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26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

A guide to fun gifts for outdoorsy women and girls that love the great outdoors

Finally, I get down to write a gift guide where I want to be the one that receives them all!

For a girl like me that loves the great outdoors, there is no need for another scented candle (even I truly enjoy them, but don’t need them when outdoors).

That’s why I decided to put together the ultimate guide of cool outdoor gifts for women. Which one is on the top of your wishlist?

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After some in-depth, I have come up with a list of some clever and useful gift products that will make any woman who loves camping, adventure, hiking, or other outdoor activities happy.

Some of these outdoorsy gifts I use them myself, other ones I just want to have them. *hint hint*

If you are an outdoorsy person and looking for some gift tips for “her”, read along and thank me later.

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Outdoorsy Gifts for Her under 50$

1. Outdoor Hooded Jacket

Outdoor Research Tantrum II Hooded Jacket Women - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

If you are looking for a useful gift for an outdoorsy woman, the Outdoor Research Tantrum II Hooded Jacket is a must!

It comes particularly handy during stormy and rainy hikes. The zippered chest pocket doubles as a stuff sack so you can stow, carry, and whip out this 4.7 oz. wind shell whenever it’s needed most.

Thumbholes and an elastic drawcord hem have been added in order to cinch down its length for extra protection. A 20-denier ripstop nylon adds durability!

The Outdoor Research Tantrum II Hooded Jacket is just the ideal guard in not ideal weather conditions.

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2. Under Armour Ankle Crop Tights

legging hiking under armour rei - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

It can be hard figuring out perfect women gifts for outdoor lovers under $50. If the woman loves outdoor activities that make her sweat, then look no further than the Under Armour HeatGear Armour Print Ankle Crop Tights.

This is a perfect workout fabric for ‘her’ and does not disappoint. This crop tight has excellent support and is extremely lightweight. It dries quickly and wicks sweat enhancing comfort.

It stretches in every direction and is equipped with an anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of odor microbes. What more can she ask for!

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3. Patagonia Sports Bra

Patagonia Cross Beta Sports Bra Women - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The Patagonia Cross Beta Sports Bra comes with a fancy crossover design on the back and the front that promotes support without being tight like the normal bra.

The cups are high density and maintain their shape after washing and long-term use. It is definitely a gift for outdoor lovers under $25 that will make your woman smile.

The fabric wicks moisture fast and feels comfortable around the skin. The soft internal mesh lining provides comfort and added support.

Its elasticity allows breathability in high sweat areas. The straps rest flat on the skin reducing twisting or digging in, just perfect for the her body.

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4. UAG Phone Case

UAG phone case - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

My phone case from Urban Armor has been with me for more than 2 years now.

My mobile phones usually don’t last more than 1 year, then, usually the screen is already broken due to my active outdoor and travel lifestyle.

I love UAG, my phone case even crossed the Atlantic Ocean with me, since its the most protecting case out there.

Their products even meet military drop-test standards and provide increased shock protection.

An ideal gift for outdoorsy women that love adventures!

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5. Compression Dry Sack

sea to summit dry pack rei - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Designed as a lightweight and compact backpack, the Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack is one of the toughest polyurethane coats with seams that make it totally waterproof.

Air doesn’t fill into this bag and it compresses nicely into a tight bag without causing any harm to the content inside it. If it’s heavy, use its pull handle to glide along.

I use this on those rainy backpacking days when I need my dry sack tightly strapped and compressed for long periods of time. Count this among your hiking gifts for outdoor lovers. 

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6. Icebreaker Light Crew Socks

Icebreaker Lifestyle Light Crew Socks Women - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The Icebreaker Lifestyle Light Crew Socks from REI come with 360 degrees printed design and in multiple colors. It is an awesome friendship gift for women and has been made from merino wool, polyester, elastane, and nylon.

The indestructa wool technology uses a construction procedure that carefully places the reinforcement fibers and merino wool in the places they are needed the most.

The socks are highly flexible and move with your feet. The Icebreaker Light Crew Socks have an added breathability thanks to the mesh zones.

These socks are a perfect gift for her in the winter season and will definitely keep her feet warm. They are also one of my top tips when looking for outdoorsy gifts under $20.

Don’t forget to shop for these sustainable shoe brands to cover up and protect your socks!

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7. LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle

lifestraw filter bottle - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration is not only perfect for carrying water when going for a long-distance hike.

This bottle comes with an included filter which allows you to drink care-free from waterfalls, rivers and more. Without worrying to get any type of illness.

It comes with a plastic tab that holds up well when hooked on the belt if you need free hands. It is definitely a good gift for outdoor lovers under $50.

One filter allows you to drink 4000 liters of pure, unadulterated water without changing its filter.

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8. Ironman 10-Lap Digital Watch

time triathlon watch rei - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The Timex Ironman 10-Lap Digital Watch is almost as light that you’ll forget that you are wearing it. On top, its bright color adds a colorful touch to anything you might want to wear on your day out.

Some of the best features of this handy digital watch are a countdown timer and alarm, and it’s water-resistant to 100m. Just in case you are already training for that Triathlon.

The best part is that it helps to pursue your fitness goals with a 10-lap-memory chronograph.

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9. The North Face Jester Daypack

travel daypack womens north face - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Who doesn’t love The North Face? As soon as you drop this name, outdoor lovers are all over the place. And who doesn’t love a resistant day pack?

Mix both and you have the perfect outdoor gift for women. The North Face Jester Daypack comes with a women-specific back panel and shoulder straps with a hideaway strap and soft, breathable mesh.

The main compartment comes with a fleece-covered tablet/laptop sleeve. It also features a hidden zippered side pocket and a water bottle pocket! It’s the perfect all-around companion.

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10. Pocket Guide to Outdoor Survival

pocket guide to outdoor survival - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

This little booklet may become one of your most important travel companions ever. No matter whether you get lost or start wondering how to make fire, the Pocket Guide to Outdoor Survival will help you out.

The guide covers subjects such as clothes, navigation, emergency signals, shelter, fire, food, water, or lightning. And just in case, you’ll also find chapters about avalanches, hypothermia, and driving emergencies.

Perfect in all emergency and its tiny price tag makes it the perfect idea when looking for gifts for outdoor lovers under $50.

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Outdoorsy Gifts for Her under 100$

11. Chloe Reversible Bikini Top

outerknown reversible top - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The Seea Chloe Reversible Bikini Top comes with colorful designs for an ocean-loving female-powered community. The bikini is streamlined to provide efficient performance in the water.

It has a feminine curve at the front and a band around the backside for comfort making it a perfect gift for outdoorsy people.

This bikini top can be found in Outerknown eCommerce stores that sell sustainable swimwear brands. The straps are thick and supportive and are perfect for warm-weather outdoor activities. It lays flat under your wetsuit.

It has been made from recycled synthetic fibers that save on resources, reduce pollution and water use, and maintain the shape of the bikini even after long-term use.

Shop Outerknown here

12. The Alchemist – Towel for Two

tesalate beach towel - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The moment you lay The Alchemist – Towel for Two on the beach, you are likely to toss all your towels to the goodwill bin.

The quality, look and functionality of this towel is next to none. This towel is 100% sand-free and you are guaranteed of leaving the sand on the beach.

This towel from Tesalate dries two times faster than the regular beach towel and easily fits in your bag. It comes in multiple designs and colors and is a great gift for outdoorsy people that your woman will hold dear.

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13. Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

self inflating matt - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Camping is an exciting outdoor activity over the weekend. I have had some bad experiences with some sleeping bags that just can’t retain your heat. Some of my friends had the worst experience.

So after doing my research I came across the REI Co-op Trailbreak Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad and I can assure you that this sleeping pad is an awesome gift for women and worth every dime.

The REI Co-op Trailbreak Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad has been designed to fit the woman’s body shape. It keeps the torso supported and warm while the pad is compressible and light.

The torso is a heat loss area for women and this sleeping pad has increased insulation on the torso area.

It comes with separate valves with different colors for inflation and deflation making setting up camp easy.

The top is stretchable and is slip-resistant while the bottom is made from polyester for water resistance.

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14. Hemp Canvas Overall

patagonia hemp overal - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The All Seasons Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls by Patagonia is lightweight and easily put on for women who love to enjoy the great outdoors.

On top, Patagonia is one of the top hemp clothing brands.

It is made from lightweight industrial hemp, organic cotton canvas, and polyester. It is a perfect outdoor gift for moms who love spending time in the garden or helping out in doing men’s work.

The adjustable suspenders give it a customizable fit to any body size and shape.

The chest pocket has a pencil sleeve for storing tools and the back pockets can be used for storing your wallet or work tools.

The knee pads add durability at high pressure and contact points.

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15. Soft Picnic Basket

soft picnic basket for 4 - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Who doesn’t love going out on a picnic on a warm calm summer day? Picnics are fun for the family and bonding with friends. Women land the Soft Picnic Basket for Four is perfect who love to spend time outdoors with friends will appreciate storing the picnic essentials.

The Soft Picnic Basket for Four from Nordstrom fits a picnic feast for four people. It comes with four sets of acrylic plates, glasses, flatware, and napkins.

Spend the next summer in style out in the park with your new picnic basket.

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16. The Exercise Skort

exercice skort outdoor voices - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Working out is perfect for boosting immunity and keeping your body in perfect shape.

Therefore, when looking for a great gift idea for your friend who enjoys a morning jog or hitting the tennis court regularly, I recommend The Exercise Skort.

The Exercise Skort comes with a built-in phone pocket and short liner. It is confidence-boosting and highly versatile. The breathable light speed fabric wicks sweat and dry fast when washed. It’s thus also perfect for hiking!

The elastic material used in this outdoor clothing for women increases comfort and flexibility during rigorous workout activity.

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17. Adventure Medical Kits First-Aid Kit

first aid kit smart travel - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Every outdoor lover needs to take a medical kit along in case of an accident. Anything can happen on a trail and medical attention can be far away.

So, a perfect gift for any outdoorsy woman that enjoys spending time in the rivers, mountains, or the ocean, is the Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First-Aid Kit.

The Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First-Aid Kit contains a variety of emergency collection needed when spending time outdoors. The medical supplies are stored in a waterproof dry bag and are great for a personal first aid kit.

This kit contains survival and repair items like safety pins, matches, duct tape, and even an emergency blanket.

The components are contained in resealable and clear modules. Each module contains a head card to identify its contents. The Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First-Aid Kit is essential for any outdoor person and a perfect thoughtful gift for women that you care about.

These are ideal gifts for national park lovers and any adventurers in your life.

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18. Kitty Lux Visor Sunshields

kitty lux visor nordstrom - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Most women love taking care of their skin. On a hot summer day, it is not surprising to see women wearing hats and sunglasses when going out to the grocery store or taking a stroll in the urban jungle.

The Kitty Lux Visor Bluestone Sunshields is just perfect to wear on a hot day.

The Kitty Lux Visor has been manufactured by the help of dermatologists to offer protection from Ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The headband is made from neoprene and has fancy cat ears to give it a unique design. The Kitty Lux Visor Bluestone Sunshields is perfect for wearing on a hot summer day when going hiking or taking a walk in the urban jungle.

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Outdoorsy Gifts for Her over 100$

19. Gregory Deva 60 Pack

gregory backpack 60l - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The Gregory Diva 60 Pack for outdoorsy women is an excellent vegan backpack for an outdoor woman who loves going out for a hike and exploring what nature has to offer.

It comes in multiple colors and is just the best travel gift for women who love traveling.

The Gregory Diva 60 pack is suitable for short or even as sustainable luggage for long getaways to the wilderness on the weekends.

It has an auto-angle adjust suspension system that delivers a stable and dynamic ride that flexes with your body movement on different terrain.

The shoulder and hip belt harness have a Pre Curve technology and EVA foam that eliminate pressure and hotspots in sensitive areas.

The air mesh wicks moisture quickly and makes the bag suitable to carry on your back in a moist environment.

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20. Foot Tractor Wading Boots

wading boots patagonia e1601572391252 - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Are you looking for a perfect gift for an outdoorsy woman who loves wading? Check out the Foot Tractor Wading Boots.

Wading is an interesting outdoor activity and it’s not only for those who enjoy fishing.

Sometimes you are forced to get your feet wet by leaving the river banks into the water just to cast the fishing line a little bit further into the lake or river.

This is when you realize that you need some high-quality wading bootsPatagonia Wading BootsPatagonia Wading Boots and this is where these Foot Tractor Wading Boots comes in.

The Foot Tractor Wading Boots by Paganoia for women have been made from waterproof and durable full-grain leather. It has perforated drains on the upper boot on either side that clear water fast.

The Foot Tractor Wading Boots – Aluminum Bar is wide for creating stability in the water when wading. If she is mindful of animal welfare you can also check out the vast collection of vegan hiking boots from Patagonia.

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21. Esplar Sneaker

esplar veja sneaker - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

There is nothing more exciting than some flexible sinkers to walk around in when taking your dog out for a walk.

The Esplar Sneaker are a perfect gift for an environmentally cautious person since they are vegan (contains no animal products).

The Esplar Sneaker is a unisex shoe and is designed to make a positive impact on organic cotton farming families.

It has been named after a Brazilian NGO. The inner lining is made from organic cotton and the soles are constructed from Amazonian rubber. The Esplar Sneaker comes with a removable insole and a lace-up style.

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22. Outdoor Voices Wind Jacket

outdoor voices wind jacket - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Outdoor Voices is one of my favorite vegan clothing brands, and this jacket is a great example of why.

A great outdoorsy gift for her idea is a wind jacket that protects your body from fast-moving wind. Cycling around wearing a loose hood can be uncomfortable.

The Rapha + Outdoor Voices Wind Jacket is a great gift for a cycling or jogging enthusiast who knows their brand right.

With the Rapha + Outdoor Voices Wind Jacket, you will make her day and put a smile on her face.

The Rapha + Outdoor Voices Wind Jacket is a durable, lightweight, and packable windbreaker with back storage, large zipper, and backside ventilation for airflow.

No matter whether cycling or hiking, it offers protection from the rain when cycling or on a morning run.

It has lots of pockets for storage and is compact making it easy to fold and throw in the pocket and carry along with you.

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23. Geo Court Eco

vivobarfoot sneaker - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Shoes are always a perfect gift. Vivobarefoot is an excellent eCommerce store to purchase a good footwear gift for an outdoorsy woman.

All shoes are made from recycled materials and, as the name indicates, give you the sensation of walking barefoot.

I can guarantee you that the Geo Court Eco will put a smile on her face thanks to the fancy design, comfort, and not compromising on quality.

The Geo Court Eco has been made from recyclable canvas making it a breathable and ideal vegan shoe. The soles are made from rubber and are hexagonally shaped to tread lightly on the environment.

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24. Viper Whitewater Inflatable Kayak

NRS STAR Viper Whitewater Inflatable Kayak Colorado Kayak - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

The NRS STAR Viper Whitewater Inflatable Kayak for whitewater is high quality and a durable kayak that will put a smile on her face if you are looking for a great gift to give to a paddler.

Yes, it is above the $100 gifts idea mark but trust me it will make a lasting impact in her life.

The NRS STAR Viper Whitewater Inflatable Kayak comes with float bags that prevent you from being toppled over by violent waves. The thigh straps keep you in if you bump into rocks or logs. This inflatable kayak is suitable for small kayakers.

This inflatable whitewater kayak is specially designed to fly over waves, turns, surfs, punch holes, and ferries like no other.

The PVC floor that inflates to 8-10 psi gives the kayaker a comfortable and stable position above the water. It comes with a 2-year commercial and a 3-year warranty.

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25. Sunday Suit

outerknown sundae suit - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

I am a fashion enthusiast and have a keen eye for detail when it comes to outdoor clothing for women. The Sunday Suit is one of the best apparel gifts that you can get for a loved one who loves 100% organic cotton items.

It is perfect for a hot summer day and the soft colors and designs that this apparel comes in will surely make heads turn.

The Sunday Suit has been designed for high summer. It easily dresses up or down and comes in multiple colors.

On top, the fabric is sourced from a small-scale artisan group in India, empowering their community.

Outerknown has a strong focus on sustainability and it’s thus a great outdoor gift for women who care about the environment. On top, it’s organic clothing “made in USA”, and if this isn’t quite for you, you’ll find a range of organic cotton dresses and jumpsuits.

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26. Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover

quilt patagonia pullover - 26 Tempting Outdoor Gifts for Women

Patagonia has a lot to offer especially if you want to surprise an outgoing outdoor woman.

The apparel from Patagonia is high quality and the material used to make them is credibly sourced ensuring that you are wearing the best quality piece of clothing and a case in point is the Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover from Patagonia.

The Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover has a standup collar for warmth. The left side pocket has a snap closure and a nylon flap.

The sleeves are Y-joint to increase mobility through the arms and shoulders making it a comfy pullover outdoor gift for mom on her way to her favorite outdoor activity.

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I really hope that you liked my selection of outdoor gifts for women! Let me know which one you got!

In case you are still looking for outdoorsy gifts for your beloved ones, have a look at this guide of the best survival books based on true stories or at this vegan hiking boot guide.