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19 Gorgeous & Affordable Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

19 Best Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands

A guide to affordable sustainable clothing brands and cheap sustainable fashion for every budget

Though often considered being still in its infancy, “eco-friendly fashion” is a term that is meant to last. Taking into consideration the earth, environment, health, and animal welfare is not a trend anymore but a necessity!

Unfortunately, there exists the myth that sustainable fashion is expensive. First, I don’t think that you can put a price tag on ethical practices.

Second, there are plenty of fashionable clothing brands that produce gorgeous affordable eco-friendly clothing for those on a budget.

sustainable fashion brands

I admit that some of these brands are often hard to find. That’s why I decided to create an ultimate recompilation of affordable sustainable fashion brands. Thus, your budget can’t be an excuse anymore to shop for eco-friendly pieces.

On top, all of the here listed fashion brands make gorgeous items and are in the market since a long time. Their success is yet another evidence for their quality and the fact that sustainable fashion is here to stay.

If you love ethically made clothes, you should also check out my article about the best ethical swimwear brands for him & her and my guide to the best organic cotton brands.

This article will bring you gorgeous and top eco-friendly brands on the market for every budget!

Thanks to affiliate links, I pay my bills. If you make a purchase through them, I may receive a small commission (for which I’m deeply grateful) at no cost to you. All opinions are always mine. Merci!

Can organic clothing be affordable?

Recycle clothes concept. Pale pink knitted sweater with clipboard on white background. affordable eco-friendly clothing

The answer is “yes”! Organic clothing can be affordable and there are many reasons for that. 

Many sustainable women’s clothing brands are using recycled fabrics. It’s thus all about shifting minds and replacing materials. Using recycled materials is becoming more and more common, which helps a lot to reduce prices.

Higher-end clothing brands also use recycled plastic bottles to make raw materials later reused to create beautiful clothes. 

On top, more and more clothing brands are using organic raw material which doesn’t involve pesticides. Organic clothing does not use expensive bleaches and colors to alter the fabrics. 

Last but not least, the workers of such brands are paid decently and the working conditions are simply superb. 

One thing that you should note is the fact that prices never represent the quality or the sustainability of a clothing brand. Like in fast fashion, there are cheap and expensive sustainable clothing brands.

What do I mean by cheap ethical clothing?

The different clothing items have different prices and this should be considered before you make a purchase. The price scale that has been used for this article has the following range:

  • $: up to $50
  • $$: $50 – $100
  • $$$: over $100

In terms of affordability, I consider “affordable” the following prices per item:

  • Dress: $35 to $40
  • Shoes: $40 to $60
  • T-Shirt: $25
  • Bags: $50 to $80
  • Socks: $15 to $20
  • Coats: $60 to $100

The prices are a rough estimate that can vary from brand to brand! Here my selection of gorgeous & affordable eco-friendly clothing brands.


ABLE global local ethical fashion brands

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Uses recycled waste to create clothing for their customers
  • Handcrafted items
  • Manufacturing processes are developed in-house and do not harm the environment.
  • Upcycled materials for minimum environmental impact

Shop here

Price Range: $$

ABLE comes from Nashville, Tennessee with the sole aim to transform the eco-friendly industry.

The main purpose of the brand is to empower women that comprise 95% of the workforce. It invests and educates women so they can earn a living, break the cycle of poverty, and thrive.

The transformative nature of the business not only protects the environment but also cuts the cost to make the items more affordable.  

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – Seta Dolman Tee



everlane affordable fashion brands

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Only collaborates with eco-friendly factories
  • All the materials sourced are manufactured as a part of recycling or upcycling processes.
  • Respectful to water resources

Shop here

Price Range: $

Headquartered in San Francisco the brand was launched in 2010. The best part is that EVERLANE believes and practices radical transparency.

The products are truly timeless as quality processing is done to make them last for years and years.

With the use of all recycled materials, the company is helping the environment to get less polluted and even taking part in using recycled materials to make cheap sustainable clothing.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – The French Terry Crew
Women – The Linen Square-Neck Jumpsuit



pact cheap sustainable clothing brands

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Only 100% organic materials are used
  • Make organic clothes accessible to everyone
  • All factories are fair trade certified as a result workers are highly satisfied

Shop here

Price Range: $

PACT comes from Boulder, Colorado. Its ambitious goal is to make ethical clothing accessible to everybody. Regardless of their budget.

It is one of the best ethical clothing brands that ensure to get you the quality that meets international standards. It is considered one of the top one-stop-shops where consumers can find organic alternatives at affordable prices.

They even have kids and baby sections and a great choice of affordable, sustainable underwear too! They are also a top choice when looking for organic clothing “made in USA”.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – Essential Hooded Sweatshirt
Women – Tie-Front Midi Dress



tradlands ethical fashion affordable

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Timeless, well-made essentials that last for years
  • Manufacturing raw material and consciously sourced fabrics
  • US-based standards of working hours, paying over-time, and never allowing triple shifts to manufactorers

Shop here

Price Range: $$

TRADLANDS was started in 2012. The background is that the owner had the view that women are often being urged to wear disposable clothing. And that durability of clothes was a huge issue.

The company, therefore, aims to make quality clothing that is developed to last for generations. I particularly like their timeless, romantic feel.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – 102 Box T-Shirt Red Stripe



The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Traceability which lets customers know where the product comes from and what the costs include.
  • Every purchase directly supports the lives of their cotton farmers
  • Supporting small, family-businesses in Egypt

Shop here

Price Range: $$

Headquartered in Toronto Canada, KOTN is a company that makes sure to provide you with all the information you need to know about the origin of your clothes.

Absolute transparency and hence traceability are key! All cotton farms are located in Egypt where the material is grown using eco-friendly techniques only. It is also a fabulous affordable brand when looking for sustainable women’s clothing and I am in love with their 100% KOTN tee.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – Essential Crew White
Men – Mock Neck Sweatshirt



amour vert sustinable affordable ethical clothing brands

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • For one t-shirt sold, 1 tree is planted.
  • Pieces made in limited quantities to ensure the highest production standard
  • 126,000 tons of carbon dioxide sequestered and 11 billion gallons of water saved

Shop here

Price Range: $

It is perhaps the only company on the list that produces pieces in limited quantities in order to assure the highest quality standards.

During the fabrication process, AMOUR VERT makes sure to use only the most sustainable fibers and raw materials available.

On top, all their shipping bags and boxes are made from recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks. It’s thus perfect when looking for outdoorsy gifts for her.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – Flower Silk Dress



alternative apparel cheap sustainable fashion

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Certified organic cotton with the Gots and Oeko-Tex labels
  • Uses recycled cotton: less herbicides and pesticides associated
  • Many pieces made of hearty hemp fibers

Shop here

Price Range: $$

Based in Los Angeles California, ALTERNATIVE APPAREL focuses on developing styles that are lightweight yet durable. It’s thus perfect when looking for year-round layers.

The styles are highly classical and not fashion so that their items are timeless. The combination of 100% organic cotton and hemp fibers creates unique feel-good pieces.

The company is also planning to replace by 2021 virgin polyester with 100% recycled polyester in future fabrics.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – Eco-Teddy Full-Zip Jacket
Women – Global Wrap Sweater



The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • All brands and products sold at REI need to be compliant to the Product Sustainability Standards
  • Large offer of clothes and outdoor gear made of recycled materials
  • Reduce chemicals during the production and if needed, only use sustainable chemistry certified with bluesign®

Shop here

Price Range: $ online store offers a hand-picked selection of brands in the travel and outdoor segment.

One of their bestsellers is is Patagonia, an outdoor brand with a strong focus on sustainable pieces. Sustainable policies lay at the core of everything that makes. is one of the best affordable, ethical clothing and outdoor brands out there since it has options for every budget. I love them for their broad offer in backpacks made from recycled material or vegan hiking boots.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – Cozy Undershirt Layer
Women – Patagonia Refugio Backpack for Women



The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Clothes made in order to last, that’s why BODEN gives a 365-day guarantee
  • Boden implemented several responsible trading initiatives
  • Educating women and supporting them in the workplace

Shop here

Price Range: $$

BODEN is an affordable eco-friendly clothing brand that puts quality and protecting the environment in the first place. Every product is rigorously tested to make sure it lasts a lifetime and all fabrics are sourced and packaged responsibly.

Most of their organic items are made in the US which is an important factor when looking for fair trade fashion.

Its employees are taking part in numerous fundraising activities and the company has recently donated £100,000 to the Trust.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – Piqué Polo
Women – Sienna Jersey Maxi Dress



The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Uses old plastic bottles, fishing nets and other waste to make bras, leggings and shorts
  • Econyl certified materials to to protect oceans.
  • For every product, 36 water bottles are diverted from the landfills and 1,607,267lbs of CO2 saved
  • 4.5 gallons of water saved in 2020

Shop here

Price Range: $

I love GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE for offering stylish workout clothes made from recycled material. Indeed, it’s quite hard to find eco-friendly sports brands. On top, their pieces are incredibly affordable!

Every sports bra, every short has been made from recycled bottles or recycled plastic fished out of the ocean.

Its factories are SA8000 certified which means that there is no child labor, no forced labor, safe working, and allowing workers to unionize.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – Plum Compressive High-Rise Legging



primue lite 2 affordable cheap eco friendly clothes

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Use of Eco Mesh
  • Animal free materials
  • Uses recycled PET
  • Will replace 90% of materials with sustainable ones by the end of 2020

Shop here

Price Range: $$

The slogan of the company is “As close to going barefoot as you can get”. They spent over 10 years researching how to recreate the perfect barefoot feel. I love my VIVOBAREFOOT and I don’t want to wear anything else!

By opting for Vivo Barefoot, you’ll purchase a sustainable product and also do something good for your health.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – GEO Court Eco Womens



thought cheap eco friendly cothing brands

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • All the materials used are eco-friendly and include organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and Tencel
  •  Recycled paper is used for labeling and mailing bags
  • Garment bags are made from composite starch
  • Zero Waste policy

Shop here

Price Range: $$

Launched in Sydney by John and Rachel, THOUGHT has evolved into a company that loves nature and fashion. Quantities are kept small to make every piece feel unique.

It is one of the best environmental clothing brands out there since they use recycled materials as much as they can. It’s thus a great option when looking for recycled clothing brands.

I love them for their colorful prints!

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – Merano Hemp Grandpa Shirt
Women – Santina Organic Cotton Floral Maxi Dress



The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards
  • Licensee of Fairtrade certification
  • Uses Tencell™ lyocell
  • Water saving denim collection

Shop here

Price Range: $$

Started in 1991 PEOPLE TREE has been regarded as the pioneer in the sustainable fashion industry. People Tress is part of a UK-wide celebration of Europe’s most sustainable and innovative fabric: linen.

Founded in Safia Minney, the company is certified by the global organic textile standard. On top, their organic cotton, organic linen, and Tencel™ products are certified by PETA. 

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – Lightweight Denim Dress



sustainable work out clothing brand cheap outdoor voices

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Uses Merino, ethically-sourced wool from New Zealand and Australia
  • Built with materials for a lifetime
  • Uses recycled material to make sport and outdoor wear

Shop here

Price Range: $$

OUTDOOR VOICES was founded in 2013 by Terry Haney in New York. Outdoor Voices boasts gorgeous workout pieces at extremely affordable prices.

Many of their pieces include a significant amount of recycled PET. The product take-back and repair programs are also launched this year and traceable fiber usage will be increased to 80% by the end of 2022.

When looking for affordable, sustainable fashion brands, Outdoor Voices is a must!

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – CloudKnit T-Shirt
Women – The Exercise Dress



taylo stitch afforable sustainable fashion for men

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Create their own sustainable fabrics
  •  Using recycled and regenerative fibers wherever possible
  • Participaes in numerous environmentally friendly activities like cleaning trash and protecting wildlife

Shop here

Price Range: $

The best thing is that TAYLOR STITCH pledges to create clothing that lasts while at the same time minimizing the environmental impact.

Founded in 2010, they have been at the forefront of environmental sustainability. The company aims to use reusable fibers to reduce water usage and to get rid of chemicals.

I particularly love the look of their organic denim collection!

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – The Hemp Shirt



The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • All the products are made up of 100% natural fibers that can be renewed
  • Sustainable fabrics possible to bring fashionable designs to life quickly
  •  Uses Tencel™, made from renewable wood materials.

Shop here

Price Range: $$

Founded in 2009, REFORMATION has used sustainable materials since its origins. Thanks to their unique design process, they can quickly respond to fashion trends.

I am obsessed with their fashionable prints and cuts. Who says you can’t follow the latest trend without being sustainable?

Other eco-friendly materials they use are organic and recycled cotton, recycled cashmere, and Econyl®, made from 100% recycled nylon.

It’s also a top choice when looking for organic clothing “made in USA” or recycled clothing brands.

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Women – 70S Sweat Shorts



The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Vegan, organic and fairtrade certified
  • Every pair purchased donates to a cause
  • Support small cotton farmers in India

Shop here

Price Range: $

It should be the goal of every purchase: eco-friendly dressed from head to toe. To toe? Oh yes, literally! CONSCIOUS STEP does not only produce GOTS and vegan certified socks but for every pair of socks purchased, a donation goes directly to a non-profit.

My favorite part is there “Causes” section where you can shop your socks according to the cause you want to support.

They teamed up with internationally established NGOs in order to support the causes of LGBTI, tree planting, wildlife preservation, violence against women and many more.

On top, they come in colorful designs!

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men –
Women – Socks that Stop Violence Against Women


Click here to get -20%Code: “MYFIRSTSTEP” 

18. Honest Basics

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • All products are GOTS-certified
  • Extremely affordable prices
  • High-quality basics

Shop here

Price range: $

The mission of Honest Basics is clear and simple: make sustainable fashion affordable to anyone! Indeed their incredible prices make eco-fashion accessible for everybody.

Honest Basics believes that price plays a big role in our purchase decisions. Hence it’s important that eco-friendly fashion can compete with fast fashion in terms of pricing.

Their basics are gorgeous and prices start at 10€ only!

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – Black Honest Hoodie
Women – Loose t-shirt dress

19. WAMA Underwear

The Eco-Friendly Aspect:

  • Pioneer in the hemp underwear industry
  • Organic and eco-friendly hemp
  • Breathable and gets softer with every wash.

Shop here

Price range: $

There is a revolution on the way and it’s called WAMA! They’re pioneering the Hemp Clothing industry with Premium Hemp Underwear.

You may wonder why hemp? Why in underwear? Well, it’s naturally anti-bacterial, super soft and breathable.

WAMA created from scratch their own hemp fabric which is based all on eco-friendly and organic fabrics. No wonder that nowadays it’s considered one of the top hemp clothing brands when it comes to underwear.

Best part: with every wash your undies get softer!

Favorite Affordable Fair Trade piece:

Men – Boxers
Women – Triangle Bralette

Short FAQ about affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands

What is sustainable clothing?

When clothes or accessories are made in environmentally and socio-economically sustainable manners, we talk about sustainable clothing.

What are some ethically produced affordable clothing brands?

Ethically produced clothing brands that are affordable are EVERLANE, TRADLANDS and KOTN.

What are cheap eco-friendly clothing brands?

Eco-friendly clothes can be cheap. Have a look at under $50 pieces by CONSCIOUS STEP, ABLE and PACT.

If you can’t get enough of sustainable and affordable clothing brands, have a look at my web story about the best affordable eco-fashion brands.

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