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90 Greatest Spanish Captions for Instagram

Are you looking for a way to add extra flare to your Instagram posts?

If you’re planning an upcoming trip, Spanish captions can be a great way to make your pictures stand out. From funny phrases to intriguing quotes, there is something everyone can benefit from.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss the greatest Spanish captions for Instagram – and how they can instantly upgrade any photo!

I’ll transform your timeline into an impressive showcase of language learning and cross-cultural experiences by exploring meaningful words and catchy one-liners. Ready? Let’s get started!

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Funny Spanish Captions for Instagram

Funny Spanish Captions for Instagram

Some of the most popular Spanish captions for pictures are funny quotes that will make your audience smile or laugh out loud when they read them. 

Here you will find a selection of some hilarious Spanish Instagram captions that I am sure not only would enrich your posts but also your followers will love!

  1. Necesito seis meses de vacaciones, 2 veces al año (I need six months, vacation twice a year)
  2. Corre y persigue tus sueños. Si no los alcanzas, al menos harás deporte (Run and pursue your dreams. If you don’t reach them, at least you’ll make some exercise)
  3. No hay nada mejor que un amigo, a menos que sea un amigo con chocolate (There’s nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate)
  4. Algunas veces finjo ser normal, pero me aburro y vuelvo a ser yo mismo (Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but I get bored and go back to being myself)
  5. Me gustan los hashtags porque parecen gofres (I like hashtags because they look like waffles)

Positive Instagram Captions in Spanish

Positive Instagram Captions

Spaniards are known as cheerful people, so it’s easy to find thousands of positive quotes in Spanish when surfing the Internet.

Choosing the most suitable positive Instagram caption may depend on the picture you want to post.

However, you will be able to find some positive Spanish song lyrics for Instagram captions, which never fail! Are you ready for them? Just keep reading!

  1. Cuando quieres algo, todo el universo conspira para que realices tu deseo (When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make your wish come true)
  2. La vida es bella y hay muchas cosas por las que sonreír (Life is beautiful and there are many things to smile about)
  3. Una mentalidad positiva te ayuda a triunfar, piensa bien para vivir mejor (A positive attitude helps you succeed, think well to live better)
  4. Escápate de lo ordinario (Escape from the ordinary)
  5. Bonita la vida (Life is beautiful)

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Baddie Captions in Spanish

Baddie Captions in Spanish

Some popular baddie captions in Spanish may help you show your personality’s daring yet attractive side.

If you want to catch everyone’s attention, take notes about this selection of the best baddie Spanish captions for Instagram.

  1. Drama es despertarse un domingo a las 5:30 de la mañana en lugar de acostarse (Drama is waking up on a Sunday at 5:30 in the morning instead of going to bed)
  2. Tu pasado no define tu futuro (Your past never defines your future)
  3. No dejes que las pequeñas cosas estropeen tu felicidad (Don’t let little stupid things break your happiness)
  4. Mi vida, mis reglas (My life, my rules)
  5. No te ignoro, solo te doy la importancia que te mereces (I don’t ignore you, I just give you the importance you deserve)

Romantic Spanish Captions for Instagram

Romantic Spanish Captions for Instagram

Spanish Instagram captions about love can be your best ally not only to throw hints to crush but also to make your followers fall in love with you. 

Below you will find several sassy Spanish Instagram captions to use as their powerful weapon.

Are you ready to discover some of the most romantic Spanish phrases or Spanish love quotes?

  1. Besarte es como ver las estrellas (To kiss you is like seeing stars) 
  2. Amar no es mirarse el uno al otro, es mirar juntos en la misma dirección (To love is not to look at each other, it’s to look together in the same direction)
  3. El amor todo lo puede (Love can do it all)
  4. Para quien ama, nada es imposible (For those who love, nothing is impossible)
  5. Mi única adicción lleva tu nombre (My only addiction bears your name)

Sad Spanish Instagram Captions

Sad Spanish Instagram Captions

If your Instagram feed reflects your life, you will also need some sad Spanish Instagram sentences to use when something is not going as expected.

Movies set in Spain have witnessed some of the most useful Spanish quotes about life to remind not only yourself but also others that it is normal to feel sad sometimes. 

  1. La vida continua, con o sin ti (Life goes on, with or without you)
  2. La vida es una tragedia en primer plano, pero una comedia en plano general (Life is a tragedy in the foreground, but a comedy in general)
  3. A veces, solo se puede olvidar y seguir hacia delante (Sometimes you can just forget and move on)
  4. A veces se gana, otras se aprende (Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn)
  5. No me sigas, yo también estoy perdido (Don’t follow me, I’m lost too)

Spanish Instagram Captions for friends

Spanish Instagram Captions for friends

When posting pictures with your besties, you may need cute Spanish Instagram captions to show them how blessed you feel about enjoying this special friendship.

Memories with friends may last forever, but it is worth keeping a record of them on your Instagram profile, just in case! 

Here you have a selection of the cutest Instagram captions for friends; I hope they love them!

  1. Deseo que seas tan feliz, que no sepas si vives o sueñas (I wish you were so happy, you don’t know if you live or dream)
  2. Los amigos son la familia que tú eliges (Friends are the family you choose)
  3. Cada mañana doy gracias por haberme cruzado contigo (Every morning I’m thankful I found you)
  4. Los tiempos malos traen buenos amigos (Bad times bring good friends)
  5. La amistad duplica las alegrías y divide las angustias por la mitad (Friendship doubles joys and splits anguish in half)

Spanish Instagram Captions for selfies

Spanish Instagram Captions for selfies

Spanish Instagram captions about love also include those regarding self-esteem.

Undoubtedly, these may be the best kind of sentences for your selfies.

Do not hesitate to show the world your confidence and self-esteem because loving oneself is essential for others to love you, too.

Do you need some help? Start by using these amazing Spanish captions for selfies!

  1. Enamórate de ti, de la vida y luego de quien tú quieras (Fall in love with yourself, with life, and then with whoever you want)
  2. Mejor llegar tarde que fea (It’s better to be late than ugly)
  3. ¡Sé el amor de tu vida! (Be the love of your life!)
  4. No necesito tus likes como aprobación (I don’t need your likes for approval)
  5. La felicidad puede existir solo en la aceptación (Happiness can exist only in acceptance)

Spanish Food Instagram Captions

Spanish Food Instagram Captions

Eating in Spain is a social event because there is nothing better than sharing a great meal with those you love. 

I hope you enjoy this list of varied Instagram captions to make your food experiences unforgettable!

If you love Spanish food, look at my must-eat snacks in Spain and the best Spanish wines to try!

  1. Dame el chocolate y nadie saldrá herido (Give me the chocolate and nobody will get hurt)
  2. Las personas a las que les gusta la comida son siempre las mejores personas (People who like food are always the best people)
  3. ¿Te imaginas comer y no postearlo en Instagram? (Can you imagine eating and not posting it on Instagram?)
  4. Sí, salir a flirtear mola, pero ¿alguna vez probaste la paella? (Yeah, flirting is cool, but have you ever tried paella?)
  5. Una comida sin postre es como un traje sin corbata (Una comida sin postre es como un traje sin corbata)

Spanish Captions for Beach and Holiday Pics

Spanish Captions for Beach and Holiday Pics

If you travel to the Spanish coast, I am sure you will visit paradisiacal beaches that will make you fall in love.

So, you will probably need some Spanish beach Instagram captions to express your astonishment.

  1. Encontré el paraiso aquí (I found paradise here)
  2. Sol, mar y arena…¡eso es todo lo que quiero!  (Sun, sea and sand… That ‘s all I want!) 
  3. No lo dejes para mañana, ¡viaja hoy! (Stop saying tomorrow, take a trip now!)
  4. Viviendo mi mejor vida en esta playa (Living my best life in this beach)
  5. Todo mejora con un baño en el mar (Everything gets better with a bath in the sea)

Spanish Instagram Captions for Nature Lovers

Spanish Instagram Captions for Nature Lovers

Spain is not only known for its gorgeous beaches, so you should also learn some Spanish summer Instagram captions referring to mountainous areas.

Indeed, some of the most beautiful places in Spain for nature lovers will force you to use some beautiful Spanish Instagram captions to emphasize the amazing experience you are having!

  1. Esta puesta de sol es algo que nunca olvidaré (This sunset is something I’ll never forget )
  2. Dejé mi corazón aquí (I left my heart here)
  3. No todos aquellos que divagan están perdidos (Not all those who wander are lost)
  4. Este es mi lugar feliz (This is my happy place)
  5. La naturaleza es el arte de Dios (Nature is the art of God)

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Spanish Captions for Instagram from Songs

Spanish Captions for Instagram from Songs
Castle of Cardona, Spain

Some Spanish lyrics can be used as short, catchy, inspiring Instagram captions. Indeed, choosing thoughtful and cool Spanish quotes will improve the quality of your profile and I am sure your followers will appreciate your sharing beautiful Spanish phrases from songs.

  1. Y la vida siguió, como siguen las cosas que no tienen mucho sentido (And life went on, as things that don’t make much sense)
  2. Que venga la magia y estemos solos (Let the magic come being us together and alone)
  3. No hables de futuro es una ilusión (Don’t talk about the future, it’s an illusion)
  4. Te voy a escribir la canción mas bonita del mundo, voy a capturar nuestra historia en tan solo un segundo (I’ll write you the most beautiful song in the world)
  5. Lo que no deja secuela, se queda en nada (What leaves no sequel, stays in nothing)

Spanish Birthday Captions for Instagram

Spanish Birthday Captions for Instagram

If you are thinking about congratulating a birthday cutely and originally, this is your section!

Below you will find the best Spanish birthday captions for your Instagram feed.

  1. Me alegra informarte de que tu niño interior aún no tiene edad (I’m happy to inform you that your inner child is not yet old)
  2. Estoy tan contenta de que esta hermosa persona siga existiendo un año más (I’m so glad this beautiful person still exists one more year)
  3. Convertir mi cumpleaños en un estilo de vida (I will turn my birthday into a lifestyle)
  4. No son los años de tu vida los que cuentan, es la vida de tus años (It’s not the years of your life what counts, it’s the life of your years)
  5. Cumplir años tiene una desventaja y una ventaja: no ves las letras de cerca, pero a los idiotas los ves desde lejos (Birthday has a disadvantage and an advantage: you don’t see the letters closely, but you see idiots from far away)

Short Spanish captions for Instagram

If you are looking for quick and short Spanish caption fro Instagram to spice up your posts, I got you covered:

61. Aventuras sin fin. 🌍

62. Bajo el sol y las estrellas. ☀️✨

63. Sonrisas de verano. 😄🏖️

64. Viviendo al máximo. 🙌🌟

65. La vida es bella. 🌺❤️

66. Momentos que perduran. ⏳💫

67. Explorando nuevos horizontes. 🌄🌎

68. Amor y risas. 💖😂

69. Sintiendo la brisa. 🌬️🌊

70. Días de aventura. 🌴🌞

One word Spanish captions for Instagram

If you want to add spice to your Instagram posts, try using one word Spanish captions!

Not only do they add a touch of exoticness to your pictures, but they’re also a fun way to practice your Spanish skills.

Whether you’re sipping on a margarita or exploring a colorful market, there’s a one-word Spanish caption for every moment. “Vida” for life, “amor” for love, “playa” for beach… the possibilities are endless!

71. Felicidad (Happiness)

72. Aventura (Adventure)

73. Amor (Love)

74. Viaje (Travel)

75. Sonrisa (Smile)

76. Playa (Beach)

77. Naturaleza (Nature)

78. Libertad (Freedom)

79. Serenidad (Serendipity)

80. Soledad (Solitude)

Spanish captions for Instagram with meaning

Spanish language is known for its romanticism and poetic nature, making it the perfect choice for creating captions that are not only beautiful but meaningful.

With every word carefully chosen, your followers will admire your photos and the messages accompanying them.

Plus, using Spanish captions gives you the unique opportunity to share a different culture and language with your audience, adding a personal touch to your social media presence.

81. Cada día es una nueva oportunidad para ser feliz. (Every day is a new opportunity to be happy.)

82. Amar es encontrar la felicidad en la sonrisa de alguien más. (To love is to find happiness in someone else’s smile.)

83. La vida es un sueño, y tú eres el soñador. (Life is a dream, and you are the dreamer.)

84. Los recuerdos son tesoros que atesoramos en el corazón. (Memories are treasures we hold in our hearts.)

85. Caminando hacia nuevos horizontes. (Walking toward new horizons.)

86. La simplicidad es la máxima sofisticación. (Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.)

87. La mejor forma de predecir el futuro es creándolo. (The best way to predict the future is to create it.)

88. Nunca es tarde para seguir tus sueños. (It’s never too late to chase your dreams.)

89. La gratitud convierte lo que tenemos en sufficient. (Gratitude turns what we have into enough.)

90. El viaje de mil millas comienza con un solo paso. (The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.)

What is Spain known for can’t be summed up easily, so I wanted to offer you some varied Spanish captions for Instagram.

I sincerely hope that they will be useful to you to enrich your Instagram profile and show everyone your proficiency in Spanish!

Have a look at my web story about Spanish Instagram captions.

Want more Spanish Captions For Instagram? Check out our webstory.


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I want some Spanish sayings for single ladies because it sounds so deep & romantic! like One didn’t bother, other cared too much I didn’t stop checking on you because I didn’t care, I stopped checking because you didn’t The loneliest people are the kindest The most damaged people are the most generous If they want to talk to you, they will. If they want to see you they will find a way. If they want you, they’ll make the effort. If a shoe doesn’t fit, you don’t blame your foot. it was a lie, what you said but I'll go ahead and believe it for little while. Imagine how much shit you could avoid if you knew someone's true intentions from the start. I did not mean to fall that deep but I felt your soul and I jumped heart first Do you ever crave someone? Not for sex. But for their touch kiss, voice, or even just their presence.