Top 10 Things to Do!

Tenerife in October:

Celebrate Halloween in Tenerife

When you go to Tenerife in October, you will see that lots of the activities have been adapted with a Halloween theme.

Hike in Lush Gorges

As summer turns to fall, more rains come during October in Tenerife, which turns the gorges in the mountainous landscape into a lush tropical environment.

Hike in Teide National Park

Discover Seafaring Traditions in Puerto De La Cruz

Despite being a small island, Santa Cruz is not the only great city to visit.

Party at the Tenerife Weekender

Tenerife in October settles down and becomes a little bit less of a party island than it is in the summer.

Walk On the Pista el Draguillo

The beaches in Tenerife are one of the main reasons that lots of people choose to enjoy their holidays on the island.

Tenerife in October:

Top 10 Things to Do!