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Known for its natural beauty, fascinating history, ancient sites, unique islands, towns of whitewashed buildings, and fine weather, Greece ranks among the world’s premier league travel destinations in Europe.

Located in south-eastern Europe, Greece is nestled between the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Aegean seas, bordered by Albania, Macedonia (FYROM), and Bulgaria in the north and Turkey in the east.

luxury villa in paros with pool

The sun-kissed Mediterranean country is made up of fabulous mountains and 6,000 idyllic islands and islets dotting the blue Aegean and Ionian Seas and has impressive sights with 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Fresh seafood, sizzling Mediterranean passion, sparkling nightspots, and mythical legend make Greece a fascinating and enchanting destination.

Wander the cobbled Byzantine footpaths, hike the volcanoes, cycle the lush forests, kitesurf, wreck dive, rock climb, and watch the dolphins and sea turtles. Or simply hop on a boat and sail into the gleaming blue sea.

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Important Facts When Traveling To Greece

Capital: Athens

Official language(s) and general knowledge of English: Greek. English is semi-widely spoken

Official religion: Christian Orthodox 98%, Islamic, Catholic, and Jewish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Climate: Mediterranean

Power voltage and socket type: 230V, plug type C and F

Safety rating: Ranked 39th on the ranking of the world’s safest countries, Greece is very welcoming and safe to travel.

Female solo traveler: Greece is a very safe destination for female solo travelers as locals are friendly and helpful.

Do I need a Visa to Travel to Greece?

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Entry requirements for Greece differ from country to country and are subject to change. It is advised that before your departure, always check with your government and your nearest Greek embassy or consulate to know about the travel requirements.

Citizens of the European Union from countries that are part of the Schengen area, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia may travel to Greece without a visa and stay up to 90 days.

However, a passport valid for three months and issued within the past 10 years is required by all nationals except EU nationals. They just need a national ID to gain entry into Greece.

If you are traveling to Greece from other countries not mentioned above you need a visa. Check with your nearest Greek embassy.

Visa Types and Cost – Schengen visa single-entry costs around €80 and the price for children aged 6 to 12 is €40 each.

Accommodation in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world as every year it welcomes 12 million tourists. Due to this, there are plenty and a wide variety of accommodations to choose from.

The cities and mainland towns have hotels that are categorized as L (luxury) and then from A down to the rarely encountered E class. The ratings correspond to the facilities offered and the price is according to that. – Check hotel deals in Greece

Private rooms and apartments are comfortable as hotels and are cheaper than the hotels offering more congenial and better value. At their most basic, rooms (domatia or Rooms for Rent or Zimmer Frei) might be a room in someone’s house. It offers all the facilities you need. – Check House-Rental Deals in Greece

There are hostels on the mainland and various islands as well and you can even pitch a tent at one of the campsites if you prefer to stay in nature. The price for a dorm bed varies from as little as €12 in a simple, traditional hostel to €25 in the fancier Athenian or island. – Check Hostel deals in Greece

Most campsites in the region are priced at €5-7 a night per person, €5-6 per tent, or €6-8 per camper van.

Whether you prefer a stunning Greek villa, apartment or hotel room, you get all types of accommodation in Greece and that too within your budget.

Best Time to Visit Greece

Mainland Greece and the Greek Islands have a Mediterranean climate characterized by rainy, mild winters and dry, hot summers.

Greece has two tourist seasons:

  • Peak Season (June to August)

Late June through August is the peak season in Greece. This season is not only for the sizzling heat and inflated rates but also for party folks who visit the Greek islands like Paros island in tremendous numbers. Easter week is busy here with celebrations.

The summer high season offers the best ferry and plane schedules making traveling convenient and most towns are bustling with nightlife. Expect sunny days and very hot weather with temperatures reaching 30 to 35°C and sometimes even 40°C.

It might be best to save your visit until September or October when the crowds have left and the temperatures are cooler.

  • Low Season (September to May)

The low season of spring and autumn sees Greece at its finest. Wildflowers cover the landscapes in the spring and so do the golden fall foliage in the autumn.

These seasons are the best time to explore Greece. The weather in mid-September and October is great, tourist crowds have left, and the hotel rates descend back.

The spring season is great to visit Greece, as the weather is perfect for outdoor activities and you can have a more pleasant experience.

Transportation in Greece

Getting There

Flights – Traveling by air is the easiest way to reach Greece. The main international airport is Elefthérios Venizélos in Athens which receives regular flights from all the major cities around the world. Other international airports are Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Chania, Corfu, Kos, Santorini (Thira), Zakynthos, Mykonos, and various others as Greece has 15 international airports. – Check flights to Greece

Train – Traveling by train is another popular way to reach Greece. If you are traveling from European countries like Germany, Belgium, or the Netherlands, then there are several international train options. Train tickets are more affordable and the journey is magical in its way, but it takes more time to reach Greece. – Check Train Tickets

Cruise – Many people love to travel to Greece on a cruise. Several Mediterranean cruises take you to tiny Greek islands offering you a wonderful experience during the journey. – Check Cruise Deals here

By Car – Traveling to Greece by road is also possible if you are coming from Bulgaria, Turkey or Romania. The roads are well-maintained and the scenic view is stunning. On the way, you will pass quaint villages with thatched roofs that seem straight out of picture postcards.

Getting Around

The standard way to travel around Greece is through public transport, especially the bus.

Buses cover most primary routes on the mainland and provide basic connections to the islands. KTEL (Kratikó Tamío Ellinikón Leoforíon) is the main bus service traveling on the major routes and every city has a KTEL bus station.

Another way to travel is by train, but the network is limited. You can even rent a scooter, motorbike, or car to travel around Greece. For inter-island travel taking ferries, catamarans or hydrofoils is an option.

Ferry – The most convenient way to travel between islands is by ferry. – Check ferry prices

Food in Greece

Greeks love food, they like to eat and feed others. This is one place you are guaranteed never to feel hungry. Unlike other countries where there are three square meals, the Greeks eat up to five times a day.

The food in Greece is made using fresh local ingredients such as Mediterranean vegetables, lemon juice, olive oil, various types of fish and meat, and grains. The dishes are flavorsome and packed with a variety of fresh and dried herbs.

The famous dish is Moussaka which is layers of fried aubergine, minced meat, and potatoes topped with creamy béchamel sauce and baked until golden brown.

Another is Fasolatha, classic white bean soup, Koulouri, soft bread rings covered in sesame seeds, Loukoumades, Souvlaki, Dolmades, Gyro, Kleftiko, and many more. Honey Yoghurt is famous and is widely available.

Greeks love their wine too and all taverns will offer you a choice of bottled wines and most have their house variety.

Best Things to Do in Greece

Walk up Mount Olympus – The highest point in Greece and the home to ancient gods, Mount Olympus offers multiple summits. The climb to the picturesque mountain starts from the town of Litochoro and the hike takes over two days to complete.

Visit Acropolis, Athens – This magnificent temple is a great place to learn about Athens’s history while getting an expansive view of the city and the nearby ruins.

Admire Architecture in Santorini – Santorini, also known as the island of Thira is the haven for honeymooners. It is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and is covered by traditional Cycladic homes which gleam white under the sun. – Book Santorini Tours here

Explore the Samaria Gorge – Nestled on the stunning island of Crete, Samaria Gorge is a must-visit for nature lovers. The gorge spans 16 km offering a range of treks, but, if you want to walk along the entire section it can take up to seven hours.

Dream in Paros – Wander through the small streets of Parikia, the capital of Paros island and one of the best places to stay in Paros. Watersports and hiking are only some of the best things to do in Paros.

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