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25 Cool Mexican Quotes in Spanish 

The Spanish language is spread all around the world.

It is spoken as a mother tongue not only by Spaniards but also by Latin-American citizens from countries like Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Mexico.

Lots of Spanish quotes are typical of certain regions of these countries; nevertheless, their meaning is usually understood by all those who speak Spanish.

Mexican quotes in Spanish

This post will provide 25 cool Mexican quotes in Spanish that may need to be explained to those that did not grow up in Mexico.

1. ¡Ni que fueran enchiladas!

Funny Mexican sayings are quite common because locals have a great sense of humor.

Enchiladas are a kind of taco that Mexicans truly like and some of the best Spanish proverbs about love may refer to them.

The expression ¡ni que fueran enchiladas! can be used when something does not worth what someone is asking for or when a lot of people want something that is not as special as they think.

2. Andar con el Jesús en la boca

One of the most popular family quotes in Spanish is Andar con el Jesús en la boca.

As you may notice, one of the Christian quotes in Spanish is usually said by Mexican mums who are worried about something.

¡Ai, Jesús! ¡Ai, Jesús! is one of the most common Mexican quotes in Spanish to show you are worried.

If you say it a lot, someone will probably reply that andas con el Jesús en la boca, that is to say, that you need to calm down and stop being stressed.

3. Si la vida te da limones, pídete tequila

Mexican sayings about drinking are quite common among locals because their most iconic alcoholic drink is tequila.

Three steps should be followed to correctly drink a tequila shot.

First, you need to pour some salt next to your thumb and lick it. 

Quickly after that, you should bottom up your drink, and the last step is to bite a lemon slice.

Now you know that si la vida te la limones, pídete tequila probably makes more sense to you.

It means ‘If life gives you lemons, order a tequila’.

4. Me importa un cacahuete

Funny Mexican sayings in Spanish to mean that you don’t care about something can be easily found on the Internet.

One of the easiest ones is me importa un cacahuete, whose literal translation is ‘I care a peanut’.

5. El que es perico donde quiera es verde

Some romantic Spanish phrases can be useful to let someone know which are their strengths.

It is precisely what happens when you say El que es perico donde quiera es verde.

It is a Mexican expression that means that someone is very talented in everything he or she does.

6. Anda a ver si ya parió la marrana

Anda a ver si ya parío la marrana is one of the funny and positive quotes in Spanish to ask someone to find someone everybody is waiting for.

If you have planned a gathering with friends and someone texts you that is arriving but you can see him or her, one may say ‘go and see if the pig has given birth’.

Although it may sound awful in English, it is a cool Spanish saying.

7. Echarle limón a la herida

Echarle limón a la herida is a Mexican expression used when someone is making your pain worst with their comments or actions.

If you are going through a difficult time and instead of helping, your friends emphasize how bad your situation is, you can tell them No echéis limón a la herida.

The significance of these kinds of Spanish quotes about life is ‘do not pour lemon juice on my wound’.

8. Le das vuelo a la hilacha

Some beauty quotes in Spanish may help you realize you should change your attitude toward life.

When you hear le das vuelo a la hilacha, someone is warning another person about the fact that there is a need to change his or her behaviour to avoid negative consequences.

For example, if your son or daughter is not studying enough and they get some bad grades, you can use this Mexican expression to tell them that they need to start taking seriously their academic performance. 

9. Vámonos, que aquí espantan

If you are in a place or event you don’t want to stay, you can tell your friends vámonos, que aquí espantan.

Its literal translation is ‘Let’s go because this place sucks’.

It is a colloquial expression that can be used when you go to a disco and want to leave because you do not like the music or the people there.

10. Me caes gordo

Me caes gordo is definitely the opposite of cute Spanish love quotes.

Mexican quotes in Spanish like these are used when you can’t stand someone.

The English equivalent of saying ‘I don’t like you’.

As you may notice, it is not one of the best inspirational quotes in Spanish but it will definitely be really useful to invite someone to stop bothering you. 

11. Un ojo al gato y otro al garabato

When someone is multitasking, you can acknowledge this attitude by saying un ojo al gato y otro al garabato.

The translation of this Mexican saying is ‘one eye to the cat and the other one to the doodle’.

It can be one of the cutest Mexican sayings about love if you use it to mean that your couple is paying attention to all the details you consider important in your relationship.

12. Ya te dio el mal del puerco

One of the Instagram captions in Spanish that may suit your sunbathing pictures is ya te dio el mal puerco.

This Mexican expression means that you are relaxing or getting tired and you need to rest a little bit.

However, its translation is quite different from its meaning because the English equivalent is ‘the bad pig hit you’.

13. Voy a sacarle la sopa

Voy a sacarle la sopa is one of the best friend quotes in Spanish to ask for all the details about a specific situation.

Imagine that your best friend has been talking about someone he or she wants to meet and it finally happens.

Next time you see him or her, you can tell her voy a sacarte la sopa and this person will understand that he or she should catch you up by providing all kinds of details.

14. Me agarraste en curva

If you need some broken heart quotes in Spanish to show you did not expect a certain disappointment, you can use me agarraste en curva.

Mexican quotes in Spanish like these are common. 

This means that something negatively surprised you because you never imagined this could happen.

15. Armar un Pancho

Mexican quotes in Spanish to describe childish behaviors like armar un Pancho may be useful when sharing your time with young boys or girls.

This expression means that someone got really angry and he or she is being irrational.

Instead of using some inappropriate God quotes in Spanish to swear, you can maintain the forms saying that.

16. Dejaste la víbora chillando

Cute Mexican sayings to make someone politely aware of his or her trouble-making attitude can be perfect to avoid a bigger problem.

If you need to tell a friend that an issue has arised and this person is not facing the consequences of his or her actions, you can just say dejaste la víbora chillando.

Hopefully, this will help to remedy the situation.

17. Me estás dando el avión

Me estás dando el avión is not one of the romantic Spanish love quotes you would like to hear.

In fact, if someone is telling you this, this person thinks you are not paying enough attention to him or her.

Although it is a polite warning, you should definitely take him or her more seriously if you want to keep having a beautiful relationship.

18. Enchinchando el changarro

Family is very important in Mexico and some Spanish quotes for mum are aimed to make her aware of the fact that time is a treasure no one should waste on people that do not worth it.

If you need to tell this your mum, you can just say no dejes que enchinchen el changarro.

This expression means that your mum should not allow anyone to waste her time.

19. No te rajes

Cool Spanish quotes like no te rajes can be motivational Spanish quotes to your friends.

This saying means ‘don’t give up’ and it can be used to encourage your friends to follow their dreams.

20. Nada es más valioso que la risa

One of the most beautiful Frida Kahlo quotes in Spanish is nada es más valioso que la risa.

The translation of this saying is ‘nothing is more valuable than laughing’.

I guess we can all agree on how right she was.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about relationships, work, or family because the message of this expression remains true!

21. ¡La carne de burro no es transparente!

Popular Mexican sayings among children are usually funny.

This is precisely what happens with ¡La carne de burro no es transparente!

The translation of this expression is ¡Donkeys are not transparent!

They use it when someone is in the middle of their field of view.

22. ¡Ándele!

One of the most popular and funny Mexican quotes in Spanish is ¡Ándele!

The meaning of this expression is ‘Let’s go!’ and it is used to ask someone to hurry up, especially when you are late.

23. No te achicopales

Spanish slang words to encourage someone to keep fighting to achieve their goals are pretty common.

One of the best ones is no te achicopales, which means ‘don’t give up’.

This is a cute Spanish expression to tell your friend when they are feeling discouraged because it shows you admire how strong they are.

24. ¡Poca madre!

Happy quotes in Spanish you will definitely hear in Mexico like ¡poca madre! are ideal to express how amazing something or someone is.

These are two Spanish slang words whose combination helps you show your happiness.

25. Se te va la concha al monte

If you need to let somebody know how absent-minded he or she is, you can say se te va la concha al monte.

The English equivalent to this expression is similar to ‘are you out of your mind?’.

If a friend forgets something important, you can use this informal expression to joke about the situation.

As you have probably noticed, there are lots of funny Spanish names and Mexican quotes in Spanish that you should definitely know!

The explanation of these 25 cool Mexican quotes in Spanish is aimed to help you understand what Mexicans mean when they use some of their regional sayings and to express your feelings as a local!

Don’t forget that practice makes perfect! Now you just have to start using them!