Best Brands for  Vegan Winter Coats


Overview: Best Brands for Vegan Winter Coat 

– Leader in global ethical fashion movement – PETA-approved vegan and cruelty-free – Coats made with faux shearling wool and faux suede

Unreal Fur


– Contemporary, sustainable, and ethical clothing – Uses a vast variety of sustainable materials Favorite vegan winter coat: Rachael Waterproof Organic Cotton Chambray Coat


Highlights – 100% PETA approved cruelty-free clothing – Sustainable and environmentally conscious – Best quality, warm, and fashionable vegan winter jackets Favorite vegan winter coat: Jasmine Mid-Length Parka


– GOTS certified brand – PETA vegan approved – Environmentally-friendly production

Matt + Nat

– Sustainable and eco-friendly brand – Uses recycled PET bottles to make most products including vegan winter coats – On a mission to become fully sustainable by 2023

The North Face

– Products created using responsibly sourced sustainable materials – Extremely durable vegan winter coats – Accelerate sustainable packaging