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Complete Luxembourg Travel Guide

luxembourg city in fall with fall foliage, panorama view of luxembourg

Luxembourg is a beautiful slice of Europe that ranks among the top three-nation in the world in terms of wine consumption and wealth. Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe.

It has been seen that most people overlooked the country while planning their trip to Europe. But your trip to Europe will remain incomplete if you don’t visit this place. As it is small in size, you can easily do a lot of things when you visit Luxembourg.

In fact, you can complete your drive from South to Northside withing just one to two hours. On the other side, people living in this country are quite friendlier that the people living in larger cities.

Apart from the mesmerizing rolling forested hills, you can witness a string of beautiful, beguiling villages with fantastic-looking medieval castles.

Around 49% of the citizens living in Luxembourg are foreigners. They are drawn here by the beautiful landscapes and a high standard of living.

You can easily find a budget-friendly accommodation there. If you have enough budget, then the place also has some luxurious hotels where you can enjoy superior quality services. Find here your perfect, best hotels in Luxembourg.

So, go for it, and you will enjoy a unique way to spend your holiday.

Practical Information about Luxembourg

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Important Facts When Traveling to Luxembourg

Capital: Luxembourg City

Official language(s) and general knowledge of English: German, Luxembourgish, and French. English is semi-widely spoken

Official religion(s): Catholicism

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Climate: Moderately continental climate. Winters are seldom severe, and summers are cool.

Power voltage and socket type: 230V, plug type F, the standard frequency is 50Hz.

Safety rating: On a scale of 0 to100, it scores 89. It may be noted that 100 is the best.

Female solo traveler: Luxembourg is quite safe for all, including female solo travelers. There, the chances of snatching, insult, and sexual harassment are quite low.

Do I need a Visa to Travel to Luxembourg?

Fast-Track: Get your Schengen Visa in advance

As per the rule, US, Australian, and Canadian people may live in Luxembourg for around 90 days without a visa. It may be noted that Luxembourg comes under the Schengen System.

The system lets the visitors travel to the participating countries without obtaining a visa. However, they should carry an ID proof with them.

However, others will have to obtain a valid tourist visa to roam around the country. In detail, you need to obtain a Schengen visa for this. This visa allows visitors to get into the country for the purpose of visiting friends, tourism, and more.

The requirements for entry to Luxembourg may significantly differ from country to country. So, before leaving, please prefer to check with your country’s government and the embassy.

Visa Types and cost:  Fees for a Schengen visa for a traveler above 13 years and more is 60 Euro. The fees for the same for children between 6 years-12 years old is 35 Euro. However, remember that the fees related to the visa application may change at any time. – Get your visa here

Accommodation in Luxembourg

Finding suitable accommodation in Luxembourg will not be a difficult task for you as it offers accommodation for all. However, please note that rates are higher than in neighboring countries.

Budget: If you are low on budget, you can go to Youth Hostels. Currently, it has nine Youth Hostels, including the hostels located in Luxembourg city. Some hostels offer free breakfast. For best hostels, try hostels located in Rue Osterbour, Larochette, Luxembourg City, etc. The cost per night can range from Euro 15 to Euro 25. Some hostels have a bar. – Check hostel rates & reviews

Mid-Range: In Luxembourg, you can easily find mid-range hotels where you can enjoy a comfortable stay by paying around Euro 60 to Euro 120 per night. Choose a hotel in the best location to enjoy great city views. Most of the hotels offer breakfast, TV, gym, and other facilities. – Check rates & reviews here

High-End: Most of the hotels in Central Luxembourg are quite expensive. All thanks to the presence of the EU and massive banking. To stay in an upscale hotel, you may have to pay Euro 15 to Euro 250 per night. While staying in such hotels, you can enjoy fine dining, indoor pool, sauna, and more. – Check rates & reviews here

Best Time to Visit Luxembourg

Luxemburg is well-known for its hilltop castles, sprawling vineyards, unique cultural center, and mild summers. You will find a lot of things to do whenever you visit the place. However, the perfect time to visit Luxembourg is Spring.

Low -Season (March to May) – During this time, the climate remains hot. So, most people don’t prefer to visit the country in the summer. However, still, you can visit the country and enjoy a cozy sunbath on a beach.

Mid-season (December to February) – The winter is here. All the parts of the northern hilly areas are covered by a thick layer of snow. A perfect time for skiing lovers to visit Luxembourg.

High-Season (May to September) – During this time, the country witnessed a massive peak of tourists. The weather remains pleasant, with a temperature of 8 to 20 degrees Celsius. So, pack your travel bag, obtain a Luxembourg visa, and get ready to explore the country.

Transportation in Luxembourg

By flight:  The nearest airport is Luxembourg City’s Findel Airport, and it is well-connected to different countries across the world. You can easily find low-cost airlines flying to Luxembourg. – Check flights to Luxembourg here

By car:  Luxembourg, situated in the center of Europe, is well connected to every part of Europe by highways.  Besides, its capital city is directly connected to the A1,13, A3, A6, and other highways.

By train: It is connected to many international rail links. From Paris it would take only 2 hours to reach Luxembourg station. From Metz, you can reach there in 1 hour. – Buy train tickets here

By bus:  From Saarbrucken (Germany), you can easily find direct bus connections. But you will find it a little expensive.  So, getting in the country by train is the most preferable option from nearby areas. – Buy bus tickets here

Getting around: Well, Luxembourg is a small country, and within just one hour, you can travel to any place in the country from the capital.

The country offers various public transportation options, such as trains and buses. They operate in all the major cities across the country.

Since March 2020, public transport is free in Luxembourg.

Food in Luxembourg

The cuisines of Luxembourg are hearty. The reason is in some of the foods, you can witness the flavor of German cuisine.

Besides, the food also combines French fitness and a unique flavor of Belgian tastefulness.

50% of Luxembourg’s population is from abroad, that’s why you can find restaurants serving Spanish, Portuguese or Greek cuisine.

Most of the food comes with lots of meat, beans, cream, potatoes, fish, and authentic Luxembourg wine. Some of the best food that you can try are:

Beef Tartare and Beef Carpaccio: These are two significant forms of raw beef that you can easily find at any Luxembourg restaurant. The dishes are readily available across Luxembourg. Well, don’t get surprised by seeing horse meat on menus.

Boneschlupp: A delicious soup that combines potatoes, beans, sausage, or bacon. Sometimes, it comes topped with cured pork sausage or sour cream. You should try this out if you are visiting Luxembourg.

Paschteit: This is a typical Luxembourg food but considered as French food. This is quite similar to Vol-Au-Vent, a famous French dish.

White Asparagus:  Well, this is something seasonal. This can only be found during the winter and early spring. Most of the restaurants serve this as a starter item, and some even use it for the main course.

Drinks: Try the white wines in Luxembourg; you will witness a fantastic flavor. Most of the wines come from the Moselle valley, and some of them are Rivaner, Elbling, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Gris. In fact, if you are a wine lover, then don’t forget to participate in wine-tasting festivals in the country.

Best Things to Do in Luxembourg

Take a walk through the historic center: The perfect way to explore Luxemburg city is on foot. After all, it is quite small. But keep in mind that it is a city full of ups and downs. You will come across a lot of ramps and stairs. In fact, the place is divided into La Ville Basse and La Villa Haute. – Buy here your guided tour in Luxembourg City

Wine tasting in the Moselle: The wine region of Luxembourg is the Moselle. The place is well-known for its sparkling wines. You will find wines from the Moselle in every restaurant. But nothing is better than the wine tasting at the cellar. In Moselle, you can find more than 50 wine producers within just 39 KM. So, begin with Ehnen’s Wine Museum. Then, just rent a bike and cover all the wineries exploring the unique taste of wines.

Camping in the Ardennes or Mullerthal: Mullertthal camping is quite popular across the country. You can easily find beautiful motorhome campsites near the river. However, if you are looking for a traditional campsite, you visit Berdorf.

Schiessentümpel Waterfall: If you are looking for an atmosphere that you might have seen in the movie Lord of the Rings, then you should visit this insta-perfect place. You will witness a great combination of nature and fantasy. A mesmerizing forest covers the waterfall, and water flows through a mystical stone bridge.

Mullerthal Trail hiking: Luxembourg has some long-distance trails. If you love hiking, then don’t miss out on the opportunity of hiking at the Mullerthal Trail. It comes with three big loops and four add-ons. The trail covers the best parts of the Mullerthal region.

A visit to Vianden: Throughout the year, especially during the summer, the place remains crowded. Located near the Our River valley, the tight forests have sounded the village. When you see it, the place will give you a fairy-tale castle-like appearance. – Book tickets here

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