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Guest Posts

Sometimes a trip to a new destination triggers another journey alongside: a journey to your inner self. 

Traveling raises questions you never asked yourself before. Traveling challenges your perspective on things and lets you see realities from different angles.

In this section I share the reflections of fellow travelers that I met along the road and who had similar experiences triggered by traveling. So I decided to create this little platform where all the mindful travelers can share their travel reflections.

Please send me a message in case you want to collaborate and write a guest post or sponsor a post. I would be thrilled to share your story in this section.

Travel Guest Posts

10 Off-The-Beaten-Path Spain Attractions

10 "Off The Beaten Path" Spain Attractions Spain is a country that has so much to offer: great food, beautiful nature and architecture, gorgeous people, just to name a few. Even though many travelers [...]

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10 Most Famous Buildings in Barcelona

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My Favourite Things to do in Cadiz

My Favourite Things to do in Cadiz The fabulous Spanish city of Cadiz in Andalusia truly offers something for everyone. Whether you want to explore stunning beaches, eat delicious seafood, or discover some of [...]

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7 Bucket List Experiences in the US

7 Bucket List Experiences in the US Post written by Carol Trehearn The ubiquity of American films means that landmarks and cities often make their way onto our ‘must see’ travel list. The sheer [...]

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