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10 Best Hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Guide to the best Boa Vista, Cape Verde hotels, including luxury, budget, family-friendly and more

Boa Visa is the third largest island in Cape Verde, just under 30 km long, and with irresistible white beaches and clear blue water, it is popular amongst tourists.

And the hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde are committed to making you feel like you’re staying in one of the most relaxing places on Earth.

Despite its small size, there are a small but healthy number of hotels on Boa Vista to choose from.

Since I used to live there, I have put together the best hotels Boa Vista Cabo Verde has to offer, including options for a mixture of needs, from the height of luxury to cheap hotels in Boa Vista.

Read on to discover the best Boa Vista hotels for your next visit!

A single palm tree standing on some golden yellow sand next to a large body of turquoise water

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Overview: Top 3 Hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

  1. Best hotel for a family-friendly stay: Hotel Riu Palace *****
  2. Best hotel for a romantic getaway: Hotel Riu Karamboa – All Inclusive – Adults Only *****
  3. Best hotel for a sustainable stay: Spinguera Ecolodge ***

1. Ouril Hotel Agueda ***

Interior of hotel room with two twin beds next to each other and a bedside table with a phone and a lamp all under a picture of some modern art

Where: Sal Rei


  • Three-star hotel combining luxury and budget
  • Designed for convenience
  • Family rooms are available

Visiting relaxing locations like Boa Vista is made even better if you choose a hotel that makes your life easy.

Ouril Hotel Agueda is a Boa Vista hotel that helps you relax in a beachfront location.

Moreover, it has an airport shuttle that will take you to and from the nearby Aeroporto Internacional Aristides Pereira.

cape verde sales image

All this means you won’t need to worry about hiring a car or public transport, and can focus on rejuvenating.

The convenience of Ouril Hotel Agueda can also help you to experience more of the best things to do in Cape Verde.

You can use this hotel’s location to experience island hopping in Cape Verde – just take the ferry in Sal Rei to the other islands for convenient day trips or hotel stays on other islands.

Ouril Hotel Agueda is also more than just a base for your trips as there is plenty to enjoy on-site, including a fitness center and table tennis tables.

Due to its location, you’ll also find it easy to buy all your Cape Verde souvenirs from Sal Rei.

2. B&B Salinas Boa Vista

Where: Sal Rei


  • Restaurant serving European and African cuisine, and daily breakfast
  • Town center location
  • Shared lounge and bar to meet other travelers

Even though Boa Vista is known as a relaxing place to travel, there is still little to do.

With its excellent location, B&B Salinas Boa Vista is amongst the best hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde if you want an active holiday with plenty to do.

This B&B is located in the heart of Sal Rei and is close to some of Boa Vista’s best attractions, including the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel where you can discover the island’s religious heritage.

The nearby Cabo Santa Maria Shipwreck is also a great location to visit if you are interested in Spanish history.

It was a Spanish boat shipwrecked on the Costa Boa Esperanca nature reserve in 1968 carrying gifts from the dictator Franco to his sponsors.

The ship even once held luxury sports cars, clothing, and more!

After a hard day’s exploring all the amazing things to do in Boa Vista, this hotel is a fantastic place to refuel.

B&B Salinas’ on-site restaurant features authentic African cuisine, so you can fill your belly with delicious local delicacies.

3. Spinguera Ecolodge ***

Outdoor sunbathing area with wooden deck chairs and low stone walls next to a single storey stone building under a clear blue sky

Where: Espingueira


  • The sustainable option
  • A small hotel with just 12 rooms
  • Homemade and locally sourced food is served

My next chosen hotel is brilliant if you want to explore sustainable holidays in Cape Verde.

The clue is in the title for Spinguera Ecolodge, one of the few hotels in BoaVista, Cape Verde that has been built with the environment in mind.

This stunning beachfront hotel allows you to get back to basics, reconnect with nature, and explore Boa Vista while fulfilling your social responsibility.

One of my favorite features of the Spinguera Ecolodge is that you are able to rent a 4×4 at their on-site shop.

You can drive yourself or hire a driver to show you the best attractions in Boa Vista.

This hotel also features the fantastic customer service and comfort you would expect from luxury hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

When I stayed at Spinguera Ecolodge, I found it extremely clean and comfortable and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful with any questions I had.

4. B&B Sereia Azul Boa Vista

Outdoor bar area with covered tables and chairs and some soft sofa areas to one side

Where: Sal Rei


  • Sea-themed decor
  • Some rooms feature a kitchenette
  • A range of options at the buffet and continental breakfast

B&B Sereria Azul Boa Vista is another of the Boa Vista hotels located just to the south of Sal Rei.

It gives you access to the best beaches in Cape Verde, including Praia de Estoril, Bahia Beach, and Praia de Diante, where you can relax in the clear blue waters and participate in watersports.

You will be just 200m from the sea in this wonderful Boa Vista B&B, as well as just a few minutes walk into the center of Sal Rei.

Here, you can spend your evenings getting familiar with Cape Verdean food and visiting the local bars to find out how Cape Verdean’s party.

All these features are guaranteed to give you a great holiday, but the owners, Laura and Kevin, make this hotel worthy of a spot on a list of the best hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

They are known for their helpfulness and local knowledge, and some guests even report that the owners welcomed them as they got off their ferry.

5. B&B Mi Ma Bo, Sal Rei, Boa Vista, Cape Verde

affordable hotels in Boavista Cape Verde,, exterior view of yellow boxy building with blue shutters, doors are open and sign above doors reads Mi Ma Bo B&B

Where: Sal Rei


  • Genius discount eligible on
  • Free bikes are available for cycling in the area
  • Partnership with a local car rental company

B&B Mi Ma Bo is one of the most recognizable Boa Vista hotels because of its beautiful purple flowers adorn its balconies.

It is a tranquil place to spend your holiday with views over the city and surrounding countryside.

If you like what you see, the B&B has bicycles you can use for free to explore the area.

This B&B is also unique to the hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde, because of their partnerships with local businesses.

The owners of B&B Mi Ma Bo can help you hire cars and enjoy excursions from companies they trust to offer excellent service.

The B&B also offers a shuttle service to the airport for your convenience, however, unlike some of the hotels Boa Vista offers, it is not included in your accommodation.

6. Hotel Riu Karamboa – All Inclusive – Adults Only *****

Outdoor swimming pool with submerged tiled benches and stone seating with a bar area to one side and some palm trees on the other all under a clear blue sky

Where: Sal Rei


  • Adults only hotel
  • Self-contained and all-inclusive resort
  • Swim-up rooms available

Boa Vista can be popular amongst families whose children love building sandcastles on stunning beaches.

Many hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde, aim to cater to this audience which can worsen the experience for guests who do not have children.

Hotel Riu Karamboa is one of few hotels in Sal Rei that do not buy into this market and help people without children to enjoy their holiday.

Without noisy children, you can relax in the five-star luxury, spending days soaking up the sun, in the spa, or enjoying the six on-site restaurants.

When the sun sets, Hotel Riu Karamboa turns into a social venue.

You can find on-site live performances and nightclubs open each night.

What’s more, because this is one of the Boa Vista, Cape Verde resorts, you can enjoy everything included in the price of your room.

Hotel Riu Karamboa is another Boa Vista hotel Cape Verde offers with seafront access.

On the beach, you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, and bodyboarding.

7. Hotel Riu Palace *****

luxury hotels in Boa Vista Cape Verde, Interior of hotel room with neatly made up twin beds and a large wooden headboard with intricate black design with balcony area visible at the rear

Where: Salina


  • Five-star luxury by the sea
  • Multiple restaurants serving fresh local cuisine
  • Family-friendly

All-inclusive resorts are not only for adults without children, and fortunately, if you want a luxury family hotel, Boa Vista, Cape Verde delivers in spades!

There are several all-inclusive hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde, that are family-friendly to choose from, and Hotel RIU Palace is one of the biggest with 505 rooms.

Uniquely, the entire site is smoke-free, so you can visit in confidence that your children’s health won’t be risked.

This Boa Vista hotel’s beachfront location also allows you to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

You can enjoy scuba diving, a chance to see the beautiful colors of the local tropical fish up close.

As it is located away from major towns, Hotel Riu Palace may not be the best option if you want to explore the island, and a rental car will likely be necessary.

While Praia de Chave beach is within walking distance, you must drive to Estoril Beach and Praia de Cruz.

The main cultural sites in Boa Vista, Cape Verde will also only be accessible by car.

The Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima and the Curral Velho historical village are both just under a 30-minute drive.

8. Hotel Riu Touareg – All Inclusive *****

best Boa Vista Cape Verde resorts, Aerial view of a large pool and sunbathing area of a hotel with a central island area covered in ornate buildings and green trees connected by four bridges to the rest of the land and the sea visible behind

Where: Santa Monica


  • 1151 luxury rooms available
  • On-site spa with treatments available
  • Concerts and live shows are included
  • Awarded a Travelife environmental and cultural sustainability award

When deciding where to stay in Cape Verde, it’s easy to see why so many people pick a stay in Boa Vista when they have options like Hotel RIU Touareg.

Despite its size, Hotel RIU Touareg keeps ahead of the Boa Vista hotels by maintaining an excellent quality of service.

Multilingual front desk staff are knowledgable and helpful, able to assist in any inquiry.

They also take your health seriously, practicing constant disinfection of all surfaces and encouraging social distancing.

Your experience at Hotel RIU Touareg can perfectly balance relaxation and enjoyment.

There are three poolside bars and a swim-up bar so that you can relax in the sun with your favorite drink.

Multiple activities are available to keep you occupied, including beach volleyball and aerobics classes.

In the evening, you will have a lot of entertainment, such as concerts and a nightclub with live DJs.

cape verde sales image

9. Iberostar Club Boa Vista *****

amazing Boa Vista hotels, View looking out from balcony between two palm trees of wide sandy beach and green floral area with the sea beyond under a wide clear sky

Where: Sal Rei


  • Has taken the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge
  • Spa and hot tub facilities
  • Minimalistic, stylish, and comfortable rooms with views over the resort

Iberostar Club Boa Vista is one of the best Boa Vista hotels that are all-inclusive as it offers an excellent standard of five-star service.

This hotel is also a chance to reconnect with nature and your social responsibilities.

Every room has a rainfall shower and eco-friendly toiletries which are kept hygienic with eco-friendly cleaning products.

These steps are part of Iberostar’s commitments under the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge.

While staying at Iberostar, you should feel comfortable that your experience is not harming the local environment or communities.

I think its smaller size also allows Iberostar to think outside the box more than other Boa Vista hotels and resorts.

One example is that the two on-site restaurants which offer beachfront dining are partially supplied by vegetables grown on-site.

10. Estoril Hotel – Apartments

cheap hotels in Boa Vista, Hotel room interior with neatly made up double bed and desk area to one side

Where: Praia de Estoril, Sal Rei


  • A unique mixture of apartment and hotel experience
  • Quiet location to the South of Sal Rei
  • Features a shared garden to relax in

If you’re looking for something a little different from the standard hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde, check out the Estoril Hotel Apartments.

Choosing an apartment can help you to explore beyond the tourist hotspots and experience what real life is like on Cape Verde’s third biggest island.

It also gives you the freedom to cook your own meals, and more space to feel like a home away from home.

Located in Sal Rei, the Estoril Hotel Apartments have a kitchen area, including a fridge and cupboards to store your food.

However, if you want to treat yourself, you can also use room service to return to a more luxurious experience.

This Boa Vista accommodation also has a wonderful location on the quiet outskirts of Sal Rei, with access to beaches frequented by local people.

It is also just 0.4 miles from the popular Santa Isabel church, a grand Catholic church that is loved for its bright and unique blue colors.

Short FAQs About Hotels in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

What are the best hotels on the beach in Boa Vista?

Some of the best beachfront hotels in Boa Vista include: Iberostar Club Boa Vista *****, Spinguera Ecolodge ***, and Hotel Riu Touareg – All Inclusive *****.

What are the best resorts in Boa Vista for families?

Two of the most family-friendly Boa Vista hotels are Hotel Riu Palace ***** and Ouril Hotel Agueda ***.

How many hotels are there in Boa Vista Cape Verde?

According to, there are 153 hotels in Boa Vista Cape Verde. However, these are not all hotels, many are holiday rentals. And, of course, not all Boa Vista Hotels are listed on the site. I cannot say for certain just how many hotels there are in Boa Vista, but certainly a couple dozen, at least!