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Ultimate Cape Verde Travel Guide Book

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The Ultimate Cape Verde Travel Guide Book

All hidden gems revealed!

35.00€  24.99€

  • The guide that reveals secret places in Cape Verde. 
  • Learn how to explore Cabo Verde from a local’s perspective.
  • Small businesses recommended for every island
  • Handy e-book in .pdf format

Last updated: November 2020

Details: Over 200 pages of local Cape Verde travel advice

15% of every sale will be donated to “Cap-Vert Espoir et Développement” NGO

Insider Travel Tips

Insider tips to save time and money. Avoid crowds and trouble spots. Learn how to get around in Cape Verde like a local.

In-Depth Island Guides

Are you visiting more than one Cape Verde island? You should! No problem with the in-depth guides of every Cape Verde island..

Cultural Insights​

Cultural insights give you a richer, more rewarding travel experience. First-hand information after 1 year in Cabo Verde.

Explore the real Cabo Verde

24.99€ only

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About the Author

Paulina visited Cabo Verde for the first time in 2016 and hasn’t stopped returning to the islands since then.

Her articles published on were the first travel resource in English about Cape Verde.

Now it is her turn to share the beauty of Cape Verde with you in this travel guide book.

What You’ll Read:

 Useful Travel Information about Cape Verde
All you need to know about Cape Verde visa, how to get around between islands, which SIM cards to buy, health and safety tips for Cape Verde. 

Including how to save money when traveling from island to island. 
 Highlights of every island
A general overview of the best things to do on every island. 

Perfect if you are limited in time or you’re still wondering what’s the best island to visit in Cape Verde.
 In-Depth Guide: The Best Cape Verde Islands for Beaches
All you need to know about Sal, Boa Vista and Maio! Learn how to find the best spots to escape the crowds. 

All lessons learned and discoveries from my stay in Cape Verde: the best places to eat, photography spots and how to find the most secluded beaches.
 In-Depth Chapter: The Hiking Islands of Cape Verde
All you need to know about Santo Antao, Fogo Sao Nicolau and Brava. 
Learn about the best hiking trails, how to climb Mount Fogo and about the best viewpoints in Brava.

Every trail comes with detailed how-to instructions. Of course, I’ll share with you the best places to stay and where to taste the best Cape Verdean food.
 In-Depth Section: The Culture Islands of Cape Verde
Prepare your trip to the beautiful islands of Santiago and São Vicente. 

With a selection of the best places to listen to Cape Verdean music, eat traditional food and learn about Cabo Verde’s rich history.

Learn about the best beaches in Sao Vicente and how to find the best hiking trails in Santiago. Includes in-depth guides for Mindelo and Praia.
 Best Beaches in Cape Verde
There’s at least one scenic beach on every Cape Verde island. But how to get there?

Even mountainous places such as Fogo or Santo Antao boast gorgeous beaches. However, it may be hard to find them. I’ll share a list of the best beaches in Cape Verde and how to get there.

Warning: some of the beaches will be completely desert!
 Sustainable Travel Tips: Small, Independent Businesses in Cape Verde
Do you want to make a real difference when traveling but you don’t know how? 

Independent businesses can be hard to find in Cape Verde as they lack the financial resources to promote their businesses. However, it’s here where you’ll make the most genuine encounters. 
And where your purchase can make a difference.

After months of research, I share with you some of the most valuable, local businesses in Cabo Verde. On every island!
 Useful Phrases in Cape Verde Creole
A selection of the most useful expressions and typical phrases in Cape Verde creole. It has never been easier to mingle with locals!

Explore Cape Verde like a local

24.99€ only

Sneak peek cape verde travel guide

Continuously Updated Travel Advice

Get first hand information that I researched during 1 year in Cape Verde. Including secret places and local’s tips. 

This 200-pages guide is continously updated.

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100% Honest Reviews

With a penchant for authentic experiences and small, independant businesses, I give you my honest opinion about tourism in Cape Verde and how you can support the local community.

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And Much More:

  • Colorful images
  • Insider tips to get around like a local
  • Hidden gems that only locals know
  • Cultural insights to Cape Verdean culture

What others say about the “Cape Verde Travel Guide”:

“Planning to visit several islands of the archipelago for almost one month, I was looking for a detailed guide. It was clearly worth the purchase!

Not only is it very enjoyable to read, but more importantly, the author shares a lot of insider tips and hidden gems.

I would never have found that bakery in Sao Vicente without her!”​

testimonial guide cape verde

Christophe L.


“Without this guide, I would have easily missed some beautiful beaches in Maio and several hikes with breathtaking views on Fogo island.

Also loved the chapter on sustainable shops!

Highly recommend!”​

testimonial guide cape verde

Philippe S.


“Thank you so much for the guide!

It was super helpful in preparing the trip!

Especially for the hikes in Santo Antao. We discovered so many small villages thanks to this guide!”​

Sara N.

First time visitor

Explore the real Cape Verde

Get Your Travel Guide Today

24.99€ only

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you an expert on Cape Verde?

I stayed in Cape Verde all together for 1 year and visited every island.

As I stayed for longer periods, I had enough time to research the information shared in this guide.

I also visited the islands with a press trip which took me to small, local businesses on every island. Thus, I know where to get the best home-made cheese on every island.

Does it help me to save money?

Oh yes! When I travelled to Cape Verde for the first time, I spent too much money in the wrong places.

This guide will take you to hidden restaurants and small, cozy hotels where you’ll get the best value for your money.

How frequently do you update this?

I update this guide 1-2 times per year.

However I am in constant contact with my readers and as soon as I receive updates, I’ll immediately update this guide.

What makes this Cabo Verde guide special?

This is one of the only travel guides about Cape Verde in English. All of the information included in this guide is from my firsthand experience.

On top, I created a dedicated section for small businesses on every Cape Verde island that are often very hard to find.

How will this save me time?

No need to crawl the internet for hours about when and where to find ferry departures between islands.

Skip the tourist-trap restaurant and enjoy authentic, local dining experiences.

All the tips in this guide will help you so make the most of your holiday in Cabo Verde.

How do I get my e-book after payment?

After payment, you get a mail containing a link to download your “The Ultimate Cape Verde Travel Guide Book”. Click the link and download the document in .pdf format. Ready!

Please make sure to check spam folder too! Sometimes they’re greedy 🙂

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Get the Cape Verde Travel Guide E-Book

  • Safety tips + useful travel information
  • Save money and time
  • Valuable insider tips

24.99€ only