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20 Fun Things to Do in Faro in February

Here’s a guide on the top fun things to do in Faro in February to help you discover its charm.

Are you looking for somewhere to go this winter that mixes historic charm, natural beauty, and cultural attractions all in one place? 

Then you’ll fall in love with Faro like I did because it has all those and more! 

From cobblestone streets that lead to architectural gems, breathtakingly scenic views, and an abundance of cultural treasures, there is no shortage of things to do in Faro in February.  

If you’re ready to visit the capital of Algarve, Portugal, you’re in luck. 

Here are twenty things from my personal list of things to do and see in Faro as you travel Algarve

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Overview: Things To Do In Faro in February

1. Explore Faro’s Old Town

day trips from Tavira, View down a narrow cobbled street lined with white buildings with gold and blue painted trim on a bright sunny day

Nothing shows Faro’s rich heritage and culture more than walking the historic streets of Old Town. 

It felt, to me, like walking back in time—and if you want your trip to be educational as you walk the streets, join a guided walking tour. 

It’s hard to miss Faro Cathedral, but don’t just look at it from afar because it’s one of the best places in Algarve that you should see up close. 

The cathedral dates back to the 13th century, and the towers provide a fantastic panoramic view of the city. 

Remember to take a moment to admire the monumental archway of Arco da Vila as well—standing in front of it felt like being part of the past, and it made for an interesting experience. 

If you plan to spend a long day exploring, take note of what to wear in Faro in February to be comfortable. 

Not sure where to wine and dine in Old Town during your stay? I’ve got you! 

Join walking food tours for a full experience, and here’s a night tour in Faro that you can also check out.

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2. Enjoy the Ria Formosa Nature Park

where to stay in algarve, hotels in algarve, accommodation in algarve, a woman standing on the center by a fence overlooking a lagoon

If you’re in the area, a mandatory part of your list of things to do in Faro in February should be a visit to Ria Formosa!

This huge natural park runs through Faro, Loulé, Olhão, Tavira, and Vila Real de Santo António and is a paradise for all kinds of birds.

Since the Faro temperature in February is nice and pleasant, besides bird watching, the park is also the best place for nature walks and hiking! 

My favorite trail by fair is Ludo: it’s between Faro, and Quinta do Lago Golf Club and passes around the golf resort, across salt flats and wetlands, which means more opportunities to spot birds! 

You can do all these simultaneously by joining eco tours so you can learn more about the migratory birds that visit Ria Formosa and get to know more about the ecosystem.

But the real icing on the cake, when you visit the park, is concluding it with a sunset boat tour! 

Whether with a special someone or on your own, the breathtaking image of the sun setting on the horizon is a perfect way to end your Ria Formosa visit.  

Note that although some birds can be easily spotted any time of the year, certain species only visit during particular seasons. 

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3. Faro’s Culinary Delights

Fresh Fish, Shellfish, Squid For Sale at Lagos Fish Market, Algarve, Portugal

One of the more intimate ways to get to know a culture is through its food, and Faro is no exception! 

If you’re spending winter in Algarve, you can’t miss Algarvian food, and an excellent place to start is by exploring the local markets. 

One of the most popular and oldest traditional indoor markets near Faro is Mercado de Loulé. 

The market is an architectural gem (a hundred years old), and it is also the place to be for fresh produce and fish. 

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Algarve in November or any other month, the Loulé market is a must. 

Don’t forget to try authentic Algarvian dishes as well, of course! 

My favorite is Arroz de Lingueirao, a simple but delicious seafood rice dish that perfectly matches the Faro weather in February. 

You are interested in making these local dishes yourself when you get back home? Join a cooking class! 

For instance, Portugal Farm Experiences include a visit to the local market where you’ll buy most of the ingredients you need. 

You’ll take a trip back to the farm to collect the rest of the ingredients, and the class will conclude with a meal so you can try what you’ve cooked. 

4. Cultural Events and Festivals

Fun Puerto de la Cruz things to do, Smiling woman in brightly coloured ornate carnival dress and red and orange headdress

In Faro Portugal, in February, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss: the Carnival! 

The nearby town of Loulé celebrates the much anticipated Carnival Parade this month, with parades happening simultaneously in Carvoerio and Alte

I also recommend a visit to Galería de Arte Trem, which grants startling contrasts: Old Town is steeped in so much history while the gallery showcases Faro’s more modern and creative side. 

Another one to visit is Galería Nova Margem for more contemporary art; both places showcase local and international artists. 

In addition to attending these events and immersing yourself in the festivities, remember to mingle with the locals! 

It’s what truly sets trips apart for me: sharing moments with people who have lived in these places most of their lives gives me so much insight into their way of life.

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5. Day Trips from Faro

an island with buildings and a high light house with a red top

The weather in Faro in February is perfect for day trips, and there’s more to see in nearby areas. 

The best way to know more about the surrounding places is by joining excursions that allow you to learn a thing or two about the places you’re visiting. 

The guided island tour I joined in Olhão took me not only to several different islands—Armona, Culatra, and Farol—but there were also a lot of opportunities for water activities and hiking!

How great is that? It’s a full package if one of the things on your list is to go hiking in Algarve.

Another interesting tour for me was the TechSalt salt mine in Loulé where I learned a lot about the history of the mine itself and geology. 

If you need more things to do in Faro in February, add the Paderne Castle to your itinerary! 

Sitting on a small hill, it’s a remarkable historical landmark showcasing the architectural influence of different civilizations in one castle. 

Are you looking to add a trip to the beach to your day? Make sure you drop by Ilha Deserta, an island near Faro. 

It’s a beautiful, unspoiled beach and I consider it as one of the best beaches in Algarve as a whole.

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6. Visit Faro’s Museums

a white building with a statue in front of it with a garden
Faro Archaeological Museum

If you’re into museums, you’re in luck because I recommend a few if you’re still asking yourself what to do in Faro in February. 

The second museum to be created in Algarve, you should give the Faro Municipal Museum a visit. 

It houses paintings from the 16th to 19th centuries that once belonged to Algarve temples, but not only that! 

It also contains archaeological remains you won’t find elsewhere: the most exciting pieces for me were the Ossonoba epigraphs. 

Since Faro is a coastal town, it’s also interesting to learn nautical things about it, and there’s no better place for some maritime history than the Maritime Museum. 

But if you’re more into archaeology, don’t miss out on a trip to the Faro Archaeological Museum, originally a 16th-century convent that is now Faro’s main museum. 

If you need a break from the chilly temperature in Faro in February, immerse yourself in both history and art by going through the exhibits and collections in these places. 

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7. Cycling Tours in Faro

cycling biking bike riding, two old people biking in the fields view from bottom to sky
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

On my list of things to do in Faro in February is cycling in and around the area! 

The great thing about cycling here is that rentals are available in places like Algarve Bike Rentals Service, which offers delivery anywhere in Algarve. 

If it’s your first time or you’re a beginner, guided cycling tours are ideal so you can explore with a group, learn more about the local history, and be more comfortable with cycling in general. 

But if you’re a more experienced biker, I recommend Ecovia do Litoral for the most scenic routes. 

It’s 214 km in total and runs from Cabo de São Vincente to Villa Real de Santo Antonio, which is on the Spanish border. 

The Faro climate February until March, for the winter season, is cold even though there’s some sun, so make sure to dress for the weather. 

Check Out Faro Historic Bike Tour

8. Attend Live Performances

best things to do in Tavira, Musicians playing in the street with two men in black shirts and glasses holding stringed guitar instruments while a lady in a patterned dress and black shawl sings between them

Want a feel of local entertainment in the area? Since it’s a known tourist area, you bet there’s always something going on in many places in this part of the Algarve. 

Check any schedules for live music or theatrical performances in and around Faro! 

From Fado performances to more casual live bands in bars and restaurants, this makes for a more authentic experience of the Algarve way of life. 

Some casual places include Ditadura Live Music Bar and Os Artistas, one of the oldest bars in the area.

Faro in February may not be as busy as other months like summer, but there are always things to do—I recommend joining workshops like private dance classes. 

The locals are the best people to ask for show recommendations if in doubt! 

9. Relax at Faro’s Gardens

a statue of a head of a person n front of a building surrounded with plants and trees

Weather in Faro Algarve in February is ideal for leisurely walks in gardens, and there are several on my list worth recommending! 

One of the most extensive gardens, you must drop by Alameda João de Deus for a relaxing stroll amidst diverse flora and fauna. 

There are also a few activities to do here, including miniature golf, a playground for children, and sports equipment. 

What about a picnic with some architectural sights thrown in? 

If you’d like to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals, visit Jardim Manuel Bivar for a garden escape. 

You can also visit the 17th and 19th-century buildings in the garden, the Alfândega (Customs House) and the Governo Civil (Civil Government). 

Another one worth visiting is the Botanical Garden of the University of Algarve, which was opened to the public in December 2021. 

Fittingly, as a garden located in a university, there’s something to learn just by visiting it because of the 13 specimens of flora that visitors can find in it. 

Who says relaxing can’t also be educational? 

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10. Explore Faro’s Street Art

a hand pressing purple spray paint on a wall with art

Have you ever tried a self-guided walking tour? Because you should. I had a blast discovering Faro’s street art. 

If it’s not yet on your list, add it to your things to do in Faro in February! 

While much of the graffiti is “normal,” in many places, you’ll find unique, one-of-a-kind murals that will make you stop and stare. 

Are they Instagram-worthy? Yes, and a mix of different themes, too. 

All of this artwork, free to view by anyone passing by, showcases a completely different side of Faro and Algarve. 

In addition to enjoying and appreciating the street art you encounter, you can engage with the local art scene by shopping locally for souvenirs and artworks to take home with you.

11. Attend a Wine Tasting Session

Close up shot of two empty wine glasses with a vineyard full of rows of green plants behind

Although the airport in Faro means it’s a place where people linger long enough only to wait for transit to other areas of Algarve, it’s more than just a transit point! 

Faro has so much to offer, including wine-tasting sessions during food tours! 

I was also able to explore Quinta da Tôr Winery in Loulé, which included—you guessed it—wine tasting as part of the guided tour. 

The great thing about wine-tasting sessions and tours like this one is you get the best recommendations on which wine goes with regional food. 

Ensure you include this in your itinerary of things to do in Faro in February!

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12. Yoga and Wellness Retreats

woman having a massage at one of the best spa resorts in Wisconsin Dells

With its amazing landscapes and breathtaking views, Faro is ideal for connecting with your inner self. 

Aside from staying in 5-star hotels in Algarve, if you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful stay, there are also yoga and wellness retreat options for you. 

Make sure to check schedules in advance, as some of these retreats have limited slots. 

Of course, when selecting where to stay in Algarve, specifically in Faro, you can opt for a hotel that offers spa services to help you relax and unwind! 

Ria Park Hotel & Spa Faro is just one place with the amenities to ensure you’re well-pampered. 

It’s also common for retreats in the area to combine yoga with other activities like hiking and surfing.

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13.  Attend a Local Workshop

closeup of hands that are gray colored while making pottery

Nothing is more immersive than putting yourself out there and learning something new while in a place you’re not familiar with. 

For days when the temperature in Faro in February gets too cold, retreat indoors and participate in workshops around the area. 

From pottery to jewelry, even tile painting, expect that these local workshops will have a touch of what the culture is like where you are. 

Other workshops to consider include photography, which can help you take amazing shots of all the wonderful places and sights in Faro. 

Another is a cooking workshop to cook authentic Algarvian dishes even when you’re no longer in Portugal! 

14. Capture Sunset Views

amazing things to do in algarve, the ria formosa lagoon at sunset with homes in distance
Ria Formosa Lagoon

As a coastal town, one of the most stunning things the area offers is the sunset views! 

At this point, adding it to your list of things to do in Faro in February is a must. 

Make sure to venture around nearby areas: if you’re planning day trips from Lagos, my personal favorite is Ponta da Piedade. 

Watch the sunset turn the caves in the area golden as it sinks on the horizon: it’s breathtaking! 

Of course, you can always join sunset boat tours for a full experience. Your day will be packed with activities, and the spectacular sunset view will be the conclusion of it. 

There are romantic sunset boat and yacht tours in the Ria Formosa Natural Park from Faro, allowing bird watching while waiting for nighttime. 

If you’re in Faro as early as the start of winter, here are other things to do in Algarve in December if you’re in the hunt for more activities.

Check out Ria Formosa tours here

15. Experience Faro’s Nightlife

Close up shot of a DJ's mixing desk lit by pink and purple neon lights

No trip is complete without an experience of your destination’s nightlife! 

There are many bars in Faro, as well as clubs, and worth mentioning is Hotel Faro, with its rooftop bar that has a great view of the harbor! 

Not only are there drinks galore, but after watching the sunset, you can party all night since they usually have live music playing or a DJ to rile up the crowd. 

If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, consider Tasquinha Cruzeiro—they have the best seafood in Faro that’s also very affordable. 

Don’t forget to consider the Faro weather in February and bring something to keep you warm at night, like a shawl or cardigan. 

Check out night tours in Faro

16. Horseback Riding Adventures

horse back riding paulina travel blogger, a woman riding a white horse

If you want to admire the countryside differently, why not try horseback riding? 

The weather in Faro Algarve in February, as well as the surrounding areas, isn’t too hot, ensuring a pleasant sightseeing day. 

From getting to know the local vegetation and flora, pausing for a bit, to a beautiful coastline view, and discovering hidden gems that only the locals know, it was a fantastic experience for me!  

Since Faro is a coastal town, there are also many opportunities to ride horseback on many scenic beaches. 

The good news is that many of these riding tours cater to all levels of riders, including children, so make sure to ask! 

A few places to check out include the Albufeira Riding Centre and Adventure Riding in Aljezur.

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17. Attend a Photography Tour

a person in a yellow sweater holding a camera

If you want a chance to learn more about photography while making sure you have stunning photos to remember your Faro trip by, add this to your list of what to do in Faro in February.

Join a photography tour! 

Aside from souvenirs and other trinkets from the places I’ve been, photos are great souvenirs of my amazing time. 

By joining such tours, you can work alongside other people and experts who know how to capture the city and nearby landscapes through pictures. 

Apply what you learn in this kind of tour elsewhere: proper lighting, what equipment to bring, and even how to set your camera’s settings for the best photo results. 

Make sure to check for any photography tours scheduled during your visit to see if there’s one available. 

18. Embrace Water Sports

Get the most out of your adult entertainment in Wisconsin Dells, view of the legs of people standing on paddle boards in a calm body of water

No trip to a coastal town is complete without water sports, whether kayaking or paddleboarding, and the same goes for Faro! 

The Olhão Kayak Tour bound for the island of Armona is one of the more popular tours because of the beautiful location. 

Another one is the Tavira Kayak Tour, which passes through Ria Formosa, specifically the oyster nurseries. 

Since you’ll be in said natural park, this is also a fantastic time to include birdwatching in your itinerary! 

If you’re into kitesurfing, some of the best spots near Faro are in Lagos and Alvor. 

For beginners, when it comes to surfing, the waves in Praia de Faro aren’t too big, not always, which makes it ideal for anyone just learning to surf for the first time. 

You can also try Praia da Falesia, located in Vilamoura, or the small fishing town of Fuseta if you don’t want to do crowds. 

As always, ensure you’re prepared: the weather in Faro in February, including surrounding areas, can be cold, so dress in layers if necessary.

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19. Sunset Kayaking in Ria Formosa

people kayaking on a sunset

See, there’s kayaking, and then there’s sunset kayaking, which should be an entirely different entry in your things to do in Faro in February. 

Ria Formosa is already a sight in the daytime, but add the sun setting in the mix, and it was a magical experience for me to see the park gilded in fading sunlight. 

It was also different from eco-tours on boats since, while kayaking, I felt so much closer to everything. 

Honestly, the Ria Formosa Natural Park is one of the best places in Algarve.

Check out Ria Formosa Tours here

20. Engage with the Local Community

faro algarve marina with parked boats or yachts

Going for a more immersive experience with the people who call Faro home? 

Find community events and volunteer activities to join and mingle with the locals! 

From offering a hand to groups like Animal Rescue Algarve to simply being part of a workshop that teaches Portuguese handicrafts, it’s the best way to become familiar with the Algarvian way of life. 

Visit locally-owned shops, restaurants, and other establishments, and take the path less traveled! 

Based on my own experience, the Portuguese are very hospitable, and I’ve always been received warmly no matter how many times I’ve been to Faro.  

Don’t be shy; approach the locals and talk to them.

Check out Faro Tours Now

My final thoughts on Faro in February

faro moncloa and museo americas, a road with trees with cars passing by with a building at the back

Visiting Faro is a must if you’re spending winter in Algarve—you won’t run out of things to do! 

It’s a mix of beautiful worlds: history, nature, culture, among others, and it’s worth visiting again and again. 

If you plan to be in Faro this February, I hope this list helps fill your itinerary with more activities. 

What’s a fun and memorable experience you had during your visit to Faro? Please share it with everyone and encourage others to visit this lovely coastal town, too!