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20 Fun Staycation Ideas for Couples

Tips and Ideas for a Relaxing and Fun Staycation For Couples

Travelling is amazing, and we should all go on vacation once in a while.

Unfortunately, going on vacation is often easier said than done. You are stuck in the office, and a lot of planning, budgeting, and packing needs to be done.

That is why staycations can serve as the perfect solution for a long weekend or some unused vacation time. And yes; they aren’t overrated and make for a great weekend getaway.  

Romantic young couple on beach vacation, staycation couple ideas

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What is a staycation?

Staycation is like a vacation where you stay at or around your home. Some people may stay overnight in their own homes during a staycation while others choose to stay at a hotel to get away from home but remain within close driving distance. 

Staycation vs vacation is a cost-effective, hassle-free, and comforting way of taking a real vacation. Get inspired by these staycation quotes.

Why do a Staycation for Couples?

Staycation for couples is a great idea as having time alone with one’s spouse or partner is essential to a healthy relationship.

And although we understand that is not the simplest thing to do, it can be a little easier if you can leave the kids with the grandparents, ask them to stay at their friends’ place or get a babysitter for a night or two.

That is another reason why a romantic staycation may be exactly what a couple needs. 

That said; here are some romantic staycation ideas for couples. 

1. Plan a Spa Day

Staycation ideas for couples, Bathroom spa decoration with  bath oils and sink full of red flowers

Rather than rushing to get a manicure done in between meetings or a massage now and then, check out what spas in your area offer daylong packages. Planning a full day spa retreat will make your staycation feel more like resort living. 

However, if you prefer to have an at-home spa experience, turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Create a bubble bath, add bath oils, do a homemade facial treatment and a soothing eye pillow.

Also, add candles and a relaxing soundtrack, and let the worries of everyday life fall away. Having a full spa day is one of the best staycation ideas for couples.  

2. Have Dinner at a Restaurant you Always Wanted to Visit

Romantic staycation ideas for couples, couple having wine inside beautiful restaurant

Have that fancy restaurant in your city you always wanted to visit and have dinner with your spouse? But couldn’t as you were stuck with work or something else that stopped you. 

A Staycation is a perfect time to get dressed up and have a fab meal at a restaurant you always wanted to visit.

Book a table in advance and sample the dishes you would like to have. Or you can try the most served dishes or an exotic dish to have some fun. Enjoy a candlelight dinner if they offer. 

Having dinner at a fancy restaurant is one of the great staycation ideas couples can follow. On top, it’s a great way to support your local and small businesses in your home city.

3. Host a movie night with friends

Staycation for couples, Couple watching movie with popcorn at home

This is probably the most basic choice on the list of ideas for a staycation, but sometimes being basic is the best. Who doesn’t love to watch a good movie with their partner? 

Set up a projection screen in your backyard or have a Netflix marathon from the comfort of your couch. Try something different for a change, like do a marathon of scary movies, ’90s romcoms or action films.

Don’t forget the popcorn and candy or something else you would both like to eat. 

4. Watch a Performance at the Theatre

Staycation Ideas for Couples, Live theatre performance By band

Live theatre is something everybody should experience. As performers have to recreate themselves every night, you will witness a living, breathing entity that flows with whatever energy it may be channeling on a particular day. 

The skill of theatre actors is extraordinary, and watching them in action is awe-inspiring. Watching a live performance is fun, exciting and a fabulous venue to bring somebody along, especially your love interest. 

This staycation idea is great if your partner is a fan of theatre. Know their interest and what kind of play would they love to see, and then work accordingly. I recommend watching romantic plays.  

To make the day even more exciting, have a dinner date after the play or eat ice cream together.  

5. Take Dance Classes together

Loving staycation ideas for couples, Couple Dancing Under Light

Have you ever thought to take a dance class with your partner or your spouse? If yes, then during the staycation it’s a perfect time. No matter which type of dance you want to learn; your dance classes will allow you to enjoy a fun workout together. 

Also, learning how to dance together will provide you with many opportunities to connect with your lover in a way you have never experienced before.

While dancing, your eyes meet, and you have to hold and touch each other, which can put you in a sensual mood too. 

6. Do a Photography Tour in Your City

Best Staycation Ideas for Couples, Young women taking picture of eiffel tower with DSLR

You bought a DSLR to click pictures at your cousin’s wedding, and now it is lying alone in your cupboard for years? This is the time to pick it up and do a photography tour in your city with your partner. 

It is a great way to explore your city and find amazing locations to click some beautiful photos to rejoice for a lifetime. You can book photography tours or go on your own.

You can explore your city at night too, as it offers a different way to capture the sights of the city that you can’t in the day. 

Click pictures of the city or your partner throughout the day at different locations. This helps both of you to reconnect and feel loved all over again. 

7. Have a Picnic in the Park

Staycation Ideas for Couples, Couple having picnic in park with some tasty finger foods and fruit.

Pick a cute basket and a checkered blanket, pack up some tasty finger foods like cheeses or fruits, don’t forget the wine, and find a lovely spot at your local park.

Don’t forget to bring along a book of poetry you can recite to each other, or some board game or cards to up the fancy factor.

8. Check-in a Fancy Hotel

Staycation Ideas for Couples, Beautiful hotel room with comfortable bed, sofa and romantic lighting.

Hotel staycation ideas are always a fun thing to do. Yes, booking a fancy hotel could be expensive, but it’s just for one night. Sometimes, it’s worth the extra money to pamper yourself and your partner. 

Also, you would be staying close to home, think about all the money, you are saving on gas and travel expenses.

However, if you want to make the most of your five-star staycation, check-in as early as possible and take advantage of every complementary service the hotel offers. 

For a fun time, book a hotel staycation with a pool that is private so both of you could spend some romantic moments. And eventually, who knows, your city figures among the most romantic places in the world?

9. Take a Day Trip

Staycation Ideas for Couples, Couple taking walk, holding hands on beach

Taking a staycation does not mean you can’t travel at all. If you live near a beach, ski resort, outlet mall or daylong wellness treat, consider taking advantage of the short distance. 

If you want the trip to feel luxurious, opt to take an Uber or the train so you don’t even have to worry about parking. This is also a great way to travel sustainable.

10. Rent a Lakefront Cabin

Staycation for couples , A lakefront cabin with vivid blueish-green water on Lake

Nothing screams summer romance better than spending a long weekend in a cozy lakefront staycation cabin rental.

Renting a lake house with your significant other is one of the best spring break staycation ideas and a sure-fire way to earn some brownie points. 

When you book a secluded cabin rental, you get the whole property and its amenities to yourselves. So you can take your morning coffee on a private porch, in a scenic garden, or tucked up in bed with a jaw-dropping view.

In order to make your cabin getaway a bit more adventurous, why not bring an inflatable whitewater kayak and explore lonely islands?

I book lakefront cabins with HomeAway.

11. Explore a New Hiking Trail

Staycation Ideas for Couples, Happy hiking couple with backpack On a hike in mountains.

Sometimes, you want to explore the pristine nature, but it’s hard to do so as you are stuck up with work? So, add a little fun to your staycation plans by exploring a new hiking trail with your spouse. 

Hiking can be a great form of meditation, site seeing, and exercise. 

12. Do Volunteer Work Together

Staycation Ideas for Couples, Two volunteers planting tree together

Getting out in the community and doing some meaningful charity work can be a nice way to bond and make memories together.

Plant some trees, clean up the park, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or anything that both of you are particularly passionate about. 

13. Visit a Lake, Swim or Rent Kayaks

Loving staycation ideas for couples, Couple swimming in the Lake With blueish green clean water.

For couples who live close to a lake or at a couple of driving distances, they can have a great time at the lake. They can swim together, or rent kayaks or rowboats. 

Or, why not bring your own inflatable kayak?

Check here the rates for inflatable kayaks

This staycation idea for couples can be spending a fun time and doing something different than a typical date night. Also, it lets you explore nature.  

14. Head to a Local Winery

staycation idea for couples, Wine bottles in the bar

It’s easy to settle into a routine of dining and drinking at your favorite restaurants and bars. So, why not break out of that rut and spend an entire day at a local winery? 

Sample some wines and get a look into the process of how that delectable taste is created. Or, if you get the chance, you both can even crush the grapes together for a fun time. 

15. Get a Couples’ Massage

Best staycation ideas for couples, Couple receiving a massage

Getting a couple’s massage is an increasingly popular way to spend some precious time together, relaxing and rejuvenating. When you get a great massage, your body releases oxytocin, which is the love hormone that creates a sense of affection and love. 

When you get a couple’s massage, that means love is literally in the air and the bloodstream too. Increased affection is one of the biggest benefits of a couple’s massage.

16. Go Camping

staycation ideas for couples, Happy hiking couple resting in green tent.

Getting to explore the outdoors with someone you love can be a truly amazing experience.

If you’re in a relationship with both camping and your significant other, then it’s time to start bringing the two together. You will have plenty of time to just talk to each other and a chance to unwind. 

You can also finally try some vegan camping food or bring your vegan hiking boots! It’s the best way to start living a sustainable lifestyle. It’s all about details!

Or eventually finally read all the outdoor adventure books you always wanted to finish.

17. Rent an RV and take a Roadtrip

Staycation ideas for couples, Couple on a off road trip sitting on a trophy truck jeep

Taking a trip usually includes a flight, hotel room, car rental, plus lots of food and drinks. Taking a road trip is considered one of the best spring break staycation ideas.

The great thing about an RV is that your rental includes your travel plus your lodging, as well as both of you, will be able to spend quality time on the road sharing your thoughts. I rent my RVs with Outdoorsy.

18. Cheer on Your Sport’s Team

Great staycation ideas for couples, Couples cheering for favorite team

Get your adrenaline pumping by cheering on your favorite team. Head to a sports bar, or get seats at a game playing live. 

Rooting for the home team makes a great staycation activity because you can feel like you’re a part of your community, even if it’s just the nearby high school on the field.

19. Host a Wine & Cheese Tasting

Staycation Ideas, Wine and cheese served for a friendly party in a bar or a restaurant.

If you’re one of those travelers who run around to get the best wines and cheese, transform your home into a wine and cheese tasting destination.

Invite a few friends over to try out some wine and cheese you have sampled as well as have fun creating an exotic dinner right in the comfort of your own home.

This is also the perfect occasion to cook your favorite comfort food together or to create a conversation around your beautiful travel coffee table books.

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20. Go Cycling or Skating

Staycation Ideas, Active young couple riding bikes during summer vacation.

Another cute outdoor activity that you both can indulge in is cycling or skating.

Hop on your cycle and take a ride through the neighborhood or park together or you can skate around. These both are fun activities, as well as offer plenty of great health benefits too.  

You can make your own home a private and relaxing oasis during your staycation by trying just a few of these tips.

Check here guided bike tours in your city

Short FAQ about Staycation Ideas for Couples

What can you enjoy at a staycation with your partner?

Staycation Ideas for couples are like a vacation where you stay at or around your home. You can plan a spa day, take dance classes together, or you can even plan a picnic in the park.

How can you enjoy your staycation if you are a photography lover?

If you have bought a DSLR, then click pictures of the city or your partner throughout the day at different locations. This helps both of you to reconnect and feel loved all over again, and along with that, you will also enjoy your hobby.