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What’s the Best Gift for Grandparents Who Live Far Away?

A creative picture gift idea for long-distance grandparents
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Are you like me? Constantly on the road, discovering new places, making new experiences and meeting new people? Or are you an expat, living far away from your family?

And you love to share your experiences with your friends and family? Nowadays it is so easy to share your latest videos and photos with your beloved ones at home via your phone.

But, what to do when the relatives that have the most special place in your heart, don’t have a phone or already lost track of WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Instagram,…? I am talking about your grandparents!

Well, look no further! I have the ultimate gift idea for your grandparents who live far away. I am talking to you travellers and expats!

Make your grandparents happy and get them their printed magazine with your Social Media pics

How to make the perfect gift for Grandparents who live far away?

The idea is so simple but still covering an absolute niche: bringing travel photos from the road straight to our grandparents’ homes.

Just imagine this: your most jaw-dropping Instagram shots or your most important Facebook posts of the month, in a handy magazine delivered in the post box of your grandparents!

Like, the old fashioned post box in front of their door.

That’s where Neveo comes in! Even though it just looks like any average app, Neveo has the potential to provide immense joy to your relatives at home.

It is thus the perfect gift for long-distance grandparents.

How does this work?

The app is very intuitive and easy to use. Every month, you just add your favorite pictures to the app… and that’s it! Neveo will take your photos and arrange a beautiful magazine with them.

The edited and printed magazine will be delivered straight to the post box of your granny. WORLDWIDE!

Honestly, I cannot imagine an easier, yet so “efficient” and personalized gift for your grandparents.

And the price is just unbeatable: 14,99€ per month and the subscription can be canceled anytime.

Neveo is thus an inexpensive and creative gift idea for long-distance grandparents.

My favorite part of the app is that you can add family members to participate in the journal. 

That means that I am not the only one uploading photos to the app but also my lovely sisters and my cousins.

That’s how my grandmother never loses track of what we have been up to in the last month.

Besides the fact that you don’t need to invest a lot of time in order to make somebody very happy, I also liked that you can personalize your magazine with Neveo.

The app allows you to add a caption to your photos and you can choose the preferred order of the pictures. All this in less than 5 minutes per month!best gift for grandparents who live far away, long distance family, photo gift, creative gift, expat, grandparents that live abroad

What about data protection?

When I told my grandmother about this project, her biggest concern was data protection.

Indeed, in the beginning, she even refused to get the magazines since she was so concerned that somebody would do something evil. Which is normal, my granny lives alone and she has to be more careful than anybody!

Luckily, Neveo takes your data and privacy extremely seriously: the photos remain your property and are stored on protected servers.

Why is it the perfect gift for long-distance grandparents?

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas or a birthday gift idea for your long-distance grandparents, or just want to express your love, Neveo helps you to keep in touch with your grandparents that live far away.

Especially for digital nomads like me, or ex-pats, students, or long-time travelers, the Neveo app is a great way to keep grandparents updated about your life.

On top, my granny keeps every journal and adds them to a huge folder. It’s like a huge photo album.

Grandparents love photo gifts! Just keep taking fabulous pictures while being on the road.

They provide loads of joy to your grandparents. And joy is the only thing that gets bigger when you share it.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Neveo. All opinions are as always my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Make your grandparents happy and get them a Neveo subscription for only 14,99€ per month. – Get it here

Are you looking for a creative gift for grandparents live far away? Are you looking for gift ideas for long distance grandparents? Neveo is the best picture gift idea for grandparents who live far away. Creative gift idea for travelers and expats. #expats #longdistance #grandparents