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Instagram Travel Outfits

Paulina’s Instagram Travel Outfits

Since I was a little kid, I enjoyed playing around with different clothes (mostly my mom’s). No worries, I will spare you from pictures with me as 4-year old buried beneath a hill of clothes or swaggering in fine liveries of my grand aunt.

Since almost 3 years (since 2015), I am running the travel blog Paulina on the road and the questions about my travel outfits always have been a constant on my posts. Especially on Instagram. As the questions have been increasing in the last few months, I decided to share with you my favorite travel outfits straight from my Instagram posts.

Regarding my style, I like it comfortable but elegant with ethnic and bohemian details. No street of this world has ever seen me in jogging apparel! I like to shop local, especially when I’m on the road.

As on my travels, I love hidden gems and my eye immediately recognizes a high quality, artisanally made, unique piece. At the same time it’s my worst weakness, as I often feel an incontrolable impulse to buy local accessories, jewels or clothes. They have a special aura and tell a story, don’t you think?

On top, clothes purchased while being on the road, prolong the travel vibes when back at home. I couldn’t give away my Moroccan bag or tailor-made Capeverdean dress for anything in this world!

I am strictly against fur and I try to buy ethical correct clothes as much as possible. I am not a frequent clothes shopper, I try to limit my purchases to the minimum as it

a) increases my travel budget
b) is better for our planet

Please consider that for some of the items, I can only suggest similar alternatives. They were often impulsively purchased at remote places, at some no-brand local shop somewhere around the globe.

Travel Outfits

Wandering in Bialowieza Forest, Poland

Wandering in Bialowieza Forest, Poland

Enjoying pool views in Muscat, Jordan

Twirling in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wandering in Nizwa, Jordan

Wandering in Greece along the seaside in my floral swimsuit

Hiking in the German vineyards in my red skirt

Wandering along castles in Andalusia in a red, floral dress

Dancing in sunny Algarve in a lovely red flower skirt.

My red coat with faux fur hood keeps me warm at Durbuy’s Christmas Market...

My Aviator Biker Jacket In Faux Shearling keeps me warm when visiting Durbuy in winter…

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Autumn vibes in my blue dress at Lake Garda

Warm autumn vibes in Sirmione, Lake Gardain a red floral dress and baker boy cap…

Orange & White at Liege’s stunning railway station…

All red & white on the Belgian coast 

Happy beach vibes on the Belgian coast

Hiking Outfits

Always happy when on spectacular hiking trails like in Liechtenstein


Kayaking in Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Hiking in Luxembourg in mustard colors…