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30 Most Funny Spanish Words

Are you looking for some laughs on your next Spanish vacation?

Idioms and regional dialects may vary from country to country, but there is one thing that all Spanish-speaking regions share: hilarious words!

From literal translations to double entendres, many amusing phrases emerge from the language.

In this blog post, I’ll explore funny Spanish words and the quirkiest terms in Spanish language.

I promise an entertaining and enlightening read— so if you’re ready to have a good chuckle while broadening your understanding of Spanish culture, keep reading!

funny spanish words
Happy mood guaranteed!

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1. Palangana

A palangana is a basin or a flat bowl that locals use to serve big quantities of food. 

Most funny Spanish slang words like these are hilarious because it evokes the image of a large family celebrating a banquet around a big table and the tummy ache to precede the abundant meal. 

2. Pantufla

Some funny Spanish phrases contain the word pantufla

It is an informal way to mean ‘sneaker’ and it is the traditional utensil that Spanish mothers used to throw at their children when they misbehave.

3. Descuajeringar

Descuajeringar is one of the most interesting Spanish words because it means something similar to ‘wrongly manipulate’.

When you descuajeringas something, you are making a mess of it.

This funny Spanish slang word is also used as an adjective by teenagers, meaning that someone or something looks awful. 

4. Petunia

There are several beautiful words in Spanish that name different kinds of flowers.

Petunia is a quite common flower in Spain and locals usually place them on their balconies because they are very colorful and easy to keep alive. 

Not knowing exactly why it may be considered one of the most popular and funny Spanish names of the day.

5. Mondongo

Cool Spanish words like mondongo may be considered part of the funny Spanish slang words of young locals.

Mondongo is the Spanish word to refer to the stomach and guts of an animal; however, it is commonly used to talk about a conflict or confusing situation. 

A mondongo is a vague word that can describe a big fight at the entrance of a disco, a lost person on the mountain, or an unclear explanation, among other complicated scenarios.

6. Cantimplora

You will probably never see the word cantimplora in Romantic Spanish phrases because this funny-sounding word is the Spanish equivalent of a canteen.

It is truly hilarious when young children try to say it and they misspell its syllables. 

7. Tubérculo

Funny sayings in Spanish may contain the word tubérculo, which is ‘tubercle’ in English. 

What makes this word hilarious is the fact that the last two syllables of this word mean ‘butt’.

As you may appreciate it is also a kind of childish humor but older people still find it funny.

8. Osobuco

Some funny Spanish words are related to food.

The word osobuco probably sounds hilarious to us because it is a compound noun that comes from Italian.

Its literal significance is ‘hollow bone’ and although in Spanish it should be hueso hueco, locals do not translate these Italian words.

9. Latifundio

Some fun words to say in Spanish are quite technical.

It is the case of the word latifundio, which belongs to the agriculture sector.

Latifundio can be defined as a large extension of land used to cultivate eatable goods. 

The English translation of this word is ‘latifundium’.

10. Alcachofa

This may be my funny Spanish word of the day. 

An alcachofa is an ‘artichoke’ but Spaniards also use this word to refer to the shower faucet.

It seems impossible to explain which is the association between the vegetable and the tap, but I can ensure you that if you say I need a new alcachofa in a hardware store in Spain, they will know what you want.

11. Sacapuntas

There are some funny words in Spanish in the school context and sacapuntas is one of them. 

Its translation in English is ‘sharpener’ but it may be considered peculiar because literally means ‘tip (of a pencil) bringer’

It also appears in one of the most popular Spanish Quotes about life Sácale punta a la vida, which can be understood as ‘make the most of your life’.

12. Hipotálamo

The hipotálamo is a small region of the brain, the ‘hypothalamus’ in English.

This word may be also considered one of the most fun Spanish words because it has something in common with the word ‘hippo’ in Spanish but nothing with the actual animal.

What is Spain known for is great scientists, who probably won’t find this word funny, but it is for the rest of us.

13. Intríngulis

Intríngulis may be considered a synonym of the already mentioned mondongo.

According to the Real Academia Española (RAE) the meaning of this word is ‘difficulty or complication’.

This word may be one of the most appealing Instagram captions in Spanish; however, it is also beautiful in English. The translation is ‘intricacies’.

14. Meticuloso

Most funny Spanish insults to describe a peculiar way to procced is meticuloso, which is an adjective to describe someone who proceeds to pay attention to the details.

When talking about the word tubérculo, it doesn’t matter what the term means because as long as it contains the syllables culo (which means ‘butt’ in Spanish) it will sound droll.

15. Chirimoya

Some funny sentences in Spanish will contain the word chirimoya, which sounds hilarious in our language.

A Chirimoya is a tropical sweet fruit, whose translation is ‘Cherimoya’.

This word is even funnier in English because it looks like a misspelled to Spaniards.

16. Apicultor

Apicultor may sound like someone to address Spanish love quotes.

However, nothing further from reality because an apicultor is someone who takes care of bees. 

As a curious fact, life On Earth without bees would just last 4 years. Maybe that’s a good reason to start dedicating some romantic Spanish love quotes to beekeepers.

17. Purpurina

Purpurina should be on your list of cute words in Spanish although it may be considered the nightmare of some parents.

In English, purpurina is glitter, and having children who love it, may have you cleaning your home all day long!

Nevertheless, words like these are funny things to say in Spanish!

18. Otorrino

When talking about funny phrases in Spanish about jobs, otorrino may be considered one of the most popular ones. 

An otorrino is a doctor who specialized in the ears, nose, and throat. 

19. Ringorrango

When someone you trust asks you how are you feeling, you may answer ringorrango. 

You may find this word in some Spanish Quotes about friendship and it is a sincere way to express that you are feeling a little bit down. 

As you may notice, it is not a word that will appear in positive quotes in Spanish.

20. Chanchullo

Funny Spanish quotes with the word chanchullo will refer to situations in which people are not acting transparently to get their objectives. 

Funny Spanish sentences containing this word allow you to show your disproval of this behavior because it has a negative connotation.

It doesn’t have a literal translation in English the following example may let you understand its meaning.

‘He made a chanchullo in order to get a day off’ means that someone has cheated to get a holiday. 

21. Cháchara

Several motivational quotes in Spanish will emphasize the joy of living. 

Cháchara should be on your personal list of cute Spanish words to indicate a happy state of mind. 

Spanish travel quotes usually refer to great times, that’s why you may find the expression cháchara in some of them.

Some funny sayings in Spanish can’t be literally translated into English, and it is one of them.

However, I hope my explanation has helped you catch its meaning.

22. Ñoño

Easy Spanish words like ñoño are very easy to remember. 

Memorizing these kinds of basic Spanish words will allow you to quickly explain like a native speaker how someone is.

Ñoño is a synonym of sensitive and it has a tender connotation, it shows that it is cute to feel moved by a specific situation.

23. Adefesio

Adefesio shouldn’t be classified as kind words in Spanish because you can use it to refer to someone extremely ugly.

Some easy Spanish words have a literal translation into English.

That’s what happens with adefesio, whose meaning is ‘eyesore’.

Funny Spanish Quotes with the expression adefesio may be ideal to refer to your ex in a fit of anger.

24. Bobalicón

Insulting words in Spanish like bobalicón are common in conversations about someone who is not very clever.

Bobalicón means ‘chump’ and it is a colloquial expression to refer to dumb people.

However, these kinds of bad Spanish words allow you to tell what you think about someone without disrespecting them because it is a soft way to refer to this attribute.

25. Cantamañanas

Common Spanish Words like cantamañas are used to refer to someone that enjoys showing off or to those who are rude without a reason.

Some popular curse words in Spanish like these may be used in informal contexts to swear in order to let off steam. 

Its literal translation is ‘singer morning’ but it may be understood as ‘bullshitter’.

26. Culamen

There are also some dirty Spanish words like culamen which refers to a big butt. 

However, this expression has a positive connotation, it means that a butt is big but toned.

That’s why you should add this to your personal list of beautiful Spanish words.

27. Fantoche

It is possible to hear fantoche in some movies set in Spain because it is a soft expression, suitable for all audiences, to tell someone that he or she is easily influenced by others. 

In English, this Spanish word may be translated as ‘muppet’.

28. Mequetrefe

Everyday Spanish words like mequetrefe may be considered funny Spanish insults because it may be used to refer to someone that is insignificant physically or morally or to colloquially to refer to young children.

29. Pagafantas

There are a lot of hard Spanish words to refer to someone who is blinded by love but pagafantas is definitely one of my favorites!

This compound noun means ‘who pays the Fantas’ and it is commonly used to refer to men and women that invite their loved one to drinks in order to seduce them but they never achieve this goal.

30. Zamacuco

Cursing words in Spanish may also be funny.

This is what happens when you use the expression zamacuco, which can’t be literally translated into English but it may be understood as ‘person who, pretending to be clumsy or silent, manages to do his will’.

 As you should know by the end of this article, Spanish for funny is divertido.

When being in some of the most beautiful places in Spain, you may need hilarious expressions to impress your audience.

Do not hesitate about learning some of these 30 most funny Spanish words by heart, you never know when you may need them!


Wednesday 2nd of August 2023

Nice post! But... "Pantufla" is not what mothers use to hit her children, really is "Chancleta".


Monday 7th of August 2023

I love the detail! Finally it's up to the Mother what she can catch quicker: a pantufla or a chancleta (or chancla) :)