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20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

A guide to the best brands making clothing from recycled materials

While the resources used for manufacturing clothes or garments are becoming scarce, most of the companies are now giving importance to recycled clothing ideas. With time, recycled clothing brands are getting more and more popular.

Am I mistaken or does it seems like, finally, the days of fast fashion are counted?

Nowadays, you can get almost every clothing item made from recycled materials: recycled or vegan hiking boots, backpacks made from recycled materials, sports apparel made from recycled materials.

sustainable recycled fashion eco blogger

You name it and there’s a recycled alternative!

If you love ethically made clothes, you should also check out my article about the best organic cotton clothing brands or my guide on affordable, sustainable fashion.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the best and well-known recycled clothing brands producing gorgeous clothes from waste or recyclable and recycled material.

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reformataion dress recycled material dress - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands
  • Price Range: From $54
  • Favorite Recycled Item: Port Dress

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Reformation is famous for developing effortless silhouettes that enhance the feminine figure.

What I like most about this is the fact that most of the clothes are designed around 12 to 18 months before their release program.

Their items are the best fit for women between 5’6 to 5’10. They also have launched a unique Petites collection.

They use TENCEL Lyocell fabric, TENCEL X REFIBRA, and Viscose. They also use ECONYL regenerated nylon, which is a gorgeous fabric!

Reformation is a great choice when looking for trendy, sustainable clothing with a sensual touch.



girlfriend collective recycled materials - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Girlfriend Collective is a well-known athleisure company that is committed to producing its clothes using sustainable materials in safe, ethical processes.

I love their leggings made from recycled materials since they feel super comfortable.

As per the company, some leggings are made of 25 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles that are collected from Taiwan.

Girlfriend Collective is also one of my favorite sustainable underwear brands.

The popular Lite Collection clothing is made of recycled fishing nets. Women who love good workouts will fall in love with the gorgeous pieces of Girlfriend Collective.



vivobarefoot recycled materials sneaker - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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If you are looking for one of the reputed and best-recycled shoe brands, then VivoBareFoot is for you.

The brand is popular for producing super lightweight shoes that can offer you a maximum level of comfort.

All the shoes are perfectly shaped for your foot and let you enjoy the natural movements.

As one of the best sustainable shoe brands, all of their shoes are made of high-quality recycled PET plastics and come with the bio-based Bloom EVA performance insole to offer a great level of comfort.

VivoBareFoot is great whether you are looking for sustainable running shoes or everyday hiking shoes



mara hoffman recycled swimsuit material - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Mara Hoffman gives major importance to workers and artisans. Its primary aim is to lower the overall waste and energy utilization in the process of manufacturing clothes.

You can trust the brand when it comes to buying top-quality eco-friendly swimwear. 

It utilizes a massive range of earth-conscious material covering recycled polyester, recycled nylon, as well as GOTS certified superior quality cotton.

Their swimwear feels very comfortable and doesn’t create any skin issues. It’s thus great when looking for sustainable swimwear!



aday sustainable clothing made from recycled materials - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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If you are looking for recycled cotton clothing, then ADAY has something for you. While contributing to sustainability, the brand always gives the confidence to go for recycled clothing. They believe in maintaining simplicity as well as versatility. 

They have their own custom fabric called Recycled Scuba, which is developed using Repreve Yarn, made out of post-used water bottles.

ADAY’s first recycled product was Waste Nothing Jacket, made of 41 bottles. No wonder the brand is famous for its clothing made from recycled plastic.



alternative apparel eco fashion - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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After trying the T-shirts of Alternative Apparel, I feel satisfied and safe for saying that I think organic cotton is quite better and softer than the conventional garment material.

With each wash, it gets softer. The brand develops timeless worn-in styles that you will love to wear, all day long.

Alternative Apparel claims that more than 80 percent of its products are made from sustainable materials.

For their products, they recycle around 1.8 million plastic bottles every year and create Alternative Eco fabric. For the sake of a healthy skin, they use around 60K LBS of organic cotton.



prAna recycled clothing brand - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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This California-based fashion brand is here to promote the trend of recycled clothing: Sustainability is the DNA of prAna.

To promote sustainable clothing, the company has partnered with world-famous organizations such as Responsible Down Standard, Fair Trade, Textile Exchange, Bluesign, etc.

They use recycled wool instead of virgin wool to prevent direct harmful impact on the sheep.

prAna imports recycled wool fabric from Prato, Italy, and processes it organically for a safe product. 

Thanks to its large range of items made from recycled materials, I’d say this is one of the best recycled clothing companies out there and perfect when looking for zero waste fashion brands!

They’re also one of my favorite sustainable yoga clothes brands and make some of the best eco-friendly yoga pants.



north face eco friendly brands - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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If you are looking for high-quality hiking boots, this brand has a great collection for you. North Face is famous for its quality hiking gear made of sustainable material.

The brand works hard to promote sustainability and many of its pieces respect the latest eco-fashion standards.

I love their warm winter jackets made of recycled materials.

The North Face is also one of my favorite vegan winter boot brands as they have several cruelty-free options.



ecoalf eco friendly fashion - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Ecoalf is a well-known Spanish clothing brand that is established on a principle of recycling to create a truly sustainable fashion and recycled clothing brand.

They utilize post-consumed plastic bottles, fishing nets, post-industrial cotton, worn-out tires as well as coffee grinds to develop swimsuit and outerwear lines. 

To maintain quality and 100 percent transparency, they carefully manage the process of developing recycling technology, product designing, and manufacturing.

Ecoalf is thus perfect when looking for sustainable clothing brands that want to improve the current fashion industry.



quilt patagonia pullover - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Patagonia has been manufacturing quality sustainable activewear and outdoor products since 1993.

They are leading the way with recycled polyester, which is developed using post-used soda bottles.

In fact, Patagonia might be the first company to convert the trash into fleece.

Now the company develops fibers from manufacturing waste, worn-out apparel, and soda bottles.

They also have some of the best vegan winter coats made from recycled materials.



We all know ASOS, right? But did you know that this online fashion imperium has a collection made of recycled materials?

The brand offers products more than 30 sizes and is committed to offering all sizes under a single price tag.

More than 34 percent of the fibers used in ASOS’ Reclaimed Vintage collection comes from sustainable sources.

They make sure that animals are not suffering from fashion, and for this, they follow very strict sourcing guidelines for leather and developing animal-free products.



redone levis denim jeans recycled denim - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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By partnering with popular denim brand Levi’s Jeans, RE/DONE offers a huge selection of upcycled Levi’s jeans under different categories, such as belly-button skimming high-waist jeans, mid-rise, or boyfriend jeans.

RE/DONE is specialized in recycled denim clothing…and there are so many models to choose from! This makes the collection a great option when looking for recycled clothing brands.

They utilize old jeans, then mix and match them to create a unique product. To save water, the brand utilizes a water-conserving manufacturing process



urban outfitters recycled clothing brands - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Urban Outfitters is known for making nature-inspired innovative clothing that is designed to offer the maximum level of comfort.

However, their collection Urban Renewal goes so much further and sets new standards for recycled clothing brands.

They use deadstock fabric to create brand-new designs, all made in the USA.

Their team re-designs, up-cycles, and tweaks unique vintage find to suit current trends. Every piece is thus unique!

In fact, sustainability and recycling are the backbones of Urban Renewal.



thought clothing eco friendly fashion - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Even though it deals with both men and women’s clothing, Thought clothing is popular for its sustainable socks. The materials used in the socks are antifungal and antibacterial.

They’re also a cruelty-free company and one of the best vegan clothing brands.

Along with socks they also have gorgeous recycled clothes for men and women in different categories.

The packaging material is also recyclable. The brand uses 22% recycled polyester in its socks.

Most of the products are developed using certified global recycled methods.



amour vert recycled fashion brand - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Amour Vert gives absolute importance to sustainable practice and is popular for recycling unused material. They use 100 percent sustainable fibers as well as the production process.

They have partnered with mills to obtain sustainable fabrics, such as TENCEL Model, Certified Organic Cotton, and TENCEL Lyocell.


16. ABLE

able eco fashion - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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ABLE works with fabric with mills that have developed different types of sustainable denim. The denim products utilize liquid indigo that needs less to the amount of water to wash.

The source component from the Western Hemisphere is to lower the carbon footprint.

The denim-making process is 100 percent eco-friendly and will soon get a WRAP certificate.

They don’t use harmful chemicals such as Potassium Permanganate.

Starting from 2020, the brand is also manufacturing sweaters from 100 percent organic cotton. This will complement well with their range of organic cotton dresses.

It’s hence a great option when looking for ethical recycled clothing brands – and sustainable backpacks – that use organic materials.



everlane recycled fashion eco fashion - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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EVERLANE is working with an aim to eliminate virgin plastic from the supply chain by the end of 2021. Virgin plastic is produced by using natural gas or crude oil so they have decided to eliminate it in order to keep the environment safe.

It has introduced the Re:Down&ReNew collection, where you will get quality outerwear made of used plastic bottles. It’s one of the most stylish recycled clothing brands out there.

They launched ReNew in just two days, which is made of 3 million recycled plastic bottles. Fabrics used for clothing like acrylic, nylon, polyester and other types of synthetic fabrics are made of new plastics.



fjall recycled backpack - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

Shop here is famous for outdoor clothing, gear, and backpacks made from recycled materials. The brand follows its own Product Sustainability Standards. has a fair trade certification and contributes to sustainable livelihoods and safer working conditions with fair wages.

Although not all their products are made from recycled materials, they have many that are, including clothing, shoes, and many vegan backpacks.

You can choose among several brands offering outdoor apparel or travel gear. This makes one of the largest online shops for recycled clothing brands.

The company is also committed to using packaging materials that are recyclable as well as recycled.



outdoor voices outdoor athletic eco brand - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Outdoor Voices is on a mission to make comfortable outdoor wear for men and women…all sustainable! For this, they maintain their quality by working with manufacturing partners that provide world-class quality products.

Outdoor Voices designs products that can work great in terms of longevity and circularity to lower the environmental impact. Apart from different items, Outdoor Voices manufactures its products from recycled plastic.

The harmful waste that can pollute the waterways and soils is now given a whole new life as clothes for women and men. Your purchase will support fair trade, and the whole product range is vegan.

They use sustainable fabric alternatives, for example, Merino (Wool from Australia and New Zealand), PecPoly (recycle Polyethylene Terephthalate), MegaFleece (recycled wood), CloudKnit, and more.



taylor stitch eco fashion for men - 20 Best Recycled Clothing Brands

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Taylor Stitch creates eco-friendly fashion for men. The fabrics are developed using recycled products or deadstock fabrics.

They also make fabrics from a blend of used apparel, plastic bottles, manufacturing wastes, and more.

Some of the products have ECONYL recreated nylon fabric. The products are 100 percent vegan. Once you wear jackets or shirts manufactured by the company, you will find them very breathable and lightweight.

Their clothing resists sunscreen, sea salt, and chlorine! It’s hence one of the best recycled clothing brands for men!


My personal notes: Why consider Recycled Clothing Brands?

eco fashion blogger wearing recycled clothing brand

Recycled clothing is about taking worn out, damaged or old materials and converting them into new clothes.

Hence clothes made from recycled materials utilize less amount of raw materials, lowering the harmful effect of modern fashion production.

Fewer carbon emissions, less water utilization and using less chemicals are some major benefits of recycled clothing.

I hope you liked this very personal selection of recycled clothing brands. Do you know any other brand that is not featured in the list? Just drop me a message or a comment below!

Now it’s all about you: take your steps and contribute your effort towards developing a sustainable world.


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