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Skip the stress and start planning your dream trip to Belgium!

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The Local’s Belgium itinerary

Do you want to know all the best places to visit in Belgium?

Get this local’s perspective in a guide you can take along. Now, you can lean back and enjoy Belgium without travel stress.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Customizable itinerary (3, 7 or 10 days)
  • Money-saving tips
  • Best secret gems
  • Where to eat like a local
  • Best excursions
  • Get instant access
  • 10+ pages of insider secrets!

Travel advice from someone who’s been there.

Relax planning your dream vacation, see all the sights and still be able to relax!

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What if you could see everything in Belgium and still have time to relax on the beach and enjoy a worry-free vacation?

Good news! You absolutely can!

Money-saving tips. Let’s face it: traveling to Belgium can be super expensive. Don’t worry! I’ve got my top money-saving tips you won’t find in any guidebook.

Best places to eat. You may stress out choosing where to eat when you see so many amazing restaurants.

I’ll give you a rundown of all the top areas so you can choose one that fits your palette and puts an exclamation point on your travel itinerary.

Still stressed out? Don’t worry! I’m here to help…

  • Stop being overwhelmed by my planning process.
  • Feel more confident knowing you will see everything and fit it in.
  • Be excited because now you know how to plan each day to match your personality.

Skip the stress and start dreaming of…

Spend time wandering through Belgium’s most scenic streets. Find the best ones for photography, shopping, or history buffs.

Only go on Belgium’s very best excursions. 
Don’t waste your money or time on tours and activities that aren’t amazing.

Dine at some of Belgum’s most fabulous restaurants. From local gems to fine dining, don’t waste your money at tourist traps.

Don’t spend your time driving all day. You’ll enjoy Belgium without spending more time in the car than on the beach.

Sounds like a dream? It isn’t!
Guide Book Sales Images - Belgium Like A Local Itinerary

Your Belgium itinerary made by a local

“Belgium Like a Local” is a custom-made Belgium itinerary so that you can enjoy your vacation stress-free.

Whether you have 3, 7, or 10 days to spend in Belgium, this travel planner helps you see the best of Belgium while still having plenty of time to enjoy its natural wonders.

All attractions and sights are hand-picked according to my experience as a former local in Belgium. I used the identical itineraries when having friends over or when my family asked me to plan their Belgium vacation.

Loaded with information, I break down the best things to see every day and how to make the most of your time so that you can still enjoy the relaxed vibe of Belgium.

I’ll also share valuable tips on where to get the best skip-the-line tickets, the best hotels, and must-eat food in Belgium.

The itinerary has all the necessary resources and tools to go at your own pace.

What’s inside?

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Highlights of Belgium

What are the things that you must see on your Belgium holiday? What can you skip? Plan the perfect Belgium getaway with this customizable itinerary.

I’ve got plenty of tips and a list of my favorite restaurants sorted by city and area.

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Where should I stay?

Where are the best hotels in Brussels? And what if I want to stay in a boutique hotel with canal views in Bruges?

Find a selection of hand-picked, beautiful hotels and the best restaurants nearby.

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How to save money?

Spend your money only on the best tours and activities. Avoid tourist traps and find out where to get the best skip-the-line tickets.

Traveling on a budget? Get access to the best things to do for free in Belgium!

Liege Photo Belgium - Belgium Like A Local Itinerary

Hi, I’m Paulina

Now, who is this Belgium fan? I’m Paulina, and I write for the travel blog I lived for 3 years in Belgium and got to know the best and most beautiful corners of Flanders and Wallonia.

Even now that I no longer call Belgium my home, I still visit as often as possible.

With my articles about Belgium on the blog, I helped tens of thousands of readers plan their trips to Bruges or Brussels. As a former professional travel planner, I love sharing my expertise with people.​

People often don’t know where to start when planning their Belgium holiday.

The country is not very big, but extremely diverse. Distances are not large, but the roads can be very winding. Thus, it’s crucial to plan your getaway wisely. 

Knowing that you don’t need to see it ALL is essential if you only have limited time. I’ve seen and done almost everything from my years living in (and visiting) Belgium, so I’ve already filtered the sights for you. You don’t need to see everything. You only need to see the best!

I’ll let you know what you HAVE to do, what you can skip, and the best order to do things. So, leave your planning worries behind and enjoy the mesmerizing variety of Belgium.

Enjoy Belgium worry-free!

Skip the stress and get “Belgium Like a Local” Itinerary