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A Weekend in The Hague: 15 Top Things To Do

The Hague Travel Guide for a Smashing Weekend in Den Haag!

Good morning from the political capital of the Netherlands: The Hague! Also known as the unagitated contrast of Amsterdam, Den Haag lures us with its unique combination of cool city life and laid-back beach vibes. The perfect getaway and city break for a long weekend.

This post is about the best things to do in The Hague this weekend, a Den Haag Travel Guide.

But who’d guess that there is much more to do in The Hague and its seaside resort Scheveningen than only beach & mere city life?

A Weekend in The Hague. Walk on the beach, den haag guide, travel the hague
A Weekend in The Hague. Walk on the beach

This Den Haag guide gives a wide range of activities for a great Den Haag weekend. From Urban Farming to Chinatown and top kitesurfing locations, The Hague and Scheveningen seem to be the perfect weekend getaway for active and culturally interested travelers. 

Join me as I travel The Hague on a long weekend full of city vibes and beach fun. This The Hague guide will prepare you for a great adventure.

A Weekend in The Hague Dyke Bridge, den haag city guide, travel the hague
A Weekend in The Hague Dyke Bridge

The Hague is totally fine with its role of being the more elegant and laid-back alternative to Amsterdam. I cannot remember seeing a single coffee shop (even though there are!) or anything close to the Sodom & Gomorrha atmosphere on a weekend in Amsterdam.  

Instead, The Hague keeps it real and impresses with innovative city life projects, relaxing parks, elegant and surprising shopping options and of course its 11km of beaches. 

The main beaches of The Hague are Scheveningen, the lively seaside resort with the emblematic Kurhaus building, and the pristine beach of Kijkduin.

Together, they offer almost infinite leisure options at the beach.  

Even though The Hague is the political capital, the royal seat of the Netherlands and home to 160 prestigious international institutions, as a visitor, I hardly witnessed any pomp, exuberance or bumbledom on my Den Haag trip. The political institutions and even the royal palace are kept small and discreet.

Even though the political importance of The Hague is unmatched by many other European capitals, locals are cool with it and enjoy their city without much fuss.  

That’s another contrast to Amsterdam that I really enjoyed: strolling through the city without seeing “DEN HAAG” merchandising products and branding on every corner. It’s just a normal city where you can actually imagine to live in.

And indeed, The Hague boasts a very important expat community. Boldly put, Amsterdam is for tourists, excitement and absolute liberalism, whereas The Hague is all about working expats and conservative wealth. 

After a long weekend in The Hague and its 2 seaside resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin, I bring you my list of the Top 15 Things To Do in the Hague and its seaside resorts.

I promise the captivating mix of city life and beach vibes will quickly give you a severe case of wanderlust to the political capital of the Netherlands!

Find all locations in a map at the end of the post!

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Where to stay during a weekend in The Hague

Extraordinary: You & The Beach
Haagse Strandhuisjes (beach huts on the picturesque beach of Kijkduin)
Court Garden Hotel – EcoDesigned ***
Residenz Stadslogement ***
Hotel Indigo The Hague – Palace Noordeinde ****
Stadsvilla Hotel Mozaic Den Haag ****
Hotel Des Indes The Hague *****
Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade ****

A Weekend in The Hague: What to do

A Weekend in The Hague: What to do, den haag trip, the hague guide
Travel the Hague

1. Visit Urban Farmers

A Weekend in The Hague Visit Urban Farmers the hague travel guide
Truths at Urban Farmers in The Hague

Important update of Aug 2019: UrbanFamers seems to be permanently closed. Please check for any updates before visiting.

In all my travels, I never came across a project like Urban Farmers! Europe’s largest rooftop farm is all about growing fresh vegetables and fish farming on the rooftops of urban buildings in a closed-loop system. Yes, you read right: vegetables and fish growing under the same roof on a city high-rise building!

And all this with almost 0 waste, no antibiotics, and locally grown fresh vegetables and fishes! 

The key of Urban Farmers unique production technique lays in the Aquaponics technology. The wastewater of the fish farm is used as organic fertilizer for the plants.

After the plants “cleaned” the wastewater, it goes back to the fishes as pure water. Thus, a lot of water is being saved: in contrast to not interconnected systems, 90% of the overall water is saved.

On top, there is no need for vast land, as all the plantations and fish farms can grow on rooftop buildings in urban environments.  

Another advantage of this way of producing vegetables & fish is that there’s no need for herbicides or pesticides! Urban Farmers only use organic pest control such as wasps to free the plants from grubs. On top, the wastewater of the fish farm is particularly rich in natural fertilizers which ensures a low ecological footprint.  

The closed-loop system or urban farming is thus particularly sustainable, organic, almost zero waste and resource-efficient when it comes to water management. It’s a must-do of any Den Haag hipster guide.

Checking eggplants on the rooftop plantations of Urban Farmers on our weekend in the Hague
Checking eggplants on the rooftop plantations of Urban Farmers

Urban Farmers The Hague is located on top of a former Philips factory building constructed in the ’50s which gives it a particular retro charm.

The views above the city are one of the best and the Urban Farmers from The Hague are well known for their parties… celebrated right next to the greenhouses.

A Weekend in The Hague visiting the Urban Farmers, den haag guide, den haag blog
Fresh Organic Tomatoes

The Urban Farmers of the Hague includes a greenhouse with electrical installations for temperature control and shading, a recirculating Aquaculture system coming with a drum and biofilter and finally the hydroponic system which includes plant growing applications, pumps, and pumps for water management.

The vegetables and fishes can be bought in the shop right next to the greenhouses. On top, they also prepare delicious snacks with their locally grown products.

They have so much variety which allows you to choose among lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, chili peppers and much more. Their veggie wrap was literally to die for! And you can clearly taste the difference to ordinary grown tomatoes.

Urban Farmers are not only in The Hague but also in Basel, Berlin, and Zurich.

Urban Farmers
Televisiestraat 2U – 2525 KD
Den Haag
+31 70 449 2815

Urban Farmers in the Hague, weekend in den haag, den haag trip
Greens at Urban

2. Take a Boat Tour on the Canals

Take a Boat Tour on the Canals on our the hague city guide, travel the hague, the hague guide
Enjoying The Hague’s beauty from the boat

Taking a boat tour on the canals of The Hague is an original way to get to know more about the town and its intriguing background stories. Indeed you get a totally different perspective on the city than by visiting with a traditional guide.

As the tour goes through the historic and modern parts of the city, it’s the ideal way to discover the historical richness and cultural diversity of the Hague.

The canal boat tours of The Hague are managed by De Ooievaarters and all their collaborators are volunteers (!) Our guide was lovely and she perfectly managed to share her passion for The Hague. 

The canals of The Hague are 400 years old and they were the defense of the city which at that time had no town rights, thus no possibility to build fortification walls.

This also meant that the city had no rights to produce beer, which was the main hydration source at that time as the water was heavily polluted.  When in the 17th century, Napoleon wanted to visit his brother living in The Hague, but he refused to visit a simple village and just gave city rights to The Hague. Easy, right?

Book Your Canal Cruise in The Hague here

During the 1h30 boat tour, you’ll get to see the Old Church (Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk) with its imposing 8-side tower and on top, a stork, the symbol of The Hague. The low bridges gave the tour a little adventurous feel as you have to duck to get under the ancient bridges. 

The tour will also take you along the Royal Stables and Gardens, and some government buildings. Our guide also showed us the former houses of important Dutch figures such as Benedict Spinoza or Paulus Potter.

Another curiosity was the houses of the Dutch-Indonesian landlords who came to The Hague with all their servants. Indeed, their houses were built in a very particular way.

Royal Stables and Gardens in den haag city trip, den haag trip, den haag city guide
Lovely canal cruise views in The Hague

But besides the historic facts of The Hague, I particularly liked the little stories “behind the scenes” of The Hague.

Did you know that still 1000 people are living on boats in the canals of The Hague? Or that Mata Hari, the famous dancer, and spy used to live here?

And then, there’s the intriguing story of the Blonde Dolly, an emancipated, independent prostitute (she had no pimp and was a fine lady doing charity during the day) who got killed in the ’50s and her notebook containing her most exclusive client’s names and contact details have disappeared since then…

According to rumors some of her clients hailed from high places in local politics and high society. Dolly’s murder has never been officially solved… 

My absolute highlight of the tour was the candies handed out by the guide. Do you remember those candy necklaces from your childhood? Well, they were invented here in The Hague and exported all over the world.

Book Your Canal Cruise for your The Hague Adventures here

De Ooievaart
Bierkade 18b – 2512 AB Den Haag
Duration: 1.5 hours
Language: Dutch & English
Price: 12€ per person

on a boat trip during my weekend in the hague, den haag blog,travel the hague
Candy necklace is so Adorable

3. Visit Den Haag Museums

Mauritshuis Museum at the Binnenhof den haag, netherlands, travel the hague, the hague guide
View on Mauritshuis Museum at the Binnenhof

For its size, The Hague boasts an incredible number of museums. They are a great alternative in case the weather wouldn’t be ideal to spend the day at the beach. 

As we were lucky enough to have splendid weather during our The Hague adventures, we didn’t spend all too much time in museums. However, they will add a lot of value to your stay, as the museums of The Hague host some of the most important masterpieces of the Netherlands. 

Museums in den haag city trip, travel the hague, the hague guide
Museums in den haag city trip

Most of the museums are located in the city center, thus separated only by a short walk. 

Must-visit museums in The Hague on a long weekend would include the following:

  • Mauritshuis: unpretentious from the outside, this residence from the 17th century is one of the top museums for Dutch and Flemish art of the 17th and 18th century. Its actual collection holds over 800 works from famous painters such as Rubens, Vermeer, and Jan Steen. The highlight of any visit of the Mauritshuis is the masterpiece Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer.
  • Escher in Het Paleis: “Escher in the Palace” is a permanent exposition in a former Royal Palace including the most surprising, impossible situations on woodcuts and lithographs. Some of the most known masterpieces include never-ending staircases, hands coming out of a piece of paper but drawing themselves, circular, never-ending spaces… Water runs up and staircases never end. Nothing was impossible in Escher’s mind! – Skip the line and purchase your tickets here
  • Panorama Mesdag: The main masterpiece of the Mesdag Collection is a huge panorama view on The Hague and Scheveningen of the 19th century. It’s so large that a room was built around the painting. The painting will give you the sensation of standing on a watchtower enjoying a privileged view on the gorgeous beach of Scheveningen. The panorama painting was achieved in 4 months by Mesdag and his wife and is said to be one of the largest paintings in the Netherlands
  • Gemeentemuseum Den Haag: The Municipal Museum of The Hague hosts the world’s largest collection of work by Piet Mondriaan. The rest of its collection is centered on modern art by important painters such as Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon or Wassily Kandinsky.
  • The Prison Gate Museum: I’ve been told by locals that this is one of their favorite museums from The Hague. It showcases the utterly “creative” ways of torture, life in cells and stories of political conspiracies. But it’s not all about cruelty, a significant part of the museum is dedicated to the history of criminal justice in the Netherlands.
The Hague city travel guide, den haag blog, weekend in den haag
The Hague City Travel Guide

4. International Institutions of The Hague

At Beatrixkwartier the modern, financial district of The Hague den haag weekend, travel the hague, the hague guide
At Beatrixkwartier- the modern, financial district of The Hague

For decades, The Hague bears the title of “International City of Peace and Justice” with pride. Indeed some of the most important international organizations in the field of administrative justice and peace call The Hague their home. 

Some of the most important international institutions in The Hague one are

  • the Permanent Court of Arbitration,
  • the International Court of Justice operating since 1946,
  • the International Criminal Court established in 1998,
  • the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia,
  • the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
city guide the hague places to see, den haag city guide, den haag blog
Travel the International Institutions in the Hague

The Hague is also home to Europol handling criminal intelligence. 

The Peace Palace, seat of the International Court of Justice, is the monumental, Neo-Renaissance building manifesting The Hague’s international importance.

It is open to visitors and its size and beauty are truly awe-inspiring. It’s only one of many other Free Things To Do in Den Haag.

In total, more than 14.000 people in The Hague are working in the field of peace and international justice. This impressive number of international organizations located in The Hague resulted in a particularly vibrant expat community.

A Weekend in The Hague places to visit in den haag, den haag trip, den haag city guide
A Weekend in The Hague

5. Chinatown of The Hague

China Town in the Hague places to visit den haag, den haag blog, den haag guide
Entering China Town of The Hague

Did you know that one-third of the Chinese people living in the Netherlands are actually based in The Hague?  

As their presence is so large and important, an entire neighborhood is dedicated to the Asian community which is located amidst the city center at the Wagenstraat: the Chinatown of The Hague. 

Both entrances to the district are marked each with a typical Chinese gate measuring almost 3 meters high and including many references to the Asian culture such as dragons. 

The area used to be the former Jewish quarter which was totally destroyed during the Second World War. Today, The Hague’s Chinatown is a lively neighborhood representing a vibrant mix of several Asian cultures.

Not only can you find some of the finest Asian restaurants but also acupuncturists, manicurists, Asian supermarkets or furniture shops.

Chinatown The Hague

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Chinatown Entrance at the Hague

6. Shopping on your Den Haag City Trip

A Weekend in The Hague. Shopping in The Hague
Shopping Time in The Hague

Shopping is certainly a fun activity to do while spending a long weekend in The Hague. Not only will you find many international brands, but especially a lot of still small, but intriguing shops. The shops vary in function of the neighborhoods.

  • Hofkwartier: In the “Court District” you’ll mostly find stylish, luxury brands in the small, but charming neighborhood. It is close to the Royal Palace and it’s said that the Royal Family loves to do their shopping in the Court District as well! I particularly loved the small juice and snack bars to refresh or just watch people going by.
  • Zeeheldenkwartier: the “Sea Heroes Quarter” is located next to the city center and is especially popular among youngsters for its sunny terraces and quirky shops. The district is particularly multicultural and has a few gorgeous Jugendstil house fronts. It’s the place to be for hipsters in Den Haag.
  • De Denneweg: Formerly known for its antique shops, the area is now popular for lifestyle, design and art shops. There are also a large number of cafes which invite for a little treat. The area also holds shops of several renowned Dutch designers such as Lady Africa, Lingerie Madeleine, Paul Warmer or Lien & Giel.
  • Noordeinde: Located close to the working palace of the king, Noordeinde is famous for its antique dealers, art galleries and jewelers. I especially like window shopping at the art shops selling items from all over the world: Buddha statues, African art pieces, Oriental porcelain… It is a must when shopping in the Hague.

You can definitely shop until you drop in The Hague.

Visit Den Haag city , den haag guide, travel the hague
Visit Den Haag city
things to do in the hague travel blog, travel the hague, the hague guide
Things to do in the Hague

7. Have fun at Scheveningen Boulevard

Scheveningen Boulevard A Weekend in The Hague, den haag city guide, den haag blog
Sunset at Scheveningen’s Kurhaus

The Hague wouldn’t be the same without its coastline!

Not only does the city boast an 11 km stretch of beaches, but it even got two beach resorts.

There’s a beach for every taste:

  1. the bubbly one Scheveningen 
  2. the laid-back, pristine beach of Kijkduin

Both are located at only a 15-minutes drive from the city center. 

Scheveningen is one of the most famous beach resort in the Netherlands. Before becoming a bathing resort in the 19th century, Scheveningen was an independent fishing village. Still nowadays, as part of the greater city of The Hague, Scheveningen has a strong identity of its own.

Scheveningen’s grandeur as a major European seaside resort can still be witnessed in the impressive Kurhaus, dominating the entire boulevard.  

beautiful places to visit on your the hague adventures, weekend in den haag, den haag trip
The Kurhaus Along The Boulevard

Scheveningen is divided into 2 districts: Northern Beach (Noorderstrand) and Southern Beach (Zuiderstrand). The Northern Beach with the Kurhaus and emblematic pier are the most popular ones. The area can get very crowded on Sundays and in summer. 

You can’t leave Den Haag without having a walk on Scheveningen’s beach boulevard. It’s full of lively beach bars where you can have sunset dinner or dance all night long in its nightclubs.

There countless leisure options for kids such as the SEA LIFE Scheveningen, trampolines or playing in the golden sand all day long. 

Other activities that make you enjoy Scheveningen, even more, are horseback riding, countless watersports options or kite flying.

And in case you want to get pampered, just book a beauty session or a massage at the emblematic Kurhaus’ Spa.

There is definitely no time for boredom in Scheveningen!

Den Haag Travel Guide Den Haag blog, den haag blog, den haag guide
Activities that make you enjoy Scheveningen Beach
Den Haag beach weekend in den haag, den haag guide,travel the hague
Scheveningen Beach, Netherlands

8. Adrenaline at Scheveningen’s Pier

Adrenaline at Scheveningen’s Pier ziplining, the hague guide, weekend in den haag
Zip Lining at Schveningen’s Pier

A walk on Scheveningen’s Pier is an absolute must-do when visiting The Hague’s lively seaside resort. With its 382 meters, it immediately catches your eye when entering the boulevard.

The current pier was built in 1959 and in contrast to many others, the pier from Scheveningen boasts 2 levels: the lower deck with a closed-in section including shops and food stalls and the upper deck with sea view restaurants and breathtaking views on the beach and the dunes.

A visit to Scheveningen’s pier guarantees you tons of fun! Indeed, you could easily spend an entire day on the pier… and even a night has the construction boasts its De Pier Suites with sea view terraces.

Check Prices here

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to leisure activities at the pier: there’s a huge Ferris wheel constructed over the sea, a zipline and even bungy jumping facilities! All above the sea!

I went for the zipline and it was adrenaline rush indeed! You’re standing 8m above the sea and you’re sliding super fast towards the Kurhaus on 350m… with a speed over 70km/h!

I can only recommend it as it was huge fun! Time flies when being at the pier of Scheveningen!

Another fun way to enjoy unbeatable views on The Hague and Scheveningen is the luxurious Ferris wheel on the pier. You can even snack on a complimentary brownie or apple tart and relax with a steaming cup of coffee or tea in a luxury cabin!

Book your luxury Ferris wheel experience here

luxury Ferris wheel A Weekend in The Hague, travel the hague, the hague guide
Fun at Scheveningen Beach

Numerous festivals, events, markets, and musical performances are being held throughout the year on the Pier.

There’s the annual Fireworks Festival, the Scheveningen Kite Festival or the culinary festival “What the Fork”. I had a blast while visiting the Bonfire Beach Festival at Scheveningen’s beach.

It’s impressive how creative all of these bronce and fire figures were!

ferris wheel in den haag, weekend in den haag, den haag trip
Sunset at the Scheveningen

9.  Eat a Herring

Eating a herring the Dutch way in Scheveningen den haag weekend, den haag city guide, den haag blog
Eating a herring the Dutch way in Scheveningen

When you visit Den Haag and more specifically the former fishing village of Scheveningen, eating a herring is an absolute must-do!

Every visitor will soon notice the food stalls in typical Dutch colors (red, white and dark blue) serving all kind of fish meals such as shrimp croquettes, fish and chips, and of course the legendary Dutch haring (herring).

The best season for the new herring is in late spring, early summer. After being fished, herrings are put in a salt brine to be stored until they’re sold in the fish stalls. You can also find herrings in Amsterdam.

Did you know that the arrival of the “new herring” is a festivity in Scheveningen? On Vlaagetjesdag (Flag Day), the port of Scheveningen celebrates the New Dutch herring with music, traditional orchestras, boat visits and much more.

Your herring can either be served in a brioche-like bun or right away without any bun, with raw, chopped onions on top.

eating herring in a bun, den haag city guide, travel the hague
Eating Herring in a bun

The Dutch way to eat your herring is by holding the herring by the tail and lowering it slowly in your mouth. You’d be frowned upon if you’d eat your herring with fork and knife!

I really liked the herring without a bun, it’s strong in taste but its consistency is as soft as butter. It’s said that not only a herring is good to fight hangovers, but that it’s very healthy because of its minerals, Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s said that it prevents heart diseases and certain kind of cancers.

I had my herring from Simonis Op de Boulevard in Scheveningen, but you can also find a fish stall in the city center of The Hague next to the Binnenhof:

Haringkraam Buitenhof
Buitenhof 22,
2513AG, Den Haag

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Healthy and Yummy Herring at Scheveningen

10. Watersports: Surfing and More

Getting Ready for KiteSurfing at BLOW Surf School on our the hague adventures den haag guide, , the hague guide, weekend in den haag
Getting Ready for KiteSurfing at BLOW Surf School

For me personally, The Hague definitely combines the best of both worlds: you can go shopping and visit museums in the morning, and stand on a surfboard in the afternoon.

The beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin being only 15 minutes away from the city centre. 

You can literally leave the office and stand on a surfboard 15 minutes after! Isn’t this just another reason to fall in love with The Hague?

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to practicing water sports in The Hague. You can go wave surfing, windsurfing, rent a kayak, a SUP or a jetski, do flyboarding or ride a banana boat with your friends. There’s literally a water sport for every taste!

Even though the weather might not always be the best (most schools rent great wetsuits that protect you against the cold!), there is generally a good wind blowing.

Scheveningen is particularly suited for wave surfing and fun water sports such as flyboarding or riding a banana boat.

Throughout the year several surf competitions are held throughout the year and you can find numerous surf shops right at the beach.

Every lesson starts with power kiting, weekend in den haag, den haag trip
Every lesson starts with power kiting

Besides being a hub for fun in the water, Scheveningen and more particularly Kijkduin is one of the best locations in the Netherlands to practice Kitesurf.

The area is also known as the Zandmotor (‘Sand Engine’) and consists or a large, pristine beach with a lagoon. The beach has been artificially-raised, but that does no harm to its beauty. The opposite is the case: the sand is golden and superfine.

Over the years, the Zandmotor at Kijkduin with it adherent lagoon became a hotspot for kitesurf beginners and pros alike.

things to do in the hague, den haag city guide, den haag blog
Relaxed vibes at the beach

I had the pleasure to take my first kitesurf lesson with BLOW Kitesurf school. And I couldn’t have been more fortunate to get a first introduction to this spectacular sport by the guys from BLOW (BeLifeOntheWater)!

They really live and breath the relaxed surf vibes and took all the time in the world to show how to handle your kite. Every lesson always starts with powerkiting on the beach. Indeed it’s not as easy as you might think to handle this.

Even though it might remind you of your childhood, while playing with your dragon, this kite has the power to lift you up! My teacher showed me the best tricks to make the most out of wind power, but still he could prevent that from time to time I just flew around like a butterfly in the wind.

After your kitesurfing lesson, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing drink at the BLOW Beach House. Their interior and terrace design are just the coolest and have the most relaxing views on Kijkduin beach.

For those who love the water AND extreme experiences: you might want to consider the traditional, legendary New Year’s Dive at the Pier in Scheveningen… on the 1st of January!

More than 10.000 people are brave enough to have a dive in the sea to celebrate the first day of the year…

I’ve been told that some even swim around the Pier?!

adventures in the hague, den haag guide, travel the hague
Surfing lessons you’ll surely love at Scheveningen Beach

11. Pristine Beach of Kijkduin

Pristine Beach of Kijkduin Den Haag sand dunes, travel the hague, the hague guide
Happy Vibes at Kijkduin Beach

After a wide stretch of dunes, you’ll find The Hague’s second, more laid-back beach resort: Kijkduin. It’s much more easy going than the lively seaside resort of Scheveningen and thus perfect to spend a lazy, relaxing day on the beach.

Even if the water is still too cold to swim, you’ll have a great time in the many beach bars of Kijkduin or just laying on the beach.

beach walk on the dunes in Den Haag city guide Pristine Beach of Kijkduin, weekend in den haag, den haag trip
Beach bars of Kijkduin

You might also want to visit a not so ordinary sight: the Celestial Vault by James Turrell. Just behind the dunes separating Kijkduin beach from the inland, there is a huge artificial crater made for you gazing at the sky.

When laying on one of the benches inside the crater you’ll notice how the sky is a vault. This work of art is all about space and light and shift ways of observation.

Kijkduin is also home to the Zandmotor, (Sand Engine) which is an experiment in the management of a dynamic coastline.

Sand has been pumped from the ocean to the beach and created an artificial peninsula of about 1km2. By the action of the currents, the wind, and the waves, it is expected that the sand is moved along the coast over the years.

All this in order to protect the Netherlands against the sea and losing land. Did you know that the companies behind this project are the same than the ones who created The Palm islands of Dubai?

Sand Dune walks the hague adventures den haag hipster guide, den haag city guide, den haag blog
Sand Dune
the Hague sand dunes den haag to do weekend, den haag guide, travel the hague
Jump shot at the beach is so Fun!

12. Sleep in a Beach Hut

In love with the maritime design of our Beach Hut den haag trip, the hague guide, weekend in den haag
In love with the maritime design of our Beach Hut

If you want to experience the virgin beauty and pristine condition of Kijkduin in a very unique way, I strongly recommend to have a look at the charming beach huts of the Haagse Strandhuisjes during a weekend in The Hague.

things to do in the hague this weekend, den haag city guide, den haag blog, the hague adventures, den haag guide, visit den haag, travel the hague, the hague guide
Waking Up

The cabins can be rented for 1 weekend or more and can host up to 5 people. They come already equipped with all the material to spend a perfect weekend on the beach: a barbecue, sun loungers, beach toys…

I particularly liked their tasteful interior design with soft maritime colors and several shell details. Also from the outside, they perfectly merge with the pastel colored surroundings of the dunes.

Even though the beach houses are fairly isolated, perfect Wifi will help you to stay connected to the world.

However, the best of the Haagse Strandhuisjes is definitely waking up in the morning and spotting an absolute empty beach. There are just no words to describe the beauty and poesy of Kijkduin in the early morning.

And for the brave ones, you might just want to run across the beach and start the day with a dip in the sea.

13. Walk in the Dunes

Early Morning Walks in the Dunes things to do in the hague, travel the hague, the hague guide
Early Morning Walks in the Dunes

Guess what? There’s a third great outdoor option in The Hague! The large dunes protecting the city from the sea are the perfect place for long walks, bike riding or horseback riding.

The Hague was originally built on a dune and nowadays you can choose between several dune areas for extensive walks.

The dunes are not only an excellent recreational area but are very important for wildlife, coastal defense and drink water conservation.

Meijendel Park in the Hague, the hague adventures, weekend in den haag
Meijendel Park

The most known dune area of The Hague is Meijendel Park. The dunes are an oasis of peace which boasts a great biodiversity including more than 200 bird species, rabbits, bats, foxes, weasels, and even deers.

Another large natural reserve are the dunes of Westduinpark between Scheveningen and Kijkduin. It boasts an extensive network of hiking, cycling and riding paths. It’s just the perfect getaway from the busy city life.

If you’re lucky you can even spot some Scottish Highlander cows that roam around freely or a bunker from World War II.

Adjacent to the Westduinpark, you’ll end up at the Zuiderstrand, the peaceful beach located between Kijkduin and Scheveningen. It is completely empty during the winter and the perfect alternative to the busy beach in Scheveningen during the summer months.

A Weekend in The Hague on the sand dunes, den haag trip ,den haag city guide
Zuiderstrand between Kijkduin and Scheveningen

14. Eat out in The Hague: In Town

Sunset Cocktails at Bleyenberg's Rooftop, den haag blog, den haag guide
Sunset Cocktails at Bleyenberg’s Rooftop

During my entire trip to The Hague, I couldn’t believe why the Netherlands has such a bad reputation for food!? I haven’t eaten such a complete breakfast or enjoyed so many different kinds of fresh juices, variated AND healthy food in a very long time!

There is a huge variety when it comes to restaurants, also thanks to the large expat community, but every choice goes down to one question. Do you want to eat surrounded by cool city vibes or by a relaxing beach mood?

And still, this choice isn’t exclusive as you can have lunch at the beach bar in Scheveningen or Kijkduin and a fancy dinner on a rooftop bar of The Hague.

You prefer to eat out surrounded by cool city vibes and do some people-watching?

bar to visit during A Weekend in The Hague, travel the hague, the hague guide
Bar to visit during A Weekend in The Hague

Then, you gotta love the restaurant of Jamey Bennett. Located at the historic Plaats square, it is the place to be for the expat community and hipsters. Jamey Bennett serves a wide range of international food to share which is ideally followed by a gin tonic in the afternoon on its sunny terrace.

Do you want to finish the day on a cool rooftop terrace with a gorgeous view on The Hague?

Then, Bleyenberg is made for you! Located on the central Groote Markt, beloved for its artsy, young and a bit bohemian vibe, Bleyenberg Restaurant, and its Rooftop Bar is set in a former storage room for old wallpapers. The atmosphere is cozy and cool at the same time.

typical food to eat during the hague trip, den haag blog, den haag guide
Burrata, focaccia, and other Mediterranean snacks

As there’s only space for 150 people, the rooftop never gets too crowded and the sophisticated drinks are joined by a menu card including burrata, focaccia, and other Mediterranean snacks. When finally the DJ starts putting the latest house tunes and the sun goes slowly down above The Hague, you’ll likely succumb to The Hague’s charm.

Here some of the most typical food you should try when visiting The Hague:

  • Herring of course
  • Bitterballen (creamy meatballs with a crunchy breadcrumb coating made of chopped flour, butter, beef broth, and spices. Typically served with mustard for dipping)
  • Drop / Dropjes: licorice sweets. Did you know that the Dutch have the highest licorice consumption per head in the world?
  • Poffertjes: fluffy, small pancakes with flour and yeast, usually served with butter and powdered sugar
  • HaagseHopjes: hard candy with a slight coffee and caramel flavor dating back to the 18th century
  • Kibbeling: battered chunks of fish, with a mayonnaise-based garlic sauce or tartar sauce
  • Seafood Croquettes: Crispy crumbed crusts and piping hot creamy fillings such as prawn, meat or chicken
Places to eat in hipster den haag, travel the hague, the hague guide
Places to eat in hipster Den Haag

15. Eat out in The Hague: On the Beach

Eat out in The Hague: On the Beach den haag blog, weekend in den haag, den haag trip
Fresh Juices can be found on most menus

As I am a huge beach and sea lover, I could have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner (and high tea, midnight snacks by the way too…) at one of Scheveningen’s or Kijkduin’s countless beach bars.

Whereas the beach bars at Scheveningen have a rather festive and always in the party mood, the beach restaurants of Kijkduin are more laid-back and relaxed. But food is great at both places!

I went for a hearty breakfast at Suiderstrand and there couldn’t be a better way to start your day in The Hague. Fresh juices, fair portions and a large variety of choice. However, the views on the pristine beach of Kijkduin will make it very hard to leave this place.

den haag to do weekend where to eat, den haag city guide, den haag blog
Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Another cool Beach Bar at Kijkduin is Habana Beach. I visited on a Sunday afternoon and this place was on fire!

A DJ was playing the coolest tunes, the staff had these irresistible surfer vibes and the menu was simply huge! As you hardly get any fresher fish in the Netherlands than in The Hague’s seaside, I went for a fishplate including national and international fish delicacies joined by a fresh juice.

Heavenly, fresh food, views on the sea, happy people, cool DJ sounds… I just could have stayed a bit longer.

Eat out in The Hague: On the Beach den haag, netherlands, den haag guide, travel the hague
Eat out in the Hague Beach
A Weekend in The Hague. things to do in the hague, den haag, netherlands, den haag travel guide, hague travel, den haag to do weekend, things to do in the hague, travel the hague the hague guide
Cool Dj Sounds with Beach winds
things to do in the hague Eat out in The Hague: On the Beach, weekend in den haag,den haag trip
Colorful mornings at the Beach
things to do in the hague Eat out in The Hague: On the Beach, den haag city guide, den haag blog
Sunkissed Hearty breakfast

I hope that my Den Haag blog with these, admittedly very personal, highlights of my visit to The Hague and its seaside resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin, could convince you to include The Hague in your travel plans.

Have you been on a weekend in The Hague? Did you enjoy it? I would love to hear about the things you loved (or loved less) in the comment form. 

Map: Highlights of The Hague & Seaside

General Info about the Hague, Netherlands

den haag travel guide, den haag to do weekend

Geographic situation: City on the western coast of the Netherlands and the capital of South Holland province. The political capital of The Netherlands and home to over 100 international institutions. 11km stretch of beach.

Language: Dutch. English is widely spoken.
Currency: EUR
How to get there:

Activities: Lage number of diplomats and civil servants, large international businesses such as Royal Dutch Shell, fishing activity in Scheveningen, active startup/entrepreneurial scene, second biggest tourist destination, after Amsterdam.

From here, it’s just a short trip to Rotterdam, and there are plenty of reasons why you should visit Rotterdam.

Disclaimer: I have been a guest of The Hague Marketing. All my opinions, as always, are my own. This posts contains affiliate links. In case you purchase one of the items, I’ll receive a small commission. The price remains the same for you.
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