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Top 12 Things to Do in Wisconsin in May

Guide to what to do in Wisconsin in May and places to visit in Wisconsin in spring

As we reach the middle of spring, temperatures rise to an average of 67 Fahrenheit, unlocking a host of exciting things to do in Wisconsin in May.

Your vacation will be one month closer to summer, but you also won’t have to deal with uncomfortable heat.

There is a fantastic variety of Wisconsin May events and things to do and see. In fact, it will be hard to fit everything into your trip to Wisconsin in May.

Read this article to discover the spring activities that are most suitable for your vacation preferences as you travel Wisconsin.

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Overview: Top 3 Things to Do in Wisconsin in May

1. See the Cherry Blossoms

visit the cherry trees in Wisconsin in May, Close up shot of a cluster of vibrant pink cherry blossoms on the branches of a cherry tree with other clusters behind

You don’t have to go all the way to Japan to enjoy unforgettable spring colors and cherry blossoms.

Much of the Midwest has the perfect climate for cherry trees to thrive, and Wisconsin is no different. There are plenty of great places to take in the best cherry blossoms.

Among all the tremendous cherry blossoms Wisconsin can offer, the best are to be found in Door County.

This county has plenty of spectacular orchards and parks that become draped in beautiful pink and white flowers during the spring.

Alternatively, Olbrich Botanical Gardens are unmissable for all lovers of beauty. Here, you can find one of the largest collections of cherry trees in Wisconsin.

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2. SpringFest Chippewa Falls

what to do in Wisconsin in May, Crowd in front of stage waving their hands to music during a music festival, one of top things to do in Albufeira in April

One of the best cultural Wisconsin events in May is SpringFest Chippewa Falls. This event happens in the middle of May at Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.

It offers a superb combination of live music from the hottest bands in the area.

SpringFest Chippewa Falls is also one of the events in Wisconsin in May that will get your mouth watering.

The festival attracts food trucks from all over the state, which you can enjoy from the comfort of the heated tents or the community bonfire.

The event is also perfect for a family spring break in Wisconsin because it is centered on family fun. Your kids will love the petting zoo and the face painting in particular.

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3. 100-Mile Garage Sale

cool things to do in Wisconsin in May, Close up shot of a sign saying "Garage Sale" with some sheets of stickers in different bright colors with prices in dollars printed on them

May in Wisconsin is the time for spring cleaning. Wisconsinites at Lake Pepin organize the 100-Mile Garage Sale each year to sell and recycle all of their unwanted possessions.

Across a few days in May, you can tour the Lake Pepin area to enjoy garage and basement sales from hundreds of homes.

Due to the length of the tour, you can weave the 100-mile Garage Sale into a road trip to find the best things to do in Wisconsin in spring.

This allows you to stop off every time you see an open garage to see what goods are on offer.

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4. Spring Fair on the Square

events in Wisconsin in May, Close up shot of musician holding an electric guitar with drummer standing close behind

Another of my favorite things to do in Wisconsin in May is the annual event organized and hosted in Baraboo.

This small town is known for its charming and cultured downtown area, which comes to life during the Spring Fair on the Square.

Over 150 artists, crafters, and musicians come to Baraboo for this event. They create the most diverse display of local craftsmanship, which can be found in spring in Wisconsin.

This includes hand-blown glass, metalwork sculptures, and pottery.

The local food culture also comes into its own for the event. A special farmer’s market is put on where you can try fresh food and delicacies from all over Wisconsin.

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5. Celebrate Mother’s Day

fun things to do in Wisconsin in May for Mother's Day, Bunch of flowers in shades of pink and purple all bunched together with a pink ribbon and a label saying "Happy Mother's Day" resting on a blue wooden table

If you are traveling to the Midwest with your parents, Mother’s Day activities are essential additions to your list of things to do in Wisconsin in May.

This is a great chance to show your mum how much you love and value everything she has done for you.

Plenty of the best places to visit in Wisconsin in May have great Mother’s Day offers.

Some even offer free entry to moms, including Milwaukee Zoo, Bookworm Gardens, Green Bay Botanical Gardens, Mulberry Lane Farm, and Paine Art Center & Gardens.

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6. Commemorate Memorial Day

Fun spring events in Wisconsin, band playing during parade dressed in red and black outfits

In late May, most Americans celebrate Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May.

On this holiday, observers honor those who have died serving in the Armed Forces from the Civil War to today.

You can find things to do in Wisconsin in May to recognize Memorial Day across the state.

These include Appleton’s Annual Memorial Day Parade and the Annual Neenah Menasha Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony.

If you attend these events with kids, it is also a great idea to take them to the Military Museum and Education Center in Oshkosh.

This is at the top of any list of things to do in Wisconsin May offers to find out about the history of the US Armed Forces and the work they continue to do.

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7. Visit a Splash Pad

things to do in Wisconsin in spring for families, Smiling child running through vertical jets of water shooting up from the ground at a water park with palm trees behind

Memorial Day also unlocks one of the most fun things to do in Wisconsin in May because it marks the opening of the splash pads in the state.

These water playgrounds are the stuff of dreams for all kids, and they have become highly popular in recent years.

Your kids will be able to run around with features that splash spray and shoot water in all directions.

Another great reason to go to a splash pad is that they are often free. The best of these parks that are open in Wisconsin in Spring are Washington Park, Wanick-Choute Park, South Park, and Lakeside Park.

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8. Wisconsin Governor’s Fishing Opener

Wisconsin events in May, Close up shot of a small fish hanging from a fishing line held by a hand in front of a body of water

At the start of May each year, the Wisconsin Governor’s Fishing Opener celebrates the fishing culture that has been present at the Phillips Chain of Lakes for years.

Located in Price County, it is a fun event where you are invited to take part in fishing. The event ends with a community fish fry in the park, so you can enjoy all of the best catches made during the day.

The Wisconsin Governor’s Fishing Opener is also one of the things to do in Wisconsin in May that is designed for adults and kids alike.

It is a family fishing day that has all the support you need to help your children start to enjoy fishing.

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9. Find a New Hobby at OutWiGo Green

places to visit in Wisconsin in May, Person riding a mountain bike along a dirt trail through some lush green woodland with trees and grass all around

Lots of the places to visit in Wisconsin in spring offer you unique experiences you can’t get back home.

However, OutWiGo Green, a mid-May event at Kettle Moraine State Forest, one of the best state parks in Wisconsin, is the opposite.

This event invites everyone into the forest and introduces you to fun activities that you will likely also be able to find and continue back home.

These activities include archery, photography, mountain biking, rock climbing, and more. This is also one of the many things to do in Wisconsin in May that can teach you about ecology.

There are plenty of conservation talks during OutWiGo Green where you can learn all about protecting the forest.

You’ll also find miles of some of the best hiking trails in Wisconsin and mountain bike trails in Wisconsin throughout the park where you can explore the beauty of this park.

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10. Bark at the Park

things to do in Milwaukee in May, Smiling beagle dog with his big pink tongue sticking out resting on lush green grass with a small orange ball in front of him

As one of Wisconsin’s biggest and most cultured cities, there are plenty of things to do in Milwaukee in May.

You can bring your furry friends with you to Bark at the Park, a unique event at the Milwaukee Brewers’ stadium.

These events invite you to bring your dog to the game, so they can enjoy the baseball as well as a range of dog-friendly activities and games.

Before you go to Bark at the Park, make sure to visit the Brewers’ website to make sure your dog is eligible.

This includes having up-to-date vaccinations and being old enough to behave around other dogs.

Be sure to enjoy all the fun outdoor activities in Milwaukee with your furry friend while you’re here.

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11. Take a Zipline Tour

best outdoor things to do in Wisconsin in May, two smiling people zip lining near a forest towards nearby lake

As the weather gets better, you can find a vast range of things to do in Wisconsin Dells in May, but few are as enjoyable and breathtaking as a zipline tour.

Operated by Bigfoot, you can go on a 2.5-hour-long zipline adventure through forests of oaks and Northwood pines. There are seven different ziplines to try, giving you over 8,000 feet of flight time.

Bigfoot Zipline Tours is open year-round. However, the perfect time to go is spring because you can watch the forest coming back to life below you.

This is one of my all-time favorite outdoor activities in Wisconsin, so don’t miss out!

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12. Horicon Marsh Bird Festival

places to visit in Wisconsin in spring, heron walking in marsh with reflection in water below

The last event on my list of cool things to do in Wisconsin in May is the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival.

In 2024, they will be celebrating their 27th annual weekend-long event, inviting expert and novice birders out onto the marsh to enjoy the wildlife in this vast wetland habitat.

Horicon Marsh has organized a range of top-quality events so you can learn all about this spectacular environment.

You can be taken out onto the water or at night to get a new perspective, watch live bird of prey demonstrations, and enjoy guided tours with small groups that won’t scare all the birds away.

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As you can appreciate from my list, there are countless events and activities that can help you to work out what to do in Wisconsin in May.

These activities are both indoor and outdoor, and for couples, families, and solo travelers. They are also spread all over the state so could be perfect for Wisconsin road trips.

Make sure to look back over this list before you embark on your adventure so you don’t miss anything.

FAQs About Things to Do in Wisconsin in May

Is May a good time to visit Wisconsin?

May is a great time to visit Wisconsin. The weather is much warmer than winter, or early spring. It also isn’t as busy a time to visit as spring break, or during summer vacation.

What is the weather like in Wisconsin in late May?

The average temperature in Wisconsin in May is 75°F, with typical lows of 52°F and highs of 85°F. May is one of the wetter months, but generally, the weather is pleasant and great for exploring outdoors.

Are there cherry blossoms in Wisconsin in May?

Yes, the cherry trees in Wisconsin blossom anytime between the end of April and early June. So May is one of the best times to see Cherry blossoms.

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