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5 Amazing Las Vegas Hotels

5 Most Amazing Las Vegas Hotels

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In 2018, 42.12 million people descended on the Nevadan city of Las Vegas, either for a long holiday or a short getaway. The city’s many amazing casinos and its reputation for fun and excess make it a top destination for tourists from all over the globe.

The Las Vegas we see on the television and in the media, however, can be very different from the reality. For every amazing hotel on the strip, there are 10 horrid, cheap and tacky hotels and motels. 

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas and you want to avoid these hotels and stay somewhere where it is warm, welcoming and luxurious, read on to find out about five hotels that will help to make your trip to Las Vegas a memorable one.

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1. Bellagio

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Image by Mikki Couch from Pixabay

The Bellagio ***** is home to one of the most famous sights of Las Vegas – the dancing fountains. Every evening huge crowds of tourists congregate at the center of the Las Vegas strip to watch the dazzling, colorful water display right in front of the Bellagio *****.

Inside, you will be treated to a truly regal experience. The Bellagio’s stunning façade is augmented by a neoclassical Roman interior that helps to create an environment of luxury and majesty.

Despite being a bustling hotel with over 4,000 rooms, a top-class casino, and home to a series of stunning shops and restaurants, the Bellagio ***** is anything but congested and fraught. The checking in experience is seamlessly streamlined with every effort made to make you and your fellow guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

After checking in, you can explore the Bellagio’s casino facilities which regularly attract some of the most famous card players on the planet. If you’re thinking of trying your hand at the table, make sure to brush up on the rules of poker before playing – otherwise, you’ll get caught short!

Take a look at what £95 gets you at the Bellagio *****:

Double Room = £95 p/n

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2. Cosmopolitan

the cosmopolitan hotel, las vegas, where to stay in las vegas, gorgeous hotel in las vegas
Image by Mikki Couch from Pixabay

Old school casino hotels like the Bellagio ***** might steal the headlines when it comes to tourism in Las Vegas, but there is a new breed of resorts that are upsetting the apple cart. The Cosmopolitan ***** is leading this movement with unrivaled glamour, luxury, and style.

The Cosmopolitan ***** is just a short walk away from the Bellagio *****. Yet, the architectural differences are centuries apart. Designers have focused on cutting-edge interior design to give this resort a striking and engaging décor.

The creative prowess of the designers is clear to see throughout the resort, but perhaps nowhere more than the themed Alice in Wonderland seating area.

Rooms at the Cosmopolitan ***** are spacious and modern to make guests feel as though they are living at a home from home, rather than in a cramped hotel room. For a chilled out and engaging hotel experience, choose the Cosmopolitan *****.

Double Room = £85 p/n

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3. Paris Las Vegas

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

You don’t have to look far to see the French influence on Las Vegas. Not far from the famous Eiffel Tower replica lies the fabulous Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino ****. Gallic charm was at the forefront of the designer’s minds here which has resulted in a resort with a quaint European charm to it.

In recent years, almost $100 million have been invested in renovating and improving the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino ****. The best addition for guests to have come from this investment is the Voie Spa & Salon.

You can relax and unwind here before going on to enjoy the cobbled streets and starry ceilings of the resort. The quality of the design is such that you will begin to feel as though you’re wandering through the streets of Paris.

Take a peek at the enchanting Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino **** experience

Double Room = £45 p/n

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4. Sahara

las vegas sunny with sunny weather
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

It is very easy to get caught up in the excess of Las Vegas and feel that you have to spend more than you can afford to have a good time. The Sahara *** puts this misconception to bed once and for all.

The steel glass whimsical design of the Sahara **** helps to create a modern, fresh and clean environment for guests. Despite housing a casino, the owners of the Sahara **** appear to have invested more in the hotel than the gaming tables.

That makes it one of the best entertainment and accommodation blends in the entire city. There are too many facilities to mention in this review but rest assured, you’ll never be bored of having nothing to do during your stay at the Sahara ****.

Double Room = £23 p/n

5. Green Valley Ranch

las vegas by night. best hotels in las vegas by night
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

There is life beyond the strip in Las Vegas. For a calmer, quieter and more relaxed trip, try out the Green Valley Ranch ****, situated in the suburbs of Sin City.

The architecture, ambiance, and style of the Green Valley Ranch **** pay subtle tribute to the Spanish explorers that created Las Vegas. Thanks to this layout and design, you could be forgiven for thinking you are enjoying a classy holiday in the Canary Islands.

The classy spa, fitness center and pool area are great places to relax, with the in-built mini sand beach at the pool being perfect for the kids. The Green Valley Ranch **** also offers regular, free shuttle bus service for guests to the strip, which is 25 miles away.

From here it is only a short drive to some of the best abandoned places in USA. They make a great destination for day trips!

Double Room = £50 p/n

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