSIM lets you easily switch between mobile plans from your phone settings without awkwardly swapping tiny SIM cards. 

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After researching, I decided to try Yesim for my extended trip out West.

In this blog post, I’ll share my firsthand experience using Yesim’s service in Canada and some tips on how it can make your travels more seamless.

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What is an eSim?

An eSim, an embedded SIM, is a small chip built into your device. 

The fascinating thing about eSims is that they eliminate the need for a physical SIM card. This technology allows for easy switching between carriers and quicker activation times. 

As someone who has dealt with the hassle of switching SIM cards between devices, I am truly excited about the convenience of eSims. 

Many newer devices, such as smartphones and tablets, now support eSims, making connecting to mobile networks worldwide more straightforward.

In short, eSims are a game-changer in the mobile world.

Importance of Choosing the Right eSIM for Canada

Canva-Stay-connected-during-your-travel-and-flight-Man-using-public-phone-charging-station-at-the-airport-best esim for canada

Before buying a virtual SIM card for Canada, you must know who is providing the cheapest eSIM plan in Canada and Canadian carriers that support eSIM with all the benefits that a person is looking for in a SIM card service provider.

No or less information is harmful! To know about eSIM in Canada, it’s a must-read article for you, as it provides essential eSIM Canada details that you should know. 

The list of top eSIM key features to consider when buying a new eSIM in Canada follows. 

1.   eSIM Network Coverage:

Picking the right eSIM is critical while you’re visiting a new country. The first feature to consider is the eSIM network coverage when you buy an eSIM for Canada.

In this manner, network selection ought to be your primary goal.

Whichever network provider you may choose, remember to check their network coverage information.

You can check their websites, which are available as charts or maps.

Every network provider has different coverage areas, so check carefully before buying the eSIM.

2.   Internet Data Speed:

The second most significant factor is the data speed and internet plans.

As a traveler, you may find a lot of eSIM providers, but you must buy an eSIM that is cost-effective and has efficient internet plans.

Before traveling to Canada, research the best eSIM that offers fast speed and easy activation.

On traveling to Canada, some providers offer good data packages. Yesim is one of them, available with unique internet packages that everyone likes.

Their prepaid services are a good choice for tourists, visitors, and travelers, as they can easily activate using a local or roaming plan.

 3.   Pricing:

Pricing is crucial as everyone wants to spend wisely traveling to another country.

There are a variety of options offered by different eSIM providers, such as Yesim, SimOptions, Airalo, and Nomad. Out of them, Yesim has the most affordable plans that suit your needs.

Get Yesim –– The best coverage, speed & pricing! All in one

Yesim, as the Best eSIM for Canada

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E-sim cards are the best and easiest method to stay connected while visiting Canada, and you can organize everything online in just a couple of clicks without any hassle.

Getting an eSIM Canada with a phone number is essential, as you need an hour to stay connected on your Canada trip so that you won’t waste money on high roaming costs.

There is no point in having smartphones without a proper working data connection, from ordering a taxi through an app to finding friends, restaurants, and bars nearby.

It would be best to have a good and reliable data connection for everything, including getting directions, staying updated, and connecting with family and friends.

Yesim understands this and launched eSIM to fulfill the needs of its users. 

They are the best at offering various excellent services, including a comprehensive coverage data connection, an accessible mode of payment, user-friendly eSIMs, and protecting the privacy of their users, which makes Yesim the best eSIM for Canada.

Download now:

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Yesim Services and Plans

Yesim provides both standard and unlimited plans for their users. I made a chart on both standard and unlimited rates.

You can also check it out here.

Yesim Unlimited Plan7 Days Unlimited29.50 EUR
15 DaysUnlimited47 EUR
Yesim Standard Plan7 Days 3 GB13 EUR
15 Days  5 GB15 EUR
30 Days10 GB27 EUR
30 Days20 GB45 EUR

Here are some of the features of why Yesim is the best eSIM in Canada than the rest!

eSIM Data Coverage All Around the World

Yesim is achieving heights with this unique function, allowing its users to use high-speed wireless internet even in far-off parts of the world.

It would be best to have an Android/IOS smartphone or tablet app with eSIM functionality.

Data Payment as per Data Usage

Yesim offers a unique opportunity to users that they now pay only for the data they are using. 

To get this, you can easily activate the International eSIM → Global Unlimited eSIM data plan, and now you can enjoy seamless internet without limits, roaming, or overpayments.

Achieve More Privacy Than Ever Before

Proving itself the best eSIM for Canada, Yesim provides a virtual (second-line) phone number) and secures your SMS messages.

Personal Data Protection Via VPN

With Yesim, you can activate a free VPN, and your mobile data will be safe and secure from any harmful activity.

Payment Feasibility

Yesim allows its users to select a mode of payment that suits their comfort, including Binance Pay, Ecommpay, Stripe, and many others.

I also pen down different countries’ travel diaries, including tips and guides on the best eSIM.

Read this informative article to learn about the best eSim for Europe Travel, which saves you time and money before spending on something that you will regret later.

Order Your Yesim eSIM Now!

Comparison with Other eSIM Providers

I designed this chart for my audience to help them select the best eSIM for Canada when traveling. Pay as You Go with Yesim!

YesimEasy activation
Users can use the Yesim app for purchasing, buying, and managing their eSIMs
Good network coverage around the world
Pay as You Go: pay per the GB
Users can have access to VPN
Compatible with almost every device
Offers virtual numbers
Support hotspot features
Operates on the BITE network, may not be the faster plan available than others in specific areas
HolaflyGlobal reach over 190 countries
Offers unlimited data packages
Economical pricing plans, similar to others
Good feedback from customers with good ratings
High-speed internet data usage is capped
Do not support hotspot features
AiraloA market leader in Canada
Offers services to over 200 countries worldwide
An app is available to purchase, activate, and manage eSIMFast and reliable network connectivity.
Slow response rate in terms of customer support
Low ratings from customers
NomadOffers a user-friendly app for buying, activating, and managing eSIM through phones
Well-suited for short-term travelers and those who want to visit multiple countries in a single visit
Provide regular plans starting from 3 GB to 15 GB
Offers a user-friendly app for buying, activating, and managing eSIM through phones
Well-suited for short-term travelers and those who want to visit multiple countries in a single visit.
Provide regular plans starting from 3 GB to 15 GB
MobimatterAn application through which customers can manage their eSIM
Ideal for travelers staying long in Canada
Offers no plan for short trips

Benefits of Choosing Yesim for Users Over Others

I have created a list with my favorite features from Yesim:

  • Yesim offers eSim data coverage all around the world
  • Easy eSIM activation process with no store visit involved
  • Now, you can pay for the data as per the data usage
  • Yesim takes care of the user’s privacy and provides virtual numbers
  • Round-the-clock customer service is available
  • Choose different modes of payment that you want
  • Users can have VPN access with a simple activation

I created a chart to compare eSIM to traditional SIM cards and highlight the key differences:

FeatureseSIMTraditional SIM Cards
Ease of Activation Through AppOnline activation available by just downloading an appRequires physical activation often
Affordable Pricing PlansOffers global unlimited eSIM data plans without limits, roaming, or overpaymentsSIM cards have expensive roaming fees with limited plans 
Compatible with eSIM supported devicesMostly require buying a new SIM card or a local plan for each country visited.Require a new SIM card for different devices
Good Network CoverageOffers data plans and quality mobile coverage anywhere around the worldSIM cards have limited network coverage and slow internet access 
Easy to TransferEasy to switch between data plans and countries without changing SIM cards or phone numbers Mostly require buying a new SIM card or a local plan for each country visited
Customer ServiceAround-the-clock customer serviceNo or limited customer service options
Easy Mode of PaymentAccepts payment through various online options such as Binance Pay, Ecommpay, Stripe, and many othersAccept the selective mode of payment only
Data ProtectionUsers can activate a free VPN in eSIMs so that mobile data will be safe and secureNo such VPN service options available

Grab Your Yesim eSIM and Enjoy a Wide Range of Offers! 

How to Activate Yesim eSIM in Canada

The activation process is easier than you think, with the following steps:

1.   Download the Yesim app from the Play Store or App Store.

2.   Select the eSIM data plan you would like to choose.

3.   Activate the Yesim eSIM.

Now, you can enjoy international eSIM and mobile internet worldwide.

In case of troubleshooting, you can contact Yesim customer support, available 24/7/365 via email:

User Privacy and Security

Yesim does justice in every aspect, and when it comes to user privacy and security, I give them 10 out of 10 numbers.

Yesim provides a virtual phone number to secure your SMS messages. Most of the service providers do not offer such a facility.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your data protection. Yesim offers a free VPN that you can easily activate and your mobile data will be safe and secure from any harmful activity.

My Final Thoughts

Choosing the best eSIM provider is crucial when traveling to Canada. I always prefer to get reviews about the product before I start using it, as it will save time and money.

Regarding ease of usage, device compatibility, economic data plans, and good coverage, I will give Yesim more weightage than other service providers.

Suppose you also want to explore a pocket-friendly and device-compatible eSIM service provider in Canada. In that case, I suggest you try Yesim, and you will never regret your decision!