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15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses

Guide to the best organic clothes brands where you can buy dresses, including maxi dresses, wedding dresses & summer dresses

Dresses are a reliable staple of every woman’s wardrobe as you can wear them for any occasion.

This versatile piece of clothing in your closet can make your everyday fashion a lot easier.

Cotton dresses have long been a solid go-to, but as brands become more eco-friendly, the options for organic cotton dresses have grown significantly.

best organic cotton dresses, woman in dress relaxing in the sun next to large body of water

Making the switch to natural cotton dresses is both ethical and environmentally friendly as organic cotton is grown without using any harmful synthetic chemicals and toxic pesticides. 

Many brands across the globe are using this fabric as it is soft and durable and also produces less CO2 and requires less water than regular cotton.

Below is a list of the best organic cotton dress brands I admire. These brands will make your decision to shift to sustainable fashion even more worthwhile. 

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Overview: The Top 5 Organic Cotton Dress Brands

ReformationStylish organic cotton wedding wearCheck prices here
People TreeIncredible selection & stylesCheck prices here
Christy DawnFashionable & ethicalCheck prices here
Organic BasicsClassic designs that never go out of styleCheck prices here
ThoughtSoft & durable dressesCheck prices here

1. Organic Basics 

Organic Basics Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Sustainable clothes ethically made in Europe
  • Use of one of the world’s softest cotton

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Organic Cotton Oxford Long Shirt

Organic Basics collections are all about Innovation, simplicity, quality, and sustainability.

To ensure sustainability, they thoughtfully handpick the fabric based on its durability and environmental impact. 

Their collection features a beautiful and versatile range of organic cotton clothes, including dresses.

The stylish shirt dresses can be worn on their own or used as a layering piece or long shirt.

Ethically made in Europe, these dresses are also vegan-approved by PETA.

The organic cotton they use is GOTS certified and grown on the coast of the Aegean Sea. This is considered one of the world’s softest and most long-lasting cotton.

Organic Basics also work only with trusted and certified factory partners to ensure ethical production. 

In addition to dresses, Organic Basics make all the essentials, including sustainable socks and t-shirts.

They also make amazing sustainable yoga clothes and swimwear.

The brand is also a great place to get simple gifts for outdoorsy people under $50.

Check prices here

2. WVN

WVN Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Organic cotton is sourced from small, family-run farms
  • Certified B corporation brand 

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Devon Dress

WVN takes sustainable chic fashion a step higher with its high-quality clothing.

This brand aims to inspire people and the fashion industry with its environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.

As a Certified B corporation, WVN works with fair trade certified factories which ensures that all products are made with love in happy and healthy working conditions.  

When it comes to the fabric, they use only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified raw materials. 

They have beautiful and lightweight white cotton dresses, warm neutrals, and wrap dresses with gorgeous patterns. 

WVN makes the best use of traditional techniques like block printing for their fabulous designs.

The natural dyes, natural woods, artisanal skills, and care pouted in make every piece even more special.

In addition to cute organic dresses, WVN also has a movement line that makes some of my favorite sustainable yoga pants.

Check prices here 


PACT Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Products are Certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Organic farming of crops with no chemicals and 81% less water usage

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Easy Patio Dress

The organic cotton dress collection of PACT is versatile, super trendy, soft, and sustainable.

You can check this brand for beautiful party dresses, patio dresses, and maxi dresses. It is also one of the best brands for adorable organic cotton dresses for girls. 

Their mission is to be Earth’s favorite ™ clothing company and they are genuinely committed to it.

PACT only uses sustainable crops, organic farming techniques, and chemical-free dyes for the apparel.

Additionally, the products are certified Organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

If you are looking for gifts for kids, organic clothes are a splendid choice and PACT has comfortable dresses, bodysuits, and sleepwear that the little ones will love. 

To ensure maximum sustainability, PACT ships all of its orders in a reusable box that you can even use to return your old clothes to them. 

The brand also runs a donation campaign to give back to the community and reduce waste. 

While their organic cotton dresses are amazing, that isn’t all they sell. PACT does pretty much all types of clothes for men, women, and children.

I love their incredible range of clothing options, and they’re one of my favorite sustainable underwear brands.

Check prices here

4. Made Trade

Made Trade Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • All orders are 100% carbon neutral

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Kiwi Front Tie Dress

The first thing that I love about Made Trade is that it’s a woman-owned family-run small business.

The next feature that I adore is that it ardently supports slow fashion, and promotes brands that share the same values.

Made Trade brings a variety of ethically made and sustainably sourced goods under one roof and has partnered with more than 150 brands, small businesses, makers, and artisan collectives. 

Carefully curated from sustainable brands from around the world, Made Trade’s splendid collection of women’s cotton dresses will spoil you for choice.

The simple cotton dresses, wrap dresses, t-shirt dresses, and organic cocktail dresses are stunning.

Made Trade meticulously conducts detailed research about the sustainability of the products before bringing them to you. It also ensures to provide true transparency about all the ethically-made products. 

It also has a beautiful range of vegan backpacks and shoes which are great outdoor gifts for women.

Check prices here 

5. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Take back program to bring life to old clothes
  • Versatile organic cotton dresses for every occasion

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Organic Cotton Ponte Zip-Up Dress

Eileen Fisher creates timeless and effortless organic cotton dresses to glam up your wardrobe.

Started in 1984 and now has more than 65 stores in the US, Canada, and the UK and is committed to sustainable fibers that assure a soft and luxurious feel.

No matter what the occasion is, Eileen Fisher has an organic dress to make you feel joyful.

The organic cotton jersey dresses, zip-up dresses, and stretchy tank dresses are excellent. 

The most impressive feature of this brand is its take-back program to support circular fashion by allowing you to send in your old pieces and they will give them a new life.

At present, Eileen Fisher has collected over 1.4 million pieces and either found them a new home or transformed them into new designs

Check prices here

6. Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • All orders fulfilled at in-house Los Angeles Studio

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Organic Cotton Patch Dress

Back Beat Co. is a California-born brand that focuses on low-impact and high comfort clothing. 

This WOC-owned brand prioritizes the planet and people before its profits and always keeps social and ethical responsibility in mind while sourcing sustainably farmed fabrics. 

Their GOTS certified Organic Cotton patch dress is a perfect addition to your everyday essentials as it is easy to style and goes perfect with a pair of sneakers and a puffer jacket.

The shipping process is also planet-friendly as Back Beat Co. only uses recycled paper mailers, recycled plastic poly bags, and home compostable bags.

Check prices here

7. Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Uses GOTS certified 100% organic cotton
  • Focuses on garment longevity, transparency, and traceability

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Emery Organic Cotton Dress

Ninety Percent is a London-based organic clothes brand that launched in 2018 with a mission to give only the best to its customers, producers, and the planet.

Their organic cotton dresses are perfect for every occasion and enable you to feel comfortable and confident everywhere, from your formal events to evening parties. 

The elegant and effortless garments are made from 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS. 

As the name suggests, Ninety Percent shares 90% of its profits with charitable causes and the people behind the collections.

They even allow you to choose which cause you want to support by casting a vote online. 

Check prices here

8. People Tree

People Tree Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Awarded the World Fair Trade Organization product label
  • Clothes adorned with traditional skills like hand embroidery

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Sada Ikat Tunic

If you are looking for affordable eco-friendly clothing brands, then this is the brand for you.

Founded in 1991, People Tree is a pioneer in the world of sustainable fair-trade fashion.

The brand uses luxuriously soft and lightweight cotton certified by GOTS for its comfy, awe-inspiring apparel. 

The combination of traditional skills and innovative technologies has always made its organic cotton women’s clothing a class apart. 

You will find the best cotton dresses here for the summer and spring casual looks.

The designs showcase the exemplary skills of the artisans like hand embroidery and hand block printing.  

I love the fact that all of People Tree’s clothes are hypoallergenic, so they’re good for your skin AND the planet.

People Tree is also one of my favorite sustainable activewear brands, and one of my go-to vegan clothing brands (although a few of their products are made with wool, so always double-check materials). 

9. Reformation

reformation sustainable fashion brands - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Limited edition collections to reduce wastage

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Alden Dress

Reformation is an eco-friendly brand that started in 2009 in Los Angeles and focuses on sustainability in every step (quite literally as they are one of the top sustainable shoe brands).

Besides planet-friendly materials, this eco-friendly brand use strategies to improve energy savings and water efficiency.

Many of their products are made using recycled materials, and they’re one of the best recycled clothing brands.

They also aim to reduce wastage by initially producing small quantities of a product and only making more based on feedback and request. 

However, Reformation never lets sustainability get in the way of fashion and innovative design, and they have some of the trendiest designs on the market.

Their limited editions collection ensures that you get unique organic cotton dresses for your ethical, slow-fashion wardrobe.

Additionally, if you are looking for organic cotton wedding dresses, Reformation has got you covered!

Whether you are looking for a classic long white cotton dress or something extra fancy, their collection will impress you.

Reformation also has eye-catching styles to make your bridesmaids look and feel fabulous. 

Check prices here

10. ABLE

ABLE Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Dedicated to empowering women

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Jane Maxi Dress

ABLE is a women’s clothing and accessories brand that offers thoughtfully crafted products.

The brand’s mission is to empower both the women who make the products and the ones who wear them through forward-thinking fashion. 

More than 90% of the staff at ABLE are women who are given opportunities to experience dignity, equality, and safety.

Due to incredible craftmanship, their high-quality products are stylish and stand the test of time.

You can find excellent choices of natural cotton dresses that are versatile and ideal for everyday fashion.

I particularly love the GOTS-approved organic cotton sweater dress with a belt that allows for multiple styling options. 

But there are organic cotton dress styles to fit any taste and occasion.

Besides using eco-conscious materials in manufacturing, ABLE is also moving towards using 100% recyclable materials in packaging.

ABLE also makes sustainable jewelry, shoes and belts, and cute sustainable backpacks.

Check prices here

11. Outerknown

Outerknown Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Fair Trade Certified™ products
  • Option to buy and sell pre-loved products

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Blanket Shirt Dress

Outerknown is popular for its signature button shirt collection that redefines comfort and softness.

Already one of the best organic cotton clothing brands, they have now taken the collection to the next level by adding cool and colorful dresses.

The dresses are cut from 100% organic cotton heavyweight twill and feature buttons made from nuts. 

The dresses are versatile and can be worn as an oversized shirt paired with sustainable jeans for a casual look.

All of Outerknown’s planet-friendly clothes are made consciously by diligently following fair trade standards. 

The brand encourages circular fashion and allows its users to sell any pre-loved clothes on their online marketplace.

You can also buy beautiful pre-loved items at very affordable prices from their website.

If the summer heat is getting you down, treat yourself to one of their sustainable winter coats to get in a colder mindset.

Check prices here

12. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Designs created by skillful hand block printing technique 
  • Uses natural and organic dyes derived from plants

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: The Sabrina Dress

Christy Dawn makes an effort to honor the planet with its ethically made organic dresses.

Every dress by the brand reflects effortless style, timeless designs, and a comfortable fit.

The collection features stunning midi-dress, maxi dresses, and bohemian dresses inspired by vintage styles.

All of Christy Dawn’s organic cotton dresses are created in partnership with Oshadi Collective in India and dressmakers from Los Angeles.

Natural dyes and block printing techniques by hand are used to create iconic patterns and designs.

Christy Dawn believes that along with sustainability, it is also important to follow regenerative practices.

To do this, they have a farm-to-closet collection that features dresses made from regeneratively grown cotton using ancient methods. 

In addition to dresses, Christy Dawn is also one of my go-to brands for cute sustainable boots.

Check prices here

13. Thought

shop thought clothing - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Zero-plastic packaging

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Clay Organic Cotton Floral Shirt Dress

Thought boasts a flattering collection of sustainable clothing that’s high on style and quality.

The brand came into existence in 1995 and has been inspiring its customers to make considered choices ever since.  

All of Thought’s easy-to-wear organic dresses stand out because of their unique designs and prints.

The GOTS certified organic cotton ensures that the clothes are extra soft and comfortable.

Because Thought has huge respect for the planet and uses only natural, sustainable yarns that create less CO2.

In addition to organic cotton, Thought uses many other sustainable materials and is one of the best bamboo clothing brands.

Additionally, they are also very careful about reducing waste and upcycling leftover fabric to create new products.

Thought believes in making a positive impact on the environment wherever possible.

Because of this, Thought ensures zero-plastic packaging, the use of vegan glue, and 100% biodegradable garment bags. 

In addition to amazing organic cotton dresses for warm weather, can also get stunning vegan winter coats here to pair with your dresses in colder weather.

Thought is also the perfect place to grab super fun and durable socks if you are looking for cool gifts for outdoor lovers under $20.

Check prices here

14. Amour Vert

Amour Vert Organic Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Uses compostable protective bags to store and ship the garments
  • Resale market to buy and sell pre-loved styles.
  • Plants a tree for every tee purchase

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: Bella Organic Cotton Dress

Amour Vert offers sustainable clothes that are chic, comfortable, and durable all at once. 

They have gorgeous organic clothing for women for every occasion and you can find everything from soft bodycon-styled mini dresses, sweater dresses, to flutter sleeves dresses.

The best part about Amour Vert is that they partner with mills to create sustainable fabrics.

Their ethical and highest production standards make it the best organic clothing made in the USA

The brand is also committed to a zero-waste policy and aims to keep its garments away from landfills.

To ensure this, Amour Vert has a resale marketplace named ReAmour to buy and sell their pre-loved clothes.

Check prices here

15. Kings of Indigo

Kings of Indigo Cotton Dress - 15 Ethical Brands for Organic Cotton Dresses


  • Fully vegan & PETA-approved in 2020
  • Use of blockchain technology to offer proof of genuine sustainability

Favorite Organic Cotton Dress: MIA

If you love wearing denim, Kings of Indigo has a lot to offer to delight you.

Launched in 2011, this brand has made sustainable fashion and simplicity a stylish affair. 

They offer stunning organic cotton summer dresses here that are perfect for any casual outing.

You can also pair an organic cotton maxi dress with your favorite accessories to create a style statement. 

Kings of Indigo pay attention to detail in every step to use only planet-friendly material.

For example, they use Corozo buttons, which are biodegradable, in their garments.

They also work towards making the planet better through clean transport, waste consciousness, less water use, and responsible production.

Transparency to prove sustainability is important to Kings of Indigo, and they aim to stop greenwashing with AWARE™ technology that allows tracing the fabric from crop to closet.

Check prices here

Buying Guide: What to look out for when buying organic cotton dresses

Check the label

The major factor that differentiates between organic cotton and regular cotton is the way it is grown.

Organic cotton is free from chemicals and toxic pesticides.

But to identify this, you must check the label to see if it is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, which ensures the credibility of the fabric used in the dresses. 

Check the brand’s other sustainability efforts

The use of organic fabric is just one step in the way of sustainability.

While buying organic cotton dresses, you can check the other eco-friendly efforts taken by the brand.

For example, you must opt for brands that use natural dyes and traditional printing techniques for designs. 

You can also check if they follow sustainability practices in the packaging and shipping process.


Genuine organic cotton dresses are supposed to last long and even aid in a circular fashion.

You can check with the seller about the product’s life expectancy and check reviews.  

Look for the take-back options

You can check with organic clothing brands if they have an option to take back their old clothes.

This can be for selling or for transforming into new designs, and will ensure minimum wastage while you add more styles to your wardrobe. 

A Short FAQ about Organic Cotton Dresses

Is organic cotton good for dresses?

Absolutely. In fact, organic cotton is pretty much always comfier and more sustainable than regular cotton.

What are the advantages of organic cotton clothing?

Organic cotton is free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which is better for the environment as it does not erode the soil or pollute the water. Organic cotton also tends to be softer and more durable.

What do organic cotton dresses feel like?

There is no one way that all organic cotton dresses feel. However, generally, organic cotton is incredibly soft and smooth and gets softer with every wash.