Welcome to Poland

Discover hidden gems of Poland. Discover the best hotels, the best food surrounded by the most picturesque landscapes. Indulge in slow and sustainable travel in Pomerania and Gdansk.

Good to know before traveling to Poland

Capital: Warsaw

Currency: Zloty

Power voltage and socket type(s): 230V, plug types E and C.

Official religion(s): 88% of the population indicates Roman Catholic, 7% no religion and the rest indicate other faiths 

Official languages and general knowledge of English: Polish. English is widely spoken.

Main tourist areas: Krakow, GdanskKashubian Switzerland and Baltic Coast

Best Day Trips from Gdansk, Poland

Oh Gdansk, it's so obvious why you have been chosen destination of the year: your pretty pastel house fronts, your delicious Pomeranian and Polish cuisine, your Flemish inspired architecture, your soft colored [...]