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33 Best Day Trips from Luxembourg – Ultimate Guide

A guide to the best places to visit from Luxembourg City when looking for day trips

My native country Luxembourg may be small in size, but it’s big when it comes to experiencing the culture and natural beauty of Europe.

With its beautiful castles, stunning Neoclassical architecture, vast rolling hills, and lush forests, Luxembourg is an explorer’s paradise!

Whether you’ve just arrived or are looking for day trips from Luxembourg, I have some great ideas that will make your visit one to remember. So grab your camera and map – and let’s hit the road!

Buckle up; you’re about to embark on an unforgettable adventure as you travel Luxembourg and the surrounding countries.

Discover amazing destinations such as quaint villages tucked away in rural valleys or spectacular cities with winding cobbled streets – all within a few hours’ drive of Luxembourg.

king for a quick escape from the city? Luxembourg is brimming with amazing day trips! From river cruises and castles to nature hikes and medieval villages – discover all the hidden gems this beautiful country has to offer. Pack your bags and plan your adventure today!
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Overview: Top 5 Day Trips from Luxembourg

  • Liege
  • Moselle River
  • Koblenz
  • Durbuy
  • Paris

Day Trips in Luxembourg

1. Echternach

best things to do in luxembourg, exterior view of echternach pavillion and garden with mountains in the background
Echternach Pavillion

Echternach is the oldest town in Luxembourg and one of my favorite day trips to Luxembourg (ok, I am biased, as Echternach is my hometown).

But there are a lot of amazing things to do in Echternach, you will definitely fall in love with this beautiful place.

The medieval town itself has one of the prettiest city centers that you can find in the Grand Duchy and the entire town is surrounded by lush nature.

Echternach is famous for its impressive abbey and its narrow, cobbled streets. It was founded in the Middle Ages by Saint Willibrord, the only Saint buried on Luxembourgish ground.

The pastel-colored house fronts give the town a very dreamy atmosphere.

The best way to explore Echternach is by wandering through its narrow streets and enjoying a coffee on its medieval market square, right next to the former Justice Palace Denzel.

Besides the Abbey Museum, the impressive basilica, the Roman Villa, and the quaint town walls, Echternach is a paradise for active travelers and outdoor lovers.

The town is surrounded by the region called “Little Switzerland – Mullerthal” which is famous for its intriguing rock formations and extensive hiking trail network.

There are countless amazing things to do in Mullerthal that make it one of the best Luxembourg trips.

When visiting Echternach, you can’t miss the lake which is a playground for young and old.

It boasts beach volleyball courts, a youth hostel, several regional eateries, playgrounds for the kids, and the Roman Villa Museum.

There’s nothing more fun than renting a pedalo or a SUP board and enjoying the tranquility of this oasis of peace on one of the best beaches near Luxembourg City.

Although it’s possibly the nearest beach to Luxembourg, unfortunately, you can’t swim in the lake (yet!!).

And a brand new food and leisure pavilion just opened, so you should definitely keep an eye on Echternach’s lake!

As you can see Echternach is one of the cities near Luxembourg to visit.

How to get there: bus 210 and 211 connect Echternach to the capital. The ride takes about 1 h and buses depart every 20-30 min. during the week (every hour on Sundays). – Check schedules here

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best day trips from Luxembourg, Aeriel view of Echternach with densely clustered houses surrounded by rolling hills and green fields under a cloudy sky
Aeriel view of Echternach

2. Vianden

weekend getaways from luxembourg city, view of Vianden Castle with forested mountains behind under a cloudy grey sky
Vianden Castle

Vianden is probably the most popular Luxembourg day trip. Its picturesque location along the Our River and the emblematic castle towering on top of the village, make Vianden a postcard-perfect village.

Besides the impressive castle, Vianden is famous for its Victor Hugo Museum located in the house in which the famous French writer stayed in 1871.

Besides enjoying Vianden’s quaint vibe on its numerous terraces (perfect to enjoy the local gastronomy), fun activities to do in Vianden include a ride with the chair lift to the mountain hut.

From there you can enjoy the best views of Vianden, as well as the Adventure Park which guarantees fun for young and old.

During the summer months, I highly recommend visiting Vianden’s swimming pool with beautiful views of the castle.

How to get there: By train to Ettelbruck and by bus line 570 to Vianden. 

I recommend renting a car to visit the north of Luxembourg as public transport is not very frequent.

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3. Clervaux

Take a Luxembourg one day trip, view of street in Clervaux, Luxembourg with stone wall topped with pointed rooftop slates and small lanterns running alongside with tall cone-tipped tower in the distance
Clervaux on a rainy day

Clervaux is yet another great option for day trips from Luxembourg.

It is a picturesque town in the north of Luxembourg, but it differs from the other towns mentioned so far.

If you have a car, a day trip to Clervaux can easily be combined with a visit to Vianden, which is nearby. Both are great places to visit in Luxembourg in one day.

The imposing church of Clervaux dominates the cityscape. With its grey and white outside decor, it definitely is a very eye-catching attraction.

When visiting Clervaux, you can’t miss visiting the castle which has been turned into a museum and hosts now one of the most important exhibitions in Luxembourg.

It’s also known as the biggest photographic exhibition in the world, “Family of Man” created by Edward Steichen, an American photographer with Luxembourgish origins.

How to get there: By train from Luxembourg City. The ride takes 1h.

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4. Ansembourg and Hollenfels Castle

places to visit in luxembourg in one day, entrance to Ansembourg and Hollenfels Castle with tiered courtyard and grassy areas as well as a tall tree with pink flowering next to a small bench and a white marble statue of a sphinx all surrounded by tall buildings with windows of various shapes
Welcome to Ansembourg and Hollenfels Castle

The castles of Ansembourg and Hollenfels are real gems for day trips from Luxembourg City.

Indeed, it’s here where the fairytale atmosphere of Luxembourg is the most palpable.

Both castles are connected by an extensive hiking trail network, thus you can combine hiking with a visit of the castles. It’s one of the most popular hiking trails in Luxembourg.

Hollenfels castle goes back to the 11th century and it lures you with its massive walls and towers.

Nowadays the castle hosts a Youth hostel and allows young people to learn more about nature and history.

The castle of Ansembourg is the exact opposite. It’s much more elegant and filigree and it reminds you of French castles like Versailles.

The castle is private property, however, the gardens can be visited.

They were laid out in 1750 and adorned with numerous statues and decorative fountains. It’s a place to unwind and feel like a prince/princess.

If you plan on walking between the two castles, don’t forget to bring along one of the best water bottles for hiking.

How to get there: I recommend renting a car to visit Ansembourg and Hollenfels Castle.

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5. Moselle River

Best day tours from Luxembourg, Hills covered by vineyards along the Moselle river with lines of trees along the hillsides all under a rich blue sky with vibrant wispy white clouds in Remich, Luxembourg
Vineyards at Moselle river in Remich, Luxembourg

A day trip to the Moselle River is always a good idea. The region is famous for its beautiful vineyards and of course for its excellent wines.

On top, it’s a paradise for foodies, as some of the finest restaurants in Luxembourg can be found along the Moselle River.

Grevenmacher, Remich, and Mondorf are the main hubs where you can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere with its particular micro-climate.

Even the Romans already appreciated the region and started the Luxembourgish wine culture.

Many visitors just drive from cellar to cellar and taste the newest wines.

The vineyards are also perfect for hiking and I recommend visiting the Moselle region particularly in September when the annual wine festivals are held in each village.

Another fun activity to do is renting a bike near Remich and cycle the 3-countries path going through parts of Germany, France, and Luxembourg.

Read: A Local’s Guide on Where to Stay in Luxembourg for wine lovers

How to get there: I recommend renting a car to visit the Moselle villages. In case you just stay in Remich, take bus 175 and for Grevenmacher, take bus 130.

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6. Beaufort Castle

amazing day trips from Luxembourg, Beaufort castle ruins in Luxembourg sitting on the banks of a small river with low hanging branches of trees in the foreground and a reflection of the castle in the water beneath
Beaufort Castle

The small village of Beaufort is located in the heart of the Müllerthal region. It’s famous for having one of the most beautiful castles in Luxembourg.

Built in the 11th century as a small fortress on a rock, Beaufort Castle had the requisite moat and stone walls of Medieval European castles.

Nowadays it is a coveted destination for day-trippers from Luxembourg since you can visit the castle and enjoy some of the home-made liquor made in the castle.

Don’t forget to have a look at the scenic lakes with the swans next to the castle.

How to get there: I recommend renting a car to visit Beaufort and the surrounding villages.

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7. Bourscheid Castle

Enjoy some beautiful places near Luxembourg, view of Bourscheid Castle sitting proudly on a hill surrounded by rolling green hills and deep valleys covered thickly in green trees
Bourscheid Castle in Luxembourg

When taking day trips from Luxembourg, you must visit Luxembourg’s most giant castle.

Bourscheid Castle sits on top of a small hill in the Bourscheid Valley, less than an hour’s drive to the north of Luxembourg City.

This restored open-air ruin has stood in this place for a thousand years.

With its eight-pointed towers, Bourscheid Castle looks like it belongs in a fairytale, and belongs on any itinerary for a Luxembourg one-day trip.

When not looking at the castle itself, take the time to enjoy the expansive views afforded by the castle’s position. From its walls, you can see almost the whole of the valley surrounding the castle.

How to get there: Public buses can take you to either Michelau or Bourscheid, Bei der Kiirch which are both nearby, but then you will have to walk to the castle.

The easiest way would be to rent a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

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Day Trips from Luxembourg to Belgium

8. Brussels

Head out on day trips from Luxembourg City in Belgium, colorful lawn with complex patterns being observed by crowds of people standing in the square outside of the grand place in Brussels
Grand Place, Brussels

Brussels is the classical weekend or day trip from Luxembourg. The Belgian capital has so many options when it comes to culture, food, leisure, or shopping.

And luckily there are lots of options for tours from Luxembourg to Brussels.

Somehow the administrative capital of the EU manages the gap between being hip, somehow bizarre, unshowy but proud, and extremely multicultural at the same time.

You can find comic art painted on house fronts and organic art nouveau facades right next to concrete buildings from the 60s and 70s.

The old city center of Brussels, dating from medieval times and the main Grand Place is probably one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Read my guide on where to eat traditional Belgian food in Brussels and how to spend 24h in Brussels.

When visiting Brussels, you can’t miss enjoying the typical Belgian food such as mussels, the legendary French fries, waffles and of course Belgian chocolate.

One of my favorite places to visit is the Musical Instruments Museum. It’s located in the “Old England” building, one of the emblematic sites of Brussels.

However, the best is having lunch from the museum’s rooftop terrace. – Book your tickets to the Musical Instruments Museum

How to get there: Brussels makes one of the best day trips from Luxembourg by train. – Book your train ticket here

Book a day trip from Brussels to Luxembourg

9. Liege

best weekend getaways from luxembourg, person wearing flamboyant wide-sleeved red top standing on a balcony in Liege train station looking out at the city with the large curved roof visible above
Excited about visiting Liege

Liege is a real hidden gem when it comes to deciding where to go from Luxembourg for a day trip.

Even though Liege seems to have a bit of a downbeat feel at first glance, you’ll very likely end up loving Liege.

It’s also ideal when looking for a one-day trip from Luxembourg.

It all starts when you arrive by train (from Luxembourg) to the impressive train station designed by star architect Santiago Calatrava.

The town itself is full of history and holds several hidden gems such as the town hall and the legendary staircase.

The best part is probably the Citadelle of Liege from which you’ll enjoy panoramic views all over the city.

You might also like to take a cruise on the Meuse River.

You can’t leave Liege without tasting one of its famous Liege waffles and tasting some Peket, Belgian gin.

Read more about where to eat and what to do in Liege as the city is full of amazing and unexpected places!

How to get there: Liege is connected by railway to Luxembourg City. I recommend this as one of the best train trips from Luxembourg. – Get your train tickets here

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10. Bruges

top cities near luxembourg to visit, person in autumnal clothes and hat walking through a park full of grass and daffodils in bruges belgium with some tall trees and residential buildings behind
Exploring Bruge

Often considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, Bruges is one of my favorite getaways from Luxembourg, especially during the winter and spring months.

Even though Bruges is also well worth a visit during summer, it might be very (even too!) crowded from May till September.

It’s one also of the most romantic places near Luxembourg to visit.

I strongly recommend to stay longer in Bruges than only one day, as the town has a very romantic, mysterious atmosphere at nightfall.

If you enjoy taking photographs, you’ll be spoiled for photogenic scenes in the city. There are especially tons of amazing Instagram photography places in Bruges!

My favorite places in Bruges include the Beguinage (an oasis of peace!) with the Minnewaterpark close by or the Grote Markt square with its countless terraces.

You can’t miss a beer tasting with Belgian snacks when visiting Bruges. – Book here your beer tour in Bruges

How to get there: Bruges is connected by railway to Luxembourg City via Brussels. – Get your train tickets here

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11. Bouillon in the Ardennes

Take some day trips to belgium from Luxembourg this summer, person in floral skirt walking along a bridge overlooking Bouillon with rows of tightly packed houses sitting beneath the fortifications of a castle all nestled amongst thick areas of green trees
Beautiful Ardennes

Bouillon is another one of the perfect places to visit near Luxembourg, whether you want to do a day trip only or stay overnight.

The town is dominated by its impressive medieval fortress from which you’ll enjoy panorama views all over Bouillon and the surrounding forests.

Visiting the castle is a must and they even hold a falcon and owl shows, which might be a lovely leisure option for the kids.

Besides visiting Bouillon Castle, I recommend enjoying some Belgian beer and French fries on one of the numerous terraces along the Semois River.

However, if you want a real foodie experience, I highly recommend tapas and seasonal cocktails at BOM Food and Drinks. They focus on sustainability, the staff is lovely and the food is to die for!

The town of Bouillon itself holds a surprising mix of architecture from several centuries and walking along the old fortification walls is definitely a must.

I highly recommend staying longer in Bouillon because of its numerous hiking trails. Indeed, it’s home to some of the best hiking trails in Belgium.

The best place to stay in Bouillon is Hotel de la Poste – Relais de Napoleon III, fully renovated, and with great comfort. – Book here your stay in Hotel de la Poste – Relais de Napoleon III.

How to get there: The best way to get to Bouillon from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

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12. Torgny, Belgium

Don't miss out on luxembourg one day trips, person in red dress sitting on a bench underneath a small window with wooden shutters set into the stone wall of a rustic building in Torgny surrounded by flowers
Torgny, Belgium is so picturesque

Torgny is another one of the lovely places to visit around Luxembourg and one of the best places for a weekend break in the Ardennes region of Southern Belgium.

It is found in the Southern Belgium region La Gaume and close to the French border, is known to be the southernmost village in Belgium, and for being one of the prettiest.

Indeed, the hand-hewn stones and colorful flowers growing along the ochre-colored house fronts with their red curved tiles, remind me more of Southern France than Wallonia, Belgium.

But Torgny is not only reminiscent of the Mediterranean from the outside. It also boasts a very particular micro-climate that allows the cultivation of wines.

Torgny is definitely a day trip for those who are seeking to unwind and disconnect from the stress.

How to get there: The best way to get to Torgny from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

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13. Orval, Belgium

Discover where to visit from luxembourg city, ruins of Orval Abbey standing next to green bushes and some small trees with taller more modern buildings behind including a large stone tower with pyramidal top
Orval Abbey ruins

The abbey of Orval is one of the classical Luxembourg day trips.

It’s not only the perfect destination for those who are culturally or spiritually interested but also for foodies.

The roots of Orval Abbey go back to 1070 when it was founded by Benedictine monks.

Later on, in 1132, the abbey was incorporated into the Cistercian Order.

I particularly liked the contrast of the old, medieval ruins with the modern, imposing abbey which boasts gorgeous Art Deco details.

Nowadays, you can book your stay at the Orval Abbey for spiritual or meditative retreats.

Supporting the Cistercian regulations, the monastery boasts a cheese factory, bakery, and confectionery.

All of their products can be found in restaurants or grocery shops in the Ardennes region.

Thus I definitely recommend having an Orval beer and cheese tasting in one of the 2 restaurants next to the abbey.

How to get there: The best way to get to Orval Abbey from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

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14. Durbuy

Find the best towns to visit from Luxembourg City, person in autumnal wear including hat and scarf walking through well-designed gardens complete with manicured lawns and trimmed hedges and pathways in Durbury, Belgium surrounded by buildings and trees
Durbuy, the smallest town in the world

Do you want to visit the smallest town in the world? Well, you have it at a stone’s throw from Luxembourg!

During medieval times, Durbuy would ore accurately be considered a town, but today, the historic center only has 50 inhabitants.

If you include the inhabitants living outside the old town, Durbuy reaches 350 inhabitants. In 1977, Durbuy amalgamated with 40 surrounding villages.

For me personally, a lot of Durbuy’s attractiveness comes with its remoteness.

And despite its size, there are a lot of amazing things to do in Durbuy, and it’s one of the best winter destinations.

In fact, I have a whole guide on what to do in Durbury in winter.

You need to drive along winding roads and through mesmerizing woods in Wallonia’s Luxembourg Province until you can finally spot the first medieval houses.

When you first spot the impressive castle suddenly, you feel like you have traveled in time to reach fairy tale Durbuy.

The best way to discover Durbuy is by strolling through its narrow streets paved with cobblestones.

I definitely recommend staying longer in Durbuy than only for 1 day as there are at least 7 very surprising day trips from Durbuy.

How to get there: The best way to get to Durbuy from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

15. Knokke-Heist, Belgian Coast

Travel to the nearest beach to luxembourg this summer, person in bathing suit walking along the golden sands of Knokke-Heist beach with long green grass behind and a small blue and white windbreak to one side all under a clear blue sky
Knokke-Heist Beach

A trip to the seaside is always a good idea, and if you are looking for the closest beach to Luxembourg, Knokke-Heist Beach is a great option!

The Belgian coast is not too far and is one of the best places to visit near Luxembourg.

There are plenty of beach resorts on the Belgian seaside to choose from for weekend getaways from Luxembourg if you want to stay longer.

While Blankenberge is very popular for families, Nieuwpoort is a fabulous option for nature lovers.

If you want a bit more luxury and love fancy boutiques, you shouldn’t skip Knokke-Heist.

Located close to the Dutch border, Knokke-Heist (and mostly its neighborhood “the Zoute“) is known as the beach resort for those who want to see and to be seen.

Luckily, Knokke is much more than this, and there are a lot of fun things to do on Knokke Beach.

The beach resort boasts vast, pastel-colored beaches and has some of the finest beach clubs in Belgium.

On top, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to international concept stores and small designer shops.

Knokke- Heist has probably the best offer on the Belgian coast for those among you who love fine cuisine.

In winter or in summer, Knokke is the perfect place to boost your Vitamin Sea level!

Be sure to pack a swimsuit! I recommend trying out one of these amazing sustainable swimwear brands.

How to get there: Knokke-Heist is connected by railway to Luxembourg City via Brussels. – Get your train tickets here

The fastest way to get from Luxembourg to Knokke by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

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16. Bastogne

Best cities near Luxembourg to visit, view of the Bastogne War Memorial at dusk with electric lights illuminating the tall stone columns under a darkening blue sky
Mardasson Memorial

Bastogne is one of the best cities near Luxembourg to visit.

With its period architecture, local pubs and eateries, and its rich and exciting history, this city would make for an excellent stop on many weekend getaways from Luxembourg.

As you wander the streets, take the time to explore the critical role Bastogne played in World War II at the Mardasson Memorial, which honors the fallen American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge.

There is also the nearby Bastogne War Museum, the Bastogne Barracks, and the 101st Airborne Museum (also known as The Mess).

One of the city’s greatest attractions is Eglise Saint-Pierre (St. Peter’s Church).

When you visit, look up and view the beautiful 12th-century ceiling of the church. As well as this, it’s free to enter and right in the middle of the city!

How to get there: Day trips from Luxembourg to Bastogne will involve taking a train north from Luxembourg City and then a bus across the border into Belgium.

For a simpler and more direct trip, I recommend renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

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17. Namur

Learn what to do around Luxembourg for your next vacation, view from behind a sculpture of a man riding on a giant tortoise of the city of Namur with a mix of residential and business buildings lined up along the banks of a wide river on a sunny day

Just a 1-day trip from Luxembourg to Namur will have you falling in love with this beautiful city.

Sitting on the confluence of the Sambre and Meuse rivers, Namur has a bustling, picturesque character, with its many ornate Belgian townhouses and rolling hills.

At just a 2-and-a-half-hour train ride away, Namur makes for one of the best day tours from Luxembourg City.

Your first stop should be to take a tour of the magnificent Citadel of Namur, either with a guide or with an audio tour.

You’ll be given a deep dive into the city’s history – Namur has had plenty of different rulers and occupiers over the centuries, and each has left their mark.

The citadel’s position on the hilltop also means you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the whole place, which can only be beaten by taking the blue cable car over the River Sambre.

For gorgeous architecture and culture, visit the Museum of Decorative Arts and the 17th Century Church of Saint Loup, two buildings that make Namur one of the best Belgium cities near Luxembourg.

While you walk around this unique city, take a moment to appreciate the many statues sprinkled throughout the streets.

On one of these short trips from Luxembourg, you’ll find tortoises, giant snails, cartoon characters, and much more- and that’s before you’ve even seen the Art Deco neighborhood!

Taking a river cruise in Namur is also a great change of pace once you’ve finished with what to see around Luxembourg itself.

How to get there: You can take a direct train from Luxembourg City to Namur. – Get your train tickets here

Alternatively, I also recommend renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

Day Trips From Luxembourg City to Germany

18. Mettlach

Enjoy a day trip to Germany from Luxembourg, person in long blue skirt walking amongst the green grass outside of the Castle Schloss Saareck with tall green trees clustered behind all under a bright blue sky with some thick white clouds
Castle Schloss Saareck in Mettlach

If you want to take a day trip to Germany from Luxembourg city, you can’t go wrong with Mettlach.

Mettlach is a quaint little village next to the river Saar.

Even if at first glimpse, Mettlach seems to be sleeping beauty, there are several leisure activities that make Mettlach yet another perfect day trip from Luxembourg.

The most eye-catching sight is one of the most picturesque museums I visited in a long time: The Villeroy & Boch Discovery Centre owned by the prestigious family empire.

The baroque building is absolutely stunning, huge in its dimensions, and gives an appropriate impression of the social and cultural importance of the Boch family.

Just opposite the baroque building, you’ll see a real fairy tale castle: Schloss Saareck.

Castle Saareck was commissioned by the esteemed Boch family in 1903 and has an eventful history.

It functioned as a military hospital during WWII and it became a shelter to many refugees related to the Boch family and Villeroy & Boch employees after the war.

The castle has been turned into a very cute boutique hotel with 22 rooms in an impressive setting. – Book your stay in Castle Saareck here

How to get there: The best way to get to Mettlach from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

19. Mosel River Valley

Try out the best day trips to Germany from Luxembourg, person in flowing flowery yellow dress standing outside of a castle with many tall towers and steep stone walls standing on a hill in Mosel River Valley surrounded by a wide valley filled with thick green trees
Day out in Mosel River Valley, Germany

The German Mosel River Valley is perfect if you want a day trip to Germany.

It is only 1-hour drive away from Luxembourg and can also be easily reached by public railway. – Get your railway tickets here

It is definitely one of the best day trips from Luxembourg city.

The Mosel river valley will lure you with its lush green terraced vineyards, world-famous white wines, quaint wine villages, and fairytale castles.

There are enough things to do in the Mosel Valley you could spend at least a week exploring.

The best way to explore the Mosel river valley is by hiking one or several legs of the Moselsteig trail.

It goes along the Mosel river and takes you to the most beautiful sites of the region.

A visit of the Mosel river valley will not be complete without a wine tasting at a family-run winery, a visit of castle Burg Eltz and hiking the spectacular Calmont Klettersteig trail.

How to get there: The best way to get to Mosel River Valley from Luxembourg is by renting a car or by public railway.

Book the best river tours in Mosel River Valley

20. Saarburg

Find the best places to visit in Germany from Luxembourg, view of Saarburg from the water with colorful houses lining the banks of a river underneath a small hill covered in green trees and older buildings all under a wide open clear blue sky

On the banks of the Saar and Leuk river, the cute town of Saarburg charms you with its pastel-colors house fronts and its countless terraces next to the riverside.

It’s the perfect place to stroll through the cobbled, narrow streets and enjoy an ice-cream in the sun.

The Leuk river flows right through the town center and the spectacular 60 feet drop is a coveted photo motive.

Saarburg even boasts a castle which is well worth a visit as well and the town is known for the cultivation of Riesling grapes.

How to get there: The best way to get to Saarburg from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get the cheapest car rental deal here

21. Koblenz

Check out some amazing day trips from Luxembourg city by train, person in pink dress standing in front of a large stone monument featuring a statue of a person on horseback all surrounded by many stone steps under a bright blue sky in Koblenz

Are you looking for a city trip to a destination that is a bit off the beaten path?

I am convinced that Koblenz will be the perfect choice for you! It is one of the most wonderful European cities near Luxembourg to visit!

Koblenz is located where the Rhine and Mosel rivers meet, and it offers plenty of leisure options to surprise visitors throughout the year.

Obviously there is its imposing Ehrenbreitstein fortress towering above the town.

And the cable car across the Rhine river to the fortress is one of the most popular attractions in Koblenz.

You shouldn’t skip the historic city center of Koblenz, its countless shops and its delicious restaurants.

During summer, the city center lives up and you’ll have a hard time finding a free seat on a terrace.

There are tons of amazing things to do in Koblenz as it is truly a city that celebrates life!

If you wish to go even more off the beaten track, I recommend the small, family-run winery Göhlen.

Its shady terrace is the perfect place to enjoy warm summer evenings with regional wines.

How to get there: Koblenz is connected by railway to Luxembourg City. – Get your train tickets here

The fastest way to get from Luxembourg to Koblenz by renting a car. – Get the cheapest car rental deal here

Book the best tours in Koblenz

22. Cologne

Don't miss these places to visit in Germany near Luxembourg, view of two large churches with tall pointed towers sitting above a line of smaller buildings in cologne seen over the rhine river by night

Are you looking for a captivating day-trip destination from Luxembourg? Look no further than the enchanting city of Cologne, located just a short distance away.

Once you arrive, you’ll be immediately drawn to the iconic Kölner Dom cathedral, a feat of Gothic architecture that dominates the skyline.

But don’t stop there – the historic and picturesque Old Town offers charming shops, cafes, and breweries, while the city’s bakeries offer tantalizing aromas and delicious treats.

Be sure to check out any seasonal events or festivals, such as the famous Christmas markets (a stop on the best European Christmas Market cruises!) or the vibrant Karneval celebration.

With so much to see and do, Cologne is the perfect day-trip destination for anyone visiting Luxembourg.

How to get there: the easiest way to get from Luxembourg to Cologne is by train (2h ride) – Check tickets here

23. Aachen

Discover where to travel from Luxembourg on a day trip, aerial view of a large cathedral with many stone sections topped with a variety of towers in different shapes with a small open square in front flanked by smaller modern buildings and green trees all under a bright sky with clouds

Fancy a taste of city life in Germany? Aachen, the country’s most western city, is one of the best places to visit near Luxembourg.

Situated just a couple hours’ drive to the north of Luxembourg City, this metropolitan jewel is stuffed full of cultural landmarks and urban activities for people of all ages.

From the exhibits at the Couven Museum and the Suermondt-Ludvig Museum to the stalls of the Markt and the glamorous stores at the Adalbertstraße, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

History lovers should head to Aachen Cathedral. This ornate building dates from the 8th century, and contains the ossuary that holds the exhumed bones of Charlemagne.

No day trip from Luxembourg to Germany would be complete without sampling the local craft beer. Head to the Hopfen + Malz Beer Shop on Elisabethstraße to try out their delicious drinks.

Because it’s only a few hours away, day trips from Luxembourg City by train to Aachen are quite popular and very easy to do.

If you want to see multiple different countries to visit near Luxembourg in one trip, Aachen is a great choice because it’s super close to Three-Country Point.

This is where the borders of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands all meet up in one place!

How to get there: The easiest way to get from Luxembourg to Aachen is by train. – Get train tickets here

Day Trips from Luxembourg to France

24. Strasbourg

Find your favorite countries to visit near Luxembourg, view of the river in strasbourg by night with one side covered in densely packed residential buildings and the other with a footpath and trees lit by Victorian street lights
Petite France area, Strasbourg

Strasbourg is one of my favorite cities near Luxembourg. It is a coveted destination for a 1-2 night weekend trip from Luxembourg.

The capital of Alsace unites the quintessence of the French Alsace region: half-timbered houses, bright-colored house fronts, delicious but hearty food, excellent wines, and narrow, cobbled streets.

Strasbourg is the perfect blend between a medieval past and a modern city as it hosts several key institutions of the EU.

The most obvious attraction of Strasbourg is the Gothic Cathédrale Notre Dame which can be spotted from miles before you reach Strasbourg.

Place de la Republique and Petite France, the most picturesque area of Strasbourg are yet another site that can’t be missed while visiting Strasbourg.

How to get there: The best way to get to Strasbourg from Luxembourg is by public railway. – Book here your railway tickets

25. Metz

best day trips to France from Luxembourg, view of Metz from the water with a tall church with several smaller towers surrounding one large main tower itself surrounded by a layer of green trees all sitting above the banks of a river under a bright blue sky
Metz is always a good idea!

The city of Metz, in the Lorraine department, is a popular day trip from Luxembourg City.

Many people just go for the large shopping possibilities. However, the city of Metz holds much more.

Indeed, the city of Metz, with its spectacular Gothic cathedral, gathers historical elements of several periods including Roman vestiges, medieval old town, 18th-century buildings, and a German-style neighborhood.

I particularly like Metz for breathing some “French air”.

The terraces of the main square, people’s way to dress, everything has that little French touch that makes the city a welcome break from Luxembourg.

You can’t leave Metz without visiting the spectacular Centre Pompidou Museum.

The building itself is an attraction on its own and it hosts contemporary art. It’s also home to a bar with a lovely terrace where you can easily spend the entire afternoon – Book your tickets to Centre Pompidou Museum

During late November until Christmas, Metz also holds one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the region.

You’ll sip your vin chaud (hot wine) surrounded by medieval house fronts and enjoy the perfect Christmas feeling.

How to get there: The best way to get to Metz from Luxembourg is by public railway. – Book your railway tickets

26. Amneville

relaxing day trip getaways from luxembourg, close up shot of towels and fragrances for a spa treatment
Amnéville is perfect for Wellness and Spa Tourism

Amnéville is a great getaway, especially for families. Not only is the town famous for its spa-tourism with a long tradition, but it also hosts one of the biggest zoos in Europe: the Amnéville Zoo.

Another attraction is Amnéville’s Aquarium with over 350 species of invertebrates and fishes, an 18-hole golf course, and one of France’s biggest forest adventure parks: France Aventure.

But there are even more leisure options near the small town of Amnéville. The Seven Casino and the Snowhall with its indoor ski slope which can be used all year round.

The most important spa center in Amnéville includes water rich in iron and minerals, with sedative, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-infectious, and anti-spasmodic properties.

The spa facilities include whirlpool baths, massage jets, a Finnish sauna, an Eastern steam room, swan neck jets, a lazy river, hot marble loungers, geysers, and water massage seats and beds.

How to get there: The best way to get to Amneville from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

27. Paris

best cities near luxembourg to visit on a day trip, view looking up at a colorful and detailed stained glass ceiling inside Hotel de paris
Hotel de Paris

Paris is always a good idea! Especially when it is so close by!

Indeed, did you know that you can reach Paris from Luxembourg in only 2 hours? Oh yes, and this thanks to the high-speed TGV train. – Book train tickets here

This makes Paris the perfect day trip from Luxembourg when looking for a distraction and immersing into the French lifestyle.

As it is only such a short trip away, you’ll have plenty of time to visit the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, or Notre-Dame Cathedral.

And still, you’ll be back in Luxembourg by nighttime!

No wonder Paris is considered one of the best train trips from Luxembourg. – Check schedules and train tickets here

28. Nancy

Try out some of the best day tours from Luxembourg City, person in sunhat looking up at a large ornate gateway at the edge of a wide stone-tiled courtyard

Have you ever heard of Nancy, the captivating French city with a rich history and vibrant arts scene?

Only a stone’s throw away from Luxembourg, Nancy is the perfect destination for a day trip filled with stunning architecture and world-class museums.

As soon as you arrive, be sure to take in the lovely ambiance of the town and its excellent culinary culture, boasting a wide range of authentic French delicacies.

For art enthusiasts, head to the Musée des Beaux-Arts and marvel at its impressive collection of French paintings from the 14th to the 21st century.

For a taste of the authentic French lifestyle, head to Place Stanislas, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most exquisite squares in Europe.

At night, the city comes alive with an energizing music and arts scene, perfect for immersing oneself in the local culture.

How to get there: The easiest way to get from Luxembourg to Nancy is by train. – Get train tickets here

29. Verdun

See all the most unique tourist places near Luxembourg, view of a wartime graveyard with lines upon lines of individual white crosses stretching off into the distance with a large area of green trees behind

Anyone fascinated by the rich history of Europe should take at least one day trips from Luxembourg to visit Verdun.

It was here, in the hills to the north of the city, that the Battle of Verdun – the longest battle of the First World War – was held, from February to December in 1916.

As such, one of the most poignant and impressive monuments to those who gave their lives in that battle is the French National Cemetery and Douaumont Ossuary.

Here you can find over 13,000 crosses representing the fallen, an iconic symbol that marks the breathtaking scale of the conflict.

Verdun itself is no less historic. Walk through the Porte Châtel into La Roche Square and pass through what was once the city’s medieval wall.

The curved walls of the Episcopal Palace are captivating, and the two rectangular towers of Verdun Cathedral are not unlike those at Notre Dame in Paris.

Except these are places to visit close to Luxembourg!

One thing that makes Verdun one of the best weekend trips from Luxembourg is that it is the main place to get dragées, delicious little silver-coated almond sweets, made right here.

These tasty treats were invented in an apothecary in the Middle Ages, and are common gifts at weddings and christenings.

So if you have a sweet tooth, Verdun is one of the best places to visit in France near Luxembourg.

How to get there: The best way to get to Verdun from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

30. Lille

Make the most of some of these short trips from Luxembourg, view looking down on an area of road winding through tall residential and office buildings in Lille

Of the many beautiful places near Luxembourg, France is obviously regarded as one of the best, and the city of Lille has plenty of delightful attractions for all ages.

Sitting just over the border from Belgium in the most northern area of France, Lille has seen plenty of industrial and commercial expansion during its hundreds of years of life.

This means it has an interesting mixture of architectures both old and new.

Head to the main square to be amazed by the opulence of the Place Charles de Gaulle and surrounding townhouses, or to the Place du Théâtre to enjoy the Lille Opera House.

For a more modern sight, the Notre Dame de la Treille is a cathedral quite unlike any other, where the outside and the inside seem like they come from completely different periods of history.

Also, if you happen to be visiting during the first Sunday in September, make sure to stay and enjoy the annual Braderie de Lille event.

This is Europe’s largest flea market, where approximately 3 million people come to peruse over 10,000 vendors across more than 60 miles of aisles.

With accompanying concerts, children’s activities, and even a half-marathon, this event should definitely be included in anyone’s plans for what to do around Luxembourg at this time of year.

How to get there: The best way to get from Luxembourg to Lille is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

Day Trip from Luxembourg to the Netherlands

31. The Hague

Check out the best beaches near luxembourg, person in red dress and sunhat walking along the sand next to the pier in Scheveningen, The Hague’s beach resort with colorful wooden pillars underneath the pier to one side and a large Ferris wheel visible in the distance all under a bright blue sky with some clouds
At the pier in Scheveningen, The Hague’s beach resort

One of my favorite weekend trips from Luxembourg is definitely The Hague.

Although the city is located almost 4 hours drive from Luxembourg, it is so much worth the visit as there are lots of great things to do in The Hague.

Besides the fact of being the most important European diplomatic town, The Hague boasts several internationally renowned museums.

The most popular museum is probably the Mauritshuis, where you can see the “Girl with the Pearl Earring”. – Book tickets here in advance

The Hague is also home to such innovative concepts as “Urban Farmers”.

Located on the rooftop of a former industrial fabric, Europe’s largest rooftop farm is all about growing fresh vegetables and fish farming on the rooftops of urban buildings in a closed-loop system.

Yes, you read right: vegetables and fish growing under the same roof on a city high-rise building!

All this with almost zero waste, no antibiotics, and locally grown fresh vegetables and fishes!

But my favorite part of The Hague is the fact that the beach is never far, and you’ll find some of the best beaches near Luxembourg here.

It might not be the closest beach from Luxembourg, but you’ll have a blast at the Pier of Scheveningen where you can enjoy a ride in a luxury Ferris wheel.

Scheveningen is also known for being one of the most important surf resorts in the Netherlands. – Book here your tickets for Scheveningen

How to get there: The best way to get to The Hague from Luxembourg is by renting a car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

Book here the best tours in The Hague

32. Maastricht

Head to these places to visit close to Luxembourg, view from the side of a river of the densely packed residential townhouses of maastricht netherlands with a tall church tower to one side all under a cloudy sky

Maastricht is one of the best day trips from Luxembourg and a must-visit destination for travelers.

This vibrant city offers an array of exciting activities and attractions that will make your day trip unforgettable.

Maastricht has something for everyone from its historic architecture to its lively squares.

Take a stroll through the picturesque streets and admire the stunning views of the city, or explore its cultural landmarks such as the Bonnefanten Museum or Stadhuis.

Be sure to try some of Maastricht’s renowned cuisine, including their famous ‘vlaai’ pie!

How to get there:  The best way to visit Maastricht from Luxembourg is by car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

33. Valkenburg

Learn about what to see around Luxembourg for your next trip, view of a small river running through a town with tall stone buildings on either side and a pointed-roofed tower in the distance all under a dramatically cloudy sky

Many people wondering where to travel from Luxembourg often overlook the most southern part of the Netherlands, but that’s where you’ll find this picturesque riverside town.

Valkenburg is a former fortified town that is full of historic charm, with distinctly Dutch architecture nestled amongst the rolling hills of the nearby countryside.

Word of its beauty has certainly traveled, as Valkenburg is one of the most popular tourist places near Luxembourg, with more than 1 million overnight stays booked every year.

Visitors can enjoy the ruins of Valkenburg Castle, the only castle in the notoriously flat Netherlands to have ever been built on a hill, as well as the old town with its impressive watermills.

Climb the 100-foot-high Wilhemina Tower for a birds-eye view of Valkenburg, or bring the family to the Fairy-tale Forest for some fantasy fun.

For one of the most unique Luxembourg trips, head to the Roman Catacombs Museum on Plenkertstraat. It’s perfect for those looking for what to visit near Luxembourg that’s unexpected.

Below the surface of this Dutch town, you’ll find an accurate replica of the catacombs of Rome, circa 400AD, courtesy of the son of a wealthy local from the early 1900s.

It even has the Vatican seal of approval!

How to get there:  The best way to get from Luxembourg to Valkenburg is by car. – Get your cheapest car rental deal here

where is Luxembourg? bridge in Luxembourg City at night

General Info about Luxembourg

Geographic situation: The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is nestled between GermanyBelgium, and France. It’s one of the smallest, but richest countries in the European Union. Home to many international institutions and bank headquarters, the capital Luxembourg city boasts a large ex-pat community

Find out more about Luxembourg’s geographical layout.

Language: Luxembourgish, German, and French are official languages. English is widely spoken.

Currency: EUR

How to get there:

How to get around

You don’t necessarily need a car to explore the gems of the Grand-Duchy itself.

Public transport in Luxemborug is 100% free! It is the first country in the world to offer completely free public transport.

But I do recommend renting a car for a day trip to Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

A rental car is essential to discover particularly the smaller, quaint villages in Belgium or Germany.

I’ll specify each time what’s the best mean of transport to reach your destination. Find all locations on a map at the end of the post!

Where to stay in Luxembourg City


Park Inn by Radisson Luxembourg City ***
Mandarina Hotel ***
Ibis Budget Luxembourg Sud **

Upper Mid-Range

Hotel Parc Beaux-Arts ****
Légère Hotel Luxembourg ****
Grand Hotel Cravat ****


Hotel Le Place d’Armes *****
Hotel Le Royal *****
Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal *****

You can also check out my local guide on where to stay in Luxembourg and where to stay in Luxembourg City, which covers different neighborhoods and the best hotels depending on your interests and the purpose of travel.

Map: Top Day Trips from Luxembourg

map with the best day trips from luxembourg

Before You Go: Top Tips for your Trip 

Short FAQ About the Best Day Trips from Luxembourg

Where to go from Luxembourg?

If you want to experience a dreamy atmosphere, Echternach is the best place to go, this is one of the prettiest city centers that you can find in the Grand-Duchy and the entire town is surrounded by lush nature.

If you visit Luxembourg during summer season, I highly recommend visiting Vianden, it has very impressive castles, famous Victor Hugo Museum, numerous terraces (perfect to enjoy the local gastronomy), and Vianden’s swimming pool with beautiful views of the castle.

A day trip to Clervaux can easily be combined with Vianden which is closeby, you can’t miss visiting the castle which has been turned into a museum and now hosts biggest photographic exhibition in the world created by Edward Steichen, an American photographer with Luxembourgish origins.

Looking for a place to unwind and feel like a prince/princess? The castles of Ansembourg and Hollenfels are real gems, where you can feel the fairytale atmosphere of Luxembourg.

If you are a wine and food lover, Moselle River is always a good idea. he region is famous for its beautiful vineyards and of course for its excellent wines. On top, it’s a paradise for foodies, as some of the finest restaurants in Luxembourg can be found along the Moselle River.

What are German cities near Luxembourg?

Mettlach is a quaint little village next to the river Saar, The German Mosel River Valley is an only 1-hour drive away from Luxembourg, cute town of Saarburg and Koblenz as one of the most wonderful European cities close to Luxembourg.

What is the closest German city to Luxembourg?

Definitely Trier! Then, the German Mosel River Valley is an only 1-hour drive away from Luxembourg and can also be easily reached by a public railway.

What are the best weekend trips from Luxembourg by train?

Fortunately, due to the extensive rail network in western Europe, many of the best day trips from Luxembourg are by train. Take your pick from many of the destinations on this list; beautiful cities and towns can be found in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, and all of them are nearby.

What are the best cities to visit near Luxembourg?

You’re spoiled for choice when picking great cities near Luxembourg! Choose from Cologne, Frankfurt, Verdun, Lille, Namur, Strasbourg and many more, including, of course, Paris.

What’s the best beach near Luxembourg?

If you’re looking for a beach near Luxembourg, there’s one small obstacle, and that’s that Luxembourg is a landlocked country. So you’ll need to either head north through Belgium to reach the nearest coastal beach, or south to the French Riviera, where you’ll find excellent beaches.