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15 Things to Do in Albufeira in April

It’s the perfect time of year to experience everything Albufeira has to offer – and believe me, there’s a lot! 

Over the past 10 years traveling Algarve, I’ve regularly visited this beautiful coastal town and discovered many gems that never fail to wow me each time I return. 

From hiking scenic trails to exploring hidden coves, April in Albufeira has become my favorite month to visit. 

In this post, I’ll share my favorite things to do in Albufeira in April, from chill beach activities to cultural experiences. 

Get ready to be inspired by everything this charming destination has in store as the perfect start to your spring or end to your winter getaway.

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Best things to do in Albufeira in April

  1. Explore the Old Town
  2. Go diving
  3. Go on a cave tour
  4. Enjoy a food tour

1. Springtime

Best things to do in Albufeira, Portugal, view out onto courtyard with trees and white stone tiles surrounded by white buildings with terracotta rooftops under a blue sky with clouds

If you are pondering what to do in Albufeira in April, this time of the year guarantees a great time to visit the city. 

Is Albufeira hot in April? The sun can shine eagerly in this place, and the pleasant temperatures allow visitors to enjoy biking and hiking on Algarve trails.

The breeze and atmosphere can feel like treading the seaside when walking.

At this point, visitors can also appreciate the extensive species of flora—varying in every color and scent.

When the white flowers of almond trees and the essence of orange trees once blossomed, the feel-good spring is already here.

The breathtaking landscapes of the city also make it a great spot to take pictures.

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2. Beach Bliss

Airbnb in Algarve, sandy beach sparsely populated with holidaymakers next to blue waters with white foam surrounded by short cliffs with cluster of white-walled buildings overlooking the bay under a cloudy blue sky

Is Albufeira busy in April? There are many things to do in Albufeira in April, especially when spending time with family.

I can recommend beaches in Algarve for relaxing and unwinding.

Relaxing on the eye-catching seaside of the Praia dos Pescadores offers a great view of its golden sands and gentle, calm waters. 

I also enjoyed the Praia da Oura beach, which offers restaurants, water sports activities, and bars, making the resort popular with young people.

If you are a water freak like me, you’ll greatly enjoy Albufeira in April!

There are several water activities to choose from when visitors seek fun and exciting adventures.

The most popular water activities among its patrons are wakeboarding, parasailing, skiing, and even speed boat riding.

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3. Cultural Exploration

things to do in Albufeira old town, old buildings and small shop at sunset

Exploring Albufeira is incomplete without exploring its heritage and history.

Aside from beautiful beaches, the city also offers beautiful landmarks to explore.

The Bell Tower caught my attention when I traveled the city because of its vintage appeal.

Constructed in 1869, the Bell Tower of the parish church is only accessible using a 28-meter stairway.

Also, there is the Praça da República, the Republic Square, which played an immense role during the maritime defense of the city. 

After touring these heritage sites, visiting the city’s museums—like the Sacred Art Museum and Museu Municipal de Arqueologia—is one of the many things I enjoyed a lot in Albufeira, Portugal.

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4. Culinary Delights

seafood stew in a copper pan on a wooden cutting board

Digging into the best local cuisine is part of the things to do in Albufeira in April.

Big eaters can never go wrong with Feijoada—a stew made with meat, beans, and herbs. 

For people with a sweet tooth, I recommend trying Dom Rodrigos for dessert or a snack, which looks so pretty and can create great Instagram pictures.

Fresh from the sea, try the Conquilhas à Algarvia, a signature dish made of clams for a hearty meal. 

For someone who cannot get enough seafood, Cataplana de Marisco, a dish comprising lobster, clams, squid, and herbs, can surely satisfy that appetite.

April is a great month for food enthusiasts, as the city’s market overflows with fresh produce.

It’s also the best time to try Cataplana as the local produce is particularly fresh.

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5. Outdoor Adventures

a view on the cave beach in algarve, portugal

Is Albufeira busy in April? Most locals consider April a quiet and laid-back month unless Easter is near.

However, it allows the lively things every visitor can do in the city.

For someone looking for adventure, quad biking, parasailing, and jeep riding can give you that adrenaline spike. 

There are plenty of hiking trails to be explored!

Hiking and nature walks to explore the beauty of Coelha Beach Trail and Sesmarias-Guia-Silves are also not something to miss.

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6. Festivals and Events

Crowd in front of stage waving their hands to music during a music festival, one of top things to do in Albufeira in April

When visiting the city of Albufeira, the FIESA Sand Sculpture Festival is one highlight during April.

Because of the great weather, Festival Al-Buhera—the festival where market stalls sell anything under the sun—also happens with live music.

Locals also celebrate Liberation Day on the 25th of April to remember one of the most significant moments in the history of Portugal.

These festivals also offer an opportunity to immerse in the culture and get friendly with the locals.

Albufeira in spring is ton of fun and you’ll not run out of things to do here!

7. Nightlife in Albufeira

People dancing together in a club with a live DJ, one of top things to do in Albufeira in April

The bursting city of Albufeira is one of the liveliest towns at night in Algarve. 

After hitting the beaches and after the sun sets, the sighting of people going for the vibrant things to do in Albufeira Marina builds up, which include:

  • Karaoke singing
  • Delving into nightlife establishments
  • Bar hopping
  • Relaxing on breezy beach cafes
  • Tiki bars

These sleepless nightlife activities are not only limited to partygoers but also offer traditional hearty meals and impressive local wines.

For instance, the Montechoro Strip is perfect for people ready to express themselves on the dance floor, while the Old Town of Albufeira is also an excellent place to eat snacks and buy souvenirs.

8. Family-Friendly Activities

Two persons sliding down a colorful white and orange water slide

The city also has many family-friendly amenities to let kids and adults enjoy their vacations. 

If a family is looking for things to do in Albufeira in April, there are several kid-friendly beaches, parks, and zoos available that they can choose from.

Water activities for kids continue beyond beaches because water parks are available for families to enjoy. 

When I went to Slide & Splash, the most well-regulated, safest, and largest water park in the country, it was a fun and exciting experience.

Likewise, there are several recreational activities for children to choose from.

There is a mini tourist train for tiny adventurers and a pirate boat cruise that delivers incredible entertainment for kids.

9. Shopping Spree

Ceramics being sold in a flea market in albufeira

I generally buy my souvenirs from Albufeira’s bustling shopping scene.

I also check out its boutiques and specialist shops, which sell ceramics, cork items, and other local products.

The flea market of Rua da Escolas occurs twice a month. Buyers can find a wide range of goods suitable for haggling, from household goods to exotic souvenirs.

When I searched for things to do in Albufeira in April when shopping, Avenida da Liberdade is the best place to begin. 

The stores in this area usually sell fashion items, specializing in clothing, sunglasses, bags, footwear, and more.

10. Wellness and Relaxation

panoramic pool at one of the most unique places to stay in Algarve

After experiencing the beaches and enjoying the nightlife, I love hitting Albufeira’s spas and wellness centers. 

Notably, the best hotels in Albufeira can provide visitors with quality service, hospitality, and the best spa centers you can experience.

For instance, the Vila Joya is a well-known luxurious hotel that provided me with a top-notch spa service.

It boasts Michelin-rated restaurants, outdoor pools, and private beach access.

After all the running to the beach, walking while shopping, and all those extreme outdoor adventures, rejuvenation is an efficient course to relax those sore muscles and get ready for another adventure. 

Hotels with wellness areas are great sanctuaries, especially if you are searching for where to stay in Algarve.

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11. Local Markets

Colorful local produce being sold in a fresh market in albufeira

The itinerary is incomplete as a traveler, and I have not explored the fresh markets and local produce. 

The Mercado Municipal dos Caliços and Modelo Continente are two of the most convenient markets to purchase daily needs, from food outlets to local products like ceramics and items made of cork.

Consumers can find various food items and products in these markets, including seafood like fish, squid, and octopus. In addition, local produce like olives, fruits, and freshly baked bread is also abundant.

The market has everything you need and reasonable prices.

There is also an outdoor eating area, and it is close to the bus station—talk about convenience!

12. Day Trips from Albufeira

a white building with a statue in front of it with a garden in albufeira in april

Day trips are also part of the things to do in Albufeira in April, as they allow you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

People can appreciate the Ponta da Piedade, a stunning rock formation on the southern coast, or even a leisure walk at Ferragudo.

In addition, Sagres—only an hour away from Albufeira—is not to be ignored.

There are so many things to do in Sagres, including surfing and cliff viewing. And having the last Bratwurst sausage on continental Europe.

A jeep safari or full-day tour of the Algarve Eastern’s Finest are also great activities to add to day excursions.

Other fun places near Albufeira are Olhao, Faro, Lagos, and Monchique, where you can go hiking in Algarve.

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13. Photography Hotspots

street in albufeira in april, portugal

It is easy to find an Instagrammable area in Albufeira because of its natural scenic views and distinct culture. 

Apart from the beautiful beaches of Praia da Falésia and Arrifes Beach, the Albufeira Old Town Square also gives a cultural vibe that is always buzzing with activity.

The Miradouro Rossio also offers one of the most romantic and stunning views.

The area is also Instagram-worthy because of the romantic scenery, encouraging visitors to treasure a memorable moment.

To add a bit of history, visiting the Castle of Paderne can be worthwhile because of its breathtaking ruins and historical status. Before getting there, it is already an adventure.

From the gravelly roads to the narrow bridges that lead to the olive groves, these spots can offer anyone a splendid opportunity to take pictures.

Once getting to the 12th-century sandstone fortress, the site will give anyone a unique backdrop for photos and a bragging right for touching the historical ground.

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14. Golfing in Albufeira

Golf field with flag and golf bag in algarve

When in the mood to do some sporty activity, the metropolis of Albufeira offers the best golf courses for novice and expert enthusiasts.

The Vale de Pinta Golf Course, regarded as one of the best in Europe, allows visitors to experience the gorgeous Portuguese countryside while playing.

For beginners, the Gramacho golf course would be the best choice. It has an 18-hole course, several tee points, few hazards, and wide fairways—perfect for a novice game. 

Yet, it does not only cater to beginners, as gold experts can also confidently enjoy the place.

15. Local Entertainment

Large collection of brightly colored fireworks exploding in the dark night sky in albufeira

Finding things to do in Portugal in April can be easy. Live performances and cultural shows are everywhere.

With live music events, check the schedules before going to the event, just in case there are changes. 

During Liberation Day, the community sets up live music and entertainment shows to cater to large crowds if you are looking for what to do in Albufeira in April.

It is also often paired with sports festivals and fireworks shows to complete the whole show during April.

The Strip, around Avenida Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, has bars and nightlife entertainment venues that feed different people with different musical tastes.

In contrast with The Strip, the Old Town offers a more traditional and calm atmosphere in which to enjoy the music of local bands, DJs, and even traditional musicians. 

My final thoughts on things to do in Albufeira in April

travel bloggger in quinta do lago in algarve portugal

If a traveler plans to visit the city and wonders what Albufeira is like in April—it is warm, lively, and offers an array of experiences. Again, I can say that Albufeira is indeed worth visiting.

Albufeira’s art, traditions, food, and history amaze visitors. It is a place travelers should take advantage of when backpacking in Europe.

From the scenic bodies of water, the terrain, and the shopping spree to the animated nightlife, Albufeira is a memorable traveling destination for anyone. 

FAQ about Albufeira in April

Is Albufeira busy in April?

If you are wondering what is Albufeira like in April, the towns of Albufeira are busy during April because it is the best season to visit. The water parks, beaches, and other attractions are open, and there are multiple things to do, yet the atmosphere is relaxing.

Is Albufeira hot in April?

In April, the city is warm enough to go to the beach or plan to see great views. The temperature ranges around 22-25°C (72-77°F), making April almost a summer-like month.

What are things to do in Albufeira in the rain?

If you are looking for things to do in Albufeira when it rains, head to the exhibits and indoor activities such as wine tasting or visiting galleries like the Galeria de Arte Pintor Samora Barros.

Another thing to do in Albufeira in the rain is visit the Municipal Museum of Archaeology.

For a more crafty and local experience, the folks at Porches Pottery let interested guests watch how these artisans hone their craft. They embellish their trades with Moorish, Greek, and Celtic designs.