Best Christmas Markets in Belgium

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Christmas in Belgium is the most important holiday period of the year. Just like any other European nation, Belgium has its unique style of celebrating Christmas.

Not only are there loads of typical food that await visitors, but every major town in Belgium takes care of its festive atmosphere. Christmas in Belgium can’t be complete without its Christmas markets!

This story will take you to the best Christmas markets in Belgium!

Ghent Christmas Market

Being one of the best Christmas markets in the Flemish Region, you will find an array of decorative items to buy.

Durbuy Christmas Market

This cute little town surrounded by enchanting nature is located in the heart of Belgium. During the Christmas period, the town gets very festive and its numerous food stalls are inviting for food and drinks.

Brussels Christmas Market

The Brussels Christmas market is very popular in Belgium. A real winter wonderland will be awaiting you in Brussels with plenty of food and Christmas lights.

Antwerp Christmas Market

The food in Antwerp is already fabulous but during the Christmas market, the town attracts foodies from Netherlands, France, and Luxembourg.

Hasselt Christmas Market

The Hasselt Christmas market is the central heart of Hasselt during the holiday period. Come here to enjoy the Christmas lights but also a roller-coaster, and several carousels.

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paulina on the road