30 Funny Spanish Phrases That Will Make Your Day!


A buenas horas, ¡mangas verdes!

This expression is usually used when something that was highly expected happens late.

¡Qué fuerte me parece todo!

In Spain, gossiping about everyone’s life is something that happens regularly, especially in small towns.

¡Me tienes hasta la coronilla!

¡Me tienes hasta la coronilla! is on my top ten list of useful Spanish phrases to express that someone is done with your patience.Spain

¡Estoy hasta el moño!

This expression is a synonym of the previous one. However, instead of using the word coronilla, you use moño, whose meaning is ‘bun’.

Donde Cristo perdió su zapato

I personally consider this to be one of the funniest expressions in Spanish. Donde Cristo perdió su zapato means ‘Where Jesus Christ lost his sandal’ and it is used when you want to exaggerate that something is in a remotely distant place.


¡Ojito! can be used alone or in combination with multiple formulas depending on each specific situation.

30 Funny Spanish Phrases That Will Make Your Day

Spanish people are known worldwide for their sense of humor. Indeed, it is something you will appreciate once you get to know some of the most common Spanish phrases.