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One lazy couch evening in Madrid, a crazy idea came into my mind: let’s cross the Atlantic Ocean by boat hitchhiking! That was about one year before I actually headed out.

At that point, I had zero experience in sailing. Nada! I did not even know if I was seasick or not.

I just knew that I wanted to leave Madrid and settle down in Luxembourg. But before, I wanted to do something a bit crazy. That is how I ended up boat hitchhiking my way from the Canary Islands to Cape Verde and finally, to Barbados.

Retrospectively, everything seemed very clear. But while I was planning this thing, I was full of doubts. Boat hitchhiking, does that really work? Or is it just another social media hype just like that “Quit your job and travel the world!” thing?

How do you get started? Do you just approach boat people and talk to them until they say “Oh yes, join me on my cruise!“? 

Why should they take you with them? Do you have to pay? If yes, how much? Do you need to “work” for them? I heard that scrubbing the deck is an awful thing to do!

By chance, I got to read the adventures of several travel bloggers, like Tomislav Perko, who had successfully managed to hitchhike a boat in different parts of the world.

Some of them had even crossed the Atlantic ocean or had turned boat hitchhiking into their lifestyle like Suzanne with her blog

image - Ultimate BOAT HITCH-HIKING Guide

From the first moment that I read their posts, I knew that I wanted to do the same! Did you ever have this feeling? You do not know how you will achieve something but you are 100 % sure that you will get it, no matter what?!

So, I decided to go for it! Although it meant leaving people that had become my friends, and abandoning a comfortable lifestyle in Europe’s liveliest capital, Madrid.

But dreams do not fulfill themselves only because you are dreaming about them! If you want them to become real, you need to take decisions actively and be ready to make sacrifices.

Nothing is only fluffy and sweet! Mostly, a lot of work is required to make your dreams come true.

In this section, I want to assist you in your boat hitchhiking plans, and pass on all the valuable information that I gained during this adventure of a lifetime.

Boat HitchHiking: The Video

All you need to know about Boat HitchHiking…

Sailing is the most sustainable way to travel the world. An article by a people who left it all behind to sail the world and show the beauty of our planet. #sailing #sailtheworld #travel #sustainabletravel #boating #yachting #ecotravel #worldtravel #slowtravel
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