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Paulina on the Road: Outdoor and Sustainable Travel Blog

outdoor and sustainable travel blogger from luxembourg, Europe

Hola, I am Paulina!

Paulina on the Road is all about outdoor and sustainable travel! Happiest when on a hiking trail, cycling a scenic route, or sailing a boat, I want to help you to have the best sustainable travel experience.

Mindfulness and personal growth while learning about new cultures are only some positive effects of this form of travel.

After boat hitchhiking across the Atlantic Ocean, doing voluntary work in Cape Verde, and finishing a temporary project in Dubai, I’m currently enjoying my native country, Luxembourg.

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TRAVEL GUIDE: Explore Cabo Verde Like a Local

After living on the Cape Verdean islands for more than 1 year, it’s time to share the Cabo Verde you can’t find in average guides.


  • 250 pages with first-hand travel information
  • Small businesses recommended on every island
  • How to be a sustainable traveler in Cabo Verde
  • “Best of” every island
  • Kriol Phrase Book
  • Cultural and social insights
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Latest posts about Sustainable Travel

Do you want to become a more conscious and eco-friendly traveler? Small changes can already make a difference!

All of my (mostly outdoor) adventures are packed with travel stories and travel guides in English and Spanish. Read my latest guides and reviews about outdoor and sustainable travel.

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Go Boat HitchHiking!

Do you enjoy slow travel? With a hint of adventure? You’ll love Boat HitchHiking around the globe!

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Work with Me

I am passionate about visual storytelling and providing helpful content to my readers.

As a photography lover and creative travel writer, I reach thousands of avid travelers every month. Let’s find a way to work together.

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