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20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands

Did you know that up until the 19th Century, the majority of clothing was made from hemp fibers?

Compared to other natural fibers i.e. cotton, hemp doesn’t easily lose its shape, isn’t prone to shrinkage, and has great absorbency for color retention.

This makes it a great fabric for clothing that keeps well over time. Let’s dive into the world of amazing hemp clothing brands. 

With recent legislative changes now rendering industrial hemp exempt from the controlled substances act in the US, hemp is now seen to be making a comeback within the textile industry due to the strength and versatility it provides to fabrics.

paulina blogger wearing sustainable fashion brand outerknown

Another fun fact: it provides 3 x the amount of tensile strength that cotton provides!

In this article, we go over some of the key hemp clothing brands that have begun integrating the eco-friendly crop into their garments, contributing to sustainable production and changing the textile industry for many generations to come.

What are your favorite hemp clothing brands? Let me know in the comments below!

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Best Hemp Fashion Brands – Overview:

1. Patagonia Hemp Clothing

patagpnia hemp clothing - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Outdoor collections for rock climbing, winter sports, biking, and surfing
  • Donate 1% of their sales back into environmental projects
  • Fairtrade certified sewn for 83% of their products and 100% organic cotton
  • Price range: $

Shop here

Patagonia is a region in South America full of beautiful scenery and landscapes, these of which include the Andes, fjords, deserts, glaciers, and many more.

Perfect for hikes and outdoor activity, a fitting name for the outdoor clothing wear that the brand sells.

They also make great vegan winter coats to keep warm during the colder months, even if you’re still having fun outdoors.

If you’re after some sustainable outdoor wear to keep you warm, Patagonia’s best selling hemp coaches jacket is available in several colors. – Check it here


2. Outerknown

neptune tank dress hemp clohing outerknown - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • First clothing brand to achieve the Fair Labour Association (FLA) accreditation
  • Sell surf clothing as well as everyday wearable items with a casual & comfy approach
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

Outerknown is a joint venture founded by designer John Moore and professional surfer Kelly Slater, with the vision to produce more sustainable clothing and have clothing brands be more transparent about their production process. 

Outerknown is also one of the top organic clothing brands “Made in USA”.

Their bestseller “Neptune Tank Dress” in their hemp line, available in different colors: made from a blend of hemp and Tencel, perfect on its own or as a layering piece. – Check it here


3. WAMA Underwear

wama underwear - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Styles ranging from bikini, hipster, thongs, to boxers, briefs, and trunks
  • Offer 20% discount on first orders made from their website.
  • Price range: $

Shop here

As you may have guessed from the name, WAMA Underwear sells a range of style undergarments for both men and women.

This sustainable underwear is made using a blend of hemp, cotton, and spandex to ensure the elasticity of their garments so that they don’t lose their stretch over time. 

They sell their underwear in multipacks, including sets of 3, 6, and 10.

To shop their best selling hemp hipster panties, visit their website with the link here.


4. Wellthread Collection by Levi’s

levis hemp collection brand - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Use salt-free dyes to decrease their overall energy consumption
  • Use 96% less water in their garment production process
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

Levi’s is a worldwide recognized denim brand, now launching their Wellthread Collection that focuses on their guiding principles “materials, people, environment and process”. 

Their hemp clothing range is made affordable and starts from $47, selling every day as well as their famous jeans and denim wear.

If you’re looking for a good quality hemp denim jacket, pop on over to Levi’s website by visiting the link here.


5. Faherty

faherty hemp collection - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Aims to have 85% of their clothing derived from sustainable, natural sources by 2021
  • Donate 1% of their swimwear sales to environmental projects
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

Faherty is a small family-run sustainable clothing brand based in the US, selling a small hemp clothing range of affordable wardrobe staples including hemp tees, dresses, shoes.

As well as the inclusion of hemp in their garments, they also strive to use ethically sourced or recycled materials where possible. It’s one of the top hemp clothing brands from the USA.

Their hemp range starts from $45, with free shipping to the UK on orders above $160.

To support a small sustainable business like Faherty, head on over to their website to shop their soft white cotton tees. – Check them out here


6. 8000 Kicks

8000 kicks hemp shoes - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • In 2 different colors: beige and green, and black and white
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

8000 Kicks is one of my favorite sustainable shoe brands!

They sell the ultimate hemp shoes which are water repellent and have been featured in Designboom, GQ, and HYPEBEAST, showcasing their soaring popularity.

The shoes from 8000Kicks are versatile and durable and make great sustainable running shoes.

Their shoe design is focused on using natural, sustainable fibers, with the body and soul of the shoes made from hemp fibers and the foam outsoles made from repurposed algae. 

They have a 30-day refund policy and offer a free mask with every shoe purchased.

To get a pair for yourself, have a look at their amazing hemp shoe designs here.

In addition to shoes, you will also find great hemp accessories like sustainable wallets and sustainable socks.

Shop 8000 KICKS

7. Valani

valani hemp collection - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Simple colors and designs
  • Flowy skirts, pants, dresses, scrunchies, bandanas etc.
  • Biodegradable at the end of its lifetime
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

Valani is a mother and daughter business, selling womenswear and simple accessories in a romantic, breezy style perfect for the summertime. 

They use interesting materials as plant-based fibers derived from hemp, banana, and eucalyptus.

To support a female-owned business and purchase summertime staples like their cami or dreamy dresses that have a soft romantic feel, click here.


8. Amour Vert

hemp amour vert brand - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Partnered with American forest preservation
  • Plant a tree for every t-shirt sold as part of its sustainability campaign
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

The term “amour vert” means green love, with the heart of the brand focusing on eco-friendly fashion, bold patterns, and bright colors.

Based in San Francisco, the majority of Amour Vert’s garments are locally manufactured in California to reduce carbon emissions.

To shop for their statement hemp corduroy blazer, have a look at the hemp collection here.

The brand focuses mainly on womenswear, selling a small hemp clothing collection made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton. 

Amour Vert got also famous when they partnered with actress Blake Lively in 2015 under her own brand “Preserve”


9. Tact and Stone

tact and stone sustinable hemp clothing brand - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Retail in stores across California, New York, and Texas
  • Use of neutral tones, including greys, blacks, whites & navy
  • Offers free shipping to the US with no minimum order
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

Tact and Stone are based in the US and are one of the few sustainable hemp menswear brands selling a range of simple, minimalistic style clothing from t-shirts, outerwear, and sportswear. 

To shop for a sustainable men’s temp tee, visit Tact and Stone’s website using the link here.

Many of their gorgeous pieces are made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton starting from $65.

They’re also one of the best vegan clothing brands.


10. Thought

shop thought clothing - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Over 10% of their clothing range dedicated to hemp clothing
  • Sell everyday wear, occasion wear and office wear
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

THOUGHT is a UK-based company headquartered in London, focusing exclusively on implementing natural fibers like hemp, cotton, Tencel, and bamboo into their garments. 

They’re currently also offering an extended 90-day return period, so now is the chance to treat yourself! 

Hemp pieces start from $40, with sales of up to over 50% off in the festive season or sales season. This makes it also a great affordable sustainable fashion brand.


11. Toad & Co

toad and co sustainable hemp clothing brand - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Partnered with the conservative alliance, LPFW and environmental defense center
  • Transparent about their manufacturing partner’s locations
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

Toad & Co is a sustainable, eco-certified clothing brand based in California, utilizing fabrics that are Bluesign and OEKO-TEX accredited. 

The brand sells both men’s and women’s clothing, with their hemp clothing range priced from $90, featuring items in more bright and vibrant colors.

Toad & Co also sell some of the best lightweight sustainable winter coats.

Shop TOAD & CO

12. BEWUSST Hempwear

bewussthempwear collection sustainable fashion - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Sell clothing that’s 100% hemp-derived
  • Simple, minimalistic style and colors, ranging from bright to neutral tones
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

BEWUSST Hempwear is headquartered in Germany, though their Hemp clothing manufacturer themselves are based in Romania.

They aim to use sustainable manufacturing processes where possible, with their garment-dyeing process being GOTS certified.

To shop their best-selling joggers that are 100% hemp-derived, visit BEWUSST’s Etsy store.

They offer worldwide free shipping on pieces that start from $32.


13. Taylor Stitch

taylor stitch hemp brand - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Classic, vintage style shirts in cozy, autumnal colors
  • Offer 20% off first orders with their men’s hemp clothing range starts from $155
  • Price range: $$

Shop here

Taylor Stitch is another one of the very few existing menswear sustainable clothing brands, with the majority of their clothing retailers in stores across California – though one of their stockists is also located in Japan.

To try Taylor Stitch’s classic hemp shirts, head on over to their website here.

Taylor Stitch is also known for being a great recycled clothing brand.


14. Tentree

tentree sustainable fashion brand - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Planted over 51 million trees to date, their aim is to reach their goal of 1 billion by 2030
  • Casual comfortable style and graphic prints
  • Offer 10% off your first order
  • Price range: $

Shop here

Tentree’s name comes from the brand’s promise to plant ten trees for every piece of clothing purchased, partnering with organizations like Eden Project, One Tree Planted, and Trees for the Future. 

Their hemp tees are some of their best sellers and I absolutely adore that they plant trees for every item purchased.

They use a unique blend of hemp, Tencel, organic cotton, and recycled polyester and are a 100% vegan company.

TenTree sells a variety of great products, including vegan backpacks, hoodies, and activewear for both men and women.

They are also one of the best places to get sustainable yoga clothes.


15. Hempy’s

31TfNKA qAL - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Sell accessories and compostable straws that are 100% hemp-derived
  • Universal sizes: XS, S, M, and L
  • Price range: $

Shop here

Hempy’s, like their name suggests, are a US-based business selling sustainable and natural hemp clothing, with the majority of their clothing made using a blend of hemp and organic cotton.

It’s thus a great option when looking for amazing organic cotton brands.

To get their compostable hemp straws that you won’t find in most retail stores, but also on Amazon.


16. Onno

41vM524eqDL - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Member of the organic trade association
  • Offset the carbon footprint from their own production process
  • Free shipping to the US, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii
  • Price range: $

Shop here

Onno is a brand based in Colorado, selling t-shirts using natural, sustainable fibers like cotton and hemp in a simple, colored, crew neck style. 

To get yourself a minimal crewneck hemp t-shirt, have a look at their Amazon shop here.

It’s also a great brand to check out when you’re looking for outdoorsy gifts for women.


17. Eileen Fisher

eileen fisher hemp clothing brand - 20 Best Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Some of her own employees at the company model for her clothing lines
  • Simple, timeless pieces and ones that are made to last
  • 15% off your first order
  • Price range: $$$

Shop here

Eileen Fisher is a designer who started up her own clothing brand which focuses on female empowerment, with collections dedicated to a diverse range of body types (including petite and plus-sized fashion). 

To support a female-owned business and shop her gorgeous white ankle pants have a look at their beautiful womenswear hemp range.


18. Jungmaven

jungmaven cropped top sustainable hemp clothing brand
  • Sells sustainable clothing and accessories, including masks
  • Price range: $$

Jungmaven was founded by Robert Jungmann who had the ultimate goal of raising awareness on the sustainability of hemp as an eco-friendly fiber.

To shop for their best-selling tees like their Ojai tees, use the link here.

Indeed he was one of the pioneers when it comes to highlighting the benefits of hemp clothing which is much less taxing on the environment compared to other natural fibers. 


19. Ekzo

Hemp Clothing Brands
  • Items range from beach towels to beanies and poncho scarves
  • Price range: $

Ekzo are a San Diego based brand that pledges to use only natural fibers in their garments.

They are having their clothing made from hemp, linen, cotton, cashmere, and wool. Ekzo does retailing in stockists across Belgium, Morocco, and Seychelles.

To buy their best-selling hemp shirt in olive, click the link here.


20. Seeker

seeker hemp fashion brands
  • Worn by A-list celebrities including Jameela Jamil, Billie Eilish and Quavo
  • Subtle yet trendy designs with a relaxed fit
  • Use of tie-dye patterns and graphics
  • Price range: $$$

Seeker with their tag line “modern monk” is an upcoming, trendy brand that focuses on street style clothing, incorporating gender and age-inclusive pieces using GOTS certified fabrics.

Made in the US, their hemp clothing range starts from $80, selling jumpsuits, overalls, masks, etc with free shipping in the US on orders over $150.


Why buy from hemp clothing brands?

Hemp garments are commonly a blend of hemp and other textile fibers i.e. silk and cotton to produce garments with added quality and functionality. 

The fiber is processed from the outer layer of the stalk of the crop and used to make a variety of different garment types, including dresses, denim, shirts, shoes, bags, and many more.


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