What To Pack For Tenerife in Winter

paulina on the road

Getting ready to go on a vacation in the Canary Islands but unsure what to pack for Tenerife in winter? You’ve come to the right place! 

With so many things to do and places to see in Tenerife, it’s crucial to bring the essentials: items you can use during your trip, no matter the activity, to keep yourself comfortable and safe from the elements. 

To ensure you’re ready to enjoy the Island of the Eternal Spring to the fullest, let’s look at the things you should bring with you as you travel Tenerife.

Swimwear and Beach Essentials

Don’t forget your swimwear when thinking of what to pack for Tenerife in December or winter because it’s still warm enough to hit the beach!

Layered Clothing for Daytime Adventures

With so many places to visit and activities to do, it’s essential to stay comfortable when choosing what to wear in Tenerife so you can really enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Comfortable Footwear

From sandy beaches to rugged hiking trails, proper shoes should be non-negotiable regarding what to pack for Tenerife in winter.

Rainy Day Gear

Rain is unavoidable, even in the land of eternal spring! Though it’s limited to just a few days during winter, it’s still possible, especially in the island’s northern part.

Evening Attire for Dining Out

Stay stylish and comfortable at the same time, especially since winter temperatures in the evenings can be very cold.

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paulina on the road