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10 Spectacular Beaches in Tenerife North

Here’s an ultimate guide to the best beaches in Tenerife north to enjoy a seaside retreat.

When talking about Tenerife, it’s impossible not to talk about its many beaches!  

As an island destination, people look forward to a fun time by the sea, with sand on their toes and the sun shining overhead. 

The thing is, there are a lot of beaches to choose from no matter where you’re staying, but no worries—that’s why we have this list! 

If you plan to visit the largest of the Canary Islands, here are my top beaches in Tenerife North to help you narrow down the options. 

With how diverse the island’s climate is, believe it when I say there’s at least one beach you’ll love as you travel Tenerife

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1. Playa Jardín, Puerto de la Cruz

Best beaches in Puerto de la Cruz, View of sandy beach with many pairs of sun loungers and some standalone palm trees with colourful flowers in the foreground and the wide open sea behing all under a blue sky full of white fluffy clouds

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Tenerife Spain, it’s impossible for Playa Jardín not to be on the list. 

It’s easily one of the most famous and was designed by renowned artist César Manrique. It perfectly blends the island’s natural beauty and man-made creativity. 

It’s a black sand beach divided into three more distinct sections: Castillo Beach, Charcón Beach, and Punta Brava Beach. 

The promenade is very picturesque, and walking to the beach—I wasn’t even there yet—was already quite a sight! 

There are stone pathways that lead to gardens filled with local plants, connecting everything else to children’s playgrounds, more gardens, restaurants, and bars. 

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent, so you won’t have to worry about bringing anything else but only the most essential items. 

While there’s a breakwater to protect swimmers from big waves, Playa Jardín is also great for surfing. 

This place will always be part of my list of top beaches in Tenerife and is ideal for big groups and families. 

That said, here are some of the best family hotels in Tenerife to help you if you’re still looking for a place to stay.

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2. Playa Bollullo, La Orotava

waves crashing against the rocks on a black sand beach

For me, one of the most excellent beaches in Tenerife has to be Playa Bollullo for several reasons, but mostly because it’s hidden!

Or well, not entirely, but it’s secluded enough that, if you want to enjoy the beach and the waves without worrying about crowds, this is the beach for you. 

Playa Bollullo has natural black sand and is surrounded by cliffs. It is a little gem with a fantastic view where I could relax and focus on how amazing it is to be surrounded by nature. 

Located in the municipality of La Orotava, you’ll know you’re in the right place because of the abundance of banana plantations. 

To get to the beach and the bay, you can walk through the banana plantations from Puerto de la Cruz (45 minutes). 

You can walk from there if you’re already at the Bollullo Restaurant, which is close to the beach. 

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because of the walking you’ll need to do, plus the steps that lead down to the beach are steep. 

While it’s an excellent spot for surfing, note that there are no reefs here, so if you’re there for a swim, the waves can be pretty strong sometimes. 

If you’re looking for more things to do in Puerto de la Cruz, visiting this unspoiled natural beauty needs to be a part of your list!

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3. Playa El Socorro, Los Realejos

a beach with lots of people with umbrellas and towels and the sea lots of surfers

Since there’s no shortage of beaches in Tenerife North, let’s move on to another favorite: the volcanic sand beach Playa El Socorro! 

It’s one of the best sandy beaches in Tenerife in my book because it’s very accessible and has a lot of what you need for a full day stay, not to mention lots of parking. 

As a blue-flag beach, Playa El Socorro has all you need for a fun and comfortable stay: we’re talking about restaurants, chiringuitos, beach bars, and the view! 

It’s also a great place for swimmers, surfers, and bodyboarders since the waves break far from the shore. 

There’s also an entertainment area called El Puntito de El Socorro where you can have a snack, play games, and settle down to read. 

If you’re the type like me who wants the best of both worlds—outdoor activities and a place to unwind and relax—then you should definitely visit El Socorro. 

Planning to drive to this beach or around the island? Here’s something to help you out: Driving in Tenerife: A Practical Guide.

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4. Playa San Marcos, Icod de los Vinos

an aerial view of a small town in the near the ocean

Many North Tenerife beaches have black sand, and the next one on my list is nestled in a sheltered cove, making it perfect for swimming! 

Playa San Marcos isn’t as large as other beaches. Still, it’s very scenic, with a view of majestic cliffs and several seafront restaurants, so you can enjoy the sights and the local cuisine simultaneously. 

What I love about this area is how quiet it is, a nice change after spending time in more touristy areas—it’s an excellent place to relax. 

Take note that the beach has a lot of pebbles and stones, so you may need to bring proper ocean shoes. 

Once you’ve had your fill of the beach, other things you can do in Icod de los Vinos include visiting the most significant and oldest dragon tree on the island located in Parque del Drago. 

While you’re at it, close by is the Mariposario del Drago, a butterfly museum with over 800 types of butterflies from around the world. 

You can even learn more about bananas in the Banana Museum at Casa del Plátano, which I discovered is the island’s main export. 

More than just the beaches, there are many things to do in North Tenerife, so make sure to do your research before visiting so you can make the most out of your visit!

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5. Playa del Roque de las Bodegas, Taganana

a view of the ocean and mountains on a cloudy day

As you can tell by now, there’s no shortage of the best beaches in Tenerife North! 

Playa del Roque de las Bodegas is just by the foot of Anaga Mountains’ cliffs, and just like the other beaches in Tenerife North, the sand here is black due to volcanic deposits. 

What sets it apart from other beaches for me is the rock formations! It’s a less-developed coastal paradise, and the massive rocky cliffs are a sight. 

The village of Taganana, where the beach is, is located in Anaga Rural Park and is the main settlement—this means there are a lot of opportunities to go hiking while you’re in the area! 

During my visit, a few viewpoints stood out to me thanks to their amazing views, not just of the beach but the mountainside and the ocean. 

Make sure to check out Mirador Bailadero, the Roque de Las Bodegas viewpoint, and Mirador Risco Amogoje—though the last one is a stop on the way to Taganana. 

Being surrounded by so much unspoiled nature with amazing cliffs and ocean views was a healing experience for me. 

Want to explore down south instead? Here are some of the best beaches in South Tenerife.

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6. Playa de las Teresitas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

aerial view of beachy coast on a sunny day with mountains and a hillside village in the distance

Now, let’s switch things up and visit the most excellent beach in Tenerife with its artificial golden sands! 

If you’re traveling with family and have kids with you or with friends, Playa de las Teresitas is an excellent place to visit because of its artificial lagoon. 

This makes the water relatively safe, the breakwater keeping currents and big waves away, and it felt like swimming in a pool to me with how calm the water was! 

The beach is a popular spot for vacationers, and as a result, you get to enjoy full amenities, including showers and restrooms. 

There are also many beachside bars and restaurants; my only regret is that trying them all is impossible!  

This is definitely worth adding as you decide what things to do in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

The entirety of the place is picturesque—we’re talking about a beautiful promenade lined with palm trees—and you can mingle with the locals by visiting the nearby fishing village at the foot of the Anaga Mountains, San Andrés. 

And since you’re close to the capital of the island, to help you further, here are some of my top picks for spa hotels in Tenerife, Spain.

Don’t know where to stay in Tenerife in March? These are some of the best options.

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7. Playa de Antequera, Santa Úrsula

Sunrise in Antequera, Tenerife, beach with rocks with a red sky reflecting on the sea and sky

If you want a coastal retreat that takes you as close to nature as possible, this is the nicest beach in Tenerife for that! 

Playa de Antequera, with its fine golden sands, is only accessible by boat or on foot, and because it’s more challenging to get to, it’s never crowded. 

No matter which way you visit this hidden gem, the reward is worth it: the coast is serene, and the view of the Anaga Mountains is, as always, breathtaking. 

While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the cave where you’ll find the Virgen del Carmen!  

Note that the hike is pretty challenging, not just because of how long it takes but also because of the trail itself. If you’re unsure, you may want to visit by boat instead. 

It’s also important to know that this is one of the few nudist zone beaches in Tenerife North, so don’t be surprised when you get there!

8. Playa de Almáciga, Taganana

a view of the beach and mountains on a sunny day

Regarding beaches in Tenerife, Taganana has a second place on my list, and this one’s another untouched beauty. 

Forming a trio of volcanic sand beaches alongside Roque de las Bodegas and Benijo, Playa de Almáciga is another spot that is never crowded. 

It’s known mainly as a haven for surfers thanks to strong waves, but thankfully, I wasn’t there for swimming but for the sights. 

It didn’t disappoint, and that’s not surprising since the beach is part of Anaga Rural Park—so the view is a mix of wild waters, rocky formations, and cliff faces. 

If you’re arriving by car, this area has ample parking. You can also get to Playa de Almáciga by bus from Santa Cruz. 

Want a slight change of scenery in between beach trips? Check out these water parks in Tenerife.

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9. Playa Punta del Hidalgo

a view of the ocean and mountains near the coast

Among the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife is my favorite surfer’s paradise Punta del Hidalgo. 

What makes this beach charming is how vastly different it is from the other beaches on this list. 

Playa Punta del Hidalgo is more rugged and located at the edge of the Anaga Mountains, so it opens up to the sea and has powerful, intense waves that surfers love. 

You can also try kayaking and board paddling when the waters are calmer at sunset. 

But there’s more to this area than having one of the most well-known beaches in Tenerife North. 

A must-see when close by is the Faro Punta del Hidalgo, an impressive lighthouse that’s a show stopper. 

You don’t want to miss it—it stands out more than just because of its height and white color. With a more modern architectural design, it’s a complete contrast to its natural surroundings. 

Ready for a trip down south after exploring the many different beaches in the northern parts of the island? For accommodations, here are hotels in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, that are worth considering.

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10. Playa de los Patos, La Orotava

clouds in the sky with a beach and mountain nearby looking dark

Last on my list, but definitely not the least, is another secluded paradise located in La Orotava. 

Just like Playa Bollullo, which is in the same area, Playa de los Patos is one of those isolated black sand beaches on the island because it’s a little difficult to reach. 

That said, because it’s not crowded, the natural beauty of this place is unspoiled, and I loved the fantastic view of Mount Teide while there! 

The beach is known for its strong currents and waves, so be careful if you’re planning to swim, especially since there are no lifeguards here.  

During low tide, though, you’ll find natural swimming pools around the rocks, so make sure you look around when you can! 

As a secluded and “secret” beach in the northern parts of the island, there are no facilities here, so don’t forget to bring food and drink with you when you visit. 

One more important thing: this is another one of those beaches of Tenerife considered a nudist zone, so take note!

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My final thoughts on beaches in north Tenerife

Amazing things to do in Tenerife, aerial view of beachy coast on a sunny day with mountains and a hillside village in the distance
Las Teresitas Beach, in Tenerife, Spain

These are my favorite beaches in Tenerife North, just ten of so many more, with so many others that haven’t made it to the list. 

If you plan to do many outdoor Activities in Tenerife, don’t forget to include visiting any or all of these beaches! 

Whether you’re into volcanic sand beaches or golden ones, there’s one beach on the island just for you, so keep looking! 

What are your most unforgettable experiences while visiting the beaches in Tenerife North? Tell everyone your story!

FAQ about Tenerife North Beaches

Does Tenerife have sandy beaches?

The answer is a resounding yes! In total, there are 133 beaches on the island of Tenerife.

Where are the best beaches in Tenerife?

This depends on what you’re looking for and the type of experience you want to have.  Whether you’re into the tourist experience or exploring the wilder, road-less-taken beaches of Tenerife, with so many of them to choose from, there should be at least one best beach for everybody.

What are the best sandy beaches in Tenerife?

There are many beaches in Tenerife, and if we’re just going off my list, I’d recommend my top three favorites: Playa Jardín, Playa de las Teresitas, and Playa de Antequera.