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16 Unique Things To Do in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

An Insider’s Guide to the best things to do in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde incl. hotels, restaurants, and tours

São Vicente is much more than Mindelo! Although 93 % of the island’s population lives in its capital, São Vicente has a lot to offer to its visitors.

And if you need to disconnect from the city’s tumult and its almost infinite leisure options, an excursion to the countryside of São Vicente is exactly what you need!

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This guide will share with you the best things to do in Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde. After living on the island for about 2 months, I can’t wait to share my tips with you.

In order to make the most of your time, check the Ultimate Cape Verde Travel Guide Book filled with local, hidden gems.

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Best Hotels in Sao Vicente – Where to stay in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde


Solar Windelo ***
Arla Residential


Pousada B&B Le Gourmet
Flag Hotel Mindelo (Pombas Brancas) ****

Something special

Aquiles Eco Hotel
Pont’Agua Hotel ****


Flag Hotel Foya Branca ****
Hotel Residencial GOA
Oasis Porto Grande ****

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1. Sundays in Calhau

Where to Stay: Hotel Residencial GOA

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Calhau is a little fishing village on the east coast of São Vicente. It takes you 30 min. to get there from Mindelo by aluguer (collective taxi, departing from Praca d’Estrela, 2 €). During the week, Calhau is almost desert. Not many tourists get lost here, except maybe some surfers waiting for the perfect wave on Praia Grande.
But on Sundays, Calhau attracts many visitors due to its excellent fish restaurants. The most famous ones are Restaurante Hamburg and Chez Loutcha Residencial Restaurant & Bar. Restaurante Hamburg is known all over the island for its delicious seafood and fish barbecue. The baby octopus is amazing and the portions are huge! You’ll leave Restaurante Hamburg as a very happy person! Chez Loutcha Residencial Restaurant & Bar offers a traditional buffet and live Cape Verdean music on Sundays.
A free transport departs at 12h30 at Chez Loutcha Residencial Restaurant & Bar on Praca d’Estrela in Mindelo and brings you back after lunch. For 18 €, you’ll have a Sunday brunch of a lifetime!
In order to burn all these calories, I’d walk to Praia Grande (20 min). It has golden sand and the views on the bay and the mountains are stunning! Please, be careful if you go for a swim as the tides are very strong here!

2. Hiking to Monte Verde

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It’s by far the best hiking trail of São Vicente! Monte Verde (Green Mountain) is the island’s highest mountain and lives up to its name! It’s one of the few places of São Vicente covered with lush green vegetation. You get there by aluguer (collective taxi) from Praca d’Estrela, Mindelo.

The driver will drop you off on the road to Salamansa/Bahía das Gatas. Monte Verde is towering just in front of you. A paved road will take you up to its peak covered by antennas and parabolas. It’s an easy hike and it will take you about 2 hours to get there.

From the top, you’ll have a great panorama view on São Vicente, Santo Antão, and Santa Luzia, and on very clear days, you can even see São Nicolau! For me, there’s no better way to disconnect from Mindelo‘s tumult!

For those who still want to hike around, I can recommend Monte Cara (Face Hill). It got its name due to its lines resembling apparently the profile of George Washington.

Check here the rates for guided hikes in Sao Vicente

3. Swimming and Dancing in Bahia das Gatas

discount sales image santo antao sao vicente

Where to Stay: Hotel Residencial GOA

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking

Baía das Gatas is known all over the Cape Verdean archipelago for its music festival. The most important names of the national music scene give concerts on a big stage next to the beach.

The big event takes place in August and is transmitted directly on national TV. Nowadays, it’s one of the most important events of the Cape Verdean music business and a coveted platform for newcomers. 

Throughout the rest of the year, Baía das Gatas is partly deserted. The place is packed with holiday homes which are only inhabited during the weekends.

However, Baía das Gatas holds a hidden gem: a green lagoon. It’s very likely that you’ll be all alone to enjoy the beauty of this place!

4. Watersports in Sao Pedro

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking, windsurf

Sao Pedro is a great getaway from Mindelo (15 min by aluguer, 1 €). Its beach is simply enormous and almost empty! Sao Pedro preserved its fishing atmosphere, despite being literally at a stone’s throw from the airport.

In the village’s center, you’ll see how the colorful boats are being repaired.

On the beach, fishermen help each other to bring their boats to the shore. They’re often full of the freshest fish: buzio, garoupa (groupers), esmedregal cobia), and sometimes even tuna fish!

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Sao Pedro is famous for its perfect conditions for windsurfing. Boards can be rented at the station, but you better have some experience since the tides are very strong! I preferred to enjoy the peace and the views of the Flag Hotel Foya Branca ****.

For hikers, I recommend to trek to the lighthouse of Sao Pedro. The views are just breathtaking!

Check here the rates and reviews for surf lessons in Sao Vicente

5. Cinema and Caipirinhas

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Mindelo has almost an infinite number of leisure options! Each night, you can assist at concerts in its numerous bars. My favorite is Livraria Nho Djunga where one of Cesaria Evora‘s guitarists gives frequent concerts. 

Casa da Morna, belonging to famous singer Tito Paris, has specialized in the traditional music style called “Morna”.

Thursdays in Mindelo are my favorite ones! Each Thursday night, the Centro Cultural do Mindelo has its cinema night. The entrance is free and the movie is announced a few days in advance. All of them are in OV with Portuguese subtitles. A great way to improve your Portuguese!

After the movie, you should go over to Elvis – Restobar. His kiwi and maracujá caipirinhas are famous all over town!

6. Shopping in Mindelo

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking, windsurf

The capital of Sao Vicente holds a few hidden spots to make great qualitative souvenir shopping. One of them is definitely CapVertDesign + Artesanato. The shop is worth a visit, even if you’re not looking for gifts. It gives a fantastic overview of traditional Cape Verdean craftsMany young design talents use this shop as a platform to reach a foreign public. If you’re looking for CDs of Cape Verde’s most important stars, you’re in the right place!

Just in front of the fish market (please do visit, even if the smell might hold you back for 1 sec.!), a local jewelry designer sells beautiful individual pieces made out of natural material like banana leaves, mussels, or pea-pods.

Another great place to find local art and craft is Art d’Cretcheu inside the Centro Cultural do Mindelo.

I also love to visit the fruit and vegetable market on Praca d’Estrela. On the end of the square, inside the tiny concrete barracks, you can order tailor-made clothes at the African seamstresses. I couldn’t resist and got myself a tailor-made dress and a lovely skirt. All at unbeatable prices!

Book here your guided tour to discover the hidden gems of Mindelo, Sao Vicente

7. Enjoy Cape Verdean Food

things to eat in cape verde, cabo verde food
Lobster time

During your trip to Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, you can’t miss indulging in local food from Cabo Verde!

Of course, there are plenty of international options such as pizza, ice-cream, and burgers. However, I recommend making the most of your stay and explore the beautiful Cape Verdean hospitality and tasty gastronomy.

The most famous dish is without any doubt cachupa (a stew of hominy and beans with fish or meat). Sometimes, they even add a fried egg or a linguiça (local sausage) on top. Every home and every restaurant has its own recipe.

Some of the best restaurants in Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde are:

8. Enjoy the Beaches of Sao Vicente

mindelo, cabo verde, cape verde, what to do, sao vicente, hiking, food, restaurant, marina, boat, party, music, shopping, outdoor, trekking

Sao Vicente is home to marvelous beaches. There seems to be a beach for any type of traveler. Whether you prefer to chill out at a cocktail bar or get active with watersports, there is a beach on Sao Vicente for your needs!

The most popular beach in Sao Vicente is without any doubt Laginha Beach. Located behind the harbor, it is famous for its relaxed vibe, cocktail bars, and amazing, turquoise-colored waters. In the early morning, people love to come here to walk or just stand in the water and talk to each other about the latest gossip.

Other beaches that you can not miss in Sao Vicente are:

  • Sao Pedro Beach (for watersport lovers)
  • Salamansa Bay (for lonely walks)
  • Praia Grande (for scenic walks. Dangerous to swim though! Great to be combined with a lunch in Calhau.)

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9. Do a Day trip to Santo Antao

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In my humble opinion, a day trip from Sao Vicente to Santo Antao is an absolute must! Even if you make it just one day, you should definitely visit the most impressive Cape Verdean island! For me, Santo Antao is the best island in Cape Verde for hiking holidays! That being said, I recommend spending at least two days in Santo Antao.

Nowadays, there are three ferries per day connecting Sao Vicente to Santo Antao. Once you arrive in Porto Novo (the harbor of Santo Antao), you can start your island tour to the best places in Santo Antao.

If you have some time left, make sure to do at least one of the best hikes in Santo Antao!

As one day in Santo Antao may be extremely short, I recommend booking a guided day trip from Sao Vicente to Santo Antao.

10. Visit Torre de Belem

sao vicente, things to do in sao vicente, mindelo, cape verde, cabo verde, holidays, beaches, resorts, hotels

Did you know that Mindelo boasts a mini-replica of the Torre de Belem in Lisboa?! I found this to be one of the most curious attractions in Mindelo!

The main difference between the Torre de Belem in Mindelo and the one in Lisbon is that first, the entrance is free. Second, the building hosts a very interesting exhibition about whaling in Cape Verde. I absolutely loved learning more about this tradition as it had a massive impact on Cape Verde’s society, emigration, and culture.

Considered one of the best things to do in Sao Vicente, the Torre de Belem offers lovely views over the harbor of Mindelo and the colorful fishing boats in the bay. Visit more hidden gems in Mindelo with this tour guided by a local.

11. Visit the Local Markets

mindelo market, cape verde, cabo verde
The market in Praça d’Estrela, Mindelo, Sao Vicente

Visiting local markets is one of my favorite things to do in Cape Verde! No matter on which island I am, I always watch out for the market as it is the best place to mingle and soak up the local vibe.

There are several markets in Sao Vicente and more specifically in Mindelo. That means that you’ll have plenty of things to visit and to photograph. In case you want to buy stuff on the local markets, you always can (and even should!) negotiate the price if it seems too high for you! If not, let it be and be happy to support the local economy.

I tended to go always to the same places, as people started knowing me then and gave me immediately the correct price. But, when you are a newbie in town, make sure that you don’t pay double the price!

Some of the best markets in Sao Vicente are:

  • Fish Market (Mindelo)
  • Old Market (Avenida, Mindelo)
  • Praça Estrela (Mindelo)

12. Do an Island Tour

sao vicente, things to do in sao vicente, mindelo, cape verde, cabo verde, holidays, beaches, resorts, hotels

Sometimes, it may happen that you are short on time. For example, if you visit Sao Vicente from Sal or Boa Vista, I strongly recommend booking a guided island tour, in order to make the most of your time.

The island can be visited in one day or even in half a day if you really are in a hurry.

The good thing about guided island tours is that you’ll travel with a guide that can share some great insights into the local culture. On top, you won’t have to worry about where to eat or how to find a taxi.

This tour takes you to the best photography spots in Sao Vicente and to Baia das Gatas, Calhau, and Salamansa which are all fisherman villages in the north of the island. Check here the rates for an island tour

13. Go Diving and Snorkeling

best things to do in sao vicente, mindelo, diving in sao vicente
Beautiful underwater world

The seas surrounding Sao Vicente boast a gorgeous underwater world.

If you are looking to get active and for unique things to do in Sao Vicente, I absolutely recommend booking a snorkeling or diving tour.

Plenty of diving clubs have opened their doors in the last years and you can find their offices in Sao Pedro and in Mindelo.

Check here their rates and reviews

discount sales image santo antao sao vicente

14. Take a Surf Lesson

surfing in spain, man walking on the beach with surf gear
Image by Szabolcs Dumitras from Pixabay

Where are the active travelers here?

One thing that I particularly like about Sao Vicente is that it holds so many offers for any type of traveler. Whether you are interested in culture, hiking, or just chilling on the beach, you can do it in Sao Vicente.

For those who love being in the water and being active, I recommend taking a surf lesson in Sao Vicente. Not only is it great fun, but on top, it is a fabulous way to meet new people.

In most cases, the instructors are locals. Thus, you can also get some insights into the local culture. The main hub for surfing in Sao Vicente is Sao Pedro bay.

Book here your surf lesson

15. Visit Small, Independent Shops and Bars in Mindelo

things to do in sao vicente, mindelo street

Do you want to see the fewer know parts of Mindelo, but you find it hard to find small, independent shops?

I had the same issue when I was in Mindelo. The non-international shops seemed really hidden and secluded. It took me more than one month to get familiar with them and find the best small shops in Sao Vicente!

Visiting small shops is a great way of supporting the local community! That’s why I strongly recommend spending some of your money here. On top, you’ll get a unique souvenir from Cape Verde as they boast a large offer of goods!

If you want to explore the authentic side of Mindelo, Sao Vicente, I recommend going on a hidden hotspot tour in Mindelo.

16. Swim with Turtles in Sao Pedro, Sao Vicente

swimming turtles paulina sao vicente cabo verde

Did you always dream to swim with turtles? Your dream can come true in Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde!

Indeed Diddy offers turtle watching and turtle swimming tours in Sao Pedro. Located at 10 minutes car drive or by colectivo from Praça d’Estrela, Sao Pedro is a small village that has preserved its original fishermen spirit.

It’s one of my favorite places in Sao Vicente since I really enjoy the vast beach here and the calm setting.

Swimming with turtles is definitely a unique thing to do in Sao Vicente and I haven’t seen it on any other island so far.

In order to arrange your tour, you can drive to Sao Pedro and ask for Diddy, the Tartaruga/turtle guy. Prices start at 20€ per person. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sao Vicente Map With All Locations

Do you think that my list isn’t complete? Of course not! Sao Vicente offers so many things to do and I haven’t seen them all for sure! If you know about any other “must-do” on the island, please let me know in the comment form.

If you are looking for a place to stay on Sao Vicente, I recommend the Simabo’s Backpackers’ Hostel, run by the Association for Animal Protection in Mindelo.

For more information about tourism on Sao Vicente, Cape Verde I recommend the following webpage: Tourism of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.

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Wednesday 11th of January 2023

Hi Paulina! Such an amazing blog full with information! I have used your blog to search for hiking paths, accomodations etc, its great! If you dont mind I have a question for me and my boyfriends travel. We are soon traveling to Cape Verde and will stay for two weeks. We are landing at Sal but already the next day leaving to Sao Vicente. We really want to hike at Santo Antao and admire the nature there and also stay in Sao Vicente for a while and maybe swim with turtels etc. We are not a big fan of big charter hotels with all inclusive and that sorts of things, but I must admit that laying flat on a beach and enjoying turquoise water sounds reaaally tempting after a dark winter in Sweden! The flight home from Sal departs on a friday, we are thinking which day we at latest should be back to Sal. Do you think we will miss out of Sal if we are not staying there more than one night and instead spending all the time divided between Santo antao and Sao Vicente? And also do you think we should try to make time for Sao Nicolau or will we then not have time to appreciate the islands? Best regards and many thanks!


Thursday 12th of January 2023

Hi dear, thank you so much for your kind comment! It means the world to me! If you don't mind, request access to this Cabo Verde travel group and you'll get a lot of feedback from travelers (incl. me):


Thursday 10th of February 2022

Hi Paulina! Nice summary about São Vicente! ;) When is the best time to snorkel with turtles - do you know that? Planning my trip for march and thinking about to make a short stay at São Vicente…


Friday 11th of February 2022

Hi Klara, happy to hear from you.

As far as I understood they are there all year round since it is a particular spot and they just have to wait for the fishermen to come back and give them some fishy bites :)

Let me know how it went!

alice bell

Wednesday 30th of October 2019

Hi, thanks for all the great info. I have a question please! Among the best beaches you mention Santa Maria beach, where the Hilton and Morabezza hotels are. Yet you also say Kite beach is nothing to those that want to swim and relax on the beach because of the wind and waves. But Kite beach is ON santa Maria Beach. So I do not understand any more. Is Santa Maria beach (lets say the hilton's beach) a good beach to swim in the sea and read on the beach or not? Your response is much appreciated! I am so confused!! Please let me know! Thank you.


Thursday 31st of October 2019

Hello dear, many thanks for your comment. Let me explain, kite beach and santa maria beach are 2 different beaches. Santa Maria beach is lacated at the municipality and you'll find all the hotels here. Kite beach is located a 5-10min drive or 20 min walk away from the the town center of Santa Maria. Kite beach has totally different conditions and is nothing for swimmers or those who want to spend a relaxing day on the beach. On Santa Maria beach you can swim and chill as much as you need and there is almost no wind. Enjoy a lot!

Villas in Bali

Thursday 9th of May 2019

I'm going to visit some Islands this year and Cape Verde is on my list after I have visited your website and came to know the beauty exists in Cape Verde, no doubt bali and Cape verde are both very beautiful and attractive tourist location o visit. Thanks for the share.

Wendy Atkinson

Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

Hi Paulina, your info is amazing. We visited Sal last year. Today , I have booked flights to San vicente. Not easy! We want to go to Santo anti as well. We have 8 nights. Would you recommend 4 in each. We want to hike. Which areas should we try find accommodation. Like the sound of 2 day hike in Santo antao. How steep and safe is descent. Thank you


Sunday 7th of April 2019

Dear Wendy, thank you so mcuh for your kind comment! Oh lucky you that you ll visit Cape Verde again! I am a big fan of Santo Antao so maybe 3 in Sao Vicente and 5 in SAnto Antao (if you like hiking a lot?). Otherwise, 4 and 4 is also great! Here you ca find the best places to stay in the areas: Please let me know if you need anything else. Enjoy!