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Momondo Review: 5 Money-Saving Features

Guest post

I’m glad that I found out about cheap flights Momondo at the right time. Because Momondo has helped me take my travel booking process to the next level. 

With a cheap Momondo air ticket, I can visit so many places, view amazing landmarks, tour around the world, and much more. 

Wanna know more about Momondo? Here’s how you can also buy Momondo cheap flight tickets for your next trip. 

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You can also use special little-known Momondo features to enjoy amazing discounted deals on your next air ticket Momondo. So, let’s dive in to know more. 

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Price Calendar

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Momondo’s price calendar is an amazing tool used for Momondo airline’s search for cheap flights. 

The price calendar actually shows you a crystal clear digital calendar view where you can select your flight timing and dates.

You can use the price calendar to find the cheapest days to travel to your favorite destinations. Adjust your travel plans accordingly to save more money when booking a Momondo air ticket. 

You can easily find the price calendar on the official website of Momondo and its mobile application. 

  • Just go to the price calendar
  • You’d see all the dates available for booking your flight.
  • Select your desired DD (dream destination) and other details. 
  • Pick your date of departure and if you’re not in a hurry, let Momondo pick your flight.
  • Flexible flight dates give major discounts. 
  • Get ready to board your cheap flights Momondo and enjoy the trip.

“Everywhere” Search

Momondo comes with many useful features that let you find the cheapest way to travel around the world. 

But what if you don’t know where you’re going? What if you don’t have any plans? Would you be up for a surprise tour?

I personally love surprises so this is probably my favorite part about Momondo flights. Instead of choosing your destination, for once let your destination choose you. 

Momondo’s unique “Everywhere” feature is the best way to free yourself from the hassle of picking the destination. 

Just hit the Explore Button and let Momondo airline search find the cheapest flight deals for you. 

  • Go to Momondo’s website at
  • Hit the menu and scroll to find the Explore Button.
  • You’ll see a new exciting page full of destination possibilities and details.
  • Select your initial point in the ‘from’ field.
  • Choose the trip duration and dates. You can either choose a particular date or a wide range for better affordability.
  • Next, you need to fill in the details of your budget, duration of your trip, preferred trip type, and how many stops would you like in your exploring trip. 

Check out Momondo flight deals to fly to a different European country or just for a city trip like spending 24hours in Brussels.  

Find out where to stay in Algarve by comparing hotel services at Momondo or visiting different places with Momondo’s car rental services.

You can literally go anywhere and everywhere with flight booking Momondo services. 

Flight Insight

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Another great feature that makes Momondo flights exceptional is the Flight Insight tool. 

It’s an excellent way of finding cheap flights on Momondo airline search. It helps you find the cheapest Momondo flight deals to save major cash. 

All you gotta do is:

  • Visit
  • Go to the menu and hit Flights to buy Momondo cheap flight tickets.
  • Enter details of your current whereabouts and destination
  • Choose the date and duration of your travel.
  • Now, click on the flight search engine Momondo has and hit Flight Insight from the upper corner in the right 
  • You’ll be directed to find graphics explaining where to find Momondo cheap flights available at affordable rates. 

Flight Insight tool provides you with detailed stats on all the available flight booking Momondo options. 

You can easily find out which Momondo flights are offering cheapest Momondo deals, which is the best time to go traveling and get the cheapest Momondo airline ticket, where to stay in Algarve without exceeding your budget, and much more. 

With the help of the Flight Insight tool, you can easily plan your future trips at easily affordable packages. 

Check out which time of the year flights have cheap tickets, and book them in advance before anyone. Choose the nearby airports for departure with the cheapest airport fee to cut extra costs. 

Mix and Match

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Next, we have Momondo’s Mix and Match feature. It’s an amazing take that lets you compare the costs of flight tickets offered by different airline websites in a single place. 

Doesn’t matter where you are planning to go, every time you will find Momondo cheap flights by mix and match.

Momondo uses the mix-and-match feature to extract all the possible flight deals available for your travel. 

Once you enter your origin, destination, and desirable flight details, you run the flight search engine Momondo to find the cheapest Momondo deals. 

Now, you can easily compare all the available flight booking Momondo packages and choose where to book your air ticket Momondo flight. 

Momondo’s Mobile App

Stay connected during your travel and flight, Man using public phone charging station at the airport

Momondo is a very supportive travel booking website with an extended mobile version as well. A user-friendly Momondo’s mobile application for your ease of use.

Now, you can use the flight search engine Momondo has and scroll through all the available flight deals at the moment.

Not just flights, but you can also find car rentals, the best places to stay on your trip, manage your hotel bookings, and much more. And you can do it all with just a few taps on your smartphone.

The mobile application is very easy to use and has a great user-friendly interface. It works quickly on your fingertips without taking hours to load. Turn on your GPS and the app will find nearby airports for you as well. 

My final thoughts

Momondo doesn’t offer flights but it finds the best Momondo deals to get cheap flight tickets for your travel plans. 

Excited about your next weekend? Plan a trip to your favorite destinations using the great flight booking Momondo app and get exciting Momondo flight deals.