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8 Best Christmas Markets in Luxembourg (2023 Edition)

Here’s a guide to the best Christmas Markets in Luxembourg where one can enjoy the festive spirit.

Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful European countries at any time of the year, but at Christmas, the city’s wow factor truly emerges. 

Of course, I’m a tad biased as it is my home country, but after your first Luxembourg Christmas trip, you’ll agree.

Christmas isn’t just a celebration for us Luxembourg locals. It’s a festive extravaganza that kicks off in November and ends in January. Christmas markets in Luxembourg are some of the best you’ll find and draw in visitors from far and wide. 

Join me in this guide to find out what you can expect if you travel to Luxembourg during the winter season! 

Best Christmas Market in Luxembourg City drone shot with Christmas lights and a lighted ferris wheel
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1. Luxembourg City Christmas Market

Christmas Market in Luxembourg City drone shot with Christmas lights and  a lighted ferris wheel

Dates: 24th November 2023 – 1st January 2024. 

Christmas in Luxembourg City is truly spectacular, and visiting a Christmas market is one of the best things to do in Luxembourg at night!

The Luxembourg Christmas market hours are generally from mid-afternoon to 10 pm, however, to make the most of each I advise finding where to stay in Luxembourg City and making a weekend of it!

The festive buzz is created through a series of events as part of the Winterlights Festival and the Luxembourg City Christmas markets. 

I’ve included an overview of each of the four markets to help you make the most of Luxembourg at Christmas:

Place d’Armes Market

A lively hub located right in the center of Luxembourg City, the markets here boast handmade crafts, local treats, and a cozy atmosphere. 

This famous market thrives over Christmas as it is where the tradition of seasonal markets began in 1984. 

I love strolling around the various chalet stalls and seeing the traditional nativity scene and the illuminated trees. 

Place de la Constitution Market

A gorgeous backdrop for all sorts of festive activities, this market boasts an ice rink and more handmade crafts. 

As the largest market in Luxembourg, you won’t be disappointed. Everything you can imagine is here, from beautifully decorated items to spiced mulled wine stalls. 

Place de Paris Market

Here you’ll find the perfect harmony of modern flair and tradition, the majority of chalet stalls focus on handmade and sustainable products. 

There’s an opportunity for children to meet St. Nikolas at Niklosmaart in person at ‘Dem Kleesche säin Haus’, his cottage. 

And, of course, there are so many delicious Luxembourgish delicacies to try including grilled sausages, churros, and warming drinks. 

Little ones can also enjoy the range of funfair rides here and the wide musical program, which is great for grown-ups too! 

Gelle Fra Market 

Luxembourg City’s iconic Golden Lady overlooks the festive streets, which are filled to the brim with artisanal crafts and seasonal goodies. 

The ambiance at Gelle Fra is warm and inviting, with its many friendly stall attendants. 

You can find some tasty treats including Christmas cookies amongst souvenirs like textiles, decor, pottery, and much more. 

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2. Echternach Christmas Market

christmas market in echternach, luxembourg
©LMIH/Alfonso Salgueiro

Dates: 5 pm – Midnight on 10-11th December and 10 am – 8 pm on 12th December. 

I’m super excited to tell you all about Echternach Christmas Markets.

Not only because I grew up in Echternach, Luxembourg but also because of its medieval setting, the Echternach Christmas Market is considered one of the prettiest in the Grand Duchy.

The uniqueness of Echternach’s market is that almost everything is handmade and a true celebration of the gift of creativity. 

This year’s market is expected to be bigger than ever, a huge bonus and the perfect option for Day Trips from Luxembourg.

If you’ve never been to Echternach before, I’ll give you a sense of this remarkable place. It’s the oldest city in Luxembourg and does sum up the word charming. 

With its gorgeous medieval architecture and cobbled streets, you can only imagine how magical it looks at Christmas time. 

The markets offer many lovely, artisanal stalls selling treasures and trinkets such as pottery and textiles. 

There are also many vin chaud (hot wine) stalls for a warming drink, which I gladly sip on as I stroll the streets here. 

Don’t forget to try some of the food too, I recommend Kurtos, a round cake that is baked on a roller.

Finally, if you’re considering taking children, there are a range of things to do in Echternach, Luxembourg, especially market activities that they can enjoy – from sing-a-longs to games, it’s all going on! 

Nearby, there are plenty of things to do in Mullerthal including camping, you can read our Berdorf Camping Guide for your trip.

Head to Echternach this December for the best Christmas markets in Luxembourg.

3. Mondorf-les-Bains Christmas Market

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Dates: 1st December for 3 weeks

I love the ambiance of Mondorf-les-Bains during this time of the year. The spa city is all about relaxation, and what better time of the year to indulge than Christmas?  

I encourage you to visit Mondorf Domaine Thermal Spa, they have a fantastic winter package that I have tried before, it includes a warming bath with invigorating pine bud extracts!

For the 2023 Xmas market, there will be 38 Christmas chalet stalls appearing at Place des Villes Jumelées. 

You won’t be disappointed, this is one of the most excellent Christmas markets in Luxembourg and is full of seasonal fun, including live concerts and the Advent Bazaar at Haus Am Klouschter, where you can get your hands on homemade cookies, spiced mulled wine, advent wreaths, decorations and more. 

4. Esch-sur-Alzette Christmas Market

Christmas market kiosk - traditional hanging christmas tree decorations
Traditional hanging Christmas tree decorations

Dates: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville throughout December from 12 pm – 8 pm.

If, like me, you love an urban break, then Esch-sur-Alzette is the Christmas market for you. 

This Luxembourg Christmas market opening hours are from 12 PM to 8 PM, allowing you to soak in the festive atmosphere whenever you are free.

I find the market to be so nostalgic, it really does bring back the magic of the celebration. 

The market comes alive with concerts every Friday and Saturday, a great family activity and after a few mulled wines, you may even find yourself dancing along! 

This is probably one of the most child-friendly markets in Luxembourg, featuring a nicely sized fun fair with amusements. 

There is also a Santa Claus Christmas Parade through the streets of Esch and for Xmas shopping, you’ll be pleased to know that the chalet stalls are very well-stocked with local crafts and artisans proudly selling their creations along with all of the Xmas favorites.

5. Vianden Christmas Market

The wonderful castle of Vianden, a little village in Luxembourg
©LMIH/Sabino Parente

Dates: 2nd of December 2023  at Place Vic. Abens

Vianden is another special place at Christmas time and is a Christmas market near Luxembourg I highly recommend it! 

Enveloped by cobbled streets and offering a gorgeous view of the Vianden Castle, these markets may be my top choice. 

I love the history to be told in the corners of Vianden and recommend a trip here for any history fan. 

For children, there are some extraordinary themed events and workshops to enjoy including hands-on crafts and coloring. 

For Christmas shopping Luxembourg style, the stalls here offer many beautiful things, from handmade ornaments for the mantlepiece to hand-sewn stockings; you’re bound to find a unique gift or three! 

And finally, there are all the culinary delights and hot beverages to sample, including sweet cakes, intricately decorated gingerbread biscuits, freshly cooked meat, and other savory delights.

6. Clervaux Christmas Market

three adults Christmas Caroling

Dates: 10th December at Place du Marché until Christmas

For me, December is all about exploring new festive settings, and if you haven’t visited before, Clervaux in northern Luxembourg is a winter wonderland not to be missed! 

With its picturesque Ardennes setting, surrounded by forests, this medieval town is the epitome of a fairytale town. During the seasonal run-up, an infectious and joyful spirit fills the air here. 

It’s for this reason, I now make it a tradition to go back every year. 

I particularly enjoy the addition of carol singing at these markets, and even though I’m no singer, I do join in with all the classics!

The Christmas parade in Clervaux is great for younger children, with all the fancy-dress outfits to see, and St. Nicholas. 

The rest of the markets are cozy, illuminated by twinkling lights. You can pick up some unique products in Cleravaux that are particular to the area, such as cheese and sweets. 

There is also a  lovely selection of artisanal crafts, including gifts such as stockings, decorations, wooden items, pottery, glass, and more. 

7. Wiltz Christmas Market

Apple Pie with a half shot and apples

Dates: Starting on 3rd December

With its striking castle as the perfect festive backdrop, Wiltz’s market is absolutely up there with my Christmas markets Luxembourg favorites. 

The ‘Liichtwochen’, translating to ‘Lights of the Week’, is held and illuminates all corners of the town – from the main tree in the center to the performers that put on a spectacle, it’s all so magical! 

At Wiltz markets, you’ll come across some of the best seasonal food offerings, including international delicacies. 

I recommend trying some of the sweet, roasted nuts as you wander around and traditional Luxembourgish sweet treats like Wäffelcher, a waffle-like baked cone, and Mummentaart, an apple pie.

There is a giant ice skating rink at Wiltz’s market, which is super family-friendly, and other types of winter sports like sledding. 

For children, you’ll also find an enchanting Santa’s Grotto and storytelling, which takes place every day that the market is on! 

8. Dudelange Medieval Christmas Market

lighted Christmas stalls with goods for sale and decorations, people also checking out the goods

Dates: Place De L’Hôtel De Ville, 6th December 

This market is the most unique festive market consisting of about 40 chalet stalls selling tavern wares, traditional Luxembourgish food, Celtic music, and even performing acrobats –  everything here is so old-school, and I’m a huge fan. 

The authentic Xmas Medieval map of Dudelange is special and allows you to easily explore and learn about this town’s history. 

If you’re here to learn about the town’s history, the castle remains give away some clues too! 

The market is all about bringing old traditions back to life for residents and visitors alike and it does just that. 

This year, there is a ‘Winter Queen’, a residence magician, and plenty of other surprises for the little ones, including toys and crafts. 

For a lively and one-of-a-kind Xmas market experience, this is THE market to relish in, you won’t be disappointed.

My thoughts about Christmas markets in Luxembourg

christmas in Luxembourg with a giant Christmas tree and a building with christmas lights

I hope you have enjoyed my Luxembourg Christmas markets guide and are inspired for your festive trip! 

There’s plenty to explore, from the major markets in Luxembourg City’s center to the relaxed and enchanting markets of Clervaux and Vianden.

If you want to visit Christmas markets near Luxembourg and go to another country, try Trier Christmas Market in Germany or Christmas markets in the Ardennes Region in Belgium.

 To make the most of Christmas in Luxembourg, I have a few final recommendations: 

  • Stay overnight if you can – I am no amateur in Luxembourg Xmas markets, but even I can find them tiring! I advise you to research where to stay in Luxembourg during December, as having a comfy hotel to reside in will make your trip more enjoyable!
  • Plan for live performances and concerts – not every night you’ll find live music or other spectacles. Therefore I suggest planning ahead and creating an itinerary so as not to miss out!
  • Make it a family trip – bring along the whole family for the festive fun (pooches included); these markets have something for every age.

FAQ about Christmas Markets in Luxembourg

What to eat at Christmas Markets in Luxembourg?

Must-tries include sausages (Thüringer or Mettwurscht), waffles, and Gromperekichelcher – a crispy potato fritter served with sweet apple or berry compote.

How Much Do Things Cost At The Christmas Market?

As with all festive markets, food and drinks are generally more costly than usual. When buying from independent makers, consider their skills and hard work, as this is usually reflected in pricing.

What are Christmas traditions in Luxembourg?

Advent season, which is marked by lighting candles in the run-up to Christmas day, the markets, the Feast of St. Nikolas held on 6th December, Christmas dinner in Luxembourg, and New Year’s Eve to name just a few!