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25 Fun Things To Do in Sal, Cape Verde

A guide to Sal, Cape Verde with the best things to do on Sal, Cape Verde, hotels and tours

Olá from Cape Verde – or, more precisely from Ilha do Sal (Salt Island). That’s where I landed after sailing for 7 days from La Gomera to Sal, Cabo Verde. Time to explore!

Despite its limited size, there are plenty of things to do in Sal, Cape Verde.

Sal is supposedly the most touristy destination when traveling Cape Verde and a good start if you’re all new in the Cape Verdean archipelago.

For my part, I can’t wait to just check in at a nice hotel and enjoy beach life, for some time only – then discover what to do in Cape Verde, Sal Island.

The picture shows a beach with a very clear torquoise water and white sand. It is on a sunny bright day.
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Overview: Top 10 Best Things to do in Sal, Cape Verde

  1. Visit Pedra de Lume Salt Mines
  2. Watch Turtles
  3. Spend the day relaxing on the beach
  4. Enjoy traditional Cape Verdian food
  5. Visit the Palmeira
  6. Go Scuba Diving in Sal
  7. Try Kitesurfing on Kite Beach
  8. Visit Buracona, the Blue Eye Lagoon
  9. Go hiking and enjoy the panoramic views
  10. Explore the Island by Car Hire

Personal note:

For some, Santa Maria Beach might seem like an artificial tourist hub. Which it totally is!

Locals get their water cut off so that tourists can take long, warm showers, on a desert island!

Thus, if you want to get some of the authentic Cape Verdean atmosphere, I recommend either staying in Palmeira and/or visiting other islands such as the green gem Santo Antao, the cultural hot spot of Mindelo in Sao Vicente, etc.

Don’t mistake Cape Verde for being only about beach holidays & sun, which is the main thing to do on Sal.

In fact, Cape Verde has a million more things to offer!

It is an especially great option for eco-friendly travelers, and there are many options for sustainable holidays in Cape Verde.

You can read my full guide on Cape Verde to get the most out of your trip to this amazing archipelago.

cape verde traveling guide, photo with link for facebook travel group reading "Got Questions? Cape Verde Group, join now!"

What To Do in Sal, Cape Verde

1. Visit Palmeira

Enjoy shopping in Sal, Cape Verde, boats moored by wooden hut next to wall running along street with people walking by under a blue sky with clouds
Palmeira’s harbor

By boat, I arrived in Palmeira, home to the main port of Ilha do Sal.

As Ilha do Sal is a small fishing village, you can easily visit all the main spots in a few hours.

But first, I needed to get my visa at the local police station, and that’s when I realized that Cape Verde has a different rhythm.

For starters, in Cape Verde, 5 minutes can mean at least 1 hour! For a “quick” coffee, calculate at least 30-40 min!

So it’s no wonder that “No Stress!” is the unofficial mantra of the archipelago.

That being said, Palmeira is a great place to enjoy the relaxing, Cape Verdean vibe first-hand.

Afterward, I realized that Palmeira is, with Espargos, the most authentic city in Sal.

Santa María, in the south, is quickly on the way to becoming a tourist stronghold.

What I liked most about Palmeira was its colorful housefront front, which gave it an almost Caribbean feel.

Plus, the prices in Palmeira are half what they are in Santa María, making it much more affordable to visit.

Visit Palmeira with a full-day tour or a half-day excursion from Santa Maria

cape verde sales image

2. Road Trip From Palmeira to Santa Maria

Discover what to do in Sal Cape Verde, colourful painted sign for Bar Arminda Ha Cafe showing old ship with large sails under the name Alexander von Humboldt
Palmeira is the first harbor for sailors coming from the Canary islands

It takes around 40 minutes to get from Palmeira to Santa María.

To get there, take an aluguer (a bus with no fixed schedule that leaves when it’s full) to Espargos (0,50 €) and then another one to Santa María (1 €).

Indeed, it is a fun ride to enjoy the wind breeze in your hair and watch the desert landscape of Santa Maria; I had quite an adventurous feeling.

If you are looking for things to do in Sal, a road trip by aluguer or a guided tour, is definitely a must.

Book here your full-day tour or half-day excursion from Santa Maria

3. Hang out at Santa Maria, Cape Verde

Dine at the best restaurants in sal, cape verde, wooden boardwalk next to water with people crouched over wide buckets with a wooden board for cutting fish
Fish market in Santa Maria

Santa María, the end station of Sal’s main road, is a bubbly and colorful village and on the way to becoming a major tourist destination.

Big hotels are in construction and tour operators increase their volumes every season.

Prices are high, comparable to Northern Europe. 

The fantastic sandy beach with turquoise water and the perfect conditions for kitesurfing are its main attractions.

You’ll find some of the best beaches in Cape Verde here, and you may never want to leave.

Nevertheless, you can still see at any corner tracks of the African-Creole atmosphere like at the Mercado Municipal where you can buy local fruits and crafts.

Please visit the tailor from Senegal, he is a true artist!

I couldn’t resist to order him a tailor-made dress with cloth from Guinea-Bissau.

In a few hours, he tailors you any model from your favorite fashion magazine!

Here, tourism can support a local craftsman.

Book here the best tours in Sal, Cape Verde

Enjoy the nightlife in sal, cape verde, busy beach side next to clear blue waters with trees and buildings in the distance

4. Visit Pedra de Lume Salt Mines

Plan out what to do in cape verde sal, wooden sign reading "Salinas de Pedra de Lume 1805" standing in wide open space of bare rolling hills
Welcome to the salt mines of Pedra-de-Lume

Sal’s major attraction is, guess what? The salt mines!

You easily get there by any island tour from Santa Maria (25 €) or by aluguer to Espargos and by taxi to Pedra-de-Lume village.

This place seems to be a personified ghost town; a place where ships come to die.

The “village” has gone from the richest place on the island to an almost godforsaken spot.

100 years ago, the salt mines gave the island international fame until they became unprofitable – Nowadays, you visit them for 5 €.

I loved the sensation of floating in the salty water.

Even when you’re standing on both feet, you’re still not sinking! Its mud will get you a baby skin again and all my skin blemishes just vanished!

For me, the salinas of Pedra Lume are definitely a must-do when visiting Sal and also one of the best things to do in Cape Verde.

Book here your entrance ticket to the salt mines

Explore things to do in santa maria cape verde, people standing on a jetty next to wooden tables with boats moored nearby  to a low rock seawall with ocean waters in the distance

5. Visit Espargos, Sal, Cape Verde

Find the best things to do in santa maria, cape verde, small child sitting with dog in front of building with colourful yellow painted wall featuring black star with red and green points and the words "Cabo Verde Sempre"
House front in Espargos

In Espargos, you’ll imbibe the authentic Capeverdean life.

Take your time for a coffee and popcorn on the main square and watch life passing by.

Indeed, most locals do not live in Santa Maria, but in Espargos or Palmeira.

Do some shopping at small, independent shops to support the local community.

It’s a great way to have sustainable holidays in Cape Verde.

The administrative capital has the most important viewpoint of the island: a hill obscured with satellites controlled by the US, and from which you can oversee the entire island (only 216 km²!).

Visit Espargos with a full day tour or half-day excursion from Santa Maria

6. Turtle Watching in Sal, Cabo Verde

Wander around new places to visit in sal cape verde, white sandy beach with areas of green foliage next to tall viewing point structure and people in the distance
Lighthouse of Santa María – The beach is known for its turtles

Did you know that Cape Verde is recognized as the third most important nesting area for loggerhead turtles in the world?

Between May and October, you’ll have the opportunity to assist turtles nesting and laying their eggs, as well as baby turtles hatching and making it for the sea.

The activity is carried out at night and you should always keep your distance to the turtles.

Keep in mind that it’s forbidden to go to the hatching areas on your own!

But you can go with a guide – just be a respectful traveler and always listen to your guide!

However, some of the beaches are closed during the breeding season.

Book here your turtle watching experience in Sal, Cape Verde

7. Chill at the Beach, Santa Maria

Answer the question of what is there to do in sal cape verde, white sandy beach with colourful boats resting both on the sand and moored nearby out to sea and a blonde woman sitting on the far left boat
Cape Verdean boats have something special

The beach of Santa Maria, southern Sal, Cape Verde, is one of the main reasons why travelers visit Sal.

Indeed, the sand is golden and very fine and the turquoise-colored water will remind you of the Caribbean.

It is just the perfect place to relax, unwind and forget all your troubles.

There are several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a drink or a meal with a sea view.

Sal boasts a few beaches, but the one at Santa Maria is definitely the most famous and most beautiful one.

This makes Sal one of the best places for your winter sun holidays in Cape Verde.

Book here the best Sal Cape Verde excursions

8. Try Kitesurfing on Kite Beach, Sal

Discover what to do in santa maria cape verde, birds flying low over a white sandy beach with patches of green grass and low hills in the distance
Kite Beach, Sal, Cape Verde

9. Scuba Diving in Sal

Enjoy the best things to do in sal cape verde, clear turquoise waters lapping gently at a long sandy beach with people walking along the shore next to small buildings and huts

Sal is a great place to go scuba diving because the waters surrounding the island are home to a vivid underwater life.

Whether it will be your first time doing a SCUBA dive or if you are already a half-pro, you’ll love the experience.

Some of the animals that you’ll see are for example turtles, pufferfish, and little sharks (they don’t do anything though).

If you are super lucky, you’ll even spot some whales!

Please remember to be respectful when you do a scuba immersion, and don’t take anything out from the sea, only memories!

Book here your scuba diving experience in Sal, Cape Verde

Find out what to see in sal cape verde, person jumping next to brightly coloured red and yellow building with tall tree with wide hanging branches
Fully in love with Sal’s colors
Take part in the best things to do on sal cape verde, painted wall featuring a map of Cabo Verde next to the wooden shutters of a window
Colorful housefronts in Palmeira

10. Explore the Island by Car Hire

One of the best ways to explore the island is by renting a car in Santa Maria and just visit the island on your own.

This way of traveling is particularly interesting for those who are more adventurous and don’t necessarily want to follow a guide.

An island tour with a rental car can be done in half a day.

However, if you really want to enjoy the local vibe and get to know the local grind, I recommend taking your time and spread out the tour throughout the day.

Please note that you shouldn’t drive off-road as you might risk getting stuck and you might destroy the (sparse) local vegetation.

Check here the car hire deals in Santa Maria

11. Go Snorkeling

Explore what to do on sal cape verde, turtle with ornate shell and markings on its fins swimming past the sunken wreck of a boat sitting in the murky waters of the sea
The fascinating underwater world of Cape Verde

Have you always wanted to get started with snorkeling?

Or do you already have plenty of experience when it comes to snorkeling?

Your vacation in Sal, Cape Verde might be the perfect moment to do a snorkel tour in Santa Maria.

The underwater fauna of Sal is extremely colorful and intriguing.

It’s definitely one of the best things to do in Sal!

The good thing about snorkeling is that you can always come to the surface again.

That’s why I often prefer snorkeling over scuba diving. 

In order to see the most colorful sites, I recommend taking a boat tour with a snorkeling experience in order to make the most of your time. – Check prices here

12. Have traditional Cape Verdian food

Take part in these sal activities this summer, plate of tuna carpaccio sitting on a placemat with old style map drawings on a wooden table
Tuna carpaccio at the salt mines

During your trip to Sal, Cape Verde, you can’t miss indulging in local food from Cape Verde.

Of course, there are plenty of international options such as pizza, ice cream, and more.

However, I recommend making the most of your stay and exploring the beautiful Cape Verdean hospitality and tasty gastronomy.

The most famous dish is, without any doubt, catchupa, which is a stew of hominy and beans with fish or meat.

Sometimes, they even add a fried egg or a linguiça (local sausage).

Every home and every restaurant has its recipe, so it will be a different experience every single time.

Some of the best restaurants in Santa Maria, Sal are:

  • Sabores Livros Bar/Restaurante
  • CapeFruit
  • Cam’s – Mercearia Gourmet
  • Restaurante Barracuda
  • Restaurant Compad – try their Caldeirada fish soup
  • Café Criolo – amazing cachupa
  • Café Relax – great value and their homemade cake is amazing!

Find more places to eat in Sal, Cape Verde in the Ultimate Cape Verde Travel Guide Book filled with hidden gems.

13. Do a day trip to Boa Vista

Don't miss these things to see in sal cape verde, sweeping sand dunes rolling smoothly into the distance under an azure blue sky with white fluffy clouds
Sand dunes in Viana desert – Deserto de Viana in Boavista – Cape Verde – Cabo Verde

Depending on how long you stay in Sal, the island can quickly become very small for you.

Indeed, the main tourist hub is Santa Maria, in the south of the island, is not that big, and you can explore most of it rather quickly.

As a result, you might want to change the setting and explore another island of Cape Verde.

Why not hop on to Boa Vista, the neighboring island?

Boa Vista is a beach island particularly famous for its Viana Desert.

Although the desert is just one of many exciting things to do in Boa Vista.

Another highlight of any day trip from Sal to Boa Vista is a visit to the shipwreck.

The best way to get from Sal to Boa Vista and any other Cape Verdean island is by plane.

Check here the island flights

14. Go Shopping in Santa Maria, Sal

Discover the top things to do in sal cape verde, person wearing ornate patterned red dress and holding another energetically patterned garment inside a boutique
Getting myself a nice dress

My favorite place to shop in Sal is the local market.

Here, you can find plenty of fruits and vegetables and lots of local artisan shops.

My favorite one is the atelier of a Senegalese tailor where I got myself an African-themed dress and it was ready in less than 2 days.

It’s definitely one of the best souvenirs from Cape Verde I could think of.

I love approaching the street stalls with local fruits and sweets run by African women because you never know what they’ll hold for you.

In November, it is the high season for papaya and bananas, which are delicious.

But also here, prices are comparable to North Europe.

Sometimes, they sell delicious sweets with coconut and brown sugar. Yummy!

15. Do a sailing tour from Santa Maria

Take some retail therapy by shopping in Sal, Cape Verde, people waving on a white sailing boat sitting in the sea under a cloudy blue sky

After my boat hitchhiking adventure across the Atlantic ocean, I am definitely hooked to life on a boat.

To me, it is some of the most relaxing ways to travel and on top, it is one of the most sustainable ways to travel too!

Another advantage of going on a sailing tour in Sal, Cape Verde is that you’ll get to know fellow travelers and that you’ll enjoy different views on the coast of the island.

Most boat tours in Sal, Cape Verde include hotel pick up, drinks and even lunch.

Check here the best Sal Cruises

16. Visit Buracona – Blue Eye Lagoon

Don't forget your itinerary of what to do in sal cape verde, tiered natural rock formations with pool of clear green tinted water leading out to wide ocean under a clear blue sky
Buracona in sal Island Cape Verde – Cabo Verde

The “Blue Eye” also known as the Buracona lagoon in the north of Sal, is one of the highlights of every Sal round tour.

Included in almost every day tour, the lagoon is considered one of the top things to do in Cape Verde.

But what makes Buracona Lagoon so special? It’s the magic of the light!

Indeed, this beautiful underwater cave turns magic blue and turquoise by the sunlight.

Check here the rates and review the island tours including the Buracona lagoon

17. Enjoy grogue and ponche

Dine at the finest restaurants in sal, cape verde, three bottles of locally produced alcohol sitting next to the base of a tree with white rocks and green plants nearby
Try local drinks

After enjoying all the beauty of Sal, Cape Verde, it is about time to taste some of the most famous drinks from this Cape Verdean island. 

Indeed, you cannot leave Sal, without trying a grogue or a ponche.

Available in most, local Cape Verdean bars, grogue and ponche are a great after-dinner drink.

Considered as the national drink of Cape Verde, grogue can be compared to rum as it is distilled from sugar cane with an alcohol rate of 40%. 

Grogue is the basis for ponche: a cocktail with molasses and different fruits. My favorite one is honey ponche and passion fruit ponche!

18. Do a hike for panoramic views

Get lost in the vibrant nightlife in sal, cape verde, wide open plain with a tall mountain in the distance under a grey sky

First, Sal is not the best Cape Verdean island for hiking, so you might be better off visiting Santo Antao, Fogo or Brava.

However, if you are a hiking lover, and you want to explore the island on foot, I recommend hiking to the Serra Negra Natural Reserve.

Located next to Murdreira, the natural reserve is the highest point of Sal with 104 m.

You can find the area between Ponta da Fragata in the south and Ponta do Morrinho Vermelho in the north.

The natural reserve is considered as an important site for birdwatching.

Discover what to do in cape verde sal, person walking off across a wide open plain towards the tall hills and mountains in the distance under a cloudy sky

19. Do a quad tour

Explore the best things to do in santa maria cape verde, brightly coloured red and blue building with hand painted maps of local islands and a palm tree on the side next to a stack of chairs and a table
Bar in Palmeira, Sal, Cape Verde

One of the most fun ways to explore Sal is by quad.

Even though it is not a sustainable way to travel, renting a quad bike in Santa Maria, Sal is becoming one of the most popular ways to discover Sal.

Be aware that the island is often very dusty and that you’ll end up covered in dust and sand!

Prices for renting a quad or doing a guided island tour on a quad range 70-90 €.

Check here the rates and reviews

20. Do a tour with a local guide and explore secret places in Sal

Try out some things to do in santa maria, cape verde, two colourful wooden boats sitting on the beach next to the rusted ruins of a much older boat with coastline and stone buildings in the distance
Where ships come to die – Pedro Lume

Going on a tour with a local expert is the best way to explore the hidden and secret places to see in Sal, Cape Verde.

I love exploring new places with a guide as you learn so much more about a place.

Because behind the shiny resorts and fancy bars of Santa Maria, there lies the beautiful creole culture that is absolutely worth exploring.

On top, a local guide will easily provide you with insightful answers about the Cape Verdean language, history and culture. – Check prices here

Get here the best selection of activities and tours in Sal, Cape Verde – from scuba diving to desert adventures and much more.

Wander amongst the best places to visit in sal cape verde, blue and white church building standing in a barren plain under a cloudy blue sky
Church of Pedra-de-Lume, the first church of Sal

21. Have dinner with locals

Find out what is there to do in sal cape verde, table covered in plates of different foods including seasoned white rice, fried potato wedges, spiced dip, meat off the bone and mixed vegetables
Local food in Cabo Verde

Many locals will tell you that the best restaurants in Sal, Cape Verde are their own kitchens.

Sharing food with local residents of Sal that was cooked by them and made with local produce is a wonderful and delicious experience.

There is even an app that helps you to do this: Resirest, which connects visitors to a country with people who live there.

This allows them to share food together and build connections between people from different nations.

Dining with locals is one of the best things to do in Sal Cape Verde because everyone loves a well-cooked meal.

22. Enjoy nightlife in Sal, Cape Verde

Nightlife in Sal, Cape Verde can be just as vibrant and exciting as the daytime.

From bars and cafes to clubs and pubs, there are numerous things to do on Sal Cape Verde during the evening and nighttime.

You can even book a turtle walking tour with a guide at night – it’s one of the most unique Sal activities.

For more excitement, head to Santa Maria in the south of the island. Here you can find lively creole music and people walking and dancing in the streets.

Anyone wondering what to do in Santa Maria Cape Verde will know when you’ve got a delicious cocktail in your hand and the beat kicks in.

23. Visit the fish market

Dive into what to do in santa maria cape verde, three people standing on a stone pier using knives to carve up fish caught that day
Fisher mens in Pedra Lume harbor in Sal Islands – Cape Verde – Cabo Verde

This is one of the most important places to visit in Sal Cape Verde.

The fish market at Santa Maria pier is home to one of the leading industries of the island.

You’ll be able to watch the fishermen bring in their hauls, and you can take pictures of them with impressive catches like sharks and giant tuna.

Experiencing the lively vibe of the fish market is one of the most distinct things to do in Santa Maria Cape Verde.

Lots of restaurants choose to go to the fish market for the freshest seafood shopping in Sal, Cape Verde.

From the pier, the day’s catch is taken to the restaurant kitchens and then to your plate.

24. Sleep at Sal’s first hotel: Hotel Morabeza

what to do in Cape Verde, close up of salt mine beach with mountains in the distance

Sitting proudly right next to the beach in Santa Maria is Hotel Morabeza, the first hotel on Sal.

Make sure to plan out your list of what to do in Sal Cape Verde while sitting poolside with a glass of wine at this 4 star hotel.

Originally started by a Belgian couple in the 1960s, this hotel boasts 88 rooms and 33 suites, complete with balconies, terraces and gardens.

It’s a great place to relax after a day finding everything to see in Sal Cape Verde.

Hotel Morabeza also has multiple bars and restaurants, both indoors and out by the beach, serving everything from breakfast and brunch to gourmet meals and cocktails.

25. Wading with baby sharks

Enjoy the best things to do in sal cape verde, underwater view looking up at swimming baby shark near surface of water
Swimming with baby sharks

If you’re wondering what to see in Sal Cape Verde, I can strongly suggest one of the most exciting experiences for ocean lovers: wading with baby sharks!

Head to the east side of Sal Cape Verde and you’ll find the appropriately named Shark Bay.

In these shallow waters you can wade in water shoes amongst baby lemon sharks.

Lemon sharks can grow up to 11 feet in length, but they are mostly harmless to people as they only eat greens and other fish.

The waters at Shark Bay are shallow enough for most children over the age of 4-year-old.

Families thinking about what to do on Sal Cape Verde should definitely not miss this fun activity!

Best Hotels in Sal, Cape Verde

Find amazing things to do in Sal Cape Verde, fishermen at dawn in Sal Island Cabo Verde
Early morning fishing in Cabo Verde

Palmeira is one of the largest towns of Sal, Cape Verde, Santa Maria, and is the main hub in the southern part of the island.

Most hotels, activities, and restaurants are located here.

You can read my full guide on where to stay on Cape Verde for more information on areas and types of accommodation available.

Where to stay in Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde

In Sal, you can find hotels and resorts for any budget.


Pontao Hotel
Ouril Hotel Julia
Hotel MiraBela (Les Alizés)


The Budha Beach Hotel
Odjo d’Agua Hotel


Hotel da Luz
Sobrado Boutique Hotel
Angulo House


Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort
Oasis Salinas Sea
Melia Dunas Beach Resort & Spa
Melia Llana Beach Resort & Spa
Melia Tortuga Beach Resort & Spa

Some Photographic Impressions from Sal, Cape Verde:

Discover what to see in sal cape verde, wide open plain with tall hills and mountains in the distance under a cloudy grey sky
Try out these things to do on sal cape verde, the skeletal structure of a building standing alone in a wide brown plain under a grey sky
Plan out what to do on sal cape verde, white buildings and wooden towers standing amidst a wide open plain with tall hills in the distance
Take part in all the best sal activities, two colourful wooden boats sitting on the beach next to the rusted ruins of a much older boat with a backdrop of the sea and more coastline
Scenery of Pedra-de-Lume
Read up on the things to do in santa maria cape verde, wooden hut next to flooded area of land with long hillside behind
Salt Mines
Head to all the best places to visit in sal cape verde, two people sitting on stone cobbles and carving ornate wooden sculptures by hand
Wood artists in Santa María

I stayed in Ocean Suites. Located at Santa María’s main square, this hotel counts 6 carefully decorated suites, named by famous Cape Verdean singers.

cape verde sales image

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