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15 Cool Things To Do in Koblenz, Germany in 1 Day

Guide to places to see, best attractions and what to do in Koblenz, Germany

Koblenz is deservedly growing in popularity!

Due to its relatively small size, the city on the Rhine and Mosel river is ideal to be explored by foot without any need to rush from one place to another by car.

It’s also the best way to slow down and enjoy the cozy (wine) atmosphere of Koblenz.

Whether you just go for one day or a weekend, you’re probably wondering what to see in Koblenz?

So I want to share with you my favorite things to do in Koblenz, Germany. Get ready for the best Koblenz sightseeing itinerary suggestions!

best koblenz attractions, statue of Kaiser Wilhelm 1st in koblenz germany
Visiting one of the top Koblenz tourist attractions

Koblenz location makes it one of the most popular cities in Western Europe. This is because it is one of the best day trips from Luxembourg, Cologne, Frankfurt, and others.

Did you know that Koblenz’ history dates back to the Roman Ages?

Located at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel river, Koblenz was one of the first commanderies of the Teutonic Order.

Together with the fairytale castles, the centuries-old vineyards and the impressive history of the Upper Middle Rhine River Valley, Koblenz has been UNESCO listed.

Thus, I highly recommend extending your stay in Koblenz and enjoying the Rhine River.

On your cruise you can visit some of the best castles and cities along the Rhine! If you want to visit both, look out for good Koblenz vacation packages that include river cruises!

I’ll also share a selection of day trips from Koblenz at the end of the article.

The Koblenz attractions mentioned in this post are selected based upon my preference and upon the criteria of being easily connectable for a DIY free walking tour Koblenz guide.

I hope you also enjoy some of my favorite places to visit and things to do in Koblenz, Germany!

The Koblenz tourist map at the end of the article will provide you a better overview of Koblenz’ points of interest to plan your perfect Koblenz vacations!

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How to get to Koblenz

things to do in koblenz germany, walking around beautiful koblenz
Walking around beautiful Koblenz

From Mainz

By train from train station Mainz. 2 trains per hour. – Book here your train tickets to Koblenz

By river cruise from Mainz to Koblenz – Book here your boat tickets from Mainz to Koblenz

From Cologne

By train from train station Cologne. 4 trains per hour. – Book here your train tickets to Koblenz

By river cruise from Cologne to Koblenz – Book here your boat tickets from Cologne to Koblenz

From Frankfurt

By train from the train station Frankfurt Main. 3 trains per hour. – Book here your train tickets to Koblenz

From Luxembourg

By train from train station Luxembourg. 1 train per hour. – Book here your train tickets to Koblenz

From Amsterdam

Many people also come from Amsterdam to Koblenz by train.

If coming from further away, you can also book cheap flights to Koblenz with Skyscanner or Kayak!

Where To Stay: Hotels in Koblenz

where to stay in koblenz, enjoying breakfast at my hotel
Enjoying a delicious hotel breakfast

There is a wide assortment of hotels in Koblenz for any budget! Here are my top recommendations! Be on the lookout for excellent Koblenz vacation packages in off season.

Hotel Brenner ***Diehls HotelContel Hotel Koblenz
Hotel Haus Morjan *** 
Mercure Hotel Koblenz ****

1. Koblenz Cable Car

what to do in koblenz germany, sunset on the koblenz cable car
From the cable car Koblenz is simply stunning

Without any doubt, taking a ride with the Koblenz cable car is one of the top things to do Koblenz.

The cable car connects both river banks and takes you from the old Koblenz city centre to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress.

Thanks to the panoramic views, you’ll get a great perspective of the size of Koblenz and its unique geographic location on the Rhine and Mosel river.

Simply put: from the cable car Koblenz is stunning! No wonder that this view has been UNESCO-listed! 

The cable car of Koblenz was built for the Bundesgartenschau (horticulture trade show) and was supposed to be dismantled after the fair.

However, it became quickly one of the most coveted Koblenz tourist attractions and thus the cable car can stay for a few more years.

Did you know that the cable car of Koblenz has the highest passenger capacity in the world?

It can transport up to 7600 people per hour!

On top, every cabin has been designed in a different style. Cabin 17, for example, has a glass floor!

I highly recommend taking the cable car in the early morning or at sunset, as the light was simply stunning then.

Book here your boat tickets from Mainz to Koblenz

koblenz tourist attractions, cable car koblenz view
View of sunset from the cable car in Koblenz

2. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress: the Koblenz Castle

best koblenz sightseeing, view of the koblenz castle
Visit Koblenz for the castle!

The cable car is the perfect way to reach Koblenz’ impressive castle: the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

The first ruins of the fortress go back to the 11th century and had a tumultuous history ever since.

The site has been destroyed several times, besieged and swapped between French settlers, Archbishops, the Prussians and the princes of Saxony.

The fortress, as you can still visit it today, was completed by the Prussians and is the second largest in Europe.

Located at 118m above the Rhine river, the fortress does not only take you back to medieval times but also provides lovely views on the historic city center of Koblenz.

Nowadays, the Koblenz castle hosts a museum with historic artifacts and its high walls and corridors can be visited. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Koblenz!

Book here your Koblenz walking tour

3. Deutsches Eck, the German Corner

places to see in koblenz, kaiser wilhelm 1st statue at night
Love exploring Koblenz by night

After returning from the Ehrenbreitstein castle by cable car, you can go straight to the next attraction of Koblenz: the “Deutsches Eck”, (German corner).

It’s located at only 5 min walk from the cable car lower station, so you have no excuse not to visit one of the top Koblenz attractions!

Located at the confluence of the Mosel and Rhine rivers, the Deutsches Eck had very special importance since the early German history.

Indeed it was the place of one of the first commanderies for the Teutonic Order.

In 1897, the first statue of Kaiser Wilhelm 1st was erected.

After being destroyed during World War II, the massive equestrian statue of Kaiser Wilhelm 1st was reconstructed after long debates in the 1990s.

Nowadays you can even walk up to the statue and enjoy a great view on the confluence of Germany’s most important rivers: the Mosel and Rhine river.

Book here your Koblenz walking tour

4. St. Castor Basilica and Courtyard

what to see in koblenz, outside the st castor basilica
St. Castor Basilica is gorgeous

The St. Castor Basilica and its quaint courtyard are located at only a stone’s throw from the German Corner, and is one of the top places to visit in Koblenz!

The basilica is considered to be the oldest church in Koblenz and it’s here where the division of the Frankish Empire was decided.

The foundations of the basilica go back to more than 1200 years!

After the basilica had been damaged during the Second World War, it has been repaired with great care.

I particularly liked the courtyard which was full of colorful flowers. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the silence of this oasis of peace. 

In case you’re planning to have lunch, I highly recommend to enjoy the refined German cuisine at Gerhard’s Genussgesellschaft, located in the old buildings surrounding the St. Castor courtyard.

On it’s own, the basilica is beautiful, but combined with a delicious meal, it is undeniably one of the best things to do in Koblenz!

5. Jesuitenplatz

things to do in koblenz germany, view of jesuitenplatz at night

The perfect spot for some Koblenz sightseeing!

Next stop of your one-day itinerary in Koblenz is the Jesuitenplatz. Thus we finally will enter the old town (“Altstadt”) of Koblenz.

Koblenz is full of quaint little squares and each one has a different vibe.

One of my favorites was definitely the Jesuitenplatz. The square got its name from the former Jesuit college dating back to the 17th century and which is now the Koblenz’ town hall.

I particularly liked the towers and the passage through the grand gate.

The tower clock is one of the main reasons why many travelers visit the Jesuitenplatz: it plays a lovely melody at the full hour.

At nightfall, the Jesuitenplatz has a truly enchanting atmosphere.

6. Schängelbrunnen

top koblenz attractions, the schängelbrunnen statue at night
One of the quirkiest Koblenz attractions

One of Koblenz’ quirkiest points of interest in the old town is the Schängelbrunnen.

The fountain shows a boy spitting water and its background is intrinsically linked to the history and image of Koblenz.

It might seem odd, but this is one of the top places to visit in Koblenz because it’s culturally significant.

After passing the grand portal of the Jesuitenplatz, you’ll access the Willi-Hörter Platz and the fountain is located immediately at your left.

The fountain’s background comes from the “Schängellied” which is considered to be Koblenz’ anthem written in 1914. The song is about the roguish behavior of the town’s boys known as “Schängel”.

The boys born during the French occupation were known as “Jean”, thus “Schang” in Koblenz’ dialect.

Coming from French fathers and German mothers, “Schängel” was considered for a long time as a derogatory name for illegitimate children born in that period.

However nowadays, every local from Koblenz is proud to call himself a “Schängel”.

The fountain is thus one of Koblenz’ most important symbols and popular Koblenz tourist attractions!

Book here your Koblenz walking tour

7. Am Plan Square

things to do in koblenz, am plan square at night
Am Plan Square at night

Am Plan is probably the liveliest square of Koblenz. It is packed with terraces and a meeting point for every generation.

It’s here where the Rhenish savoir-vivre is the most palpable.

The Am Plan square was formerly used as marketplace and tournament site. 

Besides being a hub for bars and restaurant, the square boasts an important architectural heritage.

The north side is characterized by Baroque buildings and the towers of the “Liebfrauenkirche” host the commandant headquarters.

The square’s fountain dates back to 1806.

8. Wine tasting in Winery Göhlen

what to do in koblenz germany, enjoying a wine tasting at gohlen winery
Enjoying myself at Göhlen winery

This is a real hidden gem of Koblenz. According to our guide, the Göhlen Winery is even relatively unknown to most locals.

After crossing the river to Ehrenbreitstein neighborhood, you follow Obertal and Mühlental road. I highly recommend going by car.

Even though it’s located at only 10 minutes from the city center of Koblenz, the Weingut Göhlen is a real oasis of peace where you can enjoy a glass of wine during warm summer nights on their terrace.

The winery is managed by Mr. and Mrs. Göhlen who created a charming microcosm of wine and German coziness.

Upon reservation, they serve a hearty snack and organize guided tours through the vineyard. Mr.Göhlen himself guides you through his wine cellars.

Of course, every tour ends with a mandatory wine tasting.

So if you love wine, this is one of the top things to do in Koblenz! Just be careful you don’t buy too much to take home!

Make sure to taste the Ehrenbreitstein wine, which is cultivated on only 10 hectares in all of Germany.

Weingut Göhlen” is just the perfect place to enjoy a charming, cozy evening in Koblenz.

wine tasting in koblenz, wats inside the winery

9. River Cruise from Koblenz

best things to do in koblenz, going on a rhine river cruise
A relaxing Rhine River Cruise

There are a lot of highlights on a Rhine River Cruise and it is one of the most fun things to do when visiting Koblenz.

Indeed a cruise allows you to easily visit some of the best attractions of the Middle Rhine River Valley.

And that mostly means fairytale castle hopping and quaint wine villages!

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a Rhine river cruise departing from Koblenz.

Book here a Rhine River Cruise

Large operators sail up (and down) from Amsterdam to Basel, Strasbourg, Cologne,… 

The journey can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks with (luxury) accommodation on the boat.

A great way to live and breathe the magic of the Romantic Rhine!

When it comes to ferries on the Rhine river, the Köln-Düsseldorfer Rheinschiffahrt, better known as KD, runs cruises and scheduled services up and down the river between Cologne and Mainz.

As there are lots of things to do in Cologne, as well as Mainz, this is a great tourist trail.

The “KD” ferry easily brings you from Koblenz to wine villages and Rhine castles.

If you’re visiting in winter, I recommend a Christmas market cruise down the Rhine that includes Koblenz!

Book here your river day cruise including 20 Rhine river castles

10. Night Walking Tour in Koblenz

places to visit in koblenz, downtown koblenz at dusk
Koblenz is magical at night

I am a big fan of night walks! It’s just amazing to see how a town can entirely change when it gets dark.

Koblenz is particularly suited for night walks as it is a) very safe and b) great illumination.

Because it is an easy city to get around, you can easily do a self-guided Koblenz free walking tour.

Or else, book one with a local guide to get all the insider knowledge.

Book here your Koblenz walking tour

I highly recommend to include the Jesuitenplatz and the St. Castor courtyard in your night walk.

It’s also the perfect occasion to enjoy Koblenz’ nightlife which looked very cozy to me. Loads of terraces, international restaurants, and warm-hearted interiors.

If you want to go shopping in Koblenz, this is also a great place to pick up some gifts and souvenirs.

My favorite place to eat in Koblenz was definitely restaurant Gerhards Genussgesellschaft in the St. Castor courtyard.

Located in ancient walls, the restaurant serves seasonal, regional cuisine inside or outside on the magnificent terrace.

The quality and the atmosphere are enhanced by the vaulted ceiling.

The pickled salmon trout with caviar was probably one of the best fish dishes I ever ate in my life!

what to eat in koblenz, pickled salmon trout with caviar

11. Landesmuseum Koblenz 

Located within the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, one of the top things to see in Koblenz, Germany if you love history is the Landesmuseum Koblenz.

Inside this fascinating museum, you can learn everything there is to know about the history and culture of the Rhineland-Palatinate region.

And you’ll be surprised by how much there is to learn!

Learn what is Koblenz famous for, delight in beautiful photographs of the area taken over the years by local photographers, as well as paintings of important people from the region.

And definitely don’t miss the Greif cannon, one of the largest cannons ever built during the 16th century.

It’s definitely one of the must see Koblenz attractions!

In addition to their permanent collections, the Landesmuseum Koblenz also has regular new temporary exhibits, so you can visit again and again and always find something new.

12. Schloss Stolzenfels 

Top Things To Do in the Romantic Rhine Valley, Germany incl. German castles, towns, Rhine river cruises | Discover the most scenic attractions and hikes in Upper Middle Rhine with this Travel Guide + Map. #rhineriver #rivercruise #rhinecastle #germany
Pretending to be royalty at Schloss Stolzenfels

Whenever people ask me is Koblenz worth visiting, I think about the stunning Schloss Stolzenfels just outside of the city.

Originally built in 1259, the castle fell into disrepair until 1823 when it was gifted to Frederick William, the Prussian Crown prince.

He had the remains reconstructed in the gorgeous Gothic Revival style we see today.

This is one of the best places to visit near Koblenz, and a must even if you are only visiting the city for a day as it’s just a 10-minute train ride away.

Of course, it is quite big, so don’t leave it until too late as it closes a bit earlier than a lot of sites in the city.

If visiting on the weekend, this is also a great option for things to do in Koblenz on Sunday when many other sites are closed!

13. Electoral Palace 

top tourist attractions in koblenz germany, walkway lined with small potted trees leading to the electoral palace
Welcome to the Electoral Palace 

Built in the late 18th century, this Neoclassical palace was home to Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony, the last Archbishop, and Elector of Trier.

Later, in the 19th century, Emperor Wilhelm I took up residence within.

But today the palace houses several branches of government and is one of the top tourist attractions in Koblenz, Germany.

In addition to learning more about the government, this is an important site for architecture enthusiasts as it is one of the best examples of early French Neoclassical design.

Visitors to the Electoral Palace can also enjoy the view over the Rhine in the manicured gardens with a drink from the on-site cafe.

The garden also has a compelling sculpture of the mythical figures Father Rhine and Mother Mosel made by Johann Hartung in the 1800s.

14. Liebfrauenkirche 

what to do in koblenz for a day, outside view of the Liebfrauenkirche
Marvelling at the epic Liebfrauenkirche

The Liebfrauenkirche is an impressive Romanesque church built on the highest point of Koblenz’s Old Town.

Although the current Liebfrauenkirche was built to replace a previous church and has since undergone many renovations, a church has been on this site since at least the 5th century.

If you are a history buff wondering what to do in Koblenz for a day, the Liebfrauenkirche is a must!

This majestic church is even more beautiful on the inside.

Once within, make sure to marvel at the 14th-century wooden crucifix and Renaissance-era tombs of the nobility.

No Koblenz sightseeing tour is complete without a visit to the church and wandering around the surrounding Old Town.

15. Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung

best museums in koblenz, germany, military tank on display
Learn military history at the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung

Are you fascinated by military history?

If you answered yes or even maybe, then the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung is one of the tourist attractions in Koblenz, Germany.

This expansive museum is one of the largest museums dedicated to military history and technology in all of Germany.

In fact, the museum is curated and funded by the German government and used as a training site for the actual military.

So in addition to an impressive historical collection, the museum is also kept incredibly up to date.

Fortunately, it is also open to the public to visit and learn.

Extra Tips: Day Trips and Castles near Koblenz

germany, things to do in germany, mosel river, rhine river, what to do in germyn, romantic castles, germany,
Loving the view in Koblenz

1. Do a Rhine River cruise

Koblenz is a great base to explore the best castles and towns in the Rhine River Valley. The “KD ferry takes” you quickly to fairytale castles and quaint villages.

You can thus, either go for a day trip or even spend the night in one of the Rhine’s famous wine villages.

Book here your hop-on/hop-off cruise tickets

My favorite Rhine villages were:

  • Bacharach
  • Boppard
  • Oberwesel
  • St.Goar
  • Bingen

2. Vist the best castles on the Rhine

My favorite castles on the Rhine river were

  • Burg Stolzenfels castle
  • Marksburg castle
  • Burg Maus (Castle Mouse) and its counterpart Burg Katz Castle (Cat Castle),
  • Pfalzgrafenstein Castle built on an island
  • the imposing Burg Rheinfels castle in St.Goar. 

All the villages and castles can be reached with the “KD ferry”.

Purchase here your ticket for a day cruise from Koblenz.

3. Do a day trip to the Mosel Valley

From Koblenz you can easily explore and experience all the magical things to do in the Mosel River Valley. Here you can explore even more castles, visit charming villages, go hiking and go wine tasting in the famous Mosel wine region.

Highlights in Mosel Valley:

  • Hike the Moselsteig Trail
  • Tour Castle Burg Eltz
  • Wine tasting at Weingut Henerichs
  • Learn about Roman Heritage in the region
  • Visit Cochem
  • Take a Mosel River Valley Cruise

Book here the best Moselle, Germany river cruises

4. Do a day trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a bit of a long day trip, but it is possible to get the train from Koblenz to Amsterdam. It takes about 4 hours, so prepare to leave early and come back late!

Book here your train tickets to Amsterdam

Best things to do in Amsterdam:

  • Anne Frank House
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Canal Tour
  • Red Light District
  • Food Tour

If you plan to stay in The Netherlands and travel around further, check out my guide on things to do in the Hague!

If traveling from the Netherlands, you can also go from Amsterdam to Koblenz by train.

Book here your train tickets to Amsterdam

I hope some of these, admittedly very personal, highlights of things to do in Koblenz blog post could convince you to book future Koblenz vacations!

Have you been to Koblenz, Germany? What places to see in Koblenz do you recommend? Any essential Koblenz sightseeing spots I missed?

I would love to hear about the things you loved (or loved less) in the comment form. 

Koblenz Tourist Map: 1 Day Itinerary

things to do in koblenz map

Before You Go: Top Tips for your Trip 

In order to get more information on tourism in Rhine River Valley, Germany, I recommend the site of the Romantic Rhine Tourism.

Short FAQ About Things to do in Koblenz, Germany

What are things to do in Koblenz at night?

One of the best things to do in Koblenz at night is go for a night walk through the city. Jesuitenplatz is also a great place to go at night.

What things to do in Koblenz area?

Koblenz is full of great attractions and sites. But some of the most popular things to do in Koblenz are ride the cable car, visit the Koblenz Castle or go on a river cruise.

What are fun things to do in Koblenz, Germany?

Some of the best Koblenz attractions for a fun time are a river cruise, the cable car and a night walk of the city!

Is Koblenz pretty?

Yes, absolutely! Koblenz is considered one of the prettiest large cities in Germany, and certainly of the Rhineland.

How to get from Frankfurt to Koblenz?

The best ways to get from Frankfurt to Koblenz is either by train or bus. The train is the fastest option, and usually pretty affordable, while the bus is a bit slower but usually the cheapest option. If you have your own vehicle, you can easily drive between the two, and there are several parking garages in Koblenz.

What is Koblenz Germany known for?

Although there are many popular things to do see in Koblenz, the Deutsches Eck or “German Corner” monument is the main thing the city is famous for. The monument was constructed in the 1990s to show a unified Germany.

Disclaimer: I have been a guest of Romantischer Rhein Touristik. All my opinions, as always, are my own.

Dieter Lochschmidt

Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Sehr schön gemacht!


Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Vielen lieben Dank :) Koblenz ist aber auch sehr schön :)


Friday 1st of February 2019

Never visited Koblenz but it looks like a really cozy town with quite a few things to do. Would love to go on a cruise on the Rhine!


Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes there are so many things to do in Koblenz, you can easily stay a weekend there. And river cruises are the best to enjoy the beauty of its surroundings.

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Friday 1st of February 2019

Why is this place seems like comes out from a fairytale book?! It is amazing and gorgeous that now I can't take my eyes on that beautiful garden and castle. I hope I could explore it as well even for a day.


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Aww thank you so much for your kind comment. Yes indeed, Koblenz is super quaint... and vibrant as well! It is also a great place to make a Rhine cruise and explore German castles.


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This was very interesting to read since I had never heard to this town before. What I love in these European cities it the beautiful buildings and the history behind them. I have been in Germany before, but that part of the country looked totally different from this. I would love to explore here someday. And I would definitely put that cable car on test too.


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Dear Paula, many thanks for your kind comment. Yes indeed Koblenz is not so known and that is what I liked about the town. On top it is super young and you have great nightlife options as well. If you want to enhance the fairytale feeling, I recommend taking a Rhine cruise along the castles nearby :)

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Thursday 31st of January 2019

A great article with all the information I need to travel to Koblenz. Only issue is what castle do I visit? There is so much to see and do. Cable car rides, cruises I will certainly be kept busy. Thanks for the information on getting to Koblenz as well. It really helps in planning.


Friday 1st of February 2019

Dear Jane, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes indeed there are plenty of things to do in Koblenz. Even if this is a 1 day itinerary, you can easily spend a long weekend in this quaint German town.