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30 Best Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

A guide to the most beautiful and best waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

There’s nothing quite so humbling and exhilarating as standing near the foot of a waterfall, deafened by the roar of the water and overwhelmed by the raw force of nature.

The waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin are some of the best waterfalls in the entire USA, and a must if you are visiting or travel Wisconsin.

A memorable experience for hikers, nature enthusiasts, or families on a day out, many state parks containing waterfalls also offer camping opportunities.

Here are the best waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin.

At the end of the article, you will even find a handy map of Wisconsin waterfalls for your reference.

Are you looking for the best waterfalls in Wisconsin? Find a hand-picked list with beautiful waterfalls in North Wisconsin incl. Copper Falls or Potato Falls. Drive up the Northern Wisconsin Lake Superior North Shore and find the best waterfalls and lakes in Wisconsin. For every scenic waterfall in Wisconsin, I recommend a lake cabin or log cabin and several great hiking trails in Wisconsin. #wisconsin #usa #waterfalls #waterfallswisconsin #northwisconsin #wisconsincabins #upnorthwisconsin
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Overview of the Best Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

  • Copper Falls
  • Big Manitou Falls
  • Amnicon Falls State Park

Altogether, there are dozens of waterfalls to visit waterfalls of Northern Wisconsin. Marinette County, in particular, is known as the waterfall capital of Wisconsin, with a total of fourteen waterfalls!

Wild or made accessible by state parks, small rapids, or 165 feet tall, they are all impressive and worth a visit.

Visiting a waterfall is perfect for a day trips or Wisconsin road trips through the state!

Whether you’re planning a tour of a series of waterfalls, or just looking for new things to do in Northern Wisconsin, you won’t be disappointed!

1. Copper Falls, Mellen

a large waterfall cascading through rocks with trees on autumn foliage
Copper Falls, Mellen

Near the town of Mellen in north-western Wisconsin lies Copper Falls State Park, named after one of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin.

About 30 feet in height, the Copper Falls get their name from the reddish hue of the water, which is caused by its high iron content.

While in the Park, you can explore the Bad River gorge, where the walls reach up to 100 feet in places.

These walls are made of ancient lava flows hardened into dark rock. It’s best to visit the Park a day or two after rainfall, in order to see the river and the waterfalls at their most impressive.

Hiking the 1.7-mile Doughboy’s Trail is the best way to see the Copper Falls.

This looped trail will also give you a great view of the Brownstone Falls, as well as the Tyler Cascades and the Devil’s Gate making it one of the best hiking trails in Wisconsin.

Easily, one of the best vacation ideas in Wisconsin is to hike the trail with a beautiful waterfall experience side by side.

Camping is available in Copper Falls State Park, including one backpack campsite and an accessible log cabin.

In fact, it offers year-round camping and is one of the best places for winter camping in Wisconsin!

It’s definitely one of the most uniquely positioned Northern Wisconsin cabin rentals!

There are quite a few waterfalls near Mellen, WI, a few of which are on this list, but Copper Falls is one of the most impressive and beautiful.

If you want to do any Northern Wisconsin waterfall tours, Copper Falls is a must!

Copper Falls is one of my favorite places to visit during November in Wisconsin. It is also one of the waterfalls near Ashland.

Make sure to get a Wisconsin waterfall map to make your hike smoother.

Where to stay: Best Western The Hotel Chequamegon *** – Ashland, WI

2. Brownstone Falls, Mellen

tall Brownstone Falls, Mellen cascading through rocks between brown rocks with vegetation
Brownstone Falls, Mellen

Another one of the best waterfalls near Mellen, WI, Brownstone is the other large waterfall in Copper Falls State Park.

The falls, which measure around 30 ft, are accessible via the Doughboy’s Trail.

If you’re planning on hiking the trail, keep in mind that there is a spur off of the Doughboy’s near the Brownstone Falls; the CCC 692 Trail.

It’s worth taking a detour there as the CCC 692 will take you to a 65-foot observation tower with incredible views of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands!

The breathtaking view of the falls here will leave you awestruck! No wonder that the area was a film location for some of the best movies set in Wisconsin.

Copper Falls is one of the largest state parks in Wisconsin. There’s plenty to see and to do, especially for hikers and nature lovers.

Where to stay: Quality Inn Ashland – Lake Superior *** – Ashland, WI 54806

3. Big Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park, South Range

The largest waterfall in Wisconsin - Big Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park, South Range cascading through rocks with trees on the side
Big Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park

One of the best outdoor activities in Wisconsin is visiting the Manitou Waterfalls, one of the most impressive waterfalls in Northeast Wisconsin.

Located within the Pattison State Park in Douglas County, the Big Manitou Falls are the highest waterfalls in all of Wisconsin.

Pattison itself is one of the most popular Wisconsin state parks with waterfalls.

The waterfall is on the Black River, a tributary of the Nemadji River, and has a height of 165 ft. This makes it the fourth highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.

No wonder it’s one of the best waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin!

Interestingly, the Native Americans settled nearby believed that the roar of the water concealed a voice of the Great Spirit Gitche Manitou. This is how the waterfall got the name it holds until today.

The waterfall is best viewed from the Big Manitou Falls Trail, one of the most scenic hiking trails in Wisconsin.

To reach the start of the trail, head to the Pattison State Park Entrance (6294 WI-35, Superior, WI 54880).

This waterfalls in upper Wisconsin is directly across the highway from the park and is accessible by a tunnel.

Even if you’re not up for a hike, you can still experience the magnificent beauty of the Big Manitou Falls.

Where to stay: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Superior *** – Superior, WI 54880

4. Little Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park

two pair of waterfalls in Little Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park with trees near autumn season
Little Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park

Pattison State Park is one of the best state parks in Wisconsin with waterfalls and in addition to Big Manitou Falls, the Little Manitou Falls are only a few miles further upstream.

The name of this waterfall is somewhat misleading as it has a not-so-small height of 30 ft. It’s only little in comparison to its 165 ft neighbor!

But it’s still one of my favorite waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin, and as it’s smaller, it tends to be a little quieter.

The 1.5-mile out-and-back hiking trail that leads to the Big Manitou Falls will also take you to the Little Manitou Falls.

Alternatively, you can see waterfalls near Superior by driving to the parking lot at Camp Pattison and taking a short walk to a designated viewpoint.

If you visit in the autumn, it’s one of the best places to see fall colors in Wisconsin.

There are plenty of hiking trails nearby, thus make sure to bring your vegan hiking boots too!

Where to stay: Hampton Inn Superior Duluth, WI ** – Superior, WI 54880

5. Superior Falls, Saxon

a small waterfall flowing to a body of water - the Superior Falls, Superior
Superior Falls, Superior

The border between Wisconsin and Michigan is partially formed by the Montreal River.

That’s where you’ll find the Superior Falls, just a stone’s throw away from Lake Superior, one of the best lakes in Wisconsin.

There is a convenient viewing area from which you can see the final and highest (60 ft) drop of the Superior Falls as it empties into Lake Superior.

Further up the river, there are several smaller drops, though they are difficult to access as there is no official trail leading to them.

To see the Superior Falls at their most impressive, visit in the early spring. From US-2 in Wisconsin, turn north onto WI-122.

Approximately half a mile after crossing into Michigan, a gravel road on the left will take you to a parking lot for the viewing point.

While you’re in the area, it would be a shame not to spend some time on Lake Superior, especially the nearby Oronto Bay, with a 1km-long sandy beach and great spots for swimming.

It’s one of the best beaches in Wisconsin to enjoy your vacation.

It’s also worth noting that thanks to being so close to the Apostle Islands, this area offers some of the best resorts in Northern Wisconsin.

If you want to enjoy an offbeat vacation, Wisconsin should definitely be on your bucket list, since there are countless places to vacation in Wisconsin.

Where to stay: Barkers Island Inn Resort & Conference Center ** – Superior, WI 54880

6. Cascade Falls, Osceola

Cascade Falls, Osceola - straight waterfall through a cliff in a forest
Cascade Falls, Osceola

Described by the locals as ‘the best small town you never meant to visit’, Osceola is located in north-western Wisconsin, right on the border with Minnesota and about 50 miles from Minneapolis.

Not many people know that this little, unassuming town conceals a true natural gem: the Cascade Falls, in the Wilke Glen gorge.

The gorge and waterfall are easily accessible by a set of stairs directly from one of Osceola’s streets and make for a unique and gorgeous natural refuge.

Hikers will be glad to hear that there are two trails nearby: the Eagle Bluff Trail and the Simenstad Trail.

In total there is about a mile of trail, making for some of the most unique experiences while hiking in Northern Wisconsin, thanks to the unusual proximity of the town.

There are also kayaking opportunities in the area, complete with a kayak rental service in Osceola.

Where to stay: Summers of Your Youth – Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024

7. Amnicon Falls State Park, South Range

Amnicon Falls State Park, South Range - a short waterfall between rocks with a viewing deck at the top
Amnicon Falls State Park

If you prefer swimming to hiking and are looking for the best waterfalls in Northeast Wisconsin, the Amnicon Falls State Park is the perfect place for you.

Amnicon Falls State Park is one of the most well-known state parks with waterfalls in Wisconsin. In fact, the park is named after the famous falls!

Located around 14 miles southeast of Superior, Wisconsin, the Park contains a series of small waterfalls and rapids on the Amnicon River.

These are divided into the Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls, and swimming is allowed in both! It’s thus perfect to bring your sustainable swimwear!

Unlike most Wisconsin falls, visitors can get right up close to the water and experience the torrent of the river.

The Amnicon River splits at one point, creating a large island that contains a quarter-mile, flat trail with viewpoints for the falls.

The historic, picturesque covered bridge spanning the river at the Lower Falls is also a great viewing point.

Camping is available in the Park, as well as a playground and a large field, which makes it the perfect place for a picnic and a family day out.

For winter visitors, the Park offers a scenic 1.5-mile snowshoe trail.

You can find information about Wisconsin’s waterfalls, including their locations and hiking trails, on a WI waterfalls map.

Where to stay: Rustic Retreat Cabin – South Range, WI

8. Potato River Falls, Gurney

a big waterfall cascading through rocks with trees at the top - Potato River Falls, Guerney
Potato River Falls, Gurney

One of the lesser-known waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin, the Potato River Falls are often described as a ‘hidden gem’ of Iron County.

It’s located near the town of Gurney, about a mile from Highway 169.

The waterfall is split into two sections, known as the Upper and the Lower Potato River Falls, measuring 20 and 30 ft, respectively, around 400 ft apart.

In the middle, the water levels out for a stretch where visitors can wade in the river between the two waterfalls.

There is no designated trail leading down to the water, so only nimble climbers will be able to reach this part of the river!

The most popular trail begins at the parking lot, following the rim of the gorge in the upstream direction.

The path contains a series of wooden steps, so it’s more of a walk than a hike.

Alternatively, it’s also possible to partially see the falls from an observation deck next to the parking lot.

There is a picnic area near the parking lot, and if you want to turn your day trip into an overnight experience, five free rustic campsites are available near the falls.

For visitors planning to stay for longer, there are plenty of holiday rentals and romantic cabins in Wisconsin to choose from.

Where to stay: Beautiful Riverside Home – Upson, WI

9. Interstate Falls, Hurley

a large beautiful waterfall during autumn foliage - Interstate Falls, Hurley
Interstate Falls, Hurley

The Michigan River, forming part of the border between Wisconsin and Michigan, is rich in waterfalls.

Just outside Hurley on the Wisconsin side of the river, you’ll find the Interstate Falls.

A short, relatively easy hike will be necessary to reach the 20-ft waterfall. Completing the 0.5-mile loop trail is well worth it!

The trailhead is located on 5457 Center Dr, Hurley, WI 54534, and will take you to the crest of the waterfall. To see the base, a slightly more challenging hike will be needed.

Less than half a mile to the southeast from the Interstate Falls, there is another, slightly smaller waterfall, the Peterson Falls.

So, don’t forget to check it out while you’re here!

Where to stay: Days Inn by Wyndham Hurley *** – Hurley, WI 54534

10. Upson Falls, Upson

a large waterfalls with many cascading through many rocks
Upson Falls, Upson

Located on the Potato River, just outside the small town of Upson, Wisconsin, the Upson Falls are about 18 ft in height.

The waterfall is in a well-maintained park, so it is easy to reach and view.

From the WIS 122, turn west into Upson Park Road. In less than a quarter-mile, you’ll see the Upson Falls campground on the left.

The Upson Falls Park offers camping and a picnic area close to the falls. It’s a great place to stop for a quick lunch on your way to see the rest of Wisconsin’s waterfalls!

Where to stay: Beautiful Riverside Home – Upson, WI

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11. Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia

a straight waterfall cascading through a big rock inside a forest - Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia
Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia

This incredibly scenic waterfall lies southwest of the small town of Cornucopia, on the western side of the Bayfield peninsula.

It may not belong to the highest waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin, measuring less than 10 feet, but it has other qualities that make it unique.

Reaching the waterfall is an adventure in itself. It lies deep in the woods, accessible via a moderately difficult 2.2-mile trail that numbers among the best hiking trails in Wisconsin.

The trail is perfect for hiking during warmer months and for snowshoe experiences in the winter.

The waterfall itself is unusual, for this part of the States, at least, in the way that you can walk behind it.

The waterfalls form a protruding rock ledge, emptying into a shallow pool.

The nearby town of Cornucopia lies on the shore of Lake Superior in Siskiwit Bay. It features a small marina and a stretch of grassy beach with shaded areas, great for swimming and fishing.

There is also a kayak tour and rental shop in town where you can book your place to take part in unforgettable kayaking adventures, including exploring the Apostle Islands’ sea caves.

All of this makes Cornucopia a great destination for an outdoor weekend excursion.

Near Bayfield, you will also find a few of the best lighthouses of Wisconsin, such as La Pointe, on Madeline Island and Wisconsin Point Lighthouse on Superior Lake.

Where to stay: Cabins near Apostle Islands – Bayfield, WI 54814

12. Long Slide Falls, Pembine

brown and white waterfalls cascading through wet rocks with moss on the side rocks
Long Slide Falls, Pembine

At an impressive 50 ft, the Long Slide Falls are the highest waterfalls in north-eastern Wisconsin.

They are generally considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area, with the water cascading down a long, steep rock formation.

To make this an even more enticing destination, both the parking lot and the waterfall itself are easy to reach: just take Morgan Park east of Highway 141.

The path to the falls is signposted from there, so the parking lot is not difficult to find.

The short, scenic hike to the falls starts here, and the looped trail measures just under half a mile.

Although there are no amenities near Long Slide Falls, you can reach Morgan Park by traveling two miles east.

Morgan Park offers lots of activities, including camping, swimming, and a picnic area.

If you’re more interested in seeing natural wonders than in camping, you can hike (or drive) to the Smalley Falls, half a mile north-west.

Where to stay: Romantic Wood Cabin – Pembine, WI

13. Dave’s Falls, Amberg

a short waterfall through a rock with vegetation - Dave’s Falls, Amberg
Dave’s Falls

Also located close to Pembine, the Dave’s Falls are split into two drops: a wider upper fall of around 6 ft and a narrow, lower drop of 10 ft.

These Wisconsin falls lie in a gorgeous, thick forest, and the surroundings are said to be just as beautiful as the waterfall.

To reach the waterfall, head in the direction of the town of Amberg, just off the US 141.

Taking County Park Rd west from the US 141 will take you to the park and a short walk leading to the waterfall.

While Dave’s Falls may not be a destination in itself, it’s a popular stop for visitors on a tour of the Marinette County waterfalls, which include the Long Slide Falls and the Eighteen Foot Falls.

The region is particularly scenic in fall, which makes it suitable for a Wisconsin fall getaway.

Where to stay: Exxon Quik Stop & Motel – Wausaukee, WI 54177

14. Eighteen Foot Falls, Pembine

a small waterfall cascading through rocks - Eighteen Foot Falls, Pembine
Eighteen Foot Falls, Pembine

Just like Dave’s Falls, the Eighteen Foot Falls is on the Pike River, not far from the town of Pembine.

This area is perfect for a couple’s getaway, as Pembine has one of the most romantic hotels in Wisconsin.

This is a great choice for the most adventurous visitors, as there are no well-maintained paths or stairs to reach the waterfall.

It’s thus perfect when looking for cool things to do in Wisconsin in winter.

Seeing the Eighteen Foot Falls up close requires only a short hike, but the terrain is rather wild and unkempt, which makes it somewhat difficult but all the more rewarding ­excursion.

The trail itself is a good candidate for the best hike in Wisconsin.

However, no viewing platforms or artificial vantage points are available, so it may be challenging to get a good view of the waterfall.

Bear in mind that there are no fences or railings here, so this trip may not be suitable for kids!

Where to stay: Romantic Wood Cabin – Pembine, WI

15. Foster Falls, Gurney

a narrow waterfall between big rocks with trees atop - Foster Falls, Upson
Foster Falls, Upson

Another wild waterfall with no railings or platforms, the Foster Falls, drops 25 ft into the Potato River.

It’s not the easiest waterfall to reach, but it’s definitely worth the effort, especially if you’re on a larger tour of waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin.

The lack of active maintenance means that you can clamber onto the rocks and explore the area as much as you like.

The Foster Falls is located 5 miles north of Upson in Iron County. To reach it from the WIS 122, head west onto Sullivan Fire Lane.

Where to stay: Beautiful Riverside Home – Upson, WI

16. Saxon Falls, Saxon

three separate waterfalls from a big on with lush pine trees around - Saxon Falls, Saxon
Saxon Falls, Saxon

We’re back on the Montreal River, on the border between Wisconsin and Michigan. The Saxon Falls are located 5 miles northeast of the town of Saxon, Wisconsin.

This waterfall measures an impressive 90 ft, although rather than forming a dramatic vertical drop, it’s split into several smaller falls.

Compared to the other waterfalls on this list, The Saxon Falls are some of the most difficult to reach.

It’s definitely best suited for adventurous hikers who enjoy a challenge!

It’s located over one of the deepest gorges in the Midwest, and there are no platforms or stairs to help visitors reach the waterfall.

There is a dam and power plant on the Montreal River close to the falls.

To start your hike towards the Saxon Falls, head to the dam. You’ll find a trail here that will lead you to the waterfall.

Keep in mind that in difficult weather conditions or in high water, it may be impossible to hike the trail!

Where to stay: Beautiful Riverside Home – Upson, WI

17. Houghton Falls, Washburn

a small waterfall to a body of water with tall  narrow trees - Houghton Falls, Washburn
Houghton Falls, Washburn

Located inside a state Natural Area, the Houghton Falls is north of the town of Washburn, right near the shore of Lake Superior.

Rather than being part of a river, this is a small waterfall formed of rainwater or melting snow, depending on the season.

Because of the low volume of water here, the falls are best visited in spring, after rainfall.

Even if the water isn’t flowing through, the area is still definitely worth a visit. The surrounding forest and the glen above the falls are enough to make for a great day out.

There are no steep or difficult climbs here, so it’s perfect when planning weekend trips in Wisconsin with kids especially.

There are several other cool things to do in Northern Wisconsin as well in order to make your trip more memorable.

Make time to visit the Houghton Falls State Natural Area, Thompson’s West End Park, and the Memorial Park.

To get to the Glen and the falls, take Houghton Falls Rd east from Highway 13.

While you’re in the area, make sure you stop by the Houghton Point Cliffs!

Where to stay: The Washburn Inn – Washburn, WI 54891

18. Willow Falls, Hudson

a beautiful large cascade of waterfalls with two people walking by - Willow Falls, Hudson
Willow Falls, Hudson

Highly accessible and incredibly impressive, the Willow Falls are around 10 miles northeast of Hudson, Wisconsin, in the Willow River State Park.

This waterfalls near Rhinelander is split into several drops, the highest of which measures about 15 feet.

The combined height of 45 feet is made all the more impressive by the overall size of the waterfall. The Willow River is about 100 ft wide here!

The shortest trail leads down into the gorge. Even though it’s only about a quarter mile in length, it’s very steep and can be challenging!

Longer trails are available (just over 1 mile one way), as well as an easy path suitable for kids and beginner hikers.

Where to stay: Cozy Cottage – Hudson, WI

19. Morgan Falls, Marengo

waterfalls going through a body of water with brown and black rocks - Morgan Falls, Mellen
Morgan Falls, Marengo

Though the Morgan Falls are some of the highest falls in Northern Wisconsin at 70 ft, they are also one of the narrowest, measuring only 2 ft across.

The narrow stream of water makes its way down a near-vertical rock face, creating a truly memorable view.

The Morgan Falls is located in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and requires a 1.2-mile hike (round trip) to reach.

Because the stream is so narrow here, it’s best to visit this waterfall in Spring.

However, it’s worth noting that the trail is a popular snowshoe destination in winter as well.

While you are in Mellen for a vacation, you can even plan a trip to the Apostle Islands.

The things you can do on the Apostle Islands include cruising, sailing, and hiking.

Where to stay: Cabins near Apostle Islands – Bayfield, WI 54814

20. LaSalle Falls, Florence

a large waterfalls between rocks - LaSalle Falls, Florence
LaSalle Falls, Florence

The LaSalle Falls on Pine River measures 22ft in height, all in one spectacular drop.

A series of rapids downstream add to the roar of the water and make the experience all the more memorable.

The waterfall is located south of Florence, Wisconsin.

To reach the parking area for the falls, take LaSalle Falls Rd north from County Highway C. From here, you can get started on your way toward the falls on foot.

The trail is fairly long (1.9 miles out and back), but it’s not a difficult hike, suitable for all skill levels.

Directly accessing the waterfall is much more challenging, involving a steep climb over slippery rocks.

Where to stay: Log cabin on beautiful Keyes Lake – Florence, WI

21. Twelve Foot Falls, Dunbar     

brown and white water on the rapids at Twelve Foot Falls
Twelve Foot Falls, Dunbar

One of my favorite hidden gem waterfalls is the Twelve Foot Falls.

These are some of the best Northern WI waterfalls to spend a quiet afternoon, and no one seems to know about them!

These stunning Wisconsin falls are located in Twelve Foot Falls Park in Dunbar, so you can spend the whole day here with the family—and even camp at the park!

Despite the name, the Twelve Foot Falls is actually eighteen feet at its highest, which is still small compared to some of the waterfalls Northern Wisconsin has to offer.

Where to stay: Romantic Wood Cabin – Pembine, WI

22. Brown County, Fonferek’s Glen, Green Bay     

waterfall at Fonferek’s Glen with brownish water and rocks
Fonferek’s Glen, Green Bay

Fonferek’s Glen is a 1.4-mile light loop trail near Green Bay that features a gorgeous 30-foot waterfall.

Visitors must stick strictly to the path as the Fonferek’s Glen Conservancy Area which it is located within, is full of dangerous cliffs and terrain.

However, the Glen has one of my favorite Wisconsin caves and waterfalls in one! Behind the waterfall is a cave-like area where visitors can enjoy the roaring falls.

Although lesser-known, Fonferek’s Glen is definitely worth including on a Wisconsin waterfalls road trip!

Just be careful to be out by sunset as they lock the gates, and you’ll be trapped inside until morning.

Make sure to stop by and enjoy all the other amazing things to do in Green Bay.

Where to stay: Lodge Kohler **** – Green Bay, WI 54304 – check out this guide on the best hotels and resorts in Green Bay.

23. Gile Falls, Gile

a backpacker looking back to a mountain which is blurry

Gile Falls is a small waterfall just outside of the northern town of Gile, WI. You’ll find it on your Wisconsin waterfalls road trip off of Highway 77, west of Hurley, WI.

However, it can seem awkward to visitors as there is nowhere to park except by pulling over to the side of the road and following one of the trails that leads to the falls.

Just be careful not to wind up walking into any private property and accidentally trespassing.

The falls are located near the historic Penokee Iron Range Trail, and you are likely to find both the trails and the waterfalls to yourself during your visit!

Where to stay: Days Inn by Wyndham Hurley *** – Hurley, WI 54534

24. Grandfather Falls, Merrill

cascades at Grandfather Falls wisconsin
Grandfather Falls, Merrill

The Grandfather Falls is a segment along the Ice Age Trails, one of the best hiking trails in Wisconsin. The whole segment is around 4 miles long.

In total, the Grandfather Falls has a drop of 89 feet, making it the highest waterfall along the Wisconsin River. 

But if you’re looking for big waterfalls in Wisconsin, you might be disappointed by this waterfalls near Minocqua.

Rather than one large fall, the Grandfather Falls is spread out over multiple cascades that resemble rapids.

However, these unique Northern Wisconsin waterfalls are still absolutely worth visiting, and the hike itself is its own worthwhile attraction.

These are some of the most unique waterfalls near Eagle River, WI, making it a great day trip.

Alternatively, at just a 2-hour drive from Wisconsin Dells, you should also take advantage of the hiking in Wisconsin Dells and see more of the Ice Age Trail!

There are also waterfalls near Wisconsin Dells which you might want to visit, too!

Where to stay: The Waters of Minocqua **** – Tomahawk, WI 54548 – one of the best spa resorts in Wisconsin. You can also check out my full guide on the best hotels in Minocqua. And for complete relaxation check out the best Northern Wisconsin resorts on lakes.

25. Kimball Falls, Hurley

large rock next to multicolored trees

While Kimball Falls might be one of the smaller falls on here, it is worth stopping by due to its proximity to some of the best waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin.

It is within a 30-minute drive of several big waterfalls in Wisconsin, such as Saxon and Superior Falls.

Kimball is one of many great waterfalls near Ashland, WI, so it’s worth stopping off just to enjoy your surroundings – normally without anyone else around.

Additionally, Kimball Falls Park is a beautiful area and a great place to spend the afternoon or have a picnic.

This is one of the most handicap-accessible waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin, as many entail a bit of a hike up to the falls.

Where to stay: Days Inn by Wyndham Hurley *** – Hurley, WI 54534

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26. Luna-White Deer Falls, Eagle River

fall foliage Wisconsin, Eagle River in Fall

Luna-White Deer Falls is a beautiful waterfall tucked away in the forests of Mercer, North Wisconsin. This waterfalls near Tomahawk is around 30 miles north of the town.

The falls are a sight to behold, with water gently cascading down among the trees. It’s a peaceful spot where you can feel close to nature. 

To visit Luna-White Deer Falls, you can take a leisurely hike along the trails leading to the waterfall. 

Remember to bring comfortable shoes and enjoy the tranquility of this hidden gem in the woods.

Where to stay: Super 8 by Wyndham – Eagle River, WI 54521

27. Devil’s Punchbowl, Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area, Menomonie

a frozen waterfall in the middle of a snowy forest
Photo Credit: Aaron Carlson – Flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

Located in Menomonie’s Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area, Devil’s Punchbowl is a unique geological formation featuring a small waterfall cascading into a bowl-shaped rock formation.

This waterfalls near Menomonie creates a picturesque scene that captivates visitors. 

The tranquil sound of rushing water adds to the serene ambiance of the area, making it a popular destination for hiking and nature enthusiasts alike. 

As visitors traverse the trails surrounding Devil’s Punchbowl, they are treated to stunning views of the surrounding forest and the geological marvel itself. 

With its accessibility and natural beauty, Devil’s Punchbowl offers a perfect retreat for those seeking solace and adventure amidst the wonders of the Wisconsin wilderness.

Where to stay: Cobblestone Inn & Suites – Menomonie, WI

28. Big Falls, Flambeau River State Forest

a deer is standing in the water with its reflection in the rvier with the vegetation at the back

Located in the Flambeau River State Forest, Big Falls is a stunning waterfalls near Hayward on the South Fork of the Flambeau River. 

It’s approximately 40 feet tall and offers a picturesque natural setting

The waterfall creates a pretty natural scene that’s great for taking pictures and enjoying the outdoors. 

To get there, you can drive to the Flambeau River State Forest and follow the signs to Big Falls. Walk along the trails to see the waterfall up close and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 

It’s a wonderful place to visit for anyone who loves nature and wants to see a stunning waterfall in Northern Wisconsin.

Where to stay: Timber Inn Motel – Phillips, WI

29. Wren Falls, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

waterfalls in the back in between big rocks with trees at the back
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Wren Falls is a lovely waterfall located in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest near Marengo. 

It’s a small waterfall with a drop of about 10 feet, hidden within the forest’s beauty. 

Take a short walk along the trails to reach the falls and admire the surrounding forest scenery. It’s a scenic spot where you can relax and enjoy nature’s tranquility. 

Wren Falls is a perfect destination for those seeking a quiet escape into Wisconsin’s wilderness.

Where to stay: AmeriVu Inn – Park Falls, WI 54552

30. Veterans Falls, Marinette County

water flowing over rocks in the middle of a river with wet rocks in front

Veterans Falls is a well-known waterfall found in Marinette County. It’s a favorite spot for swimming and having picnics. 

There are two tiers to the falls, with the upper tier being the more impressive.

It’s a great place to spend time outdoors with friends and family, enjoying the water and the surrounding nature. 

If you’re looking for a fun day out in Marinette County, Veterans Falls is the perfect destination.

Where to stay: Lakefront Cottage – Crivitz, WI 54114

Map of Wisconsin Waterfalls

best waterfalls in north wisconsin

Short FAQ about the best Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

What are some of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin?

There are several beautiful waterfalls in Wisconsin and to name a few are Amnicon Falls, Potato River Falls, Upson Falls, etc.

What is the highest waterfall in Wisconsin?

Located within the Pattison State Park in Douglas County, Big Manitou Falls is the highest waterfall in Wisconsin.

What are the best Wisconsin waterfalls with easy access?

Upson Falls, Long Slide Falls, Willow Falls, and Kimball Falls are the best Wisconsin waterfalls with easy access.

What are the best waterfall hikes in Wisconsin?

Some of the best waterfall hikes in Wisconsin include those in Pattison State Park, Amnicon Falls State Park, and Copper Falls State Park.