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What’s the best eSIM for Spain?

Are you planning a luxurious trip to Spain, but after going through the hassles traditional SIM cards bring? Looking for the best eSim for Spain?

eSIM Europe and eSIM USA have been game changers since they allow us to stay connected as we travel!

Look no further, as eSIM is the solution to staying connected with loved ones while exploring the magnificent places in Spain.

I recently had my trip to the countryside of Spain and was wholly convinced by eSIMs. 

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It revolutionized my communication and made my trip easier, which is commendable. I did not have internet connectivity issues for even a single day and enjoyed other amazing features of it. 

I went with Holafly eSIM and here I’ll share my personal experience while roaming remote areas of Spain. – Get your Spain eSIM here!

eSIM and its Benefits in Spain

best esim for spain

Revolutionary technology has created another kind of SIM card that is no longer traditional and physical, and there is no need to purchase a physical card anymore. 

Yes, eSIM for Spain is a wonder that I was also astonished to learn about for the first time, as it eliminated my struggle to insert and swap the card into the mobile device.

It can be simply activated via a QR code.

You can also buy Spanish eSim using virtual cards in Spain. These are the carriers that support virtual cards:

  • Movistar
  • Orange
  • Vodafone
  • Pepephone
  • Yoigo
  • O2

Comparison of popular eSIM providers in Spain

Holiday eSIMUnlimited voice calls in Europe
Unlimited quick messages in Europe
Uninterrupted mobile data
Use local networks without swapping SIM cards
190+ countries covered
Does not switch to devices easily 
HolaflyExpensive plans 
Unavailable on some devices 
Expensive plans 
Unavailable to some devices 
Airalo Instant connectivity 
Connected to 200+ countries
24/7 customer support
Limited calls Live support unavailable 
AloSIMUseable in 200+ countries 
Affordable plans for data usage
The family plan for sharing data is not available 
The local phone number is not included in the plan 
Nomad eSIMSeamless app
Competitive plans 
Unlimited data 
Various data plans
24/7 customer support is not available 

Review of Holafly eSIM as the best choice for Spain

woman using phone while traveling and using an travel esim

Holafly eSIM is a company that has created a good experience for all travelers traveling to 100 countries where the company operates.

eSIM Plans

PlanFeaturesPricingValidityData Speed
Orange Holiday Zen8GB data, unlimited calls & texts (within Europe)£17.0014 days after the first use4G LTE
Orange Holiday Europe20GB data, unlimited calls & texts(within Europe)£33.0014 days after first use4G LTE
Welcome Traveler Europe10GB data, data plan only£25.7630 days4G LTE
Travelers Weekend Esim Europe6GB data, data plan only£15.517 days4G LTE
Sim Go Inter6GB data£22.0015 days5G

It has successfully provided hassle-free, uninterrupted mobile data solutions to users who, like me, want extra ease during their trips. 

The seamless performance of the Orange seam bundle makes it the best Spain eSim.

After traveling to Spain with an eSIM, I think Holafly is one of the best eSims for Spain.

It has even introduced the best eSIM for France for tourist-loving destinations in France. 

Best eSIM for Italy is another product you would find beneficial for your trip to Italy. 

In all, you can use Holafly eSIM for Europe and its most popular places. 

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eSIM Key Features

I created a table to compare Holafly eSim to traditional SIM cards and highlight the key differences:

FeaturesHolafly eSimTraditional SIM Cards
ActivationQuick online purchase and activation process. Often requires in-person activation.
Ease of UseRequires purchasing new SIM cards for different devices.Compatible with various modern smartphones/tablets and devices. 
Plan Flexibility Wide range of data plans with customizable optionsVaries (limited plan options or fixed data packages)
CompatibilityCompatible with modern various smartphones/tablets and devices. Requires purchasing new SIM card for different devices.
Network coverageExtensive network coverage in over 100 countries. Limited network coverage and potential dead zones. 

Benefits of the eSIM

instagram app on phone

1. Easy Sim Activation and System Setup 

Earlier, the physical sims used to take about 10-15 minutes to insert into devices, but with Holafly eSIM, I had a mind-blowing experience.

I once purchased the Holafly eSIM and received a QR code that I had to scan through my smartphone.

Further, the eSIM profile was quickly downloaded and instantly installed. It was a complete procedure of 2 minutes.

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2. Extensive Internet Coverage

Holafly eSIM efficiently utilizes all of the reliable networks in Spain, which is why I enjoyed the seamless internet connection. I visited all of the popular tourist destinations without any problem finding them.

Even the remote areas were easy to get to because of the maps I accessed online. 

From Barcelona to Ibiza, I had fun everywhere and even had live phone calls with friends and family to show them the good times I enjoyed. 

3. Flexible Subscription Plans 

The variety of subscription plans offered by Holafly eSIM made it easier for me to determine what I needed for which purpose. 

There were days when I just wanted to relax at the hotel and interact with my customers online, so I selected a certain plan.

On the other hand, there were days when I was excited to use extended stay at the beach resorts and selected the plan based on my need for internet usage.

The flexibility with Holafly eSIM was beyond my expectations. The user-friendly app facilitated me in all of the possible ways. 

4. Friendly Customer Support

I have always admired the customer support of the telecom industry as they quickly get to the solution without even getting bothered by my problems.

With Holafly eSIM, the experience was the same: whether I had to understand a feature at night or top up my subscription in the daytime, they were always there to assist me.

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5. Seamless Internet Connectivity 

I once had many problems connecting to the Internet using the traditional physical SIM, but this was not the case recently. 

eSIM provided seamless connectivity wherever I went in Spain, and I could find locations easily. 

Being a traveler, I like minimum effort and maximum fun, and fortunately, eSIM made that easier to grasp, as inserting and using the eSIM was quite convenient. – Get your eSIM now

6. Highly Flexible and Convenient Usage 

The unparalleled convenience of Holafly eSIM proves that it is best for travelers like me who prefer to avoid staying in one place and want to explore everything in a new country. 

I did not worry about misplacing and losing the eSIM and quickly switched to various plans by tapping the settings of my devices.

I could even use multiple phone numbers for my personal and business contacts. The flexibility it provided me during my trip is beyond my previous experiences with traditional sims. 

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7. Quick Updates

Earlier, I had quite a lot of difficulty receiving over-the-air updates using a traditional sim, but this was different this time. 

Whether I used tablets or wearables, Holafly eSIM for Spain promptly received and updated me with the latest updates. 

I could even change the plans based on my needs, and there was no need to visit the nearby store. 

8. Higher Security

Generally, as online data breaches expand, we all fear that our data might get stolen. However, Holafly eSIM differs from this, as the higher security feature keeps my data safe. 

I was not worried, as no one could access the credentials I used to access and use the SIM. I was completely relaxed this year, as my data was protected with an extra layer of strict security. 

The company’s responsive team helped me relax and facilitated the services well. 

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How to activate and use Holafly eSIM in Spain?

Activating and using Holafly eSIM is easy, as it takes a few steps.

The following instructions are for those who have never used the Holafly eSIM and want to try it this time on their trip to Spain. 

Step-by-Step instructions for activating eSIM 

  1. You can purchase the eSIM by visiting the Holafly eSim website and choosing the plan that best suits your needs.
  2. After purchase, check your email to see whether you have received the QR code.
  3. Check the device network settings to find the option to add a new eSIM. You can also scan the QR code to activate the package immediately.

You can easily set up the eSim on smartphones, tablets, etc.

The procedure can be different for different smartphone devices.


  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Select Network & Internet and then Mobile Networks.
  3. Choose ‘Add a new eSIM 
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the eSIM.


  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Select Mobile Data.
  3. Click on ‘Add eSIM’ 
  4. If you have QR Code, then select ‘Use QR Code’
  5. Scan QR code and follow the further instructions on the screen.
  6. You can enter the details manually if you don’t have the QR code.

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Tips for managing data usage and topping up the eSIM

To manage your data usage, you can start monitoring it by checking the device settings. Check the data usage notifications by using data monitoring applications. 

This way you’ll stay safe from exceeding the data plan limits.

  1. Enable the Free Wi-Fi: You can manage data by connecting to the surrounding free Wi-Fi networks, especially for downloading large files or videos.
  2. Timely Top-up data: You have to stay alert of the time to top-up your data the instant it finishes. For this, you can schedule the days for the data usage.
  3. Use the Holafly Prepaid eSIM for Spain application to extend your subscription. 
  4. You can also try buying eSIM for Europe with unlimited data to get more benefits. 

Factors to consider when choosing the best eSIM for Spain

Some major factors that you have to consider while choosing the best eSIM for Spain carefully.

  1. Excellent internet network coverage and complete 24/7 reliability of data.
  2. The flexible and diverse range of data plans and pricing for every kind of short or long-term stay.
  3. Convenient to follow the procedure of activation of eSIM and hassle-free setup procedure 
  4. Good compatibility of eSIM with other devices such as tablets, wearables, and mobile phones.
  5. 24/7 available customer support and outstanding features.
  6. Strong coverage of the internet throughout the country.
  7. Flexible plans for travelers from all over the world.
  8. Data allowance is available during the journey in Spain. 

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Additional Tips and Recommendations for the best eSIM in Spain

Amazing things to do in Tenerife, aerial view of beachy coast on a sunny day with mountains and a hillside village in the distance
Las Teresitas Beach, in Tenerife, Spain

To effectively use the eSIM, you must ensure it is compatible with the device. While activating the sim, keep an easy-to-access backup of the eSIM QR code. 

Use the Holafly eSIM application to get rid of all of the issues that you can either face.

You can also figure out the common issue of data disconnectivity in remote areas before planning your trip to the area on a particular day.

Holafly eSIM is always available to provide support and guide you well.

Ensure that Holafly eSIM is integrated with many devices and the connectivity is smooth. 

My final thoughts

Based on my personal experience and extensive research, I can confidently say that Holafly eSIM is the best eSim in Spain and the best choice for travelers in Spain

The convenience, flexibility, and reliable connectivity it offers make it stand out among other eSIM providers and can be considered the best eSim for Europe.

During my recent trip to Spain, Holafly eSIM proved to be a game-changer. The seamless activation process and quick setup saved me valuable time and effort.

One of the standout features of Holafly eSIM is its extensive internet coverage.

In conclusion, based on my firsthand experience and thorough evaluation, I highly recommend Hoalfy eSIM as the best choice for travelers in Spain.