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Paulina’s Travel Scrapbook

Hola! Welcome to my little travel scrapbook. Here, you can find all the posts related to my latest travels. I hope you enjoy the read!

best sustainable vegan clothing brands, person pulling a shirt of the rack

15 Best Vegan Clothing Brands

15 Best Vegan Clothing Brands A guide to the best vegan clothing companies, inclduing luxury brands and affordable vegan clothing brands Vegan clothes! Is there …
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Best Sustainable Shoe Brands, shoes with laces that form a heart

15 Best Sustainable Shoe Brands

15 Best Sustainable Shoe Brands Guide to the best sustainable footwear and the best ethically made shoes no matter your budget What if I told you that …
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hobbit new zealand

8 Fun Things to Do in New Zealand

Guest post by Carol T. New Zealand is famous for its extensive natural wonders, friendly people, and extremely successful rugby team. From mountains and glaciers …
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