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What To Pack For Tenerife in Winter (10 Must-Haves)

Do you want to know what to pack for Tenerife in winter? No worries, here are the Tenerife winter essentials!

Getting ready to go on a vacation in the Canary Islands but unsure what to pack for Tenerife in winter? You’ve come to the right place! 

Deciding what to bring with you on an island destination during—of all seasons—wintertime can be a little confusing at first but don’t worry: I’ve got you. 

With so many things to do and places to see in Tenerife, it’s crucial to bring the essentials: items you can use during your trip, no matter the activity, to keep yourself comfortable and safe from the elements. 

To ensure you’re ready to enjoy the Island of the Eternal Spring to the fullest, let’s look at the things you should bring with you as you travel Tenerife.

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a notebook with a packing list on top of a pink jacket, peach cardigan, and some clothes in a luggage

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Quick overview on what to pack for Tenerife in winter

an orange backpack, a gray duffel bag and a blue bag opened with clothes inside

Here are just some of the things to consider when preparing your Tenerife packing list essentials:

For mild days with a lot of sun:

For colder days:

For chilly evenings:

  • Since it can get very cold at nighttime, consider warmer layers like a fleece or light coat
  • This is the best time to wear jeans or other long pants to stay warm. 
  • A pair of comfortable closed shoes can also help!

For rainy days:

  • Tenerife in winter can include some rain showers, so bring a raincoat!
  • Bring a small umbrella, especially if you’re spending time in the island’s northern part since there’s a higher chance of rain in this area. 

When deciding what to wear in Tenerife in December, these are just some of the basic things to remember and take note of. 

Remember that the items you’ll need to bring may vary greatly depending on key things like where you’re going and the type of activities you’ll be doing. 

Make sure to take these into consideration when you decide what to pack. 

1. Swimwear and Beach Essentials

Shot of young friends in swimwear standing together by the lake and laughing. Men and woman enjoying a day by the lake.

Don’t forget your swimwear when thinking of what to pack for Tenerife in December or winter because it’s still warm enough to hit the beach!

That’s one of the things you’ll have a lot of fun doing: visiting different beaches across the island. Don’t miss out on the best beaches in South Tenerife.

Here are just some things to bring with you: 

Winter temperatures can vary, but as an island destination, you bet there’s always an opportunity to bask under the sun during your stay. 

Whether considering what to wear in Tenerife in February or any other time of the year in Tenerife, you’ll never go wrong by bringing swimwear.

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2. Layered Clothing for Daytime Adventures

top zero waste fashion designers, biracial woman wearing dark blue quilted sweater over white tee and blue jeans

With so many places to visit and activities to do, it’s essential to stay comfortable when choosing what to wear in Tenerife so you can really enjoy yourself to the fullest! 

Whether hiking in one of the island’s many trails or simply enjoying a boat ride off the coast, here are clothing options to choose from. 

Considering what to wear in Tenerife in June may be slightly different than what you would during wintertime but here’s a tip: 

I’ve found that the key to staying comfortable wherever I go is knowing how to correctly layer clothes to suit the weather and temperature. 

Tenerife is no exception! 

  • For an outer layer, choose something windproof and waterproof. 
  • Using fleece in between layers can help with insulation—this is more important than you think! 
  • Choose breathable base layers that manage moisture and sweat well.

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If you’re planning things to do in Tenerife in February, note that it’s one of the coldest months of the year so layered clothing is even more important. 

In fact, no matter where you plan to go or stay in Tenerife, it’s a rule of thumb to be prepared for anything regarding what to wear. 

There’s just no telling when it comes to the weather, and, until there’s a surefire way we can start predicting it, it’s just better to be safe than sorry!

3. Comfortable Footwear

ethically made running shoes, person in grey and mint green shoes standing on a rock while hiking

From sandy beaches to rugged hiking trails, proper shoes should be non-negotiable regarding what to pack for Tenerife in winter.  

Since there will be a lot of walking around on the island, the proper footwear can make a difference so you don’t tire quickly or get into unwanted accidents.  

Make sure you have at least one of the following. 

If you’re hunting for things to do in Tenerife with kids in tow, having the wrong footwear is the last thing you’ll want to worry about. 

It’s not overkill, promise—you’ll thank me later! 

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4. Rainy Day Gear

waterproof vegan winter coats, grey waterproof cotton coat from Thought

Rain is unavoidable, even in the land of eternal spring! 

Though it’s limited to just a few days during winter, it’s still possible, especially in the island’s northern part. 

Choosing the best winter apartments in Tenerife is important if you’d rather stay in when it’s raining. 

But if you still want to go exploring anyway, here’s what to pack for Tenerife in winter to prepare for possible rain: 

You can also consider looking for things to do in South Tenerife with fewer rain chances. 

Even then, bring rainy-day gear anyway because you never know! 

Going back to layering clothes, it also comes in handy, especially if the weather suddenly takes a turn and you’re caught outdoors. 

5. Evening Attire for Dining Out

young white woman in red dress with small white pattern

Looking to dine out or explore the top nightclubs in Tenerife? You’ll want to dress up for that!

Stay stylish and comfortable at the same time, especially since winter temperatures in the evenings can be very cold. 

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Make sure to look up things to do in Costa Adeje, Tenerife where Playa de las Américas is if you’re looking at making the most out of the island’s nightlife. 

There’s no shortage of places to go to even at night, especially in winter! 

But if you want to enjoy yourself, you’ll want to be dressed appropriately and as comfortably as possible according to the weather. 

6. Outdoor Adventure Gear

paulina outdoor blogger hiking

If you’re visiting for adventure activities, you may want to be more particular when deciding what to pack for Tenerife in winter! 

As someone who visited for this very reason, here are the things I consider to be important when deciding what gear to bring: 

Bring other appropriate gear like gloves or a helmet if you plan to bike. It’s going to depend on the activity you’ve got lined up. 

If you’re not sure, do some research so you won’t be caught unprepared! 

Check out more things to do in Tenerife in November to maximize your winter stay on the island.  

7. Sun Protection

Young woman in straw hat with a mash bag of fruit and reusable coffee mug. Sustainable lifestyle. Plastic free concept.

Even though the weather in Tenerife is mild, with the sun shining overhead, you still want to ensure you have some protection! 

With many things to do in Tenerife in December, you’ll most likely stay outdoors for long hours, exposed to all that sun. 

That said, it’s vital that you have the following with you: 

Do you feel like there’s still room during your winter vacation for additional activities? Here are more things to do in Tenerife in January

8. Tech and Gadgets

31eAG8wuEnL. SL500 - What To Pack For Tenerife in Winter (10 Must-Haves)

Indeed, just like me, you’ll want to document your beautiful time on the island! 

As far as what to pack for Tenerife in winter is concerned, you’ll want to bring only the essentials without forgetting to consider the weather and the places you will visit. 

If you plan to do nighttime activities, choose a camera with good low-light performance for the best photos, even in dimly lit areas and places. 

Other items you may want to bring include travel adapters since you’ll be traveling internationally and wall sockets may vary from country to country. 

Organizer bags can also help a lot, especially to keep things like different cables in check. It’ll also be easier to find what you need without digging around your bag. 

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9. Medications and First Aid

first aid kit smart travel

Part of having a good time while on vacation is ensuring you’re prepared in case something happens. 

Regarding what to pack for Tenerife in January, bringing a basic first aid kit wherever you go is always a good idea. 

Here are other things to include so you’ve got your bases covered: 

  • Enough supply of your prescription medication/s.
  • A complete supply of basic first aid items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers.
  • Medical documents or insurance information in case it’s needed.

Even as you travel to your next destination, when asking yourself what to bring from Tenerife, these things should always be part of your list. 

There’s no telling when emergencies can happen and it won’t hurt to be prepared. It’s better to have these on hand even if you don’t need them. 

10. Tenerife Packing List Essentials

Best lightweight water bottle for hiking; Black water bottle with clip lid

There are also other specific items you’ll want to bring with you as you travel around Tenerife. 

  • If you’re not already using euros as a currency, exchange the cash you have at the airport, the bank, or the post office before anything else!
  • Pack a reusable water bottle for long walks or hikes to access drinking water. 
  • To ensure you won’t have issues with charging your devices, bring a travel adapter that you can use on the island. 
  • Have your travel documents handy in case you’re asked for them: passport, driver’s license, copies of identification documents, travel insurance details, and even your itinerary. 

When traveling, it’s best when you’re ready for anything to ensure the best trip possible.

My favorite must-haves on what to pack for Tenerife in winter

Tenerife Weather Essentials

Pico del Teide at dusk - 3718 m high mountain and volcanic landscape of Teide National Park covered with snow. Tenerife Canary Islands Spain.
Pico del Teide at dusk – 3718 m high mountain and volcanic landscape of Teide National Park covered with snow.

What makes it ideal to spend your winter breaks in Tenerife is the mild and inviting weather.

Tenerife winter temperatures range from 18°C to 25°C (64°F to 77°F) during the day. 

Though mostly sunny, expect the evenings to be a little cooler at around 10°C to 16°C (50°F to 61°F). 

My final thoughts on what to pack for Tenerife in winter

sustainable rucksack, person walking while wearing backpack and holding coffee cup

This list is, of course, not the end-all and be-all of all packing lists! 

What to pack for Tenerife in winter may differ entirely from the items you’d bring with you any other time of the year.

It’s essential to think about where you’re staying and what your activities are going to be. 

Based on this information, you can customize and select appropriate clothing and gear that caters to your preferences. 

Have you been to Tenerife, or are you planning to visit the island yourself? If so, what winter packing tips can you share that aren’t included on this list. Share it with everyone in the comments below and help others prepare for their trip to the island! 

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Nat b

Friday 1st of December 2023

Great article! I always pack a large lightweight scarf- it makes a simple outfit more fancy, keeps your warm when it’s cold, can be used as a light layer when it’s hot. It can even be a towel or a hat in an emergency!