An unexpected New Year’s Eve in Cape Verde

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Ola from Mindelo! It’s now about 3 weeks that we are a bit stuck in this city. It wasn’t really love at first sight, but slowly we get to love this city more and more. Sometimes you just need to try a little harder to see the beauty of a place.

At first beggars overwhelmed us at any corner, now we just want to enjoy the incredible musical offer of Mindelo. At the end it’s all a matter of perspectives.

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Probably it’s not even Mindelo’s fault. We were supoosed to stay here for maximum 1 week and then continue our boat hitchhiking adventure. But it took some time and some misadventures until we got on the right boat with the right people. Now we have our base at the Marina of Mindelo and are helping everywhere we can to get the boat ready to cross the Atlantic. A dream come true! 

If I’ve learned something of this trip then that you can’t plan anything but that everything will be fine at the end. My boyfriend and I started our adventure in Tenerife without knowing where we’d end up. We only wanted to sail and travel slowly. We had enough time and budget to get carried away by the wind. That’s how we ended up in Cape Verde. First in Sal, later Mindelo and then in green paradise Santo Antão.

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Back in Mindelo, we reunited with friends we knew from Tenerife in order to sail together across the Atlantic. If I look back now, everything seems so obvious.

Everything worked out well. Everything feels just right. But in between the stages I felt completely torn between waiting/asking for a boat to sail or buying a flight ticket to the American continent. I realize I need to trust more in the positive course of events. That will be my New Year’s resolution.

Now I can’t wait to spend New Year’s Eve with our boat family and enjoy the big party in the streets of Mindelo. A farewell party to the city of love-hate.

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A healthy and happy 2017! May it be full of positive energy and travels!

mindelo, africa, afrika, cape verde, cabo verde, beach, praia, playa, santo antao, mindelo, sao vicente, travel, trip, hiking, holiday

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mindelo, cape verde, cabo verde, africa, afrika, beach, holiday, sailing, marina, marine, hiking

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mindelo, cape verde, cabo verde, africa, afrika, beach, holiday, sailing, marina, marine, hiking

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