Spanish Christmas Food You Must Try

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Christmas is a big deal in Spain. Not only because it has a lot of festivities going on during this holiday season, but because people get to spend special time with family and friends.

The best one is that you get to enjoy the Spanish Christmas food that tastes even better when shared in such a genuine atmosphere. 

Regardless of your location during the holiday season, here are some of the best meals you can try.

Entremeses: Chorizo, cheese, lomo

They are appetizers that are extremely easy to make, and they are an essential part of the Spanish Christmas menu.

Marinated Cazon Fish

If you are particularly fond of Spanish finger food & a fan of Andalusia, then you’ll be happy to know that during Christmas, it is customary to prepare one of its most famous tapas; marinated Cazón fish.

Tetilla Cheese Puffs

For a person who wants something simple, delicious, and yet to be a traditional Christmas food in Spain recipe, Tetilla cheese puffs are a perfect choice.


Seafood plays a major role in the Spanish kitchen. In fact, many of the most popular Spanish food include seafood as the main part.

Cured Ham Croquettes

Croquettes are another example of typical Spanish food, and the number of variations in recipes is enormous.

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paulina on the road