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30 Most Romantic Spanish Phrases

The best romantic Spanish quotes and phrases for your sweetheart

If you’re planning a romantic getaway to Spain, why not make it even more special by learning some of the most romantic Spanish phrases?

With its colorful language and lyrical dialects, there are plenty of beautiful words and expressions to express your feelings.

Whether it’s reassuring your partner that they’re loved or simply helping yourself express a few impassioned sentiments, knowing some Spanish will definitely add an extra layer of warmth to any rendezvous abroad.

If your sweetheart has a good sense of humor, you shouldn’t miss these funny Spanish quotes.

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1. Me gustas (mucho)

romantic spanish phrases (8), me gustas mucho

When you are getting to know someone, that may be your ideal partner, there are some short Spanish phrases that may be useful to express this affective state.

Me gustas (mucho) means ‘I like you (a lot)’ and it can be the perfect way to let somebody know how special he or she is becoming.

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2. Te quiero

After a reasonable period of time, a Me gustas mucho can turn into a Te quiero, without scaring anyone. This is one of the basic Spanish phrases to say ‘I love you’.

Although, as mentioned above, Spaniards are quite romantic by nature, they usually wait until they are completely sure about their feelings to say that out loud.

So, if your partner tells you this, it probably means that he or she wants to start a serious relationship with you.

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3. Te quiero hasta el infinito y más allá

romantic spanish phrases (9), Te quiero hasta el infinito y más allá

One of the most common romantic Spanish sayings, which comes from the film Toy Story, is Te quiero hasta el infinito y más allá. Its literal meaning is ‘I love you to infinity and beyond’.

It may be considered a variant of the traditional ‘I love you’ but, by saying that, who is speaking wants to show that he or she does it so much.

It’s one of the most romantic Spanish phrases out there.

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4. Te quiero con toda mi alma

romantic spanish phrases (10), Te quiero con toda mi alma

Another Spanish romantic phrase to express the same emotion is Te quiero con toda mi alma.

It is usually heard in Andalucía and it can be translated as ‘I love you with all my soul’.

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5. Te quiero un huevo

romantic spanish phrases (11), Te quiero un huevo

Some of the most used Spanish phrases, not only in the context of couples but also between friends is Te quiero un huevo.

It may be considered an informal way to say I love you and it can be literally translated as ‘I love you an egg’.

This is quite the funniest of romantic Spanish phrases!

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6. Te amo

When Te quiero doesn’t seem to be enough to show how in love you are, you can say Te amo. It is one of the most well-known and simple Spanish phrases; however, it is considered cheesy by some Spaniards.

As a curiosity, it doesn’t have a literal translation in English but it is roughly equivalent to ‘I love you so much’.

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7. Te adoro

Personally, I consider Te adoro as one of the sweetest Spanish phrases. Its meaning is ‘I adore you’ and it implies not only loving you but also recognizing your positive qualities.

If you want to let somebody know that you think he or she is awesome, this sentence may be your best ally.

This is one of the most common romantic Spanish phrases and definitely a very positive Spanish saying.

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8. Te echo de menos

Te echo de menos

There are several useful Spanish phrases to talk about love and Te echo de menos is essential. Its literal significance is ‘I miss you’.

 If you are going to use this sentence, be careful with the spelling! In Spanish, the echo of echar de menos is written without h, whereas hecho means done.

Confusing these words can be judged very negatively by someone who is beginning to know you, as it is a serious spelling mistake!

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9. Eres mi media naranja

romantic spanish phrases (12), Eres mi media naranja

If you want to make someone aware of the fact that he or she complements you perfectly. Here you have one of the most common Spanish phrases to express it!

Eres mi media naranja is the equivalent to say ‘You are my better half’ although its literal translation is ‘You are my half orange’.

10. Eres el hombre/mujer de mi vida

romantic spanish phrases (13), Eres el hombre/mujer de mi vida

The Spanish word for my love is Mi amor.

However, you can also use the expression Eres el hombre de mi vida, if you are speaking to a man; and Eres la mujer de mi vida, if you are referring to a woman to say the same, but in a more poetic manner.

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11. Eres el amor de mi vida

romantic spanish phrases (14), Eres el amor de mi vida

A similar expression, and probably one of the most common Spanish phrases, used to express the same feeling mentioned in the previous section is Eres el amor de mi vida.

It can be translated as ‘You are the love of my life’ and there is a debate between those who consider this expression sweet and those who firmly believe that it is a little bit corny.

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12. No eres Google pero tienes todo lo que busco

romantic spanish phrases (15), No eres Google pero tienes todo lo que busco

On my personal list of fun Spanish phrases, No eres Google pero tienes todo lo que busco is on the top ten.

Its meaning is ‘You are not Google but you have everything I am searching for’.

My advice is to make clear that you are joking or whoever is listening to you may think that you are slightly dumb.

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13. Eres mi rincón favorito de ….

malasana madrid spain

This may be the perfect sentence for our adventurous readers!

Among the wide range of common Spanish travel phrases to tell someone that you love him or her, this is just my favorite!

Moreover, the best part of it is that you can adapt it to the place you are visiting together.

Eres mi rincón favorito de… means ‘You are my favorite spot of…’ and it should be followed by the name of the city, in which you are building special memories.

There is a song of the Spanish group Pereza called Madrid, which is responsible for the popularity of this quote.

14. Fuiste, eres, y siempre serás, mi más bonita casualidad

romantic spanish phrases (16), Fuiste, eres, y siempre serás, mi más bonita casualidad

You could never stop talking about romantic Spanish poems and this phase could perfectly be in one of them.

If meeting your partner was the product of a random chance, this is definitely your ideal saying.

The literal significance of Fuiste, eres y siempre serás, mi más bonita casualidad is ‘You were, you are and you always will be, my most beautiful chance’, which is perfect to let your beloved know how grateful you are to have found him or her.

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15. Estoy enamorado de ti

If you simply want to say ‘I’m in love with you’ avoid resorting to complicated romantic Spanish quotes. A mere Estoy enamorado de ti will have an immediate effect on your lover! 

I hope you are reciprocated with a Yo también, whose meaning is ‘Me too’ but if the answer is Gracias, you should start to move on.

Enamorado” is also one of the most used Spanish love words to say to your special someone.

16. Me tienes en el bote

One of the Spanish love phrases you should know is Me tienes en el bote because what is said doesn’t have a direct link with what the words of the sentence mean.

The literal translation of this expression is ‘You got me in the jar’ but its corresponding meaning is ‘I’m in love with you’ or ‘I like you a lot’.

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17. Me encantas tal y como eres

romantic spanish phrases (1), Me encantas tal y como eres

Not many romantic words in Spanish are needed to make your partner understand that you are in love with him or her.

Sometimes when a couple begins to fall into the routine and the first doubts arise, you may want to remind your couple that he or she is special and unique.

In this case, do not hesitate about saying Me encantas tal y como eres, whose literal translation is ‘I love you just the way you are’.

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18. Me gusta tenerte en mi vida

sustainable fashion blogger paulina

A romantic saying in Spanish is Me gusta tenerte en mi vida, which literally means ‘I like having you in my life’.

It is a nice expression to show your partner or your best friends that you are grateful for sharing moments together. 

19. Mi corazón palpita como una patata frita

romantic spanish phrases (2), Mi corazón palpita como una patata frita

When talking about funny Spanish phrases in a romantic context, Mi corazón palpita como una patata frita is one of the most popular ones. It means “My heart beats like a French fry”.

It was popularized by a TV show from the 80’s and it has became on of the most catchy Spanish phrases among young people.

20. He estado pensando en ti

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When someone has been occupying your thoughts throughout the day, several loving Spanish phrases may help you to demonstrate your feelings.

One of the sweetest ones is He estado pensando en ti, whose meaning is ‘I’ve been thinking about you’.

This is also one of the basic phrases when looking to impress your beloved one in Spanish.

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21. Eres la persona más maravillosa del mundo

romantic spanish phrases (3), Eres la persona más maravillosa del mundo

One of the most beautiful Spanish phrases for love, that will allow you to tell your couple that he or she is amazing is Eres la persona más maravillosa del mundo, which can be translated as ‘You are the most wonderful person in the world’.

My personal advice is to use this expression for special occasions to make it truly meaningful.

22. Tengo mono de ti

There are several cool Spanish phrases, that maybe are not so romantic, but yet your partner will love to hear!

Tengo mono de ti is the same as saying ‘I miss you’; however, its significance is stronger because mono is the Spanish word used to describe the feeling you experience when you quit drugs.

So its a way to express you are really looking forward to spending some quality time with your beloved.

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23. Todo es más bonito si estás conmigo

romantic spanish phrases (4), Todo es más bonito si estás conmigo

Todo es más bonito si estás conmigo means ‘Everything is nicer if you are with me’.

It can be considered one of the most romantic Spanish phrases and it could be the perfect way to start a wedding proposal!

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24. Queda mucho por sentir

Being romantic in Spanish is easy! Just try to remember this sentence: Queda mucho por sentir.

Its literal meaning is There is still a lot to feel and whoever listens to that will appreciate your desire to share special moments and to create beautiful memories together.

25. Suspiros llenos de ti

I personally consider this phrase to be in the list of Spanish love phrases that might be a little bit cheesy or old-fashioned. Nevertheless, lots of locals think it is a sweet expression and they consider it as a great Instagram caption.

Suspiros llenos de ti means ‘Sighs full of you’ and it relates the typical in-love sighs with the person loved.

Personally, suspiro is also one of my favorite romantic Spanish words.

26. Te volvería a decir sí un millón de veces

romantic spanish phrases (5), Te volvería a decir sí un millón de veces

When you have already got married, Te volvería a decir sí un millón de veces is a lovely way to tell your husband or wife that marrying him or she was the best decision you have ever made.

Although there are different Spanish love quotes that can be used to express the same feeling, the literal significance of this one is ‘I’d say yes a million times’.

27. En tus días malos te voy a querer el triple

romantic spanish phrases (6), En tus días malos te voy a querer el triple

There are beautiful Spanish phrases that will cheer your partner up immediately!

En tus días malos te voy a querer el triple means ‘On your bad days I will love you triple’.

It is a nice expression to show your support when your partner may be living a difficult moment, and I am sure everybody appreciates some extra love when he or she is feeling a little bit down.

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28. Muero de amor

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Muero de amor is usually said when you see a beautiful situation or someone is making you feel very special.

This expression literally means ‘I’m dying of love’ and it is included in my list of cute Spanish phrases to show that you are in love.

It is not one of the most common Spanish tourist phrases, but now you know its meaning I am sure it will be really useful to you!

29. Estás como un tren

romantic spanish phrases (7), Estás como un tren

There is also space in this article for some Spanish flirty phrases that can be used in an informal context.

However, make sure that conversational Spanish phrases like these are aimed at people who correspond to you sentimentally; otherwise, you may give rise to awkward situations.

Estás como un tren is a form of pyrotechnics and it may be understood as ‘You are so hot!’, although its literal significance is ‘You are like a train!’.

30. ¿Quieres casarte conmigo?

Romantic young couple on beach vacation, staycation couple ideas

Have you ever seen any romantic Spanish movies? If you have done that, I am sure you have heard our famous¿Quieres casarte conmigo?

It is used to ask your beloved to marry you and that’s precisely its literal meaning. In the past, it was usually said by boys to girls. However, it is changing nowadays and both members of the couple can propose.

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Short FAQ about Romantic Spanish Phrases

What are some of the funniest sounding words in Spanish?

Tons of humorous Spanish phrases contain some of their funniest sounding words; for example Te voy a achuchar cuando te vea.

Achuchar is a synonym of abrazar, whose meaning is ‘to hug’. The whole sentence is to say ‘I’m going to hug you when I see you’

What are some words and phrases that are used in Spain but sound weird in Mexico?

There is a wide variety of expressions used in Spain but not in Mexico. Here you have a selection of encouraging Spanish phrases to go out that may not have sense in Mexico.

¡Salgamos a bailar! means ‘Let’s go dancing!’ but Mexicans would say ¡Salgamos a pistear!.

Another expression that represents what we are saying is ¡Démosle una oportunidad a esta discoteca!; in this case, Mexicans would say ¡Démosle un chance a esta discoteca!, which means ‘Let’s give an opportunity to this disco!’.

What are the most useful phrases in Spanish?

Some of the most important everyday Spanish phrases are: ¿Dónde está el baño?, which can be translated as ‘Where is the toilet?’; ¿Cómo llego a…?, whose meaning is ‘How do I get to…?’; and ¿Cuánto cuesta esto?, that is to say ‘How much is that?’.