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15 Things to Do in Mainland Spain in November

Visiting mainland Spain in November is a beautiful experience. 

From breathtaking mountain landscapes to stunning coastlines, excellent wine and food, vibrant culture, and sunny weather with blue skies – there’s so much to spark your imagination this time of year! 

Not only are you sure to create lasting memories as you travel Spain’s abundant cultural attractions, such as monuments, museums and historic sites; but you also enjoy world-renowned Spanish cuisine and participate in unique activities that will guarantee an unforgettable holiday. 

Read on for some of my favorite things to do for travelers visiting Mainland Spain during November – from fantastic sights like Madrid’s City Centre or Granada’s Old Town, all the way down south towards Seville.

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1. Fall Foliage Viewing

things to do in mainland spain in november, bosc conangles catalan pyrenees during fall

Exploring Mainland Spain in November is a fantastic experience because autumn changes nature into a vibrant tapestry of reds, oranges, and yellows in places like the Pyrenees, Val d’Aran, and Selva de Irati.

Travelers seeking calm holidays in Spain in November should know that they will be able to find some of the most beautiful places in Spain surprisingly quiet.

The Pyrenees mountain range is a refuge for hikers and nature lovers because of its breathtaking panoramas and vibrantly colored woods.

Catalonia’s Val d’Aran, located in the Pyrenees, is home to stunning valleys and quaint towns that grow even more alluring as the seasons change. 

My favorite autumn destination is Selva de Irati, the second-largest beech forest in Navarre. It is a tranquil oasis with walkways covered in golden leaves.

2. Cultural Festivals

street in spain with festival decoration

Mainland Spain in November offers a wide range of cultural festivals and events you will enjoy, as November weather in Spain is ideal for outdoor activities.

Some of the best festivals in Spain in November are the International Valencia Film Festival, the International Jazz Festival of Barcelona, and the wine harvest festival of La Rioja.

If you also want to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, I recommend spending All Saints’ Day in Andalucía.

This local festivity honors deceased loved ones, so people gather to remember them and share traditional pastries like huesos de santo or buñuelos.

3. Visit Historical Sites

barcelona hospital sant pau during the day with beautiful colors

Spanish historical landmarks provide a trip through time and culture while vividly reflecting the country’s eclectic past. 

Famous buildings in Barcelona, like the Sagrada Familia, are examples of Antoni Gaudí’s modernist masterpieces, while the Alhambra de Granada exhibits the Moorish influence through its elaborate Islamic design.

Spain’s temperatures in November make it ideal for visiting the Alcázar and Aqueduct of Segovia, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites that show how Roman engineering and medieval architecture have been preserved.

Lesser-known gems like Ronda’s dramatic cliffside, Mérida’s Roman ruins, and the ancient cave paintings of Altamira should also be visited. 

4. Wine Tasting

wine tour barcelona, wineries near barcelona, Cava Tasting inoller del mas, champagne tasting, catalonia, winery, vineyards, montserrat, red wine, white whine, medieval castle

What is Spain known for? Their diverse and exceptional wine regions are world-wide known.

If you visit Spain in November, you should book a GetYourGuide wine tour. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover and experience these popular Spanish wine areas.

If you spend 48 hours in Barcelona, you can enjoy the Montserrat half-day wine and tapas trip.

From a 12th-century Benedictine basilica with amazing breathtaking views to the mountain range, you will taste some of the best Spanish wines from wineries near Barcelona.

As the temperature in Spain in November is the best to spend time outdoors, another excellent experience you can enjoy in mainland Spain in November is Penedés vineyards tours.

5. Tapas Tours

malaga wine with tapas cheese

Tapas are small portions of delicious meals that are the best possible way to taste all the regional snacks from Spain.

If you want to know what to eat in Spain, go on a tapas tour. This will allow you to order all the regional treats you feel like having.

Some regions known for their vibrant tapas cuisine are Andalucía, the Basque Country, and Galicia.

As you will find the best weather in Andalucia in November, I encourage you to go for a tapas tour there because walking around their quieter and calmer streets is pleasant.

Some of the best immersive experiences in the gastronomic culture of this southern part of Spain are the Granada walking food tour, the tapas and flamenco tour around Málaga, and the guided tapas tour in Triana, Seville.

6. Hiking and Nature Walks

arties village val d aran during november

Mainland Spain in November is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking along spectacular paths that showcase autumn colors.

Hiking in Spain in November will be an unforgettable experience that may be suitable for all your family members.

If you want to start with an easy nature walk, you can explore the circular route around Sant Maurici Lake in Estany de Sant Maurici National Park.

The weather in Spain in November will also make Asturias and Cantabria a great place to visit, and there you can opt for hiking along the Cares Forge trail in the Picos de Europa.

A medium-difficulty circular route of 22 kilometers with stunning views takes approximately six hours to complete.

7. Coastal Getaways

view on Malaga coast in spain in november

Coastal towns in Spain in November are peaceful destinations that offer a completely different perspective of places that are very busy when the tourist season starts.

If you are traveling to Spain in November, you can still enjoy the Andalusian welcoming weather in places like Costa del Sol.

There you can visit Marbella to enjoy walking next to the sea on the longest promenade in Spain.

There are less warm places in Spain in November you should visit.

One of my favorites is the Basque Country, where La Concha and Zurriola Beach are a must-see.

Nevertheless, if you travel to Spain in November, you should remember that you won’t be able to swim in the northern area beaches as the water temperature is low.

8. Spa Retreats

a woman having a facial treatment in spain

Spa vacations are a great idea in Spain, especially in November when the weather starts to drop off.

If you visit Mainland Spain in November, you will book a wellness session in a spa resort because taking care of yourself is the best you can do on holiday.

Moreover, you may need a short break before continuing with your busy days.

If you spend a night in Madrid, Spain, in November, you should stay at Barceló Torre de Madrid to take advantage of its wellness area, which includes a top-floor swimming pool, a sauna, and a gym with stunning views.

The warmest place in Mainland Spain in November is probably Valencia, where you can refresh yourself and get some holistic treatments at SHA Wellness Clinic

These resorts provide top-notch amenities and therapies to calm your body and mind in November, whether you’re looking for holistic health, urban getaways, or natural beauty.

9. Local Markets

 woman walking past a fruit and vegetable market stall in spain in november

When visiting Málaga in November, you should explore the best markets of this charming city.

The weather in Malaga in November is ideal for walking around emblematic markets like Mercado de Atarazanas, which is located inside a 19th-century iconic building.

You will find a great selection of fresh fruits, seafood, meat, and local products that won’t disappoint your palate.

Another Andalusian market you will love is the Mercado de la Feria because it combines various gastronomic products with some clothes and crafts market stands.

10. Flamenco Shows

spanish girls dancing flamenco in seville, spain

Spain is home to an outstanding flamenco scene and several places in Mainland Spain in November where you can see unforgettable live shows.

Seville is considered the city where this dance was born, and the temperature in November is ideal for witnessing outdoor flamenco performances.

El Tablao de Carmen and Los Gallos are two of the best places in Triana, a district of Seville, to have dinner while watching prestigious flamenco artists dance.

In the Sacromonte of Granada, you can also get immersed in the flamenco culture when going to a flamenco gathering in the cave house called Cuevas los tarantos.

11. Museum Visits

woman standing in front of paintings in a museum in madrid

Spain is home to several top-notch museums and art galleries, and Madrid, Barcelona, and Málaga can be considered three of the country’s most famous cultural centers.

The average temperature in Málaga in November is 20ºC during the day, ideal for visiting the city and its museums.

If November weather in Malaga is rainy, you should visit Museo Picasso, an excellent opportunity to explore the masterpieces of this local artist.

If you have planned a trip to the Capital of Spain, there are many exciting museums in Madrid too. 

In one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Madrid, you will find the Museo del Prado, the best place to see the most representative works of world-famous artists like Goya, Velázquez, and El Greco.

12. Seasonal Cuisine

spain food in november with a platter of seafood in sauce

If you visit Mainland Spain in November, you will probably remember some of their most delightful seasonal dishes and specialties.

Bearing that it is the time of the year when some vegetables are fresh, you should make the most of them by ordering dishes with these ingredients.

One of my favorite seasonal products is pumpkins, which will allow you to prepare both main dishes and desserts.

If you have a light lunch, try a warm crema de calabaza, an energizing soup made from calabazas.

The same main ingredient is used in buñuelos de calabaza, a sweet Spanish dessert with a sweet fried dough that you can dip in sugar or honey.

13. Off-the-Beaten-Path

artiga de lin aran, hiking in spain in november

Less well-known locations in Mainland Spain give visitors looking for authenticity and peace a view into the nation’s varied landscapes, history, and culture, avoiding crowds.

These places for winter holidays in Spain will make you fall in love with Spain.

If you are in South Spain in November, Ronda is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the area.

This charming village deserves to be visited as you can enjoy breathtaking views from Puente Nuevo.

Hiking in Pyrenees is also a great November activity and you can combine it with a coastal break at Cadaqués, a small picturesque fishing village. 

14. Horseback Riding

horse back riding paulina travel blogger in spain

Mainland Spain in November should be explored on horseback riding because it allows you to discover picturesque landscapes while creating unforgettable memories.

Andalucia in November is probably the hottest place in Spain in November, which makes this region ideal for booking a guided horseback tour.

A horseback riding tour at Doñana National Park may be perfect to immerse in the region’s culture.

If you visit Almeria, you can also make the most of your trip by booking a horse riding tour through the Tabernas desert.

Also if you are staying 3 days in Valencia or more, numerous excursions on horseback take you to beautiful and less touristy places.

Whether you are an expert or novice horseback rider, Mainland Spain has a riding adventure waiting for you.

15. Attend Local Events

woman blowing confetti for a festival in spain

Travelers who want to get immersed in Spanish culture should attend local events in cities like Valencia or in lesser-known gems like Trujillo, a city in Extremadura.

If you want to discover local cuisine, any 1-Day Itinerary in Valencia, Spain, has to schedule a visit to the Feria de la Gastronomía y el Turismo de la Comunidad Valenciana.

There, you will taste some of the region’s best local and traditional dishes and wines while participating in show cooking performances. 

Cheese lovers should remember that Trujillo hosts the best cheese fair in Spain, the Feria Nacional del queso, where traditional cheese-making demonstrations are held and a wide variety of Spanish cheeses can be eaten and purchased.

My final thoughts about Mainland Spain in November

quotes about Spain, a view on the castle of cardona

Visiting Mainland Spain in November gives you a more pleasant, affordable, and genuine trip to this country.

Even though you are traveling off-peak season, you will still enjoy many appealing activities. 

Make the most of your trip during the off-peak season and cherish the moments you spend in this alluring location exploring the regional culture, hiking and horseback riding along picturesque landscapes and visiting local museums and events.

I am sure a quieter trip to Mainland Spain in November will allow you to discover how relaxing Spanish lifestyle can be.

FAQ about Mainland Spain in November

Where in Spain is it hot in November?

The warmest regions of Spain in November are the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, and Valencia.

Is November a good time to visit Spain?

November is a great time to visit Spain to avoid hot temperatures, high prices, and crowds.

What are the events in Spain in November?

Spain in November offers tourists the chance to explore its culture, traditions, and food through events and festivals such as All Saints’ Day, Valencia International Film Festival, or La Rioja Wine Harvest Festival.